No future for Students in AMA and STI

No future for Students in AMA and STI


If you are a student of AMA and STI today, do yourself a favor and drop out!

There is ABSOLUTELY no future for you out there. Your educational background (if there is any at all) will bring you nowhere but a job at a computer shop in the village. And if you dream big, you might land a job at some prestigious Office…as a “boy” or a “secretary”…Oops pardon me…I meant as “clerks.” That sounds better, doesn’t it?!

I studied at AMA in 2005. The curriculum looked  good. But when you are a freshie…who cares about a long list of subjects that you would need to study, right? By the time I got to the second semester, I was already having doubts about the competency of my professors. I maybe a freshman but I certainly knew how to spot a fake teacher!

Assigning the security guard to teach kids? I mean COME ON Mr. Chairman! “Visions for the First and Largest IT University in Asia?”…100 bucks on the table — I’d say that is NOT in the job description of Manong Guard! And I find it hard to believe that you can’t afford to pay legitimate professors! You have laid out massive expansion plans…and all of a sudden, quality education came out last in your priorities? I walked out of class that day and never went back.

Now, I am  in my last semester at STI. One of the subjects lined up for us is the Internship Program. Because of this, I needed to find a company who could provide practical experience in IT for a novice like me. Deploying OJTs with no proper skills at all? It seems a lot easier to let other people teach your students, right? Well, congratulations! You have successfully destroyed my self-confidence! I had my first taste of corporate rejection! The company manager told me that I didn’t need to know everything about programming. Well, that’s a relief! But, he added, if I didn’t know anything at all then I am just trash.  “Typing and Surfing the net” are quite impressive skills for a 5-year-old kid but for someone who has a Diploma in Information TechnologyI found out these are really not such “strong skills” after all. Pitiful, in fact.

My schools always get paid and what else is more important than that? Still true to our lingering reputation, mga “jologs” pa rin tayo and will remain so until the administration undergoes a major revamp.

I am a branded “jologs” along with other thousands of young people. Our futures depend on your promise of education…hoping to LEARN what’s worth the tuition we’re being charged every semester. Yet we will soon leave your campuses the same way we first came in…still the unskilled idiots!

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  1. You are true brother, these “D_m_ed” STI and AMA are purely business enterprise at the guise of providing the best IT education in the country. Pera Pera lang yan para sa kanila. They are spending milions for ads in TV, compare it with prestigious school in the counrty who do not advertise.

    You are true again, STI and AMA graduates only ended clerks, janitors and attendant at “Cheap Internet cafes at Manila Suburbs”.

    Nowadays, taking up IT Courses is useless, since most graduates right now are computer literates, knowlede in computer “is just a plus-point to your qualification.

    Assuming there are fresh graduates applying for an office job in a medium sized corporation in Manila, condiser their credentials :

    AMA – BS Computer Management
    STI – BS Information Technology
    UE – Accounting with IT subjects
    FEU – Management with IT subjects
    CCP – AB with IT subjects

    I am quite sure, AMA and STI graduates will land 4th and 5th respectively in the ranking.

    Just like me, I never studied IT course, and yet I can create web pages better than IT graduates of AMA and STI.

    What I can suggest, get a non-computer 4-year degree course and also enroll several computer subjects (i.e. web publishing, graphic designs, etc.) I am a bit sure, you have good future waiting ahead

    • maganda naman turo nila sa tingin ko kaya lang kayo nag kakaganyan kasi di pah kayo nakaka pag aral sa AMA o sa STI most of the CCNA are graduated in both school!!

      • YUP I CAN see that nowadays , students blamed their school,,, but have they already looked into themselves and asked if they did study or they are the one who have actually let themselves graduated just like the first time they have entered the school: so unskiled idiots as they have said 😦

      • I agree but meron talagang AMA or STI na hindi ganun ka good ang Quality depende kasi yan sa namamalakad ng School. Lalo na sa branch namen ngayon sa AMA Fairview halos lahat ng prof pipitchugin nalang yung tipong ididismiss ka nila agad. Dati medyo okay pa. Agree din naman ako sa gumawa netong blog nato, siguro study for yourself at the same time nag aaral ka sa school mo 🙂 Pero minsan talaga nagiging pabaya ang school kaya nangyayari yun.

    • good s2dents are not a product of better schools… but of best teacher.. wala sa skul yan.. nasa estudyante yan…

  2. Thanks for your comment:) People nowadays just enroll in any school for the sake of having a diploma. That’s not entirely a bad thing. The problem is do they have enough knowledge and skills to practice their chosen vocation or is it just merely for decorative purposes…something to hang on their walls:) Education should not be treated as a business. It should be viewed as a learning ground for kids…somewhere to lay the foundations of their future…and not just a place where people can “shop for diplomas.” We can do that in Recto and the rates are cheaper:)

    • haii.. salamat pre.. . mag eenroll pa naman sana aq sa AMA ng BSCS bukas.. . buti na lng nabasa ko tong diskusyon na to.. .

      plano ko sana mag tpos ng BSCS sa AMA then kumuha ng MSCS sa ateneo pakatapos.. .

      akala ko pa namn bonggang bongga dun gaya ng nsa mga patalastas nila sa tv.. .

      • this is a stupid comment. kung talagang nag aaral ka hindi mo sisisihin ang eskwelahan na pinapasukan mo, nasa estudyante din yan, kung pursigido ka, matututo ka, no offense pero katangahan tong post na to, walang kinalaman ang eskwelahan dito, baka tamad lang ang mga naging professor ng nag post nito.

    • i read most of your posts… so you owned a company? business man ka pla and yet pumapatol ka sa mga ganitong klaseng ka-cheapan! LMA you’re honestly making me laugh hard! Faggot!

    • Kasi inabot lang tayo ng 4th year high school na hindi pa masyadong iniintindi mga bagay about sa pag kuha ng course. Mabuti nalang nadagdagan ang Graders ngayon 🙂 Swerte nila makakapag isip pa sila.

  3. you shut ur face!!! I wrote the BooK!!!

  4. in the vast expanse of AMA’s space.. where silence ruled in the IT space, ominously, towering it’s stood. the symbol of the AMA building, between the school named STI, and the 1st largest IT community, the AMACU.. who will decide? who forever will be?! “of course the AMA and not YOU pipit!”

  5. uhh…sorry i didn’t understand half the shit of what you wrote. What with the incoherent sentence construction, one would think it was written by a two-year old….or by an AMA student??? lol But I’m sure you were attempting to be profound so thanks for dropping by:)

  6. some might have appriciated you comments jose, but is it really nice to criticize those schools. I think what matteres is that of the determination to strive on. I think it doesnt matter what school you graduated what matter is that if you are really aiming to get a job you could as long as you apply what you’ve learned. Besides it isn’t only in the school you could help yourself through studying books or as you say surfing the internet that easy to do. I know some people who graduated from STI, most of them now have there own successful business in other countries. Though they ended up computer shops or clerks they are as successful as others as well. If others can why cant you.

    • I agree, it’s up to us if we are going to strive hard to reach our goals, I think what’s pipitblog is trying to say is, AMA and STI does not keep their promise in giving the QUALITY education, they are after QUANTITY of branches. I studied in AMA Sta Mesa and now AMA Sta Mesa is long gone.

      I paid 7k for prelims and stayed there for two weeks, including my diagnostic test and enrollment. Computer labs sucks, old pcs, low specs. AMA is a Computer School then they must have the most high end computers in town. Profs sucks, I type faster that he does. My english teacher sucks, I speak more fluent than he does. My class president sucks. If I have the chance to finish 1 sem I know I’ll be the top 1 of all freshie and be in he Dean’s List.

      I’m not against STI, I don’t know what’s their standards and haven’t enter any single STI campus but as for AMA, I felt that I’m studying in the 4th world country’s public school, no make that “Libreng Paaral Para SA Mahirap” nyahahaha

    • hindi rin. kasi kung mataas pangarap muh, xympre gusto mo ang best school para sa best performance muh rin noh. pero kung wala kang choice or pera ewan… iba na lang cguro.

  7. You have a point ashiya231…but I have first hand experience with these AMA and STI grads and I know for a fact that their educational background is insufficient as compared to, say, FEU, which has a very solid and up-to-date curriculum than AMA and STI.

    True, a student’s alma mater doesn’t decide what he/she will become in the future and I am sure these schools have produced some highly capable professionals but we cannot disregard the fact that AMA and STI are profit-oriented and greedy.

    I was once told by a professor of AMA that if their student population decreases, the admin will lower down the tuition. Once the population increases, they would up their academic standards so that students would fail and enroll again on the subjects they flunked.

    And letting a security guard teach a bunch of students does not actually help AMA’s credibility as an institution of learning, would you agree?

  8. hi kuya.. san pong branch ka ng STI? kasi ako sa STI ako nagenroll. ayaw na ayaw ko talaga mag aral dun kaya lang dun ako pinilit ng mama ko… kuya kailangan ko pa ng mga reasons mo why i have to leave my school para ma convince ko mom ko na lumipat….

    • anong year mo na ba sa STI?

      • true! graduate din ako ng AMA. Ang nangyari is classmates(yung iba ahead ng 1 semester) lang namin ang nagtuturo ng programming.
        So I ended up studying on my own. Nood ng videos lang ang ginawa ko para matuto. The sad part is sayang yung perang nawaldas para sa tuition then hindi ka matuturuan ng tama o walang nagtuturo. Hindi naman siguro to UP na sasabihin lang sa inyo na mag-research. In the end, iilan lang ang may alam mag-programming? From my batch siguro mga 5 lang kami and wala sa mga babae ang may alam.

  9. Hello kuya. Ako ayoko talaga dito sa STI. Pinilit lang naman ako ni mama. Sir post pa po kayu ng mga valid reas0ns why i have to leave STI. yung convincing para ilipat ako ni mama. Papabasa ko sa kanya.

    • sabog ka ba? sakin mo pa gusto magalit ang mama mo, imbes na sayo!

      Bakit ka ba kasi inenroll ng mama mo sa STI gayong ayaw mo naman? Ano ba ang gusto mo course at school?

    • Hi hello buenaz diaz, good day kutenta konishiwa!

      Pare, kung feelin mo na the money that you are paying is not worth paying for sa school then leave. Pero kung you see that STI is giving the quality education then why leave? Kung ayaw mo lang mag aral sa STI dahil gusto mo lang mag aral sa ibang mas magandang college para hindi matawag ew STIers, wag mo nang i-pilit. Pero kung yun nga hindi maganda ang turo ng school den lipat ka na.

      Ngunit, laging tandaan, tignan ang sarili kung tlagang nag aaral bago isisi sa skweellaaa nyahahaha

  10. Tska ask ko rin kung san branch ka at anung yr ka pumasok dun sa sti?

  11. grabe naman kayo kung mgakusa ng school.. graduate din ako ng ama.. tama madami ang flaws ng school natin,, bad teachers,, high tuition and misc fees.. pero may naitulong naman satin para makapagtrabaho ng maganda.. depende naman yan sa studyante kung panu nya dadalhin ang career nya.. kahit sa UP ka pa grad kung mahina ka sa diskarte wala ka ding future..

    • i want you to succeed kulabrog…i truly do…once you’re successful in your field, come back here and I will personally apologize for my rude assumptions about the current state of your alma mater…although i strongly doubt that that time will ever come….

      • I do agree with kulabrog, its really up to the students. Of course it does help if you studied in a credible institution, lalu na if you plan to work sa pinas.

        Pero pag dating dito sa abroad, iba na usapan. Wala nang UP, wala nang Ateneo, AMA or STI. Its about showing your prospective employer that you have what it takes to be part of their company. That is base from my own personal experience.

        FYI Pipitblog, I’m an ECE graduate of AMAQ.C. Batch 2001 and currently working for Du Telecoms here in Dubai as a ISP Infrastructure Engineer.

        • It’s quite amusing to read about the opposing opinions and experiences of people who came from AMA, isn’t it? ahihihihi

          We can talk about your achievements, your success, your job title all day if we must, but the reality is AMA students today don’t get the same kind of quality education that you had 8 years ago. If you say, “Hey look at me, I’m successful, yet I came from AMA!” — that won’t address the issue at hand.

          Don’t get me wrong. I am glad that you fared well in life…and I won’t say “despite where you graduated from” because truth be told, AMA used to be a good school. It just somehow ran afoul of its mission and vision, that’s all. AMA became obsessed with money and expansion. To save on costs, they opted to use security guards instead of real, dedicated teachers to do the teaching. If that doesn’t deserve a tsk…tsk…well, I don’t know what does.

          • Pipitblog – You’re good in english 🙂 and you are actually presenting AMA to these people because according to you, YOU were onced a student of AMA right? Then how come a low quality education institution can produce someone like you that can absolutely write great english grammar.

    • Naniniwala ako kay Kulabrog, kahit saan ka pa school, kahit saan pa sa pinakamagaling at kilalang school ka grumaduate, wala ka namang diskarte sa buhay, wala ka mararating! walang perpekto sa mundo. kung di magaling ang teachers nyo o madaming flaws sa school mo. lumipat ka, or better yet strive to study harder, mag research ka, gumawa ka ng paraan para matupad ang mga pangarap mo hindi yung puro reklamo di ba?

      Hirap kc dito sa pilipinas kung graduate ka sa UP o san mang kilalang unibersidad ikaw ung uunahin sa trabaho kaya ung mas magagaling ang pumupunta sa ibang bansa!

      Ako nga di pa naka-graduate pero meron ng magandang trabaho e. diskarte lang yan! 🙂

    • Tama! ako nga datamex lang galing 2 yrs grad… pero naka pag work ako. web developer pa… sarili mo lang din tutulungan mo pag dating sa pag aaral. hindi lahat ipapalamon sayo ang sagot. kelangan mo din to lagyan nag pag hahanap. may youtube kaya… 🙂
      Kahit gano pa katalino ang tao kung wala naman diskarte at tyaga. wala din silbi.

  12. Hi pipit,

    Nag aral din ako sa AMA eh, tagal ko nga dun eh, hmm… 1week, no make it two weeks and 2 days kasama enrollment and diagnostic test.

    I studied in AMA kasi na late ako sa pag datin dito sa Pinas, galing kasi ako sa states nun naki pag compete sa mga Kano highschool events something sa school curriculum namin.

    So instead of stay at home and watching tv the whole day, I went out to find a school, and I remember AMA since I like computers. Nag punta ako sa AMA Sta. Mesa, nag diagnostic test ako results:

    Math – 90%
    English – 85%
    Science – 95%
    Logic – 100%

    Kinuha ako agad ako and nag nag submit ng application.

    1day of class: grabe ang daming student, mga 250 yata yun nyahahaha. Tapos mas marunong pa ako mag english sa mga prof ko, yung mga computer lab namin na password encrypted na bypass ko, yung prof ko mas mabilis pa ako mag type.

    2day of class: first time ko nakita sa class pinapanood mo lang yung prof mo sa projector via live streaming. astig! ako lang student kasi yung iba nag attendance lang tas umalis na. natulog nalang ako, since hindi naman ako nakikita ng prof ko at malamig nlng libre pa

    after my two weeks in ama, I decided to stop, I said to myself, putangina, sa two weeks na pinag aralan ko na worth Php. 7000 na binayaran ko for prelims, ang natutunan ko lang ay ano ang klase ng compter, may supercomputer, micro computer, etc. etc.

    Now, wala na yung AMA Sta Mesa, ewan ko kung bakit, pinitikan ko kasi ng kulanot bago umalis at sabi ko, hindi ka tatagal ng 1taon, tapos yun, ewan ko kun saktong isang taon nag sara or sobra pa 🙂 Nyahahaha

  13. 1st year palang… I.T po

    • pero gusto mo talaga ang I.T., ayaw mo lang sa STI? or ayaw mo pareho?

      Pwede ka rin naman magtransfer sa U.P. kung abot ang average mo sa reqt nila, pero Com Engg lang ata meron doon and quota course pa yun. Kung ayaw mo ng Com Engg, eh di sa ibang course ka magtransfer — depende kung ano ang gusto mo kunin. Try mo rin sa La Salle Taft, Ateneo or UST.

      Pero sakin lang ha, ok na rin sa FEU kasi, in fairness, maganda ang IT curriculum at training nila doon kesa sa STI at AMA.

      ano ba kasi ang gusto mo mangyari? explain mo mabuti para maintindihan namin lahat…

  14. pare pareho lng kyong salot

  15. Thank you for your post

  16. yeah, thank you for this post! it’s blogs such as this that are really informational & very helpful for us to make smart choices.. instead of relying on just what ads we see.. your input is highly appreciated, thanks again!

  17. baka ikaw lang ung bobo ng ama… pmunta ka ng ama tpos pagalingan tau kung san ka man nag tapos pra mapatunayan natin sinasabi mo… STI e pang public un ibahin nyo AMA….. My standards nga na pag ang paaralan ay pinangalan sa Bayani ay public school un
    Kapag ang school naman pinangalan sa SANTO e Pang pribadong paaralan un…
    ang skwelahan ko e mas mataas pa kesa santo… anu skul mo
    AMA COMPUTER COLLEGE si lord na yun…

    ang tinapos ko ay BSCS
    Bachelor of science in counter strike
    major in dota….

    wag kang mag angas kung maikli naman pc mo at di pa nag tatapos…

    kung di ka nmn mag lasalle ateneo up e mag AMA ka na lang.. IT is better here…

    STI ang bulok ni wala ngang sumikat na taga STI e sa school nyo ba may sumikat ha… KAME merong LOVe Virus kau.. wala kau pag mamalake.. ni di nga kau aabot sa mga artista ng ama e sarah geronimo pauleen atbp senyo mga pulube kau mahihirap…

    my school hym pa nga kami e

    ama namin ang nagtuturo
    na mag computer
    member sa friendster.

    sabi ko sau kung kukumpara nyo studyante ng AMA sa STI e walang sinabi ang mga taga STI puros mga Pulubi Pang mahirap!!! kami trisem!… sa STI pro naka motor… sa AMA pro di kotse…

    • ano ba yang comment mo…hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit mo binaggit ang santo, bayani…pati si Lord dinamay mo…nyahahahhaha

      mag-upgrade ka muna ng hardware mo sa utak…mukhang outdated na ang specs eh…gayahin mo ko…naka-6GB RAM na! ahihihihihi

    • anu ba yan, pati si Lord na nananahimik Dinamay mo…..

      Personally, Ano ang mapapala mo sa Counter at DotA? mapapkain ba nyan ang magiging pamilya mo?

      Tol, hindi sa laban ako sa AMA o STI, pero masyado ka na atang nagaangas sa mga sinasabi mo. Depende naman iyan sa estudyante….eh kung kagaya mo lang naman yung pumapasok doon eh siguro magdadalawang isip ako kung papasok pa ako sa AMA.

      Hindi mo dapat pinagmamalaki yang lahat ng iyan. Kung Counter at Dota lang naman, game ako. Pustahan pa tayo. Hindi ko kailangang magbayad ng siyete mil para matutunan iyan.

      Kung padamihan lang ng artista, eh puro endorser lang naman sila….binabayaran ng AMA para ipakilala sila sa mga balak mag enroll. hindi sila Alumni o Estudyante ng AMA. Si Rainier Castillo pa lang ata ang kilala kong estudyate ng AMA na artista ngayon….at hindi na siya sa AMA nagaaral ngayon.

      Kung pinagmamalaki ninyo yung “Titans vs. Olympians” rivalry ninyo, eh mas notorious pa and Ateneo-La Salle diyan. Kapag laro nila nakakapuno ng tao ang Araneta. Pero hindi ko alam kung yung varsity ninyo eh nakatapak na sa Araneta.

      “Kung hindi ka mag ateneo la Salle up eh mag AMA ka na lang.” For your Information, Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle Universty and the University of the Philippines belong to the top schools in the country. kung hindi ka umubra sa kanila eh marami pa namang pagpipilian eskwelahang mas maganda pa sa AMA at STI. andiyan ang FEU, UE, AdU, UST, NU, Mapua, Letran, at iba pang hindi top ranking pero high profile na Unibersidad.

      Pati yung dasal na Ama Namin binastos mo…..Kung sa UST narinig iyan malamang sinipa ka na palabas. Hindi hamak na mas banal at mas marunong ang mga tao doon kaysa sa iyo…

      At kung yaman lang naman paguusapan andiyan ang Ateneo at La Salle. Kung Patalinuhan andiyan ang UP. Kung sports ang usapan UST at UE and sasagot diyan. Pero AMA? asan? wala………..

    • tlg lng ha.s s sobrang talino ng mga taga AMA e nagpapagawa kau ng system s STI, grabe ng ulti mo “simple programming” asa p tlg.. kau n rn umamin n mga tanga kau.. at katangahan dn ipagmayabang mga commercial models nyo xe model lng d cla jn e. syonga! gnun tlg pag my nkikita kaug magagaling n taga STI ccraan nyo pr magpapansin kau.. pipit.. accept da fact n nasasapawan k lng ng STI.. 🙂

    • I know this comment was 7 years ago but, he was just trying to be funny. I’ve heard these lines from Poohkwang. Pooh & Pokwang are comedians. They threw these lines in their concert.

      At kung nag tataka kayo kung bakit napasama si Lord, kasi nga, sabi nya yung mga school na nakapangalan sa santo, pribadong paaralan paano pa kaya ang AMA. Panginoon na yon. (like diyos ama. Get it? Get it? *nudge* *nudge*) — which was also lines from Poohkwang the concert.

      Yea. So, chill out. He was just trying to be funny.

  18. well.. school is a big factor.. but it is how on the student on how he will handle his future.!
    mga putang ina neo!!

    if most of the blogers hir thinks that they are competitive enuf to learn programing!!
    come and compete wid sti students..

    hahah..!! 🙂

    010010101001010101001 010010101011 <——— know dis language?

    hhaah.. translate namen..



    • Binary digits? cool.

      Pare, hindi lang ikaw ang matalino sa mundong nakaaalam niyan. Mali pa nga ang translation mo eh. dapat ganito:


      dahil 2 digits lang naman ang binary, dapat divisible by 2 cubed ang code mo. akala ko ba magaling ka?

      22 20 4d 47 41 20 50 55 54 41 4e 47 20 49 4e 41 20 4e 45 4f 20 41 4d 41 2c 20 4c 41 53 41 4c 4c 45 2c 20 46 45 55 20 61 6e 64 20 55 50 22

      eto decode mo nga?

      hindi tama yung minumura mo yung ibang tao sa blog na seryoso yung usapin kasi napipikon ka lang. Magagaling naman talaga yung mga tiga STI, pero madalas sa sariling sikap lang nila natututunan iyon, walang propesor o instructor ang nagturo sa kanila magprogram.

      I am not disparaging STI, but im opening myself to the bitter truth, no matter how difficult it is to acept.

  19. All of those bad comments about AMA is true, If not, Congratulations wheres that AMA branch ur studying at?

    Really, They chose low level instructors(fresh graduates with no talent and sufficient knowledge) , Incompetent(Just Anybody would be),

    And theres no facility that would tell you that “DUDE, YOUR PAYING RIGHT” (no GYM, few Internet Computers 4 hundreds of students at Internet Lab, No medical clinic, Lab computer sucks-slow)

    I’m still here continuing my Computer Engineering course, i’ve attained few awards here( dean’s list 1.7 grade above , won few contest in web making & design)

    But i feel empty, like i didnt learn much…

    I’m now planning to transfer to a university(not AMA) after i finish this trimester…


    Hey, I need help. Where do u think will my remaining years be worth. What University… I’m also thinking if my subjects will be credited.

    Where SHOULD I TRANSFER, exluding STI…

    • FEU, I believe, is better…from what I’ve seen and heard, they have an extensive curriculum (basic and advanced) which the students get to learn — as in “learn” and not just lip service;) Plus, once you reach your senior year, you’ll have access to reputable companies for your OJT. All in all, you would have a better chance of getting your money’s worth with FEU…Ask around, you will see what I mean. Good luck!

  20. ok guys….talagang wla kaung alam sa mga skul na pinagaralan nio….
    kung alam nio lng ang STI laging panalo sa IT competition at tsaka di nawawala ang STI sa top 3 in terms in IT competition. Talo lagi ang galeng ng FEU, LASSAle etc kung anung skul pa dyan

    talagang di nio alam kun anu lagi dinadala ng skul nio..talagang di kau nagreresearch..advice ko lng guys magresearch nga kayo prang nagsasalita lng kau di pa tapos.

    Ok..punta kau sa STI, dalhin nio ang magagaleng na student ng LASSALE, FEU, kung pwede ATENEO pa! Tagisan kau..i know di mawawala ang STI sa top 3..

    Guys kahit saan kang school sa Phil. pag nag.abroad ka wla na yan kahit sa FEU kpa or STI naggraduate di parin katulad ang education system sa Phil ang education sa mga mauunlad na bansa…ipasok nio yan sa kukuti nio, plzzz

    GREAT advise magaral kau sa amerika or europe and im sure paguwi nio dito sa phil. di ka mahihirapan maghanap ng trabaho….

    Sisihin nio ang CHED kasi di nila na momonitor ng maayos ang lahat ng skul dito sa atin. Hindi lamang STI or AMA ang may gnyang situation halus lahat ng skul dito sa atin. Dapat e apply ng CHED ang education system na katulad sa mga sikat na bansa. U know wat guys kailangan natin ng malaking pagbabago sa systema ng edukasyun satin ksi kun nakikita nio lang maraming skul ang may kulang sa kakayahan but still inaaprovahan pa rin cla ng CHED at hanggang ngaun nagooperrate parin ang mga ganun skuls….

    Kun ini expect nio ang magandang edukasyon mag.aral kau sa ibang bansa advice q sa Singapore…or sa mga sikat na paaralan sa labas ng bansa at siguradong sasabihin nio sakin na tama ako at alam ko din na di kau tatagal dun ksi mangungulilat lng kau.

    Ang dapat e focus ay ang sariling kakayahan…kahit san skul ka nag.graduate still kakayahan mo pa rin ang gagamitin mu! kun wla ka nun siguradong sisishin mu nmn ang skul mu which is idiot part of knowledge na pag di ka nakahanap ng magandang trabaho sisihin mu ang skul..haiiizz.nakakahiya kau, lalu nio pa pinababa ang moralidad tsaka nabibigay lng kau ng motibo na wla talaga kaung kakayahan para paunlarin ang mga sarili nio.

  21. Hi!
    I’m an AMA student,
    and I really hate it here!
    Hindi naman talaga ako dapat sa AMA, kaso lang, nawalan ako ng time maghanap ng school! Buti pa ung twin sister ko, nakapass siya sa ua&p..
    Sabay kami nagexam, pero, xya un nakuha.
    So, no choice but to study here.
    Pero, I don’t take my studies here seriously. Kakausapin mo lang yung prof, okay nah! And, after ko maggraduate, magtetake ako ng
    Non-Computer course!
    Ayaw ko talaga ng IT!
    And, grabeh, ang cheap ng
    tuition fee nila! 25k lang!
    And yung mga prof, nkakaasar!
    Parang, kahit once a week lang pumasok ung student,
    Nakakapass padin!

    2years nalang kailangan ko hintayin!
    I really want to study in Ateneo, La Salle, or UA&P.
    Well, we can afford those naman eh.
    Kaya hindi talaga ako bagay sa AMA.
    Gusto ko na matapos!

  22. ,,hayz..stier aq pota…..nabobo ako d2 galing ako sa neu ewan ko ba bat ako lumipat sa bulok school na to kumuha ako ng dit (diploma in information tech.)bale last sem ko na to grad na ako 2 years kasi e tinatamad na talaga ako magaral tama ang lahat ng sinabi nyo ……………..d na ako pmapasok ng ddota n lang ako kakainis kasi magaral sa sti sabi nila wla sa school yan bakit Di nyo SUBUKAN MAGARAL SA STI PARA MALAMAN nyo..ang pangit,,ano sa tingin nyo ??wat univ ako lipat ayaw ko din sa it e…………..ibang school at course ako.
    or tapusin ko muna tong diploma ko na wlang kwnta parang ma ddrop yata aq d aq pmapasok kahit isang beses midtern n nga e,,,hayz.

  23. grad ako ng AMA sucat peo sa diploma ko makati nakalagay which is very weird and convenients at the same time… d ako IT o CS peo ECE grad me …

    during my last year dun, sure madame magaling sa AMA peo di sila CS o IT mga fellow engineering students sila…. Sila un gumagawa ng thesis ng mga CS dun mula proposal hangang sa actual presentation kng pde lng idefend sila n dn cguro … actually involve me sa fabrication nila at kumikita me 1.5 k which pretty good business kng more than 5 ginagawan namin…

    grabe hina ng mga un… ayon majority bagsak…

    madami magaling n ngaaral sa AMA karamihan TAMAD lng tlga…

    Ng STI dn ako for 2 days puro weirdo kc tao dun ehh kaya tinakasan ko un kahit fully paid ako…

    right now ok job ko as a net admin not because AMA grad me pero kc boss ko d naniniwala saan skul kw galing kundi sa tao… SCHOOLS builds character at sa AMA natuto me mg-self study at di matuto ma-spoon feed…

    Well thats my opinion… thanks again
    (dont mind the english please engineering ako. that is my excuse hahaha)

  24. well! i’m currently studying sa ama!
    isang branch dito sa central luzon!
    well dahil sa blog na ito lalong tumindi ang duda ko sa school na to! lalo na sa mga masasaklap na comments dito!

    may balak akong lumipat next sem, balak ko sa ama main! sa fairview raw!
    narito ang top 9 reasons kung bakit ayoko sa branch namin!

    1. pare pareho mga teachers sa ibang subject ko!

    2. sa isang week, ni hindi pa nakumpleto ang schedule ko! dahil minsan di pumapasok ang teacher

    3. lol, isang professor ang nagsasalita sa harapan “VIRTUALLY”, sa madaling sabihin, live streaming, mga kaklase ko pa, tinatanggal nila ung audio dahil maingay raw! english kasi ehhh!!!

    4. kwento ng prof ko, pagkabigay ng resume niya sa dean nung araw na mag apply siya, sa mismong araw na yun, nagturo na cia sa klase namin!

    5-7. sa ama may tinatawag kaming ganito…

    viewing- manonood kami sa AVR ng live streaming ng isang online teacher,

    problems: apat na subject ako meron nito, english ang medium nila, so habang nanonood kami, kung akin lang okay naman kahit papaano nakakaintindi ako ng english pero ang ginagawa ng mga klasmeyt ko, pag ka attendance nila, its up to them kung lalabas o matutulog sila sa loob

    face to face- i rereview kami ng isang professor sa diniscuss ng online teacher

    problems: hindi tumutugma ang dinidiscuss ng online teacher at ng teacher namin sa f2f!

    log on- dito kami mag eexam ONLINE

    problem: since online… di nagagabayan, so madaling dayain, basta may kopya mula sa isang estudyante, perfect kana!

    8. may mga nasa curriculum na ama lang ata meron gaya ng : EUTHENICS!

    9. sa isang classroom, mabibilang mo sa mga daliri mo ang mga estudyanteng matatalino!

  25. well,, my cousin studied at AMA but she got a wonderful job, her salary was 45,000 php a month

  26. …..tposin ko ba it ko d2 or lipat na aq ???im crently stdyng @ sti.

  27. hi! how about INFORMATICS? r u familiar with that school?

  28. if you enroll in IT related degree then your future depends on your
    mathematical or logic and art capabilities. If you don’t even know simple logic or solve wordy math problems then simply computer is not your world.

    Computer Science should be have entrance test to test your logic or
    mathematical skills. If you failed then simply you can’t take IT related
    course. Most Schools intend to sale computer related course as hot
    cakes business not thinking to their roaster future.

    There might have 10% graduate students who is excellent IT graduates
    out of 100% candidates. And excellent graduate don’t simply choose
    to be a teacher right after they graduated and average graduate land
    as teacher or choose to teach to gain bast experienced before entering
    into real world of IT jobs.

    Far and foremost its not the school or entity can give a person a bright
    future but its the individual talent to take part and the school is just a
    learning environment a student or candidate can play around.

    So, logic in art in IT related course play the important role in refining and
    building a student to be a successful in business. If your logic is limited
    it can still be attain if you have a constant practice and dedication to the
    job and that will make you successful.

    Most AMA or STI excellent graduates have a high paying career so ambitious
    roaster intend to choose AMA or STI so they think they might also land a
    brighter future someday.

    But for me success may only attain to a reality if you focus your best of
    your availability talent in IT job forming from basic into a professional standard.
    you have to be able to learn the basic skills and practice and practice makes
    you perfect. It needs constant motivation to enter into the world of successful
    IT professionals.

    If you wish to have a high paying jobs my advise is learn Geographic Information
    System (GIS) + programming language using C# for Desktop and or Php
    in web development.

    GIS Designer + Programmer = P 100,000 plus per month salary you can attain.

    GIS Designer + Programmer arts rules in business IT related jobs.



  29. AMAES art is to teach the students the art and practices to lead, build confidence, and to be created out from the role model and not from feeding examples.

    AMA builds mold students with unique problems to solve or approach and force the
    students to create their own. Most students pay or hire outside programmer to do their home works, case studies, and thesis instead to playing around and create their own. These are the results they failed in landing a good job.

    Take note challenges and taking care or overcoming it makes you or everyone

    I thank you AMA that builds a character to lead and it’s not the cause of those average teachers but its the AMA over all leadership as best training foundation
    enables students to learn the excellent way and to date that builds a competitive character to shine in landing an excellent job.

    Mabuhay AMA were wizards are born and known!
    And best respect to STI were genius are molded.


  30. My apology to my first edition of paragraphs were miss concepts are visible.
    just like I suppose to say creative and my inaccurate fingers type instead created.

    Don’t be hesitant from your words that trying to say or something but the most
    important thing is our logic is good and excellent.

  31. first of all, i like your blogsite, daming visitors,hehe

    anyway, share ko lang, i studied at DLSU(although mechanical engineering course ko). May mga katrabaho ako dito sa office from various schools(UP, FEU, meron pang ADMU). And you know what, my friend here is from AMA and earning higher than me, and i think he is better than those folks studied at known schools, we interact about many things from programming to web designing(marunong din kasi ako), etc. and siya lang nakakarelate sakin,hehe.

    anyway, all i can say is that, it’s not about the school, it’s how the student educate himself, i mean not just by spoonfeeding by those high-profile profs. wag mong sabihin na wala kang natutunan sa school mo(you mean utak lamok ka), iba ung “walang natutunan” sa “konti ang natututunan”.

  32. hi sana sa lahat ng post ng comment dito tandaan niyo kahit saang school kau nag aarla kung ala kaung idskarte..tiwala sa sarili at lakas ng loob hanggang dyan ka nga lang..damiko kilala tag up.ateneo..ust..feu.ayun asa bahay pal ngmga magulang iba nabuntis iba adik..iba salot sa lipunan wag kaung ganyan dapat magtulongan tau na ihayag ung hinaing sa gove.or ched kasi sila lang ung may power kung paano maus ang ating educ.system..tama ung sabi nila kahit san ka graduate pag punta mo ng abroad di nil akilala ung mga scholl na yan sa diskarte at talino mo yan..kay mag aaralo kau ng gusto nyong course di ung pinili ng ngapap aral sa inyokasi mahirap mag aaral pag dimo gusto ung kinukuha mong kurso..dont blame sti and ama..

    • Tama wala sa school yan karamihan kc ngayon ang gusto lang nung mga studyante maganda pinapasukan nilang school para kunyari matatalino at mapera ang totoo wala naman planong pag aralan yung course nila minsan don lang nag eenrol kung saan maraming chicks diba mga bata, , ang the best kahit saan ka mag enrol basta wiling kang matuto at hindi para lang mag chicks eh malayo ang mararating mo

  33. ^ cheers dude…

    yeah, don’t blame these school… remember, you’re a COLLEGE student, so you care for your own. it’s not like a kindergarten school or what. C’mon you guys, just admit it, you’re half-ly mad about your scores and half-ly regretful that you didn’t do well @ school… and you guys are the one whose stupid and D*MN, why? how come you bash you’re own school? the fact that you guys are studying IT or CS, you didn’t even have ethics in the cyberspace!!! that’s one thing that these schools teach you the first time you enter them? hmm… i’m so unproud of you. GET A LIFE ANTIs!

    -i’m a proud but ordinary kid of AMA-

  34. It’s not about the school, but the students also!
    If the students are determined to reach their goal even in any school!famous or not you can still have it on your own way…

    kung wala k talagang natutunan, ask for your self..maybe puro reklamo nlng gnagawa mo!

    • kung yung mga estudyante ay determined na matuto kaso ang teacher naman na inassign ay isang security guard lang, sa palagay nyo ba may matutunan ang mga bata? tanggalin nyo muna sa isip nyo ang school pride. Pansinin muna ang kabulukan sa sistema. Ang isang eskwelahan (simula sa administrasyon hanggang sa mga guro nito) dapat may passion and dedication sa page-educate ng mga bata; ganun din sa mga estudyante, dapat may passion at dedication sa kursong kinukuha.

  35. alam mu pipitblog hnd mu dpt cnisisi sa skul yan!
    nsa estudyante yan, kung may utak o wala!=))
    kung ngaaral ba nmn kau ng mabuti, masasayang ba pera nyo? db hnd!
    so dont blame dos schools seh wala nmn sila gingawa senyo=))
    blame urself! thats ol!
    napaghahalataang insecure ka eh!
    apaw2 na ee=))

  36. ok fyn,,say what you want to say…….are you happy now? if you want, say it personally to that school where ever campus is that…

  37. alam nyo wala sa school yan..nsa utak…maganda nga school mo…kung bawat subject na pasukan mo wala kang natututunan alang kwenta dba?..wala rin sa tuition fee yan…sobrang mahal nga ng tuition fee mo,,paglabas ng grades mo puro 3 hanggang sinko!!tau kasing mga pinoy mahilig mgpasikat sa mga kaklase kunyari mapera un pala ala na makain hahaha!!..kahit d na kayanin ng magulang pinagpipilitan parin makapasok sa mamahaling school..tapos ang nagiging kawawa ung magulang lang din nmn..panu bagsak c anak!!minsan nmn nakatapos nga at me diploma..pag ng-apply nmn sa mga company hindi matanggap at d mapasa pasa ang mga company test..panu kc nung nsa school puro lang barkada pasikat dun-dito..pgdating sa exams failed din..ang end-up…make up project wahahaha!!ayun pasa!!hay naku…buti nalang d ako ganun hehehe..SISI NYO SA UTAK NYO KUNG BAKIT GNYAN NAKASADLAKAN NYO HEHEHE!!

  38. compare the schools kung ntry mu ng mgaral 2 ol kinds of universities,,,actually lhat nmn ng schools my knya knyang negative syds….

  39. actually i’m currently enrolled sa AMA ngayun and in my third year na,, i’m blessed kesa sa mga napagdaanan ng ibang amaers sa iabng branch beacause our instructors sa minors are from ust pa at kung ndi taga top 3 school galing e cumlaude pa and our instructors sa major are tesda certified and MCP pa,certified oracle academy n din branch namin kaya kahit la ko sa mga schools sa manila e magnda pa rin yung naiibigay ng skul ko samin, at asa tao din yan, kung marunung kng magdala ,sariling pagsisikap at hndi asa na. 😉 utak pa din ang titingnan sa huli..

    • * noted ang erratum:) dapat laging i-proofread ang comments…[wink…wink]

      I appreciate that you read between the lines and didn’t took offense in being called an unskilled jologs because the truth of the matter is you aren’t and you don’t belong to that very unfortunate group. So you don’t have nothing to be angry about, right? Ika nga ng marami, “Batu-bato sa langit; ang tamaa’y huwag magagalit.” hahahaha

      Saang branch ka ba ng AMA? Ayos ang credentials ng mga prof mo! [bravo]

  40. bat nman ako.. im just a grad of DIPLOMA IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY.. but i did manage to find a decent place to take my internship.. and i did mange to find a job too.. im working now @ a callcenter.. and within 3 months bngyan n kgad ako ng regular spot sa company…

    maybe merong branch n ganun.. pero HINDI lahat ng branch parepareho

  41. nabasa q pu ung mga comments and statements about bad rep*t@tn of these 2 computer schools.. 4th yr. highschool pu ako, graduating n pu.. ahm.. im just wondering if Informatics Computer Institute is also like AMA and STI… since Informatics is a top school based on Singapore my parents believe that it could give me a good quality education regarding ComScie course. . . comscie pu sna kse kukunin q..

    • mag-FEU ka nalang…as I have said before, they have an extensive curriculum and careful OJT placement with only the top companies in the Philippines. My cousin, an FEU graduating student, just finished his OJT with SM MOA. He handled all the tech problems of the Main Office. That’s a good experience for a student right there.

      • kung IT lng nmn kukunin m wag kna s FEU mga basics lng nmn tinuturo dyan sbi ng friend q.s computer schools k.AMA kn though papahirapan k madami k nmn matututunan maraming graduates s AMA n successful n.totoo ang snsbi nila n “first and largest IT University in the Philippines”basi s aking experienced.champion ang AMA s programming competition mag research kp.

  42. hayaan nyo na yang pipit na yan….malamang ala natutunan sa programming yan eh???(kaya ganyan na lang cguro kung manira sa mga schools yan…)sigurado ko mag rereply pa dito yan about sa cnabi ko… kung walang kwenta talaga cnasabi mong mga school china-challenge kita sabihin mo lahat ng nalalaman mo sa programming dito mismo sa blog mo na to!(kung approve sila sa sinabi mo panalo ka na sige…. )nga pala guys tama kayo nasa estudyante talaga yan…

    • hindi naman ako taga-AMA no…medyo is-low ka…

      The article was written because that was what I observed from the AMA and STI students who applied for a job in my company. Suffice to say, I didn’t hire them because they’re useless. My friends also studied there, so the story about the security guard was true.

      Ask yourself this:
      what would I get if I badmouth those schools? Nada! My intention is only to inform kids about what was going on before and — perhaps — is still going on until now. So when you think that my telling the truth is mere “paninira”, well, sorry, but I won’t redefine my concept of quality education just because you took offense at what I wrote. hahahaha

  43. pipit, saan AMa branch ba yang sinasabi mo pra hindi rin kami magenroll dyan….

  44. Here are some of the reasons why not study computer education in Philippines.

  45. in the first place .. why did you enrolled in AMA neither in STI if you do not believe that the school can provide you with your taste of ” academic excellence”.. its a matter of choice young man..

  46. Computer education in Philippines get worst… Thanks for pipit for sharing this and for advocating better computer education in Philippines…. Two thumbs up to the author…..

  47. sana hindi mo po nilahat sana particular na branch lang po sinabi kasi sama po manira lalo nat marami silang branch and students…

    • eh gusto ko lahatin eh…pakialam mo ba? hahahahaha
      kahit pagbali-baliktarin mo pa ang mundo, panget pa rin sa AMA at STI…
      madami lang “in denial” sa inyo…tsk…tsk…tsk…

      pwede naman kasing wag nyong pakinggan ang sinasabi ko…wala naman mawawala sa akin kung magsasayang kayo ng pera sa pag-enroll doon…by all means, do so! hahahaha

  48. For the incoming college students, please choose your school. If you decided to take Computer Science, IT or Computer Engineering, I re-encode in my site (since the original source w/c is images in pdf can’t be index w/ search engine robots) the list of Center of Excellence and Center of Development in Information Technology Education according to CHED. This are the links, I know that TPITE (Technical Panel for Information Technlogy Education) and CHED was compromised, kasi may isang school sa list na COD daw pero di ako makapaniwala (Region 8)

  49. if others think na panget ang IT education sa AMA, how much more sa STI ni iilan lang ang affiliates nila to other in-demand IT companies here and abroad… Compared to AMA na halos lahat nang IT certifications and affiliates nandun na lahat like CISCO Academy program, 1st Oracle Academy din sila, fluke networks, microsoft certifications, authorized testing centers(pearson vue and prometric),jedi, systimax solutions and etc… i prefer AMA far way better than STI… because these affiliations are not available in STI… once you graduated you are already equipped with such certifications which are demand here and abroad

  50. alam niyo meron pa namang paraan para mahasa yung skill natin. kung talagang willing kayo matutu ng I.T. Gamitin niyo ang internet search lang kayo ng search ng kung ano ang gusto niyo malaman or alamin. ako dati i.t ang gusto ko kunin pero gusto ng mama ko HRM kaya sinunod ko siya. pero kahit ganun kahit HRM ako pinagpatuloy ko pa rin ang I.T course ko sa pamamagitan ng internet. nag basa basa ako ng mga tungkol about sa programming search lang ako ng search yung hindi ko maintindihan search ko lang… at dahil dito natutunan ko ang c/c++ language kahit di ako nag aaral ng I.T. i can also create website. i know about more about JavaScripts/Flash cs4 designing/c/c++..

    • meron nga ehhh paraan….. ako nga pumasa ng PhilNITS kahit di comsci or IT graduate, pero sana man lang di nila ginagawang pagkikitaan ang edukasyon…. sana makonsensya naman sila….(educators – a.k.a bussinessman)

        • anu pa ibang mgndang course? we cant afford sa FEU na pnopromote mo. nbsa ko ung posts. lahat. since 2008. ekis tlga sakin ang AMA. STI nmn is my last resort since d nmn kami ganun kaangat.

          masipag nmn ako at may potential. id really appreciate if m22lungan mo ako.

          • Medyo may kamahalan nga sa FEU, pero sulit naman. Ang masasabi ko nalang ay maghanap ka ng branch ng AMA or STI with good reputation. Sabi nga ng iba dyan, meron namang branches na maayos ang turo. Ang sakin lang, wag yung doon sa Las Pinas (in front of SM). Pwede mo ring i-try sa U.P. or mag-apply ka ng scholarship sa ibang schools. Refer din kita sa site ni JR Galia – Marami syang alam na magagandang schools.

          • spiral, kung makapasok ka sa center of xcellence and center of development na mga skuls in IT education, dun posible di masayang tiyaga, potential, pera at oras mo.. Sa opinyon ko lang mga bro, demand talaga sa trabaho ang computer courses, kahit saan tingnan na anggulo…. tnx…

            • ano ang i-re-recommend nyo na colleges/universities for incoming IT students?

              • i recommend yung mga center of excellence and center of development in IT education for a.y. 2007-2010… yung link nasa previous comment ko @… pero kung from region 8 kayo, a big NO NO NO to Asian College Foundation(center of development daw, pero di naman totoo). kung sa Leyte kau gaya ko, go to Visayas State University, kung sa Mindanao – MSU-IIT, kung sa Cebu – CIT and USJR….

  51. i’m planning to enroll Com Eng or IT at an STI branch in Buendia, Makati. has anyone here can provide me reasons to cancel it and enroll to another school or university? what about iAcademy?

  52. bqt niu aman nasabing panget ?? nkapag.aral k b dun ??

  53. oh, your blog is such a poor blog. I’ll promote this blog to be banned, why? because this blog is nonsense, instead of reviewing issues in a balanced way you just criticize issues without PROPER FACT and RESEARCH. About your Anne Curtis and Karylle post—–these are very foul, considering that your a female you did not even consider it. Or if i have mistaken your identity and your a boy—-be a gentleman and be a HUMAN!

    Actually this blog caught my attention when my friend told me your post about STI vs. ama. you know what, i’m an STIer and i am telling you, your poor. Actually it depends on the student, your from ama and you get your first credentials from their school and then you transfered at STI. Did you even thought that your CREDENTIALS are absurd because of transferring from different schools. Did you also consider the reason why that the company where you had an OJT dropped you because of your Educational Background?

    I’m Telling you this, even if you study at Harvard (oh, you wont even meet their requirements!!!haha) you wont be successful because of the attitude you have!!. You are nonsense!.

    One prof (but we have lots):
    A student graduated from us (STI College) who took up BSCS is now a system analyst and one of their client is Globe Telecom. Actually, he already came from companies like MEDICARD Phils. ,Sony, FUJITSU, PHYZER and many other more.

    I have a question, what’s your life now? are you still a beggar? —POOR!

    Blogging is also a journalism and you are dirtying this field! You better quit!

    Last one, I am a Computer Engineering student at STI College. Last semsster we had a plant visit and that company OFFERS us a JOB. They say that WE CAN WORK TO THEIR COMPANY AFTER WE GRADUATE even if we are still 3rd year students. The clients of this company are phillips, toyota, HP, TOSHIBA, SANYO and many other more. This is an INTERNATIONAL ELECTRONICS COMPANY.


    • First of all, I did not study in AMA nor was I ever a student of STI. This article was written in the narrative mode, describing the personalities and flaws of the characters in question, basing my opinions from the stories told by several students that I have met as well as those that I personally know.

      Second, opinions are personal; hence, I am entitled to mine and you can own yours.

      Third, blogging can be a form of journalism, but mine only goes so far as a written material of current interest or wide popular appeal. I am not that conceited to claim that I strive to become the next Jessica Soho or whoever. This is a nonsense blog after all. Didn’t you read the disclaimer? Suffice to say, I resent being defined as a journalist because clearly I am not. Don’t ever assume too much because you’d only end up getting disappointed.

      Fourth, I resent being restricted or reduced to one definition and any individual who attempts to qualify what I write or who I am is clearly ignorant.

      Fifth, there’s a thing called free will. Kids can choose to enroll in your school; they can also choose not to. Regardless of what I say, their future is still up to them.

      And lastly, if the boss of that plant happened to read this — “Last semsster we had a plant visit and that company OFFERS us a JOB. They say that WE CAN WORK TO THEIR COMPANY AFTER WE GRADUATE even if we are still 3rd year students” — he will seriously rethink his offer. He’d either revoke it or just give you a low wage…hahahahahaha

  54. Diba dapat “No future for students like me in any school” ang title nito. Kasi kahit saang school KA po mag-aral, eh kung ganyan po attitude mo wala KA po talagang mapapala. Di mo manlang po iniisip mararamdaman ng mga successful grad ng ama at sti, pati na din po ung mga students nila na nagsisikap to finish their studies para magkaroon ng decent job.

    Tanong ko lang po, Masaya po ba manira?

    • NO FUTURE FOR STUDENTS IN AMA AND STI ang title na gusto ko…gawa ka nalang ng sarili mong blog…ahihihihihihi

      As for the successful alumni of AMA and STI, good for them. I acknowledge that fact. If telling people that you have produced a handful of successful alumni can help you feel better about your schools, then so be it. ahihihihihi

  55. pak u mo cnu gumawa ni2ng blog na 2 gago ka…. d ka lng marunong sa computer BOBO ka talaga!!!! alam mo lng cgurong program add and minus… potang ina ka…. ANG LAKI NG SWELDO NG MGA IT SA IBANG BANSA… DAHIL SA IKONOMIYA NATIN KYA D MAKA KUHA ANG MGA IT STUDENTS NG MAGANDANG TRABAHO D2 KASI BULOK ANG NA MUMUNO NG BANSA ….

    para naman sa pinaka una2x na nag comment d2 sa ta3 na blog na 2….

    @josebatute: bulok ka… yan lng ba alam mo? marunong kang gumawa ng ONLINE game, DATA BASE?? bobo ka… alam mo ba gaano ka importante ang mga it.. ngayun? MODERN WORLD NA TO TOL…. bobo ka kasi….. alam mo ba malaki ang bayad ng mga IT sa isang PROGRAM LNG? aabot yan ng millioness..

    kya cguro yung mga ibang IT students Inum Tagay lng ang na 22nan kya na pupunta lng sa computer shop… hayz BOBO talaga nag sulat ni2 cguro LAGI KA NAG BUBULAKBOL KYA GANYAN ANG TURING SAYO,,,, HAYZ





    • o mga BOBO daw mga taga-AMA Las Pinas!!! hahahaha

    • “ALAM MO BANG ANG GUMAWA NG PINAKA UNANG VIRUS AY TAGA AMA AT UMABOT ANG VIRUS HANGGANG SA PENTAGON AT NA TRACE NA D2 SA PINAS NAKUHA YUNG VIRUS NAYUN?” Wow ang ganda naman ng achievement na binanggit mo! Kailangan bang palakpakan ang mga ganyang katarantaduhan? MAG-ISIP KA NGA!!! tsk…tsk…tsk…

      • pipitbolag hindi katarantaduhan ang pag gawa ng computer virus it’s an achievement ikaw ang mag isip hindi k tlga makarelate s computer world hahaha wawa mn achievement kc mahirap po pag gawa ng computer virus once kc n may n achieved k n related s computers magiging masaya k ng todo todo as in walang preno preno haha tama lng n umalis k s AMA kc magiging kawawa k lng pagdting s programming,for sure hahaha pwe!!!!!

  57. Naguluhan ako dun T_T

    Inaamin q, puro lng kalokohan ginagawa ko sa school kaya hanggang ngayon di pa ko nkkgraduate. At ngayon nagbabalak ult akong lumipat ng school. Tga balanga, bataan ako. Pg graduate ko HS..nkpasa aq sa isang university d2 sa balanga at 4 years drafting pro aftr 1st sem. Nagdrop na ko.

    Nag enroll nmn aq sa private school..HRS!
    2 years lng pero mag 3 years n ko sa school na yun. Sabi mom q wag ko na daw tapusin dhl paulit ulit lng ako at puro barkada. Kya ilipat na lng nya ko kundi sa STI eh AMA…
    Dhl magaling nmn daw aq sa computer. At inuubos q buong oras ko kkcomputer. Hindi nmn pra maglaro mga online games or mag sign-up sa mga sites. Mhilig lng akong magdesign at mag edit ng kung anu-ano at hilig ko tlga kalikutin lht ng programs na makita ko.

    Nkita ko ‘tong blog na ‘to. Naguluhan tuloy ako kng alin ang mga totoo :[[
    Sa tingin ko nmn pare-pareho lng tlga mga schools. Nsa studyante na lng un. Tulad ko. At pinagsi2han ko mga nasayang na year. :[[

    Pinapangako kong aausin ko na pag aaral ko. Dhl sa gs2 q na rin nmn ang ku2nin kong course.
    At sna nde aq magsisi kung alin man sa dalawa na un ung papasukan q 😐

    *share ko lang pu*

  58. I am a student of AMA Computer College..

    Specifically AMA Calamba..
    I think…if ur post-ama-school sucks..
    then not mine..

    i am an ece hir..

    4th yr and a regular student.

    if we are going to analyze how good ama is..
    we have to consider some location..professors and achievements..

    in our place…

    just 2008…AMA Binan won the IECEP Quiz Bee for the Whole CALABARZON (CaviteLagunaBatangasRizalQuezon and Mindoro).., proud to say..
    we just have beaten your Schools With Golden Names.. ie LASALLE..SSCR..LYCEUM..LETRAN.. and ALL schools with Bs ECE courses here in CALABARZON..

    we Joined the IECEP National Quiz Bee..

    (for more info.. google IECEP.. prestige Org lng po yan ng mga ECE)

    another ECE world of Calabarzon.. AMA is a reputable name.. our studs are officers in ece orgs..

    one thing more..

    in AMA calamba ,, last is our debut in IECEP Bit The Bees Quiz Bee.. held at SSCRecoletos Cavite..
    We were advised to join the contest one week before the contest proper..
    so for almost eight days..we prepared..
    although we didnt win…our school ended up like above the 60% of the contestants..although we did not won…we just beaten other popular schools..


    AMA faculty in our campus are top of the line profs..(although there are some few moron profs)..
    we have the magnacum-cumlas of UPs..board topnotchers..and mostly Letran profs..
    so,,we are competent enough to say that…we can be at our best…

    CONS about ama???

    The system SUCKS…
    Corruption is AMA.
    IT is corrupt here..ahaha

  59. So madaling salita pitpit blog. IT WAS NOT YOU WHO STUDIED AT THOSE SCHOOLS! therefore YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO JUDGE THEM BASED ON PEOPLE”S TESTIMONIALS UNLESS YOU HAVE EXPERIENCED IT YOURSELF!Baka naman yung mga nainterview mo eh mga estudyanteng patapon. Sisiraan mo ko based sa mga wrong grammars ko?c’mon!?

    Pumasok ka sa blogging world it only means na responsible ka dapat sa mga sinusulat mo, hindi ko naman sinabing maging “JESSICA SOHO’ ka eh….ang sinasabi ko UMAYOS KA!

    Kung ang PEP nga nakasuhan dahil sa mga maling pagsusulat ikaw pa kaya? LIBEL Yan teh! siguraduhin mo na totoo ang mga sinsabi mo at baka pag hindi mo mapatunyan yan may magreklamo sayo!

    Yap, i understand your free will to right anything you want but make sure na yang anything na yan ay FACTUAL! ok. Dont judge the school based on an students’ performance but based on the quality of education they give!.
    o sasabihin mo nanaman na depende na sa kanila if magdodrop sila, CMON!WHAT I AM SAYING IS “THAT THIS WILL AFFECT!”


    Thanks to Cardinal and CHARLIE.

    • The problem with you is you cannot accept the fact that you are studying in a shitty school that is why you are being defensive and accusing me of insulting you when in fact, I’m just pointing out the flaws of the administration in your school, how it is becoming a business enterprise instead of an institution for learning. Whether I studied there or not, I have the freedom to relay information to other people. It may not be my right according to you, but it is my freedom and what right have you to restrict that? It is not libel because if we go to court and I produce a certain number of people who can corroborate what I have written here, guess who’ll win? If it is not true, then your school would have already pressed charges against me.

      Teka, may pagkaenggot ka ata…ako gusto mong UMAYOS? hmmm…wait lang…magulo buhok ko…
      o ayan maayos na ako…ito ngayon sa iyo:

      pumasok ako sa blogging world with the specific goal of upsetting people…challenging the norms…celebrating taboos…and meron pa palang isa, correcting wrong grammar…ahihihihi…Kung maayos sana ang grammar mo, baka naniwala pa ang mga tao na maayos ang turo sa school nyo…baka naniwala pa ako na i-ha-hire ka talaga ng international company na binibida mo…hahahaha…But obviously, hindi…hindi…hindi…hindi…

      Si Cardinal at Charlie ba ay classmates mo? napaghahalata…ahihihihi…

  60. sasabat lang ako ah, ang internet ay public, kaya kahit sino eh pwedeng ipost at sabihin ang gusto nya, nasa tao nalang yon kung paano nya uunawain..

    btw, pipitblog,.. Narinig nyo na ba kung maganda ang turo sa Arellano University (Pasig)?? as BSIT, balak ko kasing lumipat dun from AICS,.. <– same din ng reasons nyo…


  61. Totoo naman eh… Actually sinipag pa ako mag aral dahil sa mga nabasa ko about sa ka-bulukan ng school namin(that’s a fact).

    Cheers sa mga students na nag-aaral sa sariling pagsisikap!

  62. Hi,

    I’m currently an STI student…

    Sure these schools suck!

    We had our summer to work for our thesis next semester…

    A Sales and Inventory with Services System..

    The proposal was all set,

    and it just got denied by our thesis adviser…

    Jeez, it was denied all because of a miniscle

    I know that this is the right thing to happen to us but, if you could only see the F***in’ requirements, you would probably ask yourself, WHY WOULD A FREAKIN’ CLIENT HAVING A BIG BUSINESS LIKE THIS ACCEPT MERE STUDENTS LIKE US NOWADAYS?!!!

    For a fact, even small time drugstores now have a specific system that helps them run the business… AND will never accept students from the said schools…

    And that’s not only our problem… We’re losers… We’re not equipped with proper knowledge about programing.. All we know now is just a fruit of our overnight self-study… But i know that it’s still not enough… HOW COULD WE EVER LEARN IF ALL WE SEE IS JUST AN ACETATE WITH SYNTAXES THAT WERE JUST SHOWN TO LET US COPY IT INTO OUR NOTEBOOK AND NOT EVEN FOLLOWED BY FURTHER EXPLANATION??



    -just sharing cuz I, as a student of one of the schools mentioned here, was somehow involved, and was thankful to have the opportunity to speak up what i’ve kept inside for these past few years studying at STI…

  63. hahaha nkaka tawa nman ito…. graduate ako DIT sa STI last 2007, almost 3 years na ako tambay .. bwhahaha…. lahat ng mga ina appylan ko nangaylangan ng 4 yrs grads.. so this year mapilitan ako mag enroll ulit sa STI, para mag pursue ng 4 yrs course…

  64. SiLeNTAsSaSiN23

    wew.. sa mga nbasa ko parang mag baback out na ako mag aral sa AMA …wew…..

  65. “wala sa school yan nasa estudyante yan”.. honestly, i found it funny someone stating “he can do this blah blah blah” and “i didnt even study at blah blah”, well good for you sir/mam, at least natutunan mo, madali lang naman pagaralan yung mga ganyang technical skills e, kahit sino “Kung gugustuhin nila talagang pagaralan” yan, matutunan yan.. jeez

  66. tagapagtanggol

    hey mr. pipit, don’t judge ama and sti students. baka nga mas magaling pa sau mga un eh..HINDI LAHAT ALAM MO. kaya huwag ka magmalaki diyan.

  67. i really feel discourage now, i don’t know, i am a STI student but before that an AMAer worst is both in meycauayan, and i think i’m not getting a high quality education,… best thing is to study myself eh? awww thats sucks!! : (

  68. hmmmm……makaka2long to pra sa new grad ngayun…….thx to this blog…

  69. comment pa keu ….sarap kase basahin…ehhh…
    tsaka pra ma convinced mga parents namin san mgandang school dapat mag-enroll…..

  70. ei alam nyo.. wala naman mapapala kung maninira kyo ng school… ung mga galing sa ama.. mahiya naman keo kung lalaitin nyo ang school nyo keo rin ang kahiyahiya….. habang buhay na yan nakalagay sa resume nyo.. wala naman sa skul yan nasa students yan kung maganda nga skul nyo , tamad ka naman magaral ,, balewala rin yun!!

  71. madami grumaduate sa ama at sti ,, mayayaman na at mga nasa ibang bansa na… laht ng skul okie naman yan… depende na rin yan sa studyante at mga professors.. bakit mo hahayaan mging katulad ka ng mga nanlalait na yan? wala cguro yan natutunan kc laging tulog pag nagkakaklase, o kya naman di nakikinig, pano ka nga naman matututo,, kea sa skul nila yan sinisisi….

  72. maganda nga skul mo wala ka naman determinasyon!, minsan talo pa may lisencya ang wala, tulad na lang sa mga nakakasama ko ang gaganda ng skul nila pero pag dating sa trabaho talo pa nun mga undergrad at mga grumad sa mga government schools….. dude, wala sa skul yan nasa tao yan! kea tigilan nyo manira ng school.kht saan ka naman pumunta school may paninira e.. wag kyo papatalo sa mga ganyan.

  73. May tanong ako para sa mga Taga STI o kaya ibang school. Sa school niyo din ba pag nasa lab. kayo puro type lang kayo ng program pero hindi niyo natutunan kung ano yung flow ng program? Ganito kasi kami ngayon sa Makati(STI PALA!) Nakakabanas kasi tapos yung iba kong classmate feel nila ang galing nila dahil natapos nila ang isang program na mas mabilis pa sa iba niyang classmate, ang tanong eh kung may natutunan ba siya? WALA! sa 3 oras na pagtatype eh wala naman natutunan, NASAYANG ORAS! Kapag Lecture naman, wala rin. parang ang tamad tamad ng prof ang sarap isupalpal ang mukha sa pader. Malapit na kong tuluyang mainis baka mapangalanan ko pa ang prof na yun. GRR. Paki sagot nalang yung tanong ko ^_^

    • pg lab nmin ndi gnon.. puro machine problem bnbgay smin kmi bhala mg.icp kung pno isolve ung mga un.. wlang kopyahan mhgpit mga prof at may cctv cam s loob ng lab nmin

  74. maganda b mag-aral sa STI SA LUCENA ???
    reply nman kau.

  75. no choice kasi eh.
    pinipilit kasi ako ng nanay ko dun eh.

  76. hmmm… practically speaking, its always about the school even all the topnotchers mostly come from known school but thats just also doesnt leave the fact that even in a below standard school there are INDIVIDUAL who can get up and outstand… let say about 80% of the student enrolled in that particular school, you know pipitblog i hope you did also consider that the philippines is below the poverty line… thus the future and other things are not to be blamed to the country or your school and your incapability to study advance… generally its in our will to choose our future…

    nice blog you have here, you did open lots of ideas and questions…

    its inspiring actually. hehehehe

  77. In my case naman, nag-enrol ako sa STI. Yun kasi gusto ng papa ko. Sakin naman bilang anak, kailangan tayong sumunod. Just try to love the school, dont listen to those dirty comments. If your not satify Sa school, sabihin mu sa parents mo na di maganda sa school mo. I’m very sure they listen to you. Your parents loves you than your school. They will listen.. Ikaw naman ang nag-aaral d naman magulang natin. Lalona pag malaki grades mo.. Sa pangit na school para sayo.

  78. Try to convence them sa next sem o next year, para paglipat mo may alam kana kunti, at baka my ma credit sa mga subjects mo paglipat mu sa ibang schools..

  79. Graduate ako jan sa ACLC nung 2006 pero 2010 na wala parin yung diploma aztig naman nyang skul na yan sobrang kakapal ng muka di lang namin basta binayaran yung diploma na yun pinaghirapan din at pinagubusan ng panahon mahiya naman kayo ayusin niyo yung mga dapat niyong ayusin hindi ako naninira nagsasabi lang ng totoo buti nalang my family business kami pano nalang kung wala gaya ng ibang classmate and ka batch ko pano ka mag aapply ng walang kang credentials? tagapagtanggol tama si samskie sa ama iiwanan ka lang ng gagawin d naman ituturo kung anong gagawin tang ina dapat kay madam auring nalang kami ng enroll pusoy na winiway mo pa lam ko isa ka sa mga employee jan xempre pagtatanggol mo kasi jan ka nagtatrabaho pero isipin mo rin minsan pano naman yung mga tao na naperwisyo ng ama? mahiya naman kayo..

  80. BOBO INUTIL MANGMANG WALANG ALAM … nde lang basta web pages ang gnagawa ng isang IT more on programming ang isang IT. saka wat for bak8 mo snsabi yang mga yan for wat purpose …kace sa totoo lang isa kang hamak na jologs na walang alam gawin kundi gumimik.. na imbes na nilalaan mo para sa pag aaral at makadscover ka pa ng mga ibang bagay thru ur own dipshit… saka nde nmn lahat sa prof. nakukuha ii kea nga bngyan ka ng talent ng diyos na mag explore n search and see it thru ur serlf… Ganito lang yan ii isa kang tamad na walang alam kundi manira ng manira.. alam mo nde lang nmn ikaw ang napapasama sa gngawa mong yan kundi nang hhkayat ka pa lalo na gawin yang mga gngawa mo.. e sa gan2ng college nga lang kaya ng magulang ii. bat mo ipplit ang wala. bakit ang mayaman san ba galing sa mahrap dba! kea kung aq seu better think twice ..oh not twice nor tirple it up… or search mo na den sa google kung ano ang meaning nun baka kace sa sbrang kabobohan mo pati pangalan mo lang nakalmtan mo pa.. Buti nga nakdkit yang itlog mo sayu ii kung nde pakalat kalat na lang yan dian… dumbass …! bat nmn aq me na22nan kace it dpends sa pag intnde at pakikinig yan.. pde nmn samahan ng bulakbol pwo nde nmn araw araw.. sayang lang pang paaral ng mgulang mo sayu ii s2pd asshole..lam mo anu future mo.. ISKWATER.XD ISKWATER ..PULUBI..JOLOGS..KADIRI…!!



  81. i’m a former employee of ama.

    naghihiraman lang ng lab equipent ang mga branches nila kung may ched inspection. kung kailangan ng oscilloscope at logic trainor ni ama rizal kasi isususpend na yung license ipapadala na kaagad from ama project 8. worst pinapabiyahe pa kami sa minadanao and visayas dala dala ang sangkatutak na lab equipments para sa inspection. tatanga tanga naman mga inspectors di nila napansin parepareho lang yung equipment na nachecheck nila.

    And this came from a pioneer of AMA Cubao, sabi niya naitayo raw niya and school na to with 4 pairs of pliers. lol.

    at eto pa. pinipilit akong isali sa programming contests ng AMA. Empleyado na ako, di na estyudante, siguradong mismatch kahit La Salle o UP sa akin. kasi bukod sa AMA work ko dati, tumitira rin ako ng design ng mga estyudante.

    ang pinakaworst na pinapagawa sa akin ng AMA ay yung course outline. di naman sa pagmamayabang kaya ko naman gawin yung engineering at yung IT, pero yung medical courses? lol. sabi ko sobra na to mas mabuti pang magstart ulit ng ibang career kesa kasama makasira ng kinabukasan ng mga estyudante.

    parang awa ninyo na. sayang ang oras at pera ninyo sa AMA.

  82. I had teaching tenures to both schools (AMA and STI) handling general ed subjects..i have to say that there are students that are note worthy and yet there are others who are incapable to handle intellectual exercises in these institutions (tamad… i wont say bobo kasi its unfair to say that)…i have my own sentiments with both schools (both positive and negative) but I must say AMA even though it pays more lacks the administrative integrity compared to sti…in the former i was immediately informed by my dean to not fail anybody this gave me some reservations regarding the educational quality of the so called sarah geronimo institution…to sti’s share i was given a freer hand to really explore teaching..i was even able to teach my students about Marx,Lenin, and Sison but the school lacks some facilities that can improve the educational quality…haay it really shameful to have schools like these but in all fairness they still provide hope for people (children) which is important in this world…

  83. well.. wla nga yan s school, kasi kung aasa ka s kgandahan ng scuL mo.. punta k ng harvard or toKyo U.. mganda dun..haha wag kaung manghusga ah.. nsa tao lang yan..kanya knyang diskarte…:))


    eh.. mGa putang ina nyong bumabatikos sa STI at AMA. STIers aQ. d2 sa san jose city. MGA GWAPO KME AT MAGA2NDA ANDITO. mGa panget kasi kasyo. mGa waLang hiya. bobo siguro kayo kaya kung ano2 sinasabi nyo sa schooL. TANDAAN NYO. nasa student yan. waLa sa schooL at kung anu pa mang sinasabi nyo. asa magandang schooL ka nGa, waLa ka nMn ding aLam. tsk. sayang Lang. :))

  85. BS.IT AND BS.CS are in demand right now in most BPO or Call centers they are term as “tech support” and the salary they paid for a tech support employee is 25% much higher than a customer sales representative CSR or sales account employee.

    I am a freshmen student @AMA Colleges here in Laguna hopping to land a job @any good BPO company when I graduated. In some BPO adds they even hired HS grad or at-lease 2 yr course graduate. So what more if you are a BS. degree holder right?

    And.. always in the end it is not really all base on what school did you attend or graduated, it is in the student as individual how will they strive to get the career they really want.

  86. STEVE JOBS was a college dropout, but he is the Co-owner of Apple, PIXAR, and BOD of Disney.

    Don’t loose hope!

  87. d 22o yn sadyang tanga ka lng kaya gnun trabaho lng inabot mo kulang ka kse sa diskarte bobo KA dmi graduate sa sti at ama na mganda nmn trabaho nkpag abroad pa at mataas ang position pero ikaw bkit ndi?? tpos ccchin mo sti at ama eh anu alam nla dun??ikaw ang gumagawa ng kapalaran mo ndi ang skul tanga ka lng tlga kya cguro gnun lng inabot mo at un lng ang na achieve mo na goal sa buhay

  88. Vanilla Twilght

    I just wanna say, i heart you pipitblog! nakakaloka yung mga umaaway sayo.. :))

  89. I can’t say anything bad about AMA. Coz personally I’ve never been to that school. Clear? I’m a former STI student and graduated ACT (2 years) then I stopped studying for 2 years due to financial problem. (STI Magastos kc) Then when I came back to school to pursue bachelors degree. (Just to finish what i started and be a good student, besides the school is just around the corner mas matipid :)) I was really down when i knew that i’m still getting the old curriculum/programs. Meaning, I will get the outdated programming languages to study. While 1st year IT students are getting java and i’m stuck learning TURBO PASCAL and C(not C++ FYI)?! whats up with STI?! Are they not aware that computer programs are continuously advancing. I’m stuck with turbo pascal while students younger than me are studying .NET ! SHIT STI ANGELES and THEir Corrupt STaff. I explained to them I already graduated and I need to be on a new curriculum. They said they would and gave me the new curriculum. When the day school started, they push me again to the old curriculum. I can’t stand it! I wanna kill them all until now! not only for forcing me to get the old curriculum but giving us newly fresh graduates who cant even make a single program without a syllabus at hand.

    For anyone who is planning to go to STI. make sure you know how they play the game. They will cheat on you. Take it from their former students like me. I studied at home and proud to say that i learned programming not from that stinking school but with my perseverance reading books and practicing.

    If you are wondering why i did not changed schools. well simply because other schools want me back to 1st year. I can’t do that even if i want to. I can’t waste a cent for i am not rich kid like u guys. I don’t have rich parents that can support my schooling. It’s only been me, alone since Highschool. I stopped studying to save up money for 2 years and to continue a BS degree not to start again. Clear?



  92. Hello! Ladies and Gents

    napaka surreal nito at kagugulat 🙂
    ang iba sa mga statement na nabanggit sa blog na ito
    ay talaga na mang nakakatakaw pansin

    I’m back in being first year student 😦
    sadly because I can’t afford money to my current College
    (not going to mention)
    dahil hindi ko feel at hindi nagustusan ang system sa School
    na ito nagdecide ako na I second motion ko ito hahahah
    I’m turning 19 at gagradweyt na sana ko shit!
    well my choice was AMA at first light dahil nandun ang friend ko
    oks naman ala prob.
    pinapangarap ko talaga ung UST kea lang I got 80 as my average
    kea lang above average ang kinukuha nila so I failed . .
    on-line ako nag check kung pumasa ako
    nahiya na kong bumalik.
    ito ung mga course na kinuha ko sa UST
    about pala sa course yung exam! I have no Idea!!

    uhm Industrial Engineering, Pharmacy at something about Computer
    nahalata ko rin na may question na “how much income your family produce?”
    hindi ko alam kung anung paper yun receipt? application? or what?
    so nilagay ko yung pinakamababa na note.

    naisip ko tuloy na namimili sila ng STUDENTS??
    sana wag naman dahil nasisira ang pangalan ng UST
    madami nako na applayan na school halos galit na nga
    sila Mama dahil wala ako mapili kung saan ako comfortable 🙂
    so I’m trying ama dahil mahilig ako sa programming . . .
    Visual Effects,Animation, Graphic Designer, Web Developer,
    Software Developer my speciality is html coding 🙂
    dumugo ang ilong ko dun sa kaka-memorize nung ako
    ay nasa Highschool pa 🙂 favorite subject ko rin ang
    Computer, History . . .

    Ahay! lumalayo nako sa topic ang point ko is tama din naman
    na dun ka sa magandang school or maganda kang tao hahaha
    I mean kahit pangit ang school mo at nag e-excel ka sa studies
    mo you have a very amazing future, napatunayan yang nang mga
    pinsan ko halos lahat sila nag-aral sa mga hindi kilalang Colleges
    more Government oriented at Public Schools.

    If you think you lack something it is still not too late for you
    work while you are studying.
    Tignan mo ko napakatanga ko kaya ako hindi makatapos
    ng pag-aaral kung saan saan sumulpot walang narating 🙂

    Kaya lang naman nakakaranas tayo nang ganito is because
    our country is in Crisis our Economic Stability is not very
    stable, Education and Poverty classes, hindi na tayo dapat
    umasa sa mga pledges na tutulungan tayo dapat tayo mismo
    tumulong sa sarili natin .

    Oh thank you pala dito especially sa Blog na ito madami akong
    natutunan hahaha check out my blog 🙂
    I’m also a blogger
    ayoko mag code kahit html generated yung dialog box
    kasi tamad ako hahaha yung din ang dahilan kung bakit
    ako nakakuha ng 80 average sa aking entrance exam
    ang aking dream university shit!!

    hanggang dito na lang 🙂 PEACE OUT!!!

  93. I mean Clashes* edited wahaha

    derederecho kasi ako mag-type

  94. Nice Blog.. Keep up the good work guys..

  95. Im surfing the net and found this. *sigh* im currently studying ing STI as 2nd yr HRM student and all I can say is that the quality of education is really sub standard. Gusto ko na sana lumipat but I’m only being sent to school by my uncle so dahil sa hiya ko rin kahit papano, I choose a cheaper school, which is STI. Pero di ko n a din matiis,pano b naman kulang na nga s prof. mga hindi pa magagaling. Imagine naman sa culinary arts eh ang buffalo wings daw galing sa ribs na baka eh for crying out loud lahat naman ata lahat na chicken wings yun. Lack of facilities pa, kung meron man hindi well maintained. Kulang kulang sa gamet. Kung ako lang tlga tatanungen gusto ko n lumpitat. Iniisip ko pa lang na two years pa ko sa school na to nababaliw na ko eh.

    • “ang buffalo wings daw galing sa ribs na baka eh for crying out loud lahat naman ata [alam] na chicken wings yun.” — uhh, chicken pala ang buffalo wings…toinks! sorry ngaun ko lang din nalaman un…ahahaha…at least, di ako nagaapply as professor of culinary arts! freakin’ annoying!!! >.<

  96. i studied at sTi college.. WALANG KWENTA. PURO PERA !! lalo na sa course ko, tsk wala tlagang kwenta.. lol.. magaling lang sila sa ads,! pero atleast graduate na ako.. hindi naman siguro mukhang pera lahat ng branch, pero sa branch na pinasukan ko. OO!

  97. Hello pipit!

    I’m a nursing grad and I’m planning to study in ITTC (UP Diliman). Still deciding if I should enroll sa full-time course nila and get an IT certificate (1 year) or simply take up any short courses.

    Ever heard of it? Eto po website for ur reference:
    Any comments will be highly appreciated! Thanks 😀

    • fyi…it says on the site “Qualified enrollees include college graduates of Computer Science and IT-related courses and graduates of other courses who possess high aptitude for IT, and have been aspiring to become part of the IT industry.” — so I guess you’re qualified. all you need now is to pass the admission exam. definitely worth a try because if you do pass…

      Oh well,,,I’d rather give you the link to the list of faculty who are teaching there —>
      so that I won’t have to state the obvious…I know you’ll figure it out:)

  98. am from up it. boss ko is ama graduate. don’t let students studying from those schools feel down.. and u readers, studying in those schools should nt be affected easily by this mere post. dnt get discouraged! mag aral kau ng mbuti. kung hndi ngtuturo ng maayos ung teacher, do not be afraid to speak! it’s not the school. nasa kakayahan yan. may mga teachers dun na ganun sa mga sikat na universties.

  99. @ pipitblog:

    I know two people who study in AMA and STI, but they’re doing good naman, eh. It’s just that these schools are too commercialized and endorsed– which the Big 4 normally doesn’t do.

  100. oh btw pipitblog hinahangaan kita dahil you express yourself without any hesitation. Regarding your blog entry about ama, sti and IT course, well i have nothing against ama nd sti, yet may speculations na wlang pkialam ung mga profs jan tas buhay prinsipe pa ang mararanasan doon. Tapos regarding dun sa manong guard pa yung teacher eh parang mali naman yun. Quality education requires real teachers nd not a security guard. Pero ang nangyayari naman is based on comments i’ve read on ur blog. Yung tipong di ka tlg bgay s isang scul n 2lad ng ama, well may point k na, hindi sa lht ng oras ay yung ksbhang, “dpende yun sa es2jante”. Kung ayaw mo sa ama o sti welcome n welcome keo s DLSU o sa UE ;)– advice 2 ama/sti s2dents who wanna transfer. But remember being a s2dent of ama/sti doesn’t make u less of a person.

  101. naguguluhan tuloy ako. BS Architecture student ako from TIP QC and planning to shift and transfr to any computer school na may quality education, actually mag ti-third year na ‘ko but since web designing and development tlga yung hobby ko nag decide ako ngaun na magshift at transfer sa mas malapit sana na school. AMA and STI used to be on my top list pero sirang-sira na ang reputation nila sa mga comments na nababasa ko ‘di lang dito kung saan saan site pa, blacklisted na sila sakin. hehehe
    siguro dun nalang ako sa TIP ulit. meron pang award from CHED na Center of Development in I.T. kahit malayo samin.

    • Galing akong TIP-QC. BS Mechanical Engineering. Nagtransfer lang ako pabalik dito sa EAC-Cavite last year dahil di ko ma-enroll yung mga major subjects ko dyan sa TIP dahil masyadong panggabi. Di nagbabago ang schedule. Ang sabi sa akin ng ME Teacher ko dito na teacher rin sa La Salle Dasma at TUP Manila, napepeke rin daw yang CHED certification. Kasi kapag nagko-conduct sila ng pa-level up ng standard ng course, sila-sila rin yung nagre-rate. Halimbawa, yung mga taga-TIP yung magse-certify ng accreditation sa Adamson, ipapasa nila o itataas nila ng level. Ang mangyayari, kapag TIP naman ang magpapa-accredit at mga taga-Adamson ang magche-check, ipapasa nila o itataas nila ng level. In short, magkakakuntsaba sila dyan. Panghatak lang ng estudyante yung mga accreditation na yan ang sabi sa akin. Pero ewan ko lang. Mukhang ayos naman ata ang IT Department, computers at air-con rooms sa TIP-QC. Ang ayoko lang dyan sa TIP-QC ay yung sobrang bagal na internet sa library at yung mga walang aircon na regular rooms at sobrang higpit na patakaran.

  102. oops .. i hate those person who blame other person or an organization .. you should learn on your self that there’s nothing will change if you always blames the school .. you have a point on what you say .. but why don’t you try to change those things that you think that is wrong .. don’t you think it is a good idea … blaming other can’t bring any changes .. if there is no one will stop the cycle it will only repeat itself ..

  103. Im an It student here at AMA Cavite. maganda ang facilities dito. puro high-level programming languages ang tinuturo like C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, VB, php etc.. malupit din ang CISCO nmin, magaling kasi prof nmin nagwork siya sa CISCO . maganda din turo sa SQL at Oracle Database.. mahihirap yung mga projects at machine problems. troubleshooting kami lagi sa CISCO..
    kaya masasabi ko OK lang namn sa AMA depende sa branch at facilities.

  104. Im depends upon the student as well…1st- kung d po tlga gusto yung school bt ka dun ng enrol…2nd- marami din nmn nsa magagandang universities ang walang alam.,.3rd the issue about the the ads,,well its their maketing strategy ela tayong mgagawa dun..4th kung nakukulangan ka sa turo ,pwede k nmn mag advance db…last choice…kung di mo na feel yung school your always free to transfer….

    (im a graduate of STI , im currently working in a ITcompany as IT head, i have my employee’s from well known universities…but to tell you honeslty ! better than them considering that were both IT..and another im a part time professor in a well known universirty in manila.i teach different IT subjects…1/4 of my total students got failed!…)

  105. Well Guys, It seems this thread came into very very very quite long.. it starts from yr 2008 and now 2010 still commenting on this issues.. Well in my own opinion.. Actually I am Graduated @ STI College Recto way back 2005. You know guys when i was in my 1st year college until i graduated, almost of my professors are good in teaching and i’ve learned a lot and specially they where so very supportive during our Thesis time. Because before i notice that studying here is so very easy but when we are now in 4th year we realize that this is not a joke anymore. because they where hire a panelist which is not connected and nor even know by the professor. so if the student could not perform well or study well, you have no right to graduate. But during our time, i puzzle out that when i was in my last year on my course, all of our proffessors do their best to teach us specially on I.T Subjects. Well it’s still up to the students if you want to learn the way he teach. And don’t blame the professors, actually not all the things can teach you by the professor, they where just there to teach us the basic, the logic and it’s background and even the techniques. And still up to the student to study more further to enhance more… So.. Where Iam now.. even my batch mates… One of my classmates now is a S.r Software Developer in Accenture, Other one is a Systems Analyst, the others Systems Admin. and me currently Iam a I.T Specialist in a Foreign NGO. well i have also a batch mate which fall into what you says a Clerk.. well i told them why?? Well no wonder because during our time they where grouped to what we call “Pader”. Kapit sa matatag ika nga”. So yun. they are the students that they don’t have interest on any I.T Courses. They where enrolled there because “Wala ko mapili iba eh?” “Dito kasi tropa ko”, “Sbi ng Magulang ko eh”, So i have many younger friends that i always remind them that be sure what course what you want to take it.. Don’t think what others want for you. Just think what are you really want on…” Baka Mag sisi ka bandang huli mahirap na..” So all in all… What school it is… If it’s a I.T School, Universities, Colleges’, Well guys it still depends to the students if you want to learn more, don’t stick only on what your Professor’s teach you.. Enhance it.. Explore more!
    Also on I.T Field… Don’t stop studying even you are working.. because the technology always changing and updating.. Like me i always enrolling in some Training Schools for me to update my self.. like enrolling Cisco Subjects and Windows Servers 2010. So Good Luck to all! Stop blaming…. God Bless!

    • Iam planning to take my second course and STI Global is quite near from my work and our house. I also consider FEU Makati; however, (in my opinion) it is more for a law and business-related courses than on computer-related courses. I also look on MAPUA (having a ABET accreditation on some courses) yet it is a profit-oriented school (I think) – having a quarter mode of enrollment.

      This blog imparted me some ideas. Yet still, Iam undecided….

  106. Hmmm, Malaking bagay ang Institution na mag train sayo kasi kung babayaran mo lang sila para sa diploma e di mag aral ka nlng mag isa, ipang inom mo nlng masaya ka pa..

    • Graduate din ako ng STI-Cebu year 1995, and I’m presently working in a bank as Computer Programmer… Nadaanan ko rin ang training mo, and yes it really help a lot. Hindi pa cguro nila nakita kung anong kailangan to be an IT. They might think that the school is a big issue… Well, I guess, the issue here is that did she/He study hard?????

  107. For me, depende nman un kung saang branch ka nag-sstudy..,
    dito sa branch ng STI kung saan ako nag-sstudy eh mganda nman

  108. Hay naku, I studied in AMA -(Makati Branch)(transfer student ako nun)8 isa lang masasabi ko during ng time ko. Nung First Year medyo ok! Pero as I spent the rest of my CS years, I realized that nagkamali ang ng school na pinagtransferran. Mahal ang tution fee wala naman prof, ung iba naman nadadaan sa bigay. Yung turo hindi maganda parang masmagaling pa ako sa prof. Feeling ko tuloy bumaba yung standards ko. Luckily marunong naman ako magprogram pero hindi dahil sa tulong nila, un ay dahil sa pag aaral ko.
    Sana piliin nyo mabuti ung school na pag eenrollan nyo..I don’t recommend ama.

  109. Nice blog !!! Very much informative

    But anyways, reality sucks… yeah … and sh*** happens. Again in depends on the student how perceptive they are when they are studying. I do not believe that because you are a graduate of STI and AMA or any school in particular, you cant make it or you cannot land a decent job. I know graduates from La Salle or any Center for Excellence school who lacks skills that needed in their jobs. A lot of them are called “professionals by paper” and try to boast and say that they are “EXPERTS”. I encountered several times, a Network engineer “KUNO” who is an expert “DAW” cannot connect 6 units for a small company. Who create / codes and developed systems that failed after they are delivered to their costumers.

    Education system in our country sucks. Thats reality, sometimes professors/instructors teach subjects who don’t even know what they are talking about. I am not judgmental but thats the way it is.

    Culture is also a factor in our society, here in our country if you graduate from a reputable school/university you are “GOOD” daw. Even if you really suck, you are still good. They disregard talented people who have the skills and expertise because, he/she do not came from a reputable school. That is why our country right now sucks. Instead of focusing on skills, efficiency, reliability, result oriented outputs is needed in work and society. We prefer the other way around, because of “Padrino system” because of “Utang na loob” that makes us what we are right now.

    Again, schools are there to give us basic skills that we need in life. They are the building block, the essentials we need to be what we want or will be in the future. It does not matter where you came or you graduate. It ‘s all about discipline, attitude towards your studies or your craft.

    I was not a graduate of STI or AMA.

  110. OOPS… sorry typo ….

    “I am not a graduate of STI or AMA.

    • Agree ako dyan… No Matter where school you where study, it depends to the students how can she/he focus on their study for their future needs…

  111. alam nyo, tama din nmn ang sabi ng iba.. Sikreto lng talaga jan is Diskarte.. I’m currently studying in AMA las piñas.. Tama din kayo mababa din ang quality ng turo dun. Honestly, kaya ayaw kong umalis dun kc ang goal ko lang dun is ung name ng AMA.. Lets face it, kilala tlga ang AMA d2 sa pinas because of their IT education commercially, pero sa practical…… ARAY.. hehehe
    Pero just like I said, diskarte lng tlga, kami kc dun sa AMA “Sariling sikap” lng tlga.. I have advance knowledge in graphic arts, 3d graphics and other multimedias.. And lahat dun is “sariling sikap” lang, ndi ko un natutunan sa AMA… sorry AMAers, pero thats the truth.. Pero I dont want to encourage you to drop out or what! I’m just telling you my “OWN” experience in that skul which is AMA las piñas..
    So, to sum it all up…… Kung gusto nyo tlgang matuto, gumawa kayo ng paraan, dont blame the skul, your friends, your parents or even God.. Wag kayo mag paka EMO ha… Diskarte lng talaga ang kailangan nyo..

  112. I’m a student of AMA, and I know hindi nga maganda ang facilities nila dito sa ama fairview, nag decide din ako before na mag transfer sa AMA main pero masyadong malayo. There are comments here na hindi ako sang-ayon, I studied in UP before and I’m a music major now. In UP, they never thought me how to sing, to read notes, sariling sikap talaga, what they do is, alalayan lang ang mga students, kwento kwento inside the classroom, akala mo hindi pa nag lelesson pero yun na pala ang start. We may never know how a teacher teaches his/her students, we may not know how a school runs their own company. Pero from that school (UP) I learned not to rely with anybody, wala naman kasi pansinan doon, aral kung aral. Now, I’m a student in AMA, it’s very much easy to study there, I can get guidlines, and sobrang dali mag research tungkol sa mga assignments. What I’m after in that school, is mga guidlines, what will I study about, ask about the experiences of the teachers. But anyway, hindi ko naman dinedepensahan yung AMA, I’m just trying to say na, nasa student yan, diskarte ang kailangan. I don’t have a job right now, pero through internet and writing I earn naman, and I just study online if I need anything to study about. Yun lang, sariling sikap, don’t just judge but look more into it, ikaw na pumuno ng alam mong kulang, in the end that will help you be successful in life.

  113. Thats the point. .kahit anong school ka nagtapos, kung wala kang diskarte, useless ka,. . wag mong pagbintangan ang school mo. .how stupid post. .

  114. hindi naman to ama vs. sti ha, mukhang may mga problema ang tao dito sa reading comprehension… hihihi and 1 more thing, hindi talaga pwedeng ikumpara and ama and sti sa mga top ranking universities dito sa Pinas.

    thanks pipitblog! i hope ur blog will serve as a wake up call to both the so called computer schools.

  115. I respect all opinion even it sounds silly. I just want to share my personal experience so one can think what to be an IT-professional means, although its not d main issue here…
    I’m an STIers from Cebu graduated 1995… I had learned a lot from that school, not the programming syntax but the LOGIC formulation that i even used now in my current job as a COMPUTER Programmer in a bank.

    There was no windows at that time, I didnt even encounter a mouse during my STI days, but how i end up here in my current job???? the answer is that I work hard, I cultivate what I learned from the school and put it in an actual environment. How i started a career in IT? I started from the lowest but i doubled my time to learned new things in IT….

    In short, STI was only teaching me how to start walking like a little child, STI did not gave me any direction and job after my training. What I am now is the product of my previous actions, I have no one to blame everytime I fail because I run my own life… It is very frustrating when you find someone to blame when you fail, but take all the credits when you succeed…

  116. NO future talaga basta hindi mo alam kung anong meron sa pinapasukan mong kurso….. hehehehe

  117. I studied at STI and now I’m a Network Administrator of Sutherland Company.
    Di lan ikaw dapat aasa sa school, kailangan mo din mgresearch and magbasa ng tons of books to learn. diskarte mo na yan sa sarili mo. 🙂

  118. I myself is a graduate of STI College Angeles and I am proud of it. The institution taught me how to be more responsible in a way that is not suffocating. The curriculum is also timely and is of good standard. The real secret behind success is not with the school only, but the dedication and the eagerness of the student to learn and climb the professional ladder.

    Daniel Dayrit

  119. Mahalaga talaga school na pinapasukan mo…
    kasi pag mag-aaply ka laging naka rate kung saang school ka galing..

    I’m not a Graduate or a student of AMA and STI,.. Pero pansin ko lang na bihirang matangap sa trabaho ang graduate ng STI and AMA…

    Graduate ako ng BsECE in TIP and currently working in Bayan Tel.. ang majority ng nag-aaply dito na IT graduates na galing sa AMA and STI are always rejected…

  120. Suggest ko lang sa mag-aaral pa lang ng college.
    choose a school that are PACUCOA Accredited to ensure quality education standards…

    Tinitigan din kasi ng Company yung level ng accreditation ng school in getting an applicants…. I myself is graduate at a LEVEL III College, and satisfied talaga ako sa mga natutunan ko… and na-aaply ko sya sa work ko here in bayan tel…

  121. hi
    ano ba uniform sa AMA pang girls course BSIT sa caloocan branch?
    dba lahat ng AMA trisem? thats the only reason why i want to study there lol
    answer me pls thanks! hagd 🙂

  122. It turns out both AMA and STI are not recognized by Singapore as an academic institution/school. So don’t even dream about working in the World’s fastest growing IT country because your working pass will be likely DENIED!

    As far as AMACC/AMACU goes, AMA is the “school of today for there is no tomorrow!” That is the most corrupted, money mongrels academic institution I been in. I studied in both in Makati and Manila campus. I remember back in Makati campus where we are compelled to pay an extra 1000.00 before tuition fees for buying new Photocopiers without Receipts! If you are defending your Thesis A-B you are compelled to buy branded snacks for the panel. No goldilocks, red ribboon dpat, no pipitsuging coffee dpat Starbucks. If your Thesis failed, you are going to pass if you pay for infrastrature projects like new covered waiting areas, Painting of the Halls, New big-ass TVs for the lobby and faculty ETC..

    Don’t get be started with the syllabus of the subjects, BS IT/BS Com SCI/BS Com Eng have 85% the same subjects except the majors on your last 2 years. The 1st 5 major subjects are almost the same Introduction to Computer basics. There are male teachers can upped your grades/passed even you fail your exams, if you make friends with them and buy them liquors and cigs. How fuck up is that? Hence, the majority of the students are fond of KODIGOs, cheating during exams are rampant, if you chose to be honest and neglect them your answer sheets, you will be ostracized, so goodluck on group work.

    Not everyone in the faculty are rotten though I had young teachers who are really good academes. Everytime I see a commercial of my alma matter on TV? It makes me puke of disgust. I can’t believe I let my parents spend their hard earned money for that shitty education. Thank God, I self-study a lot thus, I am now a professional. I cherish my friends, but I can never be proud to be an alumnus of that school. It was all bullshit!

  123. graduate ako sa AMA as Comp. Secretarial. batch 1995… 2yr course… 1 month after i graduate nakapasok agad ako sa Private Company as Secretary. 6 mos. after my boss ask me to look a secretary like me who also graduated in AMA so syempre pinasok ko yung classmate ko… Madalas talaga ikinukumpara kami kase mas marami akong alam sa computer kesa sa classmate ko… Now isa na akong graphic designer and computer technician ng company base on my own self study sa tulong na rin ng internet.. I also own a computer shop with 13 units na ako na mismo ang nagto-troubleshoot at networking. Parang OS din tayo need mag upgrade.. Dati diba window 95 p kami now vista na. Hindi naman naituro iyon sa AMA . well ang point ko is wala talaga sa school yan, tamang diskarte lang now need ko mag work abroad but they need atleast 4yrs graduate of IT.. i know kaya ko un on self learning pero need ko diploma sa i have no choice but to study again hopefully makuha ko sya ng less than 3yrs lang.. Napunta ako sa site na ito kase i’m searching anong best computer school.. mejo nakakadismaya at nakakawalang gana nga mag-aral ulit kung mababasa mo ang blog na ito… well siguro advice na lang if matapat kayo sa school na ganun na guard na ang nagtuturo siguro wag muna kayo mag bayad ng full then lumipat na kayo ng school. If wala na talaga time well wag na wag kayong lalabas ng room na di nyo natutunan ang topic today lagi kayo magtanong kase rights mo yun binabayaran mo yun eh. God bless..:)

  124. I am Ronald Supetran. I am a graduate of a two year diploma in computer programming in Ama Computer Leaning Center in Commonwealth, Q.C. Being a graduate of a technical school is always a disadvantage but proving your worth is your advantage. I have worked in a Cable Company as an IT Staff dominated by Engineers and IT Professionals. I was not accepted at first but after one employee of them resigned I was offered the job. They all look down at me at first. Being a graduate of a two year IT diploma course, you would be seen as a someone who could only surf the net and chat. But later, I proved them wrong. I showed them that I am a one-man IT Dept. I can handle networking jobs as am familiar with routing and switching technology. And have a good grasp in the theory of OSI layer. I design the company’s website using CMS. Photoshop and Dreamweaver. I did programs for the company like payroll system as well as database system for their clients using Visual Basic for Applications. I repair their computers and do some upgrade with them. I set up and configure servers in Windows 2003 like file servers. And lastly, I monitor the company’s internet gateway, as they also offer cable internet other than CATV, in a Unix-based operating system. Can a graduate of a two year technical course do that? The answer is no, if only I have relied on the teaching of the school I came from. But I have other schools which has been my supplement on of them is UI– not U.E. but University of Internet. The Net has helped me a lot in enhancing my knowledge. As well as the CBTs, my other school, a school in a DVD, or computer based training media I purchased in Quiapo. This CBTs are authored by well-known IT authors around the world, like VTC, Lynda, and Trainsignal. Yes, there would be no future for you if you rely on your schoo, especially from technical school. Remember it is you who create you future. I hope you gain something from this message.

  125. Mag Asia Pacific College nalang kau kung may pera kau o matalino kau.. may mga scholarship at financial assistance naman na binibigay sa karapat dapat.

    Samen un basurang prof. tinatangal agad..

    APC – 1 of the 4 center of excellence in IT sa metro manila.

    My Course?

    BSCSIT – Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology..

    2 Course na pinag sama..

    graduating na ako ngaun.. At kahit saan moko e puntang IT company I can easily adapt =P at higit sa lahat Magaling ako mag program =P

  126. Palakol ni Garde

    ok naman po ang turo sa STI at AMA, siguro naman tinuro naman sa inyo yung basics ng programming kung paano mag debug ng errors syempre hindi lang sa instructor yun nakaasa depende na rin sa estudyante kung hindi niya pinalawak ang kaalaman niya dun sa course niyang pinili. malay ba natin kung di niya pala trip magprogram or slow learner siya… syempre may part na sariling sikap talaga, depende na lng sau kung kumapit ka sa malakas sa thesis o defense tapos grumaduate ka ng walang alam.

    pero syempre lahat naman nagsisimula sa maliit na trabaho sipag at tyaga lng parang manny villar aasenso rin… tsaka isa pa dami facilities ng STI bat di nio abusohin binayaran niyo yan, tumambay ka ng library magbasabasa ka ng libro imbes na magdota ka buong maghapon. kung walang library abusohin nio ung tubig nila sa CR binayaran niyo un kaya pwede kayo maligo dun araw araw. sa mga com labs magpeysbuk kayo buong magdamag (basta pagtapos ng klase) kasama sa miscellaneous fee yon daming pwedeng gawin kaya wag niong sabihing wala kayong natutunan. walang sayang ngayon sa madiskarteng tao lalo na pag pera ang pinaguusapan.

  127. A lot of AMA and STI graduates are now successful. But they really must filter their instructors well. In STI Maasin one instructor is not a good role model at all. She even got pregnant, no one knows who the father is, and is now a single parent dating a student of STI. I wouldn’t want my kids enrolled in a school which overlooks moral responsibilities.

  128. Pwede mag comment.,grabe namang itong nag create ng blog na to..pare para sabihn ko sayo yung mga taga STI eh hindi ganyan..I enrolled before nung first ako sa AMA,but after 2 sems.lumipat ako STI dahil ang mahal ng tuition nagulat ako in particuliar sa STI dahil ang gagaling ng mga naging Prof. ko at dun ako nahubog sa computer science..after I graduated maganda mga naging trabaho ko at hndi lang sa mga computer shop na sinasbe mo!nagtrabaho ako sa San Miguel Corp. as computer programmer at Accenture as Software Engineer..marame ako natutunana sa school ko at naging succesful ako sa field na napili ko!so ang masasabe ko sayo brad baka ikaw ang may problema hindi yung school mo!baka bobo ko!kse alam mo ang school guide lang natin sila hndi tayo pwede umasa sa lahat ng pwde nating matutunan..kailngan mo ring mag pursige para sa sarili mo!kaya mapapayo ko sayo..mag aral ka nlng ng mabuti bgo ka gumawa ng mga ganitong blog..kse pati yung mga hindi katulad mo pumapanget ang image dahil sa mga sinasbe mo!good luck career mo pare.!pag ikaw siguro mag aaply at ako mag iinterview sayo hindi nga kita tatangapin kse ang babaw ng utak mo!sa computer science kse malilim ang logic thinking mo dapt so siguro shift ka na nga lang ng HRM..bka yung bagy sayo..anyway i dont mean to be rude,,it’s just may mga tao talaga na katulad mo na puro reklamo!

  129. one more..kahit sa mga big shot ka na University mag aral kung ganyan ugali mo wla kang mararating pare..yung mga naggraduate sa province at malalayong lugar pero determinado eh nagiging successful..kaya hindi mo pwedng sabhin na yung pagiging successful mo ay sa paaralan lang na pinag tapusan mo!combination yan ng school+right attitude+experience..sna may na inpart ako sayo mga taga STI alam naman natin caliber wag kayong paapekto ung nag aaral kayo ngayon sa school nyo..believe in yourself and someday you will be successful kung talagang gusto nyo ang pinagaaraln nyong kurso..thanks & goodluck.

    Vincent, MIT

  130. I luv this blog. nakakaaliw…
    I think hindi rin naman tama na i-generalize yung AMA or STI. There may be some thruth to what the blog owner is saying pero pwede naman sigurong hindi ganun sa lahat ng branches ng school yun.
    Always remember, kahit saan ka pa makatapos ng pag-aaral if you are really determined to hit it BIG, you can do it. Kahit saan school ka pa mag-enroll kung talagang wala sa hilig mo ang matuto, wala kang matututunan.
    Kahit saang malaki at magandang school ka mag-enroll kung talagang ayaw mo matuto, wala kang matututunan. There is no big or small school sa taong gusto matuto.
    May nabasa akong post dito about achievers from their school, I dont think na dapat sa school mapunta ang credit for the achievements of an individual. It’d his own talent and effort to succeed. Nagkataon lang na dun siya graduate sa school na kung anuman yun.
    Maraming graduates from small schools (like AMA, STI, etc..) who made it BIG, at marami ding naging “wasted” talents. Same din yan sa mga MALALAKING school like UP, ATENEO and the likes. Hindi lahat ng graduates from these BIG schools are achievers. And hindi rin naman lahat ng galing AMA or STI are LOSERS.
    Mas maraming achievers from UP, ATENO, DLSU and the likes. Well, compare the number of graduates from these big schools to the smaller one’s (AMA, STI). I think dapat lang talaga na maraming sumikat sa kanila sa dami ng graduates nila. Ano kaya ang ratio ng achievers sa “the one’s who didn’t make it big” and ratio ng WINNERS vs LOSERS, from these big schools?
    Remember, controversial and biggest corruption cases sa goverment, politics and business sector ay gawa ng mga GRADUATE sa MALALAKI, RESPETADO, KINIKILALA at PINAGMAMALAKING schools.
    Name a corrupt politician (be it local, or kahit presidente), I bet, he/she came or a graduate of UP, ateneo or DLSU.

    my 2 cents.

  131. nasa studyante din yan.. baka tanga ka lng talga

  132. The former director of AMA Calamba College Ms. Venus May
    said that AMA is VENUS and
    VENUS is AMA………..
    but where are you now VENUS ???……….AMA still here in progress
    what VENUS wants she can get
    ang pagkamit pala ng pagiging isang director ehhh kailangan
    siraan at sabunutan ang nakaupong director para IKAW ang pumalit sa position

    You want war i give war???
    ikaw ang nagsimula…
    mukha kang pera….

    baka pag nagkita tau manginig ka sa takot
    sa ginawa mong kasalanan ……

  133. to those hu keep on judging STI and AMA.,
    im getting somewhat irked by the way u try to vouchsafe ur character by trying to ruin others.,ur just showing that ur less educated.but if u will insist ur opinion.,
    keep my advice.go back to elementary and study the VALUES.


  135. Charles Capistrano

    Maraming chicks sa AMA las pinas.. thumbs up!!!

  136. hi po. i’m a 4th year high school student and i’m planning to have my college years in AMA.

    And i saw this thread and i’m very much discouraged.

    Btw, i’m planning to enroll in AMA Batangas Branch.

    You said na it depends on the branch diba?

    So, kamusta po ang Batangas Branch ng AMA?

    Ok lang po ba?

    your replies are very much appreciated.

    thanks! 🙂

  137. Kahit saang o anong school pa mag aral. Laging depende sa Student ang asenso kung masipag madali umasenso, kung tamad, puro yabang, inggit paninira sa iba pairalin yun yung hindi maganda.

    peace out.

  138. My Gosh,, you decided to destroy the future of the thousands (probably millions) of students who study at AMA because of the reputation of ONE BRANCH (or let’s say you have observed 10 branches) out of HUNDREDS of other branches that are existing. Needless to say, you may have sabotaged the chances of the WORTHY AMA Graduates.

    You have no right to generalize. Did it not enter your puny mind that other prospective employers might read this and decide to discriminate other AMA graduates just because of your carelessly written article? Did you not realize that what your friends may have told you were exaggerated to major proportions.

    Yes, blogging does give you right to express our thoughts. But please think of the repercussions of what you post. You did not witness these things firsthand, and you do not have enough samples to arrive with your conclusion.

    I did not graduate from AMA, but I know a lot of students who are satisfied with what their school provides. They are satisfied not because they have lowered their standards but they are satisfied because they learn. Some of these students, and other graduates perform far better than other schools… I admit, not better than La Salle, UP or other Elite schools… But better than other small community colleges. What right do you have dwindle the capabilities of the students who graduate from AMA?

    The world is better of without negative people like you who waste their time bringing people down.

    I guess you have a right to voice your opinion… But you should have stated the specifics. It’s like saying Filipino people are morons when you’ve only met one Filipino – and he’s a moron.

    Just Sayin’

  139. aw sa nabasa ko tungkol sa AMA d na 2loy ako mag enroll donn

  140. ACLCboylaspinas

    hayop na aclc laspinas year 2009 ako graduate sa kanila hanggang ngaun wala parin ung diploma ko at transcript of record may binibigay clang true copy of grades pero may bayad pang 50 pesos at pati certificate na graduate ka sa school nila bwisit anong year na ngaun 2011 na papabalik balikin ka nila sasabihin sayo 3months lang kuha mo na ung credentials mo pero umabot na ng dalawang taon o higit pa di mo parin makukuha irereport ko na cla sa deped yang pinaggagagawa nila sa mga studyante nila basurang school talaga tapos pag nagtanong ka ng kung kylan makukuha ung diploma mo magagalit pa sayo ang mga putang ina

  141. Thanks to this Blog.. May balak sana akong mag enroll sa STI kaso Kinder lng pala ang mga Prof. doon este Prof ba talaga sila? or Security guard?


  142. nelson raine t. teodosio

    alam nyo free country tayo walang mangyayari sa pagtatalo nyo AMA or STI walang pinagkaiba mayaman o pang mahirap nasa inyo yan kung magaaral kayo ng mabuti nagyayabangan lang kayo hindi nagtatalo!!! may mga naging masaya sa buhay kahit hindi nakapagtapos kayo yung mga bobo at tanga kasi simpleng bagay pinagtatalunan nyo

  143. I am a former IT student of STI ..

    Hinde yan sa “SKUL”
    Nasa “ESTUDYANTE” yan
    lahat nang nakikita mo mahalaga lalo na kung IT ka
    hinde lang naman sa loob nang eskwelahan pwede kang mag aral
    dba kahet saan basta patungkol jan sa pinag aaralan nyu ..
    maare nga nateng sabihin na pwedeng sa bahay ka na lang
    hinde ba kasi you are striving just to get your diploma tama dba
    ang isipin mo kung anu anu na ba ang ginagawa nang mga taong nasa field
    na talaga .. kahet anung klaseng career man yan ang pag isipin
    BTW pipit .. criticizing is not the basis .. but thanks for informing those incoming students that always be aware of professionalism of those prof. that only waste you time. pwede namang sabihin kung mali ang turo
    Just tell them .. and I’m pretty sure they walk out .. one of the skul days hahaha .. so lastly guys .. Hindi lang sa “SKUL” natatapos ang
    “PAG AARAL” napakalawak nang internet .. kahet ang mismong
    textbook nang skul ang basis nyan from many references coming from the internet den kahet anung career pa yan OK :> .. SOOOOOOO pursue you dream guys .. always think that god is beside you :] .. GUDLUCK

    give me a job .. pahabol :> hahaha

  144. Pipitlog,cguro na rape ka ng prof mo sa butthole mo,gnun lng kac comment mo 2ngkol sa school eh. Galing ka kac ng AMA eh,kaya galit ka dahil naubos lng ata pera nyo sa tuition.

  145. I Super Agree with PIPITBLOG.. I decided to transfer sa isang school na unsure ako and because of tuition fee ng course kaya I enrolled in STI.. when I had My First Year,First Semester.. Grabe.. We’re only few sa classroom which is quite good kasi sabi nga kapag unte lang sa room mas tutok ang pag-aaral kaso sa sitwasyon namin mali ako.. Super Petix at minsan parang pumasok ka na lang para sa attendance later part ng semester ko sa STI ng unti-unti na kong tinamad sa sistema nila.. Nakakabagot.. San ka ba naman nakakita ng College School na Walang Canteen.. Walang Gym.. at Masaklap there’s only 3 or 4 CR’s sa faculty at sa ibang floors ng maliit at makipot na building.. I can’t imagine na pumasok ako ng ganun-ganun na lang sa isang eskwelahang hindi ko pinangarap grabe and take note CR ng girls ay CR din ng boys.. I was dissapointed dahil nabola din ako ng mga Ads sa Manila Bulletin,I used to look for some Ads every Sunday.. kaya ayun before ako mag-enroll I was’nt able na maglibot muna sa School to find out the facilities and I was Wrong naman I Admit it.. kaso I was not really satisfied na school na yun.. Start ng June okey pa kami.. complete pa.. unti-unti may dumadagdag na student kasi late nagenroll later on unti-unti din kami nauubos and Isa na ko sa SUPER TINAMAD pumasok… walang Gym kaya kapag P.E kese hodang nag-aerobics kaya kuno nakikita ng ibang student from different course.. and iba siguro sa mga estudyante dun kaya andun ay dahil super petix ng ginagawa… I can’t imagined na College School pero natalo pa ng Ibang State University ang Facilities and Education ng STI.. kahit mga Professor.. and I have Profesor na Magna nung isang Course kaya nakapasok kagad without even degree in teaching.. Grabe.. I wasted My Effort para sapagrebyu ng exams pero prof. mismo nagbibigay ng sagot sa exams.. Masarap pumasok dito kung Tamad ka at Petix ka pero kung may Ambisyon ka sa Buhay na Tulad ko.. Lilipat ka ng mas Higher ang Education at ma-aachieve mo yung talagang Turo hindi yung parang teacher-teacheran style na basta magkaroon ng grade okey na.. Sorry sa mga kapwa ko taga-STI and AMA na nasasaktan sa Post ni PIPITBLOG may kanya-kanya tayong exp. nagkataon lang din na Same ang naramdaman at Exp. ko sa Post niya..

  146. hahahahaha ! mga baliw ! 😀

  147. they promise na quality education daw pag dun nag aral that’s why yung mama ko pinilit akong linipat sa STI kahit ayoko.. from PAMANTASAN… even though it’s public mas naramdaman kong mas nag excel ako at natuto dun.. mas nahubog ako pero sa STI.. puro basic ang pinag-tutuunan ng pansin nakakabobo.. nakakaboring tuloy..ang buhay ko nawalan ako ng confident sa sarili ko.. top pa naman ako nung grade school at high school ako… so disappointed talga ko at nagpapilit ako T_T 1st year higher sem. irregular student.. kahit na effortless ako.. dean list pa ako.. how sad.. kahit sino kayang maging dean list.. walang challege..

  148. mag kano po ba tuition sa STI or AMA

  149. @xoxo
    “Hindi naman talaga ako dapat sa AMA, kaso lang, nawalan ako ng time maghanap ng school! Buti pa ung twin sister ko, nakapass siya sa ua&p
    Sabay kami nagexam, pero, xya un nakuha.
    So, no choice but to study here.”

    hindi ka pala nakapasa sa ua&p, tapos sisisihin mo ama dahil andun ka ngaun, wag kana maghangad ng magandang skul, hnd ka nmn pumapasa sa entrance exam.

    —–>>> “grabeh, ang cheap ng
    tuition fee nila! 25k lang!”

    hnd yan sa tuition fee, gusto mo nga ng mhl ng tuition fee hnd ka nmn makapasa ng entrance exam.

    —–> “2years nalang kailangan ko hintayin!
    I really want to study in Ateneo, La Salle, or UA&P.
    Well, we can afford those naman eh.
    Kaya hindi talaga ako bagay sa AMA.”

    you can afforf mo nga pero kaya ba ng utak mo?
    stupid mo din e!

  150. @xoxo
    “Hindi naman talaga ako dapat sa AMA, kaso lang, nawalan ako ng time maghanap ng school! Buti pa ung twin sister ko, nakapass siya sa ua&p
    Sabay kami nagexam, pero, xya un nakuha.
    So, no choice but to study here.”

    hindi ka pala nakapasa sa ua&p, tapos sisisihin mo ama dahil andun ka ngaun, wag kana maghangad ng magandang skul, hnd ka nmn pumapasa sa entrance exam.

    —–>>> “grabeh, ang cheap ng
    tuition fee nila! 25k lang!”

    hnd yan sa tuition fee, gusto mo nga ng mhl ng tuition fee hnd ka nmn makapasa ng entrance exam.

    —–> “2years nalang kailangan ko hintayin!
    I really want to study in Ateneo, La Salle, or UA&P.
    Well, we can afford those naman eh.
    Kaya hindi talaga ako bagay sa AMA.”

    you can afford nga pero kaya ba ng utak mo?
    stupid mo din e!

  151. Baka naman di ka lang talaga natuto dahil mahina utak at diskarte mo?!hindi lang ang school at professors ang may kasalanan bakit di natututo ang mga estudyante, nasa estudyante din mismo yun. There are lots of people who graduated from both schools who are now employed in a major position in a very big company.

    Baka kaya wala kang natutunan kasi puro lakwatsa lang inatupag mo!? :))

    I pity you for your rude attitude towards your alma mater.

  152. The school will not teach how to learn. 😀 Besides only the successful people must complain. Bago ka manghusga siguraduhin mo muna na mas magaling ka 😀 Walang sino mang malinis. Nasa tao pa rin yan kung gusto nila matuto oh hindi. Oh come on, college na sila, graduate ako ng AMA QC hindi ko dinedeny ang sinabi mo, kaso hindi ako kelan man sinira yung name ng Alma Mater ko through blog post. Self study po tayo sa college NOT SPOON FEEDING. Baka ikaw sinusubuan ka pa 🙂

  153. mga tyong… dito nalang kayo sa INFORMATICS… lam nyo kung bakit… simula sa C,, c#, photoshop, flash, dreamweaver, java, sql, lahat ng nasa MS word, php, html, asp, indesign, mySql… at lahat ng kaylangan ng IT world ngayon ay malalaman mo lahat in 2-3 years… plus according to Tesda… 70% of INFORMATICS graduates have work…. (@@,)

  154. I am graduated of AMA Biñan Campus, ang masasabi q lng tlaga eh wla nmn sa school or sa professors ang problema eh, guide lng cla kng anu b ang dpt mo na PAG ARALAN I am just using the name of the school. I dont care whether they are teaching this or that..wla tlaga aq pakialam..dun sa mga tao n nagpopost dito na wlang katuturan, try to think first. IT is a fast paced world. lahat gingawang instant. wlang katapusan n trends. cguro kya mo un nsabi dhl kay C or C++? Nasa student n un kng magpapakatanga sya dhl tanga rn ang prof nia.. mga wla kasing kwenta ang mga dumedepende lang sa prof.

  155. Ang masasabi ko lang dyan eh, hindi lahat ng STI branch ay pantay pantay… nagkataon siguro na napunta ka sa pangit na branch. Kasalanan din to ng sistema nila kase ayaw nilang kontrolin ang expansion nila

  156. Marami akung natutunan sa STI hanggang na-apply ko toh sa self-discoveries para matutunan ag iba. 17 pa lang aku pero nakakagawa aku ng program at masmataas na logic kesa sa mga may trabaho na or graduate na. Di naman sa nagyayabang, I’m just saying the truth. May mga awards na akung natanggap like Best in Programming and Dean’s Lister.. Kaya I’m proud to be STIers.. Alam nyu depende rin yan sa branch mga men and also sa students as well..

    So what can you say about this? 😉

  157. pare eto lang masasabi ko .iakw ang may problema hindi ang school.

  158. pare eto lang masasabi ko .ikaw ang may problema hindi ang school.

  159. grabe nio naman laitin ung AMA.. nsa studyante naman un kung tlagang magsisikap ka para mkakuha ng mgandang work sa future.. eh kung happy go lucky ka lng tlaga nung nagaaral ka lng . khit pa nsa magandang school ka, computer shop pa rin ung bgsak mo. wala naman kc sa school un ee.. kea wag niong lait laitin ung AMA.. teka nga, anung branch ba ng AMA ung cnasabi mo sa blog mo?? bkit andami ata ngtanong tapos wala ka man lng snagot. kung ung rejection mo ung dahilan kung bkit naninira ka ng school, npakababaw naman ata. tsaka ang BITTER mo dude! cguro kea ka naman ngkaganyan kc d ka ngaaral ng aus, tapos ggwin mo, sisisihin mo ung school na pinanggalingan mo. ang babaw tlaga,. d ka cguro ngsikap kea dumating ka sa point na gnyan. atska, ung cnasabi mo na nggraduate ng AMA tapos ang kinalabasan janitor lng,etc. sobra naman ata un.. kea if i were u, stop blaming AMA and STI ..

  160. wag mong sisihin ang school nasa tao yan kung mag aaral ka…


  162. ahmm as for me, wala po yan sa school nasa tao po yan kung gusto niya umasenso or not. kasi kahit galing ka pa sa mga prestige schools kung sa sarili mo naman hindi ka gumagalaw or gumagwa ng way para umasenso, wala rin mangyayari sa buhay mo. one more thing, wag po kayo manglait ng mga school. wala po kayo sa position to say such things to the schools or colleges. lastly, before po kayo pumuna ng iba tignan niyo muna sarili niyo kasi baka kayo mismo hindi umaasenso dahil sa ginagwa niyo.(crab mentality)

  163. I think the author of this blog is “tamad mag-aral” or a just a bonehead. (Sorry for the term)

    His experience is just a case-to-case basis and not happening in other AMA (or STI) campuses, atleast not all. But nevertheless I think the author should have reported his case the head office of his campus, that’s the proper way of handling that kind of situation and not blogging all the way. Because we (your readers) can’t do anything about it. I think the management (HO) of your campus has much to say about it.

    If you can’t be a good student in the said institutions, how can you be sure that you’ll be better of in other universities/colleges?

    I’m a graduate of STI College – Legazpi City, BS Computer Engineering. I admit that my alma mater is not the best and not as good as other colleges and universities, but who’s laughing now? Hahaha

    After 4 years from graduation, I’m currently holding senior/lead post in a foreign (European) IT company. And I’m handling a team composed of (junior to senior level) developers from the big four universities and other institutions.

    My schoolmates too landed on their dream job in multinational companies here in the Metro.

    Anyone can be successful regardless of where they came from, provided that they’ll do their share.


    • If you must call someone a “bonehead”, don’t apologize…that just makes the insult ineffective. Just add an exclamation point after it, i.e., bonehead!

    • alam mo kasi kahit case-to-case basis ang kaso ni author, ang AMA AT STI ay negosyo! He alone cant break the bad system meron ang mga campus nito. Breaking or Revising the system ay mahirap dahil negosyo ang kalaban. ang mga branch na yan ay tumatakbo at ngooperate dahil sa “System” ng management. So ano ang voice ng isang student, against sa multimillion system? Marahil ang magiging sagot nga lang ng management ng AMA O STI sa complaint na yan ay “CASE TO CASE” O isolated case na nagkataon lang dahil poor performing yong studyante, at kala nya ay napabayaan sya ng school kaya sya ngkaganto? Pwedeng ganon lang ang masabi ng campus diba!
      Pero hindi mo pwedeng sabihin na nagkulang parin si student at walang mali sa institution?

      sa totoong sitwasyon common sense nalang, lahat ba ng nasa course outline ng prof mo nai discuss sayo at naunawaan mo? hindi ba sya ngkaroon ng incidents na nahuli sya ng 30minutes? hindi ba ngkwento ang prof mo ng tungkol sa personal life/expreince nya sa oras na dapat ay nagdidiscuss lamang sya ng nasa course outline na ibinigay nya! sinuspende nya ba ang mga kaklase mo na nahuli niyang ngchicheat o tumitingin sa katabi during exam?

      diba hindi lahat nagawa nya para maging strict?

      Yan ang maging dapat sa ama at sti.. para makaproduce sila ng professionals na may kakayanan, dapat… yan muna, para masabi mong kahit saang campus galing ang isang tao, “Anyone can be successful regardless of where they came from, provided that they’ll do their share.” e may mali nga sa system ng institution eh, so magkakaroon ng sinasabi mong case-to-case at “tamad mag-aral” or a just a bonehead.

  164. nag depend ka kasi sa mga professors, mag aral ka kasi, wag mong iasa sa mga guro ang kaalaman na gusto mong matutunan.

    • e anong gagawin ng professor kung ganon? nakatanga lang? habang itong mga studyante ngbabasa?

      alam mo kung mahina ang guidance ng tao, malamang kung kulang ang creativity at enthusiasm ng tao, kahit magaral sya, without supervission, kung ano lang ang scope nya tungkol sa isang subject, mahihirapan syang magexcel!

      Kaya nga pumasok sa school para masigurado ng student na lahat ng kailangan nya ay makita nya, at kung hindi nya maintindihan, basta makita nya na dinidiscuss ng prof, eh problem na nya yon kung hindi sya naging competent. ang point eh.. if you dont know what to feed yourself, you should seek guidance diba? and my term “guidance” refers sa “course” “sa subject” “sa subject/course outline”… na dahil hindi mo rin maiintindihan ang outline kung nasayo na, saka papasok ang usefulness ng great teachers… para idiscuss ang “outline” eelaborate ba!…

      Kung hindi mo inintindi ang outline/guide, nasasayo yon, baka pag dating ng sa application ng knowledge, ikaw ay “bungi” ..kulang kulang!

  165. ang masasabi ko lang dito sa nabasa ko,, di natin kailangan sisihin ang school kase ginagampanan naman nila ang tungkulin nila ,, nasa atin na yun kung pagbubutihin natin ang pag-aaral,, nasa tao naman yun e, kase school lang naman sila at naggui2de lang naman sila sa atin,, kaya wala tayong karapatan sisihin ang school. kaya kung ayaw niyo ng ganun magsumikap ka!, dont blame them, tsaka kung dahil dun kaya ka di tinanggap baka di lang talaga para sayo yung trabaho na yun baka di ka bagay dun.. may mga alam akong tao na graduate ng AMA na my trabaho na agad kahit kagagraduate lang,,, kaya tigilan mo na ang paninira sa school na yun ,, baka maya lalo ka mawalan ng trabaho,,,dahil sa pinapakita mo

    • i agree… you were given choices so share the blame… let’s be fair… your failure is because of your actions… 🙂

    • oo nasasayo nga yon kung hahayaan mong tanga kang gagraduate! at magaaral nalang sa training ng company na maghahire sayo.
      imagine binayaran mo ang 4years degree mo tapos pag dating mo sa actual work mo, magtatanong ka pa how to do the thing, dahil hindi mo alam!…

      Nagbayad ka pa?

      ito nalang para maintindihan nyo ang comment ko..(off topic sa blog)
      may isang nurse student, nakagraduate sa school nya, after the school, excited kumuha ng bar! e nagfailed…

      after failing, ng review nanaman sa review center!
      …bakit ganon?
      …nasan ang 4years na pinagaralan mo? hindi mo maapply/magamit? at kailangan mo pang magreview? if magaling ang institution, bakit may review center? Nag gaguide rin lang naman sila diba? kung sinasabi mong nggaguide rin lang naman ang school at depende sa student pano nya aaralin ang isang course, e di sana after school, ibigay nalang ng libre yong course curriculum at si student na ang magsarili magaral at magreview nalang diba?

      hindi naman pala dapat dumepende sa school eh? diba?

      (yan ay point of view ko sa comment mo, lang ha!)

  166. Sister ko po graduate ng AMA three years ago, and now nasa singapore na po sya, I think depende parin sa student. First school po ng sister ko UP Diliman, she studied Asian Music, after her four years course in UP, she went to AMA and yun nag take sya ng IT course. Before po sya mag grad sa UP, nakapag perform na sya sa PPIC ng theatrical plays, and she’s earning a lot pero hindi nakuntento si ate sa earnings nya every performance kahit hindi pa sya grade, nakapag turo narin sya sa mga studios around the Philippines. After her IT course, may 1 year experience lang sya na mag work at Ortigas, nakalimutan ko na yung company nya then she decided to apply abroad, parang walang kahirap hirap na nag apply lang sya after a few months may tawag na agad si ate. Pero bago nun, madami na syang nagawa na mga websites, pero ang kwento nya sa akin, sariling sikap lang yun, self study kumbaga, may website making din naman daw sa AMA, pero stepping stone lang talaga ng students, it’s up to them if gusto pa nila matuto. Natanong ko rin minsan si ate, kasi may mga naririnig na ako noon about AMA, na hindi maganda ang turo, blah blah blah. Ang sagot lang nya sa akin, “sis, pare pareho lang mga curiculum ng mga schools, mag kakaiba lang ng codes na ginagamit, Kaya may college level para malaman ng students kung ano talaga ang gusto nila gawin sa buhay nila, in life wala tayong pwedeng asahan kundi ang sariling pag sisikap natin, hindi curiculum ng school, Any school na puntahan mo, mas matututo ka pa sa mga magiging experiences mo kaysa loob ng classroom, once may nagawa kang hindi magandang step sa pag aaral, ikaw ang may kasalanan dun, Kung yung teacher mo hindi pumapasok pero nabigyan kayo ng isang chapter sa lesson nyo, it’s up to you to research kasi ang mga students naman talaga dapat mas magaling or tinatapatan ang galing ng mga teachers, in other terms apprentice ka….”
    Siguro iba iba rin talaga pananaw natin, my sister was able to finish two courses, parang hindi ko malang sya nakita na nahihirapan sa school, nakikita ko lang napalagi nyang ginagawa, bumili ng books, mag basa, mag reserach about the things na gusto nyang matutunan.
    I just want to share this kasi she’s very successful na, I don’t know what’s her position in singapore, i mean sa work nya, hindi kami nag uusap about work,pero ang birthday gift ko from her last month was a new MAC computer, I think she’s earning good naman kasi nag bigay din sya ng IPAD2 sa mom namin this month. That’s all guys.

    • I work in singapore and a graduate of AMA (13yrs ago) Pinoys in singapore have all the gadgets in the world. why? kasi madali kumuha ng plan dito with freebies. they even give away 40inch LCDs with xbox kinect when you sign up for a mobile/broadband or tv plan. And you can sign up for 3 lines under one name. imagine how many gadgets you can claim for free. so dont be surprised if your ate brings you a 60inch 3D tv with 2 3d eyeglasses one day. lol

  167. so AMA and STI is a big NO NO NO ? how about the regalado branch ng STI ?

  168. is informatics is a good i.t school ?? anyway i’m at the authors side tama xa, it’s still depend on the school kng gnu kgaling ung mga prof. d nmn porket my cisco microscoft, and other i.t related companies it means a good school. my ngng prof aq, tinuturuan nia kme ng c/c++ pero wla, kulang ung 2ro . expected q nun dti a snake game mgagwa q . or even a basic game made with c/c++. and well May May . AMA was my 1st pick when it comes to i.t school . but cguro sa branch yan . or sometimes sa students nrn .
    so madame 2loy sa amin ng guguluhan kng saang field mg fofocus, programming or multimedia . since im not that good at arts, so i cant push my self to multimedia. so sa programming aq ng fofocus . my better school for i.t ba near fairview ?

  169. I studied at STI for a year and transferred to another school at another year and nkita ko talaga ung difference.
    Cmon, san ka naman nkakita ng school na nasa taas ng mall?
    Pero very surprising talaga ung security guard na teacher din at the same time..XD
    Though I think may point si may may na nasa student parin un but still you can’t be too careful since its one’s future ang pinaguusapan.

    If they really are offering a quality education then bakit ung mga classmates ko dati sa STI ang OJT nila is bilang secretary sa isang small time business lang. And take note, typewriter ang gamit nila hindi computer. I guess before ka magenroll sa isang school know it’s history first, one big mistake na nagawa ko is not being careful bout that.

    Compared to the school I’m currently enrolled at ang layo ng gap ng quality of education. Very surprising nung malaman ko na nasa 29 units meron ang isang freshman dahil sa STI noon 19 units lang ang nkuha ko..XD

    And before ko tuluyang iwan ang STI they offered me 100% discount wag lang ako magtransfer. Hmmmmm, plano pa kaya nilang akong pagkakitaan???

    But still it’s the students choice kung saan niya gustong mag aral. Kung matitiis niya ang gnitong school then bahala siya, hahahaha

  170. STI HAVE THE QUALITY OF BEST EDUCATION SPECIALLY IN INFORMMAToIN TECHNOLOGY bakit hindi nyo subukang mag aral sa STI para mapatunayan nyo tama ang mga sinasabe namen.

  171. ok ba sa AMA pasig at STI shaw? malapit kase yung sa work ko,plano ko mag working student kaso nung nabasa ko to parang ayoko na magaral dun kahit malapit.parang gusto ko na lang magbyahe ng malayo papuntang FEU araw araw kesa naman wala mangyare saken sa AMA at Sti,pero sabi nyo depende sa branch yun,kaya paki sagot lang,OK BA SA AMA PASIG at STI SHAW?paki replyan ng mabilis dahil next week start na ng pasok nila.Thanks.

  172. @ may may gano katagal nag study sa ama sister mo? graduate n rin kc ko ng college but i want to take up IT? gano ktgal nia ntpos ung IT course nia? and credited b lahay ng minors???

  173. I’m an AMAER sir….hindi lahat ng gusto mong matutunan eh makukuha mo sa teacher o sa pinapasukan mo…nasa sarili mo pading pag sisikap yun…kung mapunta ka man sa mas sikat o prestilyosong unibersidad kung tatamad tamad ka naman wala ding mangyayari sayo…so hindi dapat natin isisi sa paaralan ang hindi natin pagkakatuto…

  174. hey peepitblog! i want an asap answer. what school will you recommend for me? im from bulacan and i really love computers.. everything about it.. are you from feu? anu ang review mo sa feu? worth it ba ang binabayad mo? sa mga turo ng professor mo anu ang review mo? knowledable naman ba? maganda rin kasi ang reputation ng feu eh kaya isa yun sa mga school na pinagpipilian ko… im from sti balagtas (branch in bulacan). maganda ang quality of education nila dito pero hindi nadedevelop ang personality ko dito. sa feu ba ano ang maipapayo mo? i need a non-biased answer.. payo ko lang sa mga wafung katulad ko ang sti po at ama ay mga ok na schools po depende nalang po sa brach na pageenrollan niyo… better ask the students po nung school na yun for further investigating.. pipit pls reply replyasapplsimveryconfusednowbtwthnx .. ~.~

  175. “there are no bad students just horrible teachers”. – karate kid –

  176. It doesn’t really matter what school you came from.. It’s about character, your perseverance and you willingness to learn as well as your courage to face your challenges. I’m a graduate of STI in 2010 and right now working as an Operations Manager in one of the SEO firms here in Atlanta, Ga. My advice, do not blame the institution for your failure, Schools are built to mold you not to spoon feed you.

  177. STI College General Santos

    wawa nman ung iba jan, baka nman sadyang d lng kayo nakapag aral?

  178. STI College Global City

    kayong mga mapanira jan, cguruhin nio nmang nakapag aral kayo.Both AMA and STI e mai magandang service, its up to you kung iaabsorb mo, manira lng kau wla nmang mwwla sa STI and AMA.actually mas narrecognize pa cla than your words. haha

  179. “Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”

    – But to curse the darkness after lighting the candle is a complete arrogance.

    Every school has it’s flaws, so why pinpoint the flaws of a certain school?
    You want to help? oh well, congratulations! You just help those students of the said school to kill their dreams…

    Mind you, I’m not defending STI nor AMA, but the way I see it… this blog is absurd! crab mentality at its finest!

  180. I am not from AMA nor STI, but I worked with one, from STI in fact …. Just one thing, he might be one of the best programmers I had the chance to work with … It’s not the school you graduated from, it’s what you make you of that education

  181. Bottomline is, kahit ano pang school ang pag-aralan mo, kung hindi ka naman magsisikap, wala ka ring mapapala. STI ako ngayon, kahit hindi ako proud sa school na pinasukan ko, masasabi kong mabuti naman ang turo, dahil kahit papaano, 3/4 ng professors ko tindig pa lang alam mo na may pinagaralan, hindi dunong-dunungan lang.

  182. For me, even if you are studying or graduate in a well known school or in a small college or universities it doesn’t matter to me as long as you have a confidence and skills. I think you find a better job.

  183. I admire sa blogger ng site na ito. Ang gusto niya iparating eh yung naranasan niya sa mga school na binanggit niya. I think hindi niya intensyon na siraan o guluhin ang isip ng mga taong gustong mag-aral sa school na ito. For you (blogger) you just showed the reality of life.

  184. _________________________________

    Which is the best AMA campus in Manila?

  185. i came across this blog while searching STI. Very interesting. Sa STI din ako pumapasok dati. 2years na yata akong stop. Nawalan ako ng gana mag-aral kasi puro fresh graduate ng STI yung prof sa branch namin. Isipin mo yun, dati kaklase/schoolmate mo lang. Pagpasok mo next sem prof mo na. Amf! Haha. I have nothing against both school (kung meron man siguro sa branch namin). Gusto ko lang magleave ng comment para sa future readers.

    Hindi masama kung gusto mo itry sa AMA or STI dahil nasa iyo pa din kung panu ka uunlad. Nasa sipag at tyaga mo pa rin yun. Pero kung ako sayo papasok ako ng University – UST, FEU, DLSU, ADMU, ADU basta kahit anong university. Bakit? Kasi bukod sa mas madami ka matututunan, mas madami din opportunities at mas madaming privileges. Kung kaya mo naman makapasok sa university, wag mo na palampasin yung pagkakataon.

  186. marunong ka ba mag-program?
    ang dami mong alam hayop ka!
    STI student ako , pero wala akong natututunan kaya ok lang !
    pero tang ina ka hayop ka! hinayupak ka di ka pa namatay nung bata ka! ang bobo mo ungas!


  188. dont blame sti and ama… blame your self kse di ka ata nka pag aral… ang yayabang ng iba dyan… mga anti ama and sti dyan.. ano? wat school ba kayo? MIRRIAM? ATENEO? DLSU? CEU? UE? FEU? ETC… WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE BA??? MGA ELITE? MGA RESERVED? WHAT THE FUCK!! I KNOWN SO MANY PERSON/STUDENTS DYAN SA MGA SCHOOL NA YAN! EH MGA ANO SILA? MGA POKPOK AND COLBOYS! FACE THE TRUTH GUYS.. SO STOP BLAMING STI AND AMA PLS. LALO NA SA NAG MAMAYARI NG BLOG NA TO.

  189. haha,, mahiya kau,, hindi magka.level ang UNIVERSITIES sa simpleng AMA or STI. I am a graduate of certain university and merun ako ka.trabaho ngayon na taga-STI. Sucks, hanggang salita lng sila,,, Tama sabi ng friend ko na wag lumaban sa STI sa larangan ng POWERPOINT. haha dun lng sila mgaling…. Pero am not an enemy here.. The best thing to do nlng sa mga staer na to is wag maghambog ha.. hindi lng kayo ang may alam sa kumpyuter. May mas mgaling pa.. Tsaka alamin nyo nga san nag.graduate yang mga teacher nyo jan sa STI or AMA. Kung sa ibang school… Kau na humusga.. To STAERS, kau gumawa ng unang anti virus? kelan lng yan? MGA BOBO, dont distort the history.. PURO LANG KAU COPY PASTE!!!!! PURO SALITA,,,, STI.. TANGGALIN NYO UNG MAJOR IN PROGRAMMING NYO KUNG DI RIN PALA ALAM MAG.PROGRAM ON THE SPOT. SHIT. MAHIYA KAU. AMAERS, Palitan nyo name nyo,, HINDI BAGAY… mGA BURIKAT….

  190. Kelvin Bryan Bocobo Solano

    Ang bobobo niyo! nasa estudyante yan. Sipag at Tiyaga lang yan. Oo inaamin ko walang kwenta ang AMA; unang una, wala silang breakdown ng miscellaneous, mahhabang vacants, magulong enlistments, at hindi makatarungang professors(hindi naman lahat), and true sa “pera pera system” at “palakasan system” pero dude nasasayo yan. Kung may goal ka gagamitin mo lang to as a stepping stone and you’ll rise to the top. you’ll seek for knowledge and you will win the prize you deserve. wag bitter. ulol! ( para sa mga bobo mag comment. ).

  191. ako si Emmanuelle, nag-aaral sa AMA…. whooo sarap ng buhay namin dito^_^ wla kaming ginagawa… eh kau???haha

  192. schools will only provide 10 – 20 % of what you need to know. kung talagang interested ka sa kursong kinuha mo then surely you’ll strive to learn as much as you can. read books, browse online. the apply everything after you graduate. remember guys, kahit ikaw pa ang pinakamagaling na programmer kung hindi ka naman graduate then thats pointless. kailangan mo yung kapirasong papel na tinatawag nilang diploma. hindi kasalanan ng school kung walang nangyari sa pag-stay mo sa kanila… at the end of the day choice mo pa rin yun. wag tayo magpakatanga guys. 🙂

  193. One of the problems of these schools is they focus more on marketing their name not the quality of education. Based on my experience students from an unpopular school is better in programming than those bachelor guys.

  194. nde naman talaga mahalaga kung saan ka nagtapos na eskwelahan,, ang mahalaga e,, naaaply mo sa trabaho mo ung mga skills na natutunan mo,, saan kamang school pumasok tama diba ???? ^_^

  195. nsa estudyante dn yan kung gus2 nila ma22, wag isisi s skul.. mapanghusga!

  196. hindi big factor ang school ang mahalaga gusto mong matuto dami kaya namin natututunan d2 sa AMA karamihan nga ng ibang sikat na school d2 sa quezon samin ngpapagawa ng program. Wag kayong magmaliit ng tao kung mas malaki pa kami sa inyo! hahahaha kala nyo kau lng mgagaling sa computer yabang lang naman alam nyo eh bakit may CCNA at MCP certification ba sa school nyo????? tama si MAY MAY depende sa tao yun kung gusto mong matuto pa kung tamad ka wala talagang mangyayari sayo! Wag kayong manlait ng iba kasi sa amerika pag narinig na AMA ka graduate kilala ka kasi sa VIRUS nagsimula yan! At dun nakikita na madaming matututunan ang AMA Students.

  197. ndi nman po nkasala2ay sa school na pa2sukan mu ang iyong future .. ung iba dyan, nag aaral nga sa mga sikat na universities at colleges pero wla nmang nra2ting .. ung iba, 2 year courses lng pero mas ngging successful pa sa ibang 4 to 5 years na course .. aminin man natin o hindi, nkasalalay pa rin sa atin kung anu ang mgging buhay ntin pagktpos nting mag aral ng kolehiyo .. nasa iyo na yan kung se2ryosohin mo o ndi ..

  198. payo ko lng po, tpusin niu na ‘tong isyu about STI and AMA .. bakit ndi na lng kya ntin pag usapan kung paano uunlad ang Pilipinas ? bka mktulong pa tau .. kaysa nman nag aaksaya tau ng oras dto .. 🙂

  199. nice post author

    now i know

    before i want to take BSIT in AMA
    until my professor sad that it’s not good school
    and it just wasting money

  200. -i’m under AmAers
    ITS Depends on ur pr0f naman e, pero mgagaling ang hina hired nla n0h..









  202. IMO nasa student lang yan.. kahit gaano kagaling ang school mo pero ikaw mismo walang pagsusumikap sa sarili useless lang din.
    Dame ko kayang kilala na graduate sa mga reputable na school pero until now wala pa rin silang work after 2 years.
    tama ung iba dito sa student lang yan.

  203. Kanya kanyang opinion lang yan 🙂
    nasa sayo din naman yan eh..
    student ako ng AMA 🙂
    ang masasabi ko lang eh syempre basic naman talaga lahat ng ituturo sayo, nasa sayo na kung gusto mong palawakin ung kaalaman mo 🙂
    isa kong tambay na DOTA girl sa AMA University, di ako nagkabagsak at nagka 3 sa grade ko..
    tapos ang sarap sa feeling na ang dami kong skills sa resume ko 🙂
    tinapos ko din ung thesis ko ng mag isa 😀
    simple lang kse eh.. kung gusto mo talagang lumawak ang kaalaman mo di ka naman dapat magdepende lang sa school, dapat kung talagang interesado ka kse sa mga bagay2 talagang mag aadvance study ka para dun 😀 wala lang nagsesearch ako ng bigla kong makita to nyahahhaa! 😀
    syaka kung gusto mo maging IT, CS or churva hehe siguraduhin nyo na mataas ang logical thinking ninyo 😀 kse po sobrang kailangan un..
    aus lang! salamat sa pagbasa ng opinion ko 🙂

    last pala! depende din sa branch yan, kse galing ako sa AMA ANgeles dati masasabi ko na magaling talaga dun, tapos lumipat ako sa AMA University at naging tamad kse naging irreg ako dun! hirap kse pag wala kang kaclose sa klase, mawawalan ka ng ganang makinig.. 😀
    at sa MAy ako ay graduate na po! hehehe congrats sakin!! wahahaha XD

    kayo mag aral kayong mabuti kse! bago nyo sisihin ang school dapat tingnan nyo muna sarili nyo, kse kahit pinakamagandang school pa yan kung ikaw naman tamad walang mangyayari 😀 para kang nagsuot ng magandang damit pero di ka naman naligo ng 1 month! nyahahhaa!

    maganda pala AMA University sa QC mabibilis PC at may MAC lab puro MAC ang computer at malinis ang CR at buong building kse pinaganda daw nila! chos! haba ng sulat ko o sya cge babu!!

  204. wow nice blog..

  205. lumalabas dito wala sa school yan nasa students pa rin yan…!

  206. Wonderful work! This is the kind of info that are supposed to be shared around the internet. Shame on Google for not positioning this post upper! Come on over and visit my site . Thank you =)

  207. hindi naman sa skul malalaman yan oo masasabi nating magaganda ang skul ng la salle,ateneo,ust pero kaya ba ng pamilya mong paaralin ka sa mga exclusive skuls dva kya andyan ang STI at AMA para maafford natin ang education na kayang sumabay sa mga exclusive skuls na sakto lang pra sa ating budget at saka na sa atin na din ang ating future nsa kamay na natin yan graduate ka nga sa la salle ateneo at ust pero wala ka namang kwentang tao anung sense mo sa mundo sa sti di lang education ang tinuturo ang pinaka mahalaga ang attitude mo bilang di lang isang mag aaral kundi future man kya wag mo siraan kung ang ikaw mismo sumira sa sarili mo wag mo iadamay ang iba sa kabobohan mo

  208. Hai naku ang people tlaga now a days basta may masalita lng ok n s kanila.lam nyo practikalan lng naman tlaga ang pagkuha nyo ng degree.nasa inyo yan kung mag eend up kau sa computer shop daming in demand na work for I.t. here and abroad or sadya lngtamad kau magpaunlad ng buhay nyo.sabi nga kung gusto may paraan kung ayaw sadya nnapakarami nyo dahilan.kaya wag nyo na idamay sti at ama sa kabulastugan nyo.

  209. mga putang ina nyo wag kayo mag away., hindi naman kailangan ng eskwela para matuto., tang ina ako nga kay google lang natuto pero halimaw na ko ngaun., dami ko ng alam. gusto mo hack ko blog mo., deface ko pa. tae

  210. HI Pipit,
    My mother wants me to study at AMA or STI, but I as i read what you’ve wrote up their, i felt like i know these two schools sucks. Thanks to you I’ve avoided being a trash on those schools 🙂 BTW any suggestion on what schools/unversity should i enroll? newbie kc ako e. mag 1st year college palang ako. i need more advice. I.T course ko. 🙂

  211. Dude! A diploma is a diploma. Were you able to get your diploma? If yes, then how the hell did you pass the Thesis defense? Mastering a programming language cannot be attained by just going to the classroom everyday. If you are really an IT student, you should know that in order for you to harness your programming and analytical skills, you should have the initiative to learn more. There are many ways to enhance your technical skills bro, I am a working student from STI. And I can assure you, whatever school you enroll, as long as they have the kind of attitude you have, that student won’t learn anything. Want to be a good database admin? Then study SQL. Want to build cools websites? Why don’t you read books about PHP and JQuery. We belong to the generation where knowledge is accessible to all. Don’t blame the school bro, because you are not competent.

  212. STI and AMA is a good SCHOOL for Computer. Bakit nila papangaralan ang school if panget ang turo at curriculum nito. Kadalasan sa mga Networking company Tulad ng GMA, TV5, ABS – CBN, at UNtv eh mga grduate ng STI at AMA ang mga nag tatrabaho dun kaya wag nio maliitin ang ama at sti. im a ece sa G.M.A at kadalasan mga kasama ko eh grad ng ama at sit

  213. I’m an Alumni of STI College Dasmariñas and as of now I’m working as what you called “clerk” in a big Electromechanical Company here in UAE 🙂 Hindi siguro lahat kasing fortunate ko, pero tingin ko hindi naman din sa school yan. sa Pilipinas lang nangmamata ang mga tao kung saang school ka nagtapos pero dito sa ibang bansa it’s more on skills and intelligence ang pinagbabasehan hindi sa kung saang school ka nagtapos 🙂 Everyday is a learning process for me, hindi naman pagpasok mo sa isang company eh alam mo na lahat kahit related pa sa tinapos mo. I’m only 23 and masasabi kong i’m happy on where i am now and on what i’ve accomplished 😉

  214. Agree ako na wala nmn talaga sa school ang reason ng success….
    I’m currently studying in FEU EAC taking IT course….

    for me, hndi din ako ganung matututo kung di ako nag seself study at hndi nakinig sa prof. a lot of my class8 puro tamad.. mga brat kasi cla xDD ….. eh ako hndi ako pwede maging tamad kasi i have my goal. I want to learn and not just to graduate and pass my subjects.

    ang maganda lang kasi sa known school is the high class facilities, samin merong tnatawag na MRC at ERC – pang improve daw ng math and english skills pero kung tamad ka nmn na student, dika ppnta dyan……

    sa Library napaka daming good books – pero napapansin ko sa mga books parang hndi pa nabubuklat gaano… cguro tamad lang talaga student na mag basa ng books kasi boring nga naman……

    share lang 😛

  215. i found this offensive.. some of my fellow friends graduated at STI carmona. wanna find out whats happened to them? they’re working at BPO company! yes back office of a BPO company.. Professors are just an instruments to give you an Idea in what you should have to do.. not teach all the programming languages.. they will only teach you the basics. but not whole things in programming.. it’s upon the students on how he adopt the skills that the professor taught to.. you must be a dumb if you know nothing after of 4 years shedding blood and sweat just to study.. part of your responsibility as a student is to learn on your own, to improve your professors taught.. i guess you! “pipit bulag are so dumb to learn on your own. i’m not a student of both school, if you’re really a dumb, you can never have a better job in a better company. you’re studying to have a foundation, and that foundation is going to lead you to your course “I.T” but you also have to work hard for it to gain the finest knowledge in technology but your conclusion is a false testimony.

    your conclusion is wrong. think before you act.. spot every angle of your thoughts. all of the supporters of this blogs are also a dumb.. guys.. i haven’t went to college ever since of my life.. but i think, i’m smarter than you idiots!. and i guess, I am more skilled than you when it comes in programming..

    • Kyla caindoy

      Im 4th year high school palang pwede niyo po bang sabihin kung ano talaga ang real best school,between the two schools.
      #ayoko pang mag college.; )

  216. I agree to may may.. stupidity is the main reason that’s why Pipit got a guts to post a blog like these.. scumbag! you were one of the trash of this country

    • you “were” one of the trash of this country
      ok lang, past tense na pala eh. hahaha..thanks!

      • Pipitblog – You’re good in english 🙂 and you are actually presenting the AMA to these people because according to you, YOU were onced a student of AMA right? then how come a low quality education institution can produce someone like you that can absolutely write great english grammar.

  217. lack of wisdom, turns your deeds in discriminating others. you don’t deserve to learn because you don’t have initiative for your self.

  218. ako graduate ako ng 2 year DIT at STI Maasin.. ang masasabi ko lang sa mga instructor namin..magagaling sila.. tama hindi nga lahat itinutoro ng mga instructor lahat kasi kailangan din ng mga istudyante na matuto sa sari nilang gawa.. hindi tayo elementary na kailangan lahat ituro kasi ilang year na ba tayo nag aaral from elementary to college siguro naman kaya mong mag upgrade ng iyong skill sa sarili mong sikap. ang school basic lang ang ituturo nila at least marunong kang mag simula ikaw nah bahala kung anong paraan ang gagawin mo para ma improve kah diba? alam isa sa instructor namin kapag nag exam na talagang medyo mahirap kami sasabihin nya “chicken lang yang exam na ipinapagawa ko sah inyo ako 15 minutes lang solve na yan”.Imagine? nakakainins diba? pero its serve as challenge us students. because if we only rely on our teacher what happen to us if we do have a job.then only rely on the spoon feeding type dont tell me you gonna call you teacher to help you? i don’t think so. you know that technology now is still improving if ikaw mismo hindi mo kayang mag improve sa sarili mong sikap hindi magiging successful kahit saan school kapa papasok.

  219. Actually, nasa tao rin yan guyz.,, kung ikaw ay papeteks peteks after you’ve graduate in STI or AMA.. abah ! kasalanan mu na cguro kung mapadpad ka nang wala sa oras para magbantay ng COMSHOP, or maging Secretary lng nang taga timpla ng KAPE ng MGA BOSS..NASA TAO rin yan..!!! kung ikaw ay walang TYAGA para sa ikauunlad ng sarili mo.. malamang wala kang mapapalang NILAGA….un lng,, suggestion lng ,, PEACE ;))

  220. Hahaha! Nakaka-tawa naman kayo. Dami niyong sinasabi. Ang hahaba ng comments niyo. Ang gugulo niyo dito, nagtatalo pa yung iba..

    EH NAPAKA SIMPLE LANG NAMAN ng dapat niyong tandaan eh, applicable to sa lahat ng sitwasyon, ETO YUN: Kahit san ka pang lupalop mapunta, kahit ano pang problema mo sa buhay, NASA DISKARTE LANG ng tao yan.

    Bobo, walang pinag-aralan, mahirap, pulube, “hopeless” emo kuno, pero ginusto matuto at umaksyon ng tunay para matuto, sineryoso at hindi nag-gago-gago ang ending SUCCESSFUL!! Diskarte, will power, guts, determination, sipag at tiyaga ang kailangan.

    HINDI YUNG PURO FACEBOOK, CHISMIS, SIMSIMI, TETRIS, DOTA AT CHIKS ang inaatupag. Sa totoo lang ang daming walang ka-kwenta-kwenta ang buhay dito sa Pinas, PAPANO KASI, PURO WALANG KA-KWENTA-KWENTA ANG PINAG-GAGA-GAWA SA BUHAY. Puro inutil. Marunong gumamit ng Google ayaw mag-search ng mag-search ng mga free tutorials para matuto. Meron naman, nakalatag na sa harap mga pagka-dami-daming tutorials, TAMAD NAMAN BASAHIN AT ARALIN AT INDINDIHIN. TAMAD. PINOY = TAMAD lang talaga karamihan. Hindi bobo. Hindi mahirap. TAMAD lang talaga.

    Diskarte at sipag lang mga brad at aasenso ka ng tunay. Walang mapapala ang reklamo lang ng reklamo at puro sentimyento AKSYONAN MO.

    Ako nga pala si Reymar Chua, kung gusto mo ng hindi biased at straightforward na suhestiyon at mga tips, sabihin mo lang.. Tuturuan kita magkaron NG SENTIDO KUMON!!! Eto kausapin mo ko kung trip mo: 🙂

  221. mga nagpumilit magsikap na makapag tapos,, compare sa mga nagsumikap kahit wala ganong pinag-aralan,,, peo yumaman… ,,, 😉

  222. am tanga nman ni pipit..haha ! hindi nman lahat ng AMA ganun sa AMA na napasukan mo..ambabaw nman nito nilalahat !!!AMA grad din aq..hindi man ganun ka equipped ung napasukan kong branch pro di ibig sabihn ganun na am lahat ng AMA..init na init ka sa STI at AMA wala nman clang gnagwang masama sau..dahil sa gngawa mo nakakasira ka ng future..haha !!!


  224. hindi ko pa natatapos ang story ng post mo, oo at i agree na agad sa gusto mong sabihin!
    kahit hindi pa ako pumapasok sa kahit anong school na ayan (pero enrolled na ako sa time ng pagcocoment ko na toh) napansin ko talaga na mahina ang mga staff at professor ng mga campus nila, specially sa provinces.
    ito ang experience ko…
    im a second courser, and ngiinquire ako sa ama about BSIT ..ano ba ang curriculum nila at ano ba ang specialization na offer ng campus…
    Talagang umusok ang tenga ko sa inis ng marinig ko ang sagot nya!

    Sa pag sagot pa lang sa phone, hindi na nila maexplain kung ano ang itinuturo nila.

    Im so nice naman, alam kong i should know na sa phone ang sagot sa tanong ko, kaya nga sila may landline diba para hindi hassle sa tao, so sabi ko nalang sa isip ko, hindi ko sila sisigawan kasi ill respect na sila ang authority. Hihingi nalang ako ng soft copy ng curriculum, which is a public document, nasa leaf let yon eh!

    sabi ko: o ganto nalang total hindi mo masagot ang tanong ko, kung ano ang specialization ng BSIT nyo, isend mo nalang sa email ko ang curriculum nyo para maicompare ko sa STI kasi nakakuha na ako
    at ang sagot sakin ng babaeng kausap ko, sir hindi po kami ng bibigay ng course description mas mabuti pong pumunta kayo dito para makita nyo.

    at ang sabi ko: ha? nakakadisappoint naman BSIT ang eenrollan ko, simpleng email lang hindi nyo magawa? kelangan ko pang pumunta dyan?
    sir taga saan po ba kayo(ang tanong ng babae)
    miss hindi ako pwedeng pumunta dyan kaya ako tumawag, busy ako. (ang sabi ko)
    at ang babae: sir sandali lang po ha! (the girl passed the phone sa isang lalake)

    nakakagulat yon, parang fm radio, hindi ng paalam si babae na ipapasa nya ang telepono, na napaka unethical, pero dahil nice ako, hindi ko na kimupronta ang guy about sa acts ni girl, dahil i thought mas reliable ang kausap ko and ngproceed na ako sa tanong ko)

    Hello sir magiinquire lang po ako sa curriculum ng BSIT nyo, ano po ba ang specialization ng IT nyo?
    and the guy said, ano daw ba ang ibigsabihin ko, na ako si studyante, kailangan ko pang ipaliwanag sa kanya ang kelangan kong malaman, kung sila ba ay focused sa digital arts, sa network admin, etc… na hindi nya directly nasagot na ang curriculum nila ay focused sa network admin, compared sa STI focused sila sa digital arts(sa branch na pinaka malapit sa place ko)… sabi ko sa sarili ko geh ill be nice kahit ang tanga ng kausap ko, ill ask nalang if makakakuha ako ng copy, and magkano ang perunit ng tution and magkano ang misc at lab.

    at ang sagot ni guy: sir X000.00 peso po ang monthly, pag cash XX,000.00 po.
    Sir ang tinatanong ko lang po ay kung magkano ang per unit.(sabi ko)
    (sagot nya) sir ito nga po ang monthly, X000.00 pag cash, XX,000.00.
    Sir ang tanong ko lang kung magkano ang per unit, hindi mo ako maintindihan? papaevaluate pa lang po ako kaya hindi ko kailangan ang buong computation..(tanong ko)
    Sir hindi ko maibibigay yan dahil depende yan sa subjects..(sabi nya)
    sabi ko: kaya nga per unit lang tinatanong ko para macompute pag naevaluate na..
    Ah second courser po ba kayo? sabi nya..

    so simpleng usapan lang hindi nya maintindihan.. ano pa kaya sa class na mismo? may naituturo nga ba talaga ang mga teacher ng ama sa mga estudyante?

    mahaba pa ang comment ko.. ill blog this nalang later, mahaba pa usapan namin ng AMA staff, sa blog ko

  225. student factor pa din yan..kahit sabihin na laging nananalo lagi sa competition, eh, ilang competition ba sinasalihan nio at ilang student ba ang inilalaban nio? baka iisa lang naman yan, eh student factor lang yan,meaning magaling talaga ung batang un khit ndi na sya mag-aral ng IT course.. magulo sistema ng AMA, i don’t know sa STI, parang ganon din.. Midterm na wala pa din prof mga student sa AMA.. tapos start na klase pabago-bago pa schedule ng bata.. nag-aral din ako sa AMA, but my prof, i mean some of my prof are great.. then ung computer nila kulang, 2-3 is to 1computer, parang public..nakakaawa mga students na gusto matuto ng ayos, pero dun sa ibang walang pakialam na student, ok lang khit share ng PC, binabayaran nila un tapos ok lang sa kanila, hindi alam ng magulang nila un.. kawawa din prof ng ama, madami silang sections na tinuturuan pero hindi lahat yun nababayran sa kanila.. kung ang prof may 36hours in a week sa pagtuturo, 24 hours lang ang binabayaran sa kanila. ung mga heads walang pakialam, palibhasa hindi sila ang nahihirapan.. poor AMA students and prof..

  226. buti na lang 1sem lang ako sa AMA, then lumipat ako ng university,mas maganda at successful na career ko ngaun.

  227. C’mon men … check the guinness book ..
    taga ama naka gwa ng virus na yan ..
    anu nagwa ng other universities?
    bitter ka ba kasi wala kang makuhang matinong trabho?
    o bitter ka kasi nd mo kinaya ang tuition fee sa ama?
    pag nag aaral kasi nd puro bulakbol
    puro singko ka cguro kaya ka gnyan

  228. ISKOlar ng BAYan

    grabe sa mga nabasa kong comment parang ayaw kong pag transferin utol ko sa ama or sti , ang mamahal nmn jan samin 12 pesos per unit lang PUP.
    the best pa din ang mga schools sa UBELT, former ISKOLAR NG BAYan…..
    ang msasabi ko lang asar talo ung mga taga ama at sti sa mga comments dito hehehehe

  229. nakupo after reading some comments…. ayaw ko na mag trasnfer ng STI, balik na lang ako FEU.

  230. Frustrated PN

    Haayy..Tama!agree ako kay pipitblog.Im a graduate from AMA’s sister company st.augustine.Grabee pagfavorite ka ng teacher mo ikaw na top.haha..Tapos babasahan ka lang nung mga instructors tapos na ang discussion nyo for the day.I paid 35k for my last semester tapos palaging walang pasok.Ngayon I can say Im totally empty..Wala akong maipagmamalaki walang skills even my communication skills super weak.Please help Pipitblog!:)

  231. A Concerned Filipino Citizen

    ang haba di ko na tinapos.. hahaha.. I think this blog ay may karapatan din magsabi ng opinion niya. I respect that dude. I’m a graduating IT student now at Letran. So far isang sem na lang at worth it pa rin ang pag-aaral ko, kahit mahal ang tuition, go pa rin! May mga downsides and good sides naman ang pagtuturo kasi syempre buhay college student mahirap talaga. Marami kang iniisip lalo na kung papaano ka makakatapos. Ika nga, nasa estudyante na talaga yun kung maging masipag, masikap, at determinado siya. Wala na yan sa school. Sikat na sikat ka kuya, biruin mo, ang tagal na ng post mo ha? Hehe. Gawin na lang natin kung ano ang tama para naman makatulong tayo sa pamilya natin pati rin sa Pilipinas. Good Luck readers and God Bless! Mag-aaral kayo ng mabuti, “Don’t let something pull you down on what you achieve. Hard work,flexibility, persistence and patience are keys to success.” 🙂

  232. hello there.. uhm i found this blog interesting, i’ve been a part time professor in AMA and STI and their facilities are good and productive, maybe the only reason why lot of you here is declining its credibility is because of the bad experiences you encountered on both school, but if you will ask others, who had better experiences then the thoughts and view will be completely different,hence, all of us had the freedom to speak what we want and express what we feel… I’m also a graduate of Comp science, but on AMA or STI … ^_^

  233. I’m a first year student of STI and planning to transfer to another school , and yeah masasabi kong depende lang talaga sa student yan kung mag-aaral syang mabuti or magpapa peteks peteks lang!depende narin sa prof nyo kung magaling talaga magturo at pinapaintindi talaga nila sa mga students yung tinuturo nila. As of this year masasabi kung maayos-ayos na ang facilities ng school dito sa branch namin. Pero yung ibang professors lang talaga ang may problema, at di namin ma absorb ang mga tinuturo nila. Kaya uso na ang self study sa mga students dito. Minsan pa pagminalas ka at napabilang sa section ng mga tamad nakow! tatamarin din ang prof nyo sa pag turo sa inyo! Kaya yung ibang students na gustong matuto wala ng natututunan! Last sem pa na experience talaga namin yung isang prof na mga piling studyante lang ang pinakikinggan at tinuturuan yung iba deadma. Tapos pinagawa kami ng database ng wala ng turo-turo at kung makapag-bigay ng deadlne WAGAS! kaya ayun no choice kundi mag research na lang. Sayang lang ang pinam bayad ko sa school kung ganitong sa internetl lang din pala ako matututo.Di SANA SA INTERNET NALANG DIN AKO NAGPA ENROLL!

    Kudos for the writer of this blog! minsan talaga kailangan imulat ang mga kabataan ngayon sa mga flaws ng mga schools!

  234. lols you guys are pathetic. yeah, we can say AMA and STI’s quality of education sucks. But that doesnt really matter if you yourself study hard. You can even become brighter than your prof if you help yourself and master your course. You guys are just using this fact as a pathetic excuse for not studying.


    Napaka-PANGIT, as in PANGIT ng patakaran regarding sa tuition fee ng STI COLLEGE.

    Mabuti pa ang mga universities, pwede kang mag-enroll at pwede kang mag-exam ng walang hassle kahit na hindi mo pa bayad ang tuition fee na dapat mong bayaran sa isang sem. Yun nga lang, iho-hold nila ang records / grades mo. Pero okay lang yun di ba? At least rest assured ka na wala ka ng ibang po-problemahin pa kundi yung dapat mo nalang bayaran.


    Isa sa pinaka-nakakinis na patakaran ng STI COLLEGE eh yung “NO PERMIT, NO EXAM” policy nila. Ang sakit at ang saklap talaga, kasi
    pakiramdam ko na parang ipinamumukha nila sa amin na hindi kami
    pwede o hindi kami makakakuha ng exam hanggant hindi pa namin
    bayad ang mga dapat naming bayaran.

    Pwede ka naman daw makapag-exam pero kailangan mo pang mag-submit ng PROMISORRY NOTE. Pwede nga kaso, kailangang makapag-bigay ka din ng partial payment dun sa kailangan mong bayaran nung term na yun, for example sa midterms at katakut-takot na PANENERMON ang gagawin sayo. Pero paano kung walang-wala talaga? May mga nangyaring hindi inaasahan at nagamit yung perang pambayad mo sana. Eh di useless din kasi hindi din makakakuha ng EXAM.

    Imbis na kabawasan na sa mga iniisip mo yung exams na dapat nakuha mo na, wala din dahil dagdag na naman yun sa iisipin mo. Tapos may mga prof pa na tamad at hindi nagbibigay ng SPECIAL EXAMS. MAY VALID REASON NAMAN PERO HINDI KA PA DIN NILA PAKUKUHAIN NG SPECIAL EXAM. Kaya ano ang nagiging resulta? EH DI BAGSAK!

    Napaka-UNFAIR talaga ng policy ninyo, STI COLLEGE. Daig nyo pa
    ang mga universities.

  236. Naalala ko lang nung seminar namin pag-payo for colleges. Wag daw piliin yung AMA/STI/ABE kasi imbis na gamitin sa pagpapa-ayos ng school or kalidad ng edukasyon ay pinapang-advertise pa nila. Ginagawa nilang business. Kaya medyo mukang di maganda sa AMA/STI. San mo naman daw nakita ang ADMU/DLSU/FEU/UST/Arellano na nagpa-advertise?

  237. Sang school ka ba galing? bakit di nalang natin tignan kung ganu ka kagaling para laitin ang AMA at STI? Baka hanggang salita ka lang..Marunong ba mag alaga ng lumpo ang pamilya mo?

  238. depende prin yan sa mga student …. tska nasa diskarte din yan ng tao isipin mo matalino ka nga tpos nakapagtapos sa magndng school wla k nmnng diskarte eh wala rin yung katalinuhan mo… syng lng
    hndi importante kung san school ka nag aaral kc ang school tumutulong lang yan para hasain ang mga estudyante sa propesyon nila. kya depende prin tlga

  239. there may be some truth to this blog (ex: mahal tuition) but it is unfair to say that there is no future for AMA/IT students…i still believe na nasa estudyante un, how you develop yourself. kagagraduate lang ng anak ko sa AMA Pasig, and he was immediately hired by an american company right after his finals. clearly there is future so dont generalize. He has a pending offer to work abroad but he begged off in the meantime bcoz he still wants mastery of his craft. Hanggang ngayon na nagwowork na sya, he never stop studying and updating himself sa mga latest… right, may mga prof na hindi swak sa sistema ng estudyante, like iniiwan lang ang mga lectures for you to study, but at least it trains you to be self reliant. Kudos to all successful AMA graduates…you did your homework well.

  240. pera pera nga lang tlga ang STI sabi ng iba. pero pag dating naman sa mga PROFESSORS,,,, PROFESSIONALS talaga hinaHIRE nila.
    to be HONEST, bilang lang sa daliri yung mga teachers na TAMAD at NAPIPILITAN lang mag turo.. sa STI.. pero the rest MASISISPAG na at MAGAGALING.
    SUPER FRIENDLY pa. compare sa ibang skuls na ndi., na kayo ndn ang nag sabi.

    for me naman, wala sa skul yan kung bakit ka WALANG ALAM or MATALINO. nsa INTEST ng estudyante yan at kung paano nia iABSROB lhat ng tinuturo sknya.. at kung di mo maintindihan MAG SELF-STUDY ka at mag SEARCH.. at kung my tnong wag mahiya.. LAHAT kasi ng PROF sa STI..,, APPROACHABLE..

    IT student ako sa STI.
    WALA nmang mhirap eh. kung maluwag mo lng ttanggapin lhat ng ituturo sayo.

    oo, kulang2 ung course outline,pero HINDI nag kukulang mga PROF sa STUDENTS. LAHAT tlga ng pwede nila ituro na dapat namin mlaman, ituturo tlaga nila..
    ung internet, my pagKABAGAL…. well, gnun talaga sa STI.. haha
    atLis PROUD ako sa SKUL ko.. ndi ung sisiraan ko DAHIL lang sa mga panget na features….

    FRIENDLY din ang STAFFS ng STI.. super…

    skn lng, bago ntn siraan ang skul.., icipin muna ntn lhat ng mgagandang bgay nd pdeng ibgay ng skul stn..

  241. Im from STI Tarlac and i can proudly say that.
    ive been transferring to different schools for 3 semesters and in STI i found what i really wanted and needed.
    Our instructors may not be the best programmers or teachers in the whole nation, not all of them may have a doctorate and master’s degree,
    but i know and i believe that, they do did their jobs as teachers very well.

    in sti, i found true people, and not the ones who changes there way just for social matters.
    We may not be perfect and best but its all our own choice and decision on what we want to reach and to have in life.
    The important thing is that we never stop to AIM HIGH.

    thank you STI for molding me. Let’s continue being the best that we can be.

  242. Joshua Quitain

    simple lng kaya galit cla sa STI or AMA…..cguro d2 sa schools n 2 kayo nagenroll kaso d nyo yata kinaya ung programming or bagsak kayo sa thesis kc BOBO WALANG LOGICAL ABILITIES!!!

  243. Joshua Quitain

    isa pa…..ung mga cnasabi nyong d masyadong tinuturo ng profs or I.T instructors ung codes ng programs eh sinusubukan lng nila ung abilities nyu

    wag umasa sa spoonfeeding magkusa din

  244. Chadwick of TREYARCH

    Hello my name is Chadwick Macasinag graduate of STI graduate of BSCS working in TREYARCH video game developer company in sta monica california working for 3 years as a Game level designs of the video game call of duty black ops and the latest black ops 2…I just wanna say that its not about the school you graduated it in. is all about the student who is learning and learned from there teachers..just dont say bad words to the school..Just aim high and work hard to get your dream job.

  245. kahit anong computer college ganyan mgturo.. nde lng sa sti.. anjan din ang access at Montessori..blak q p nmn sna mg aral jan pero kung puro psrp lng ung mga prof wag nlng.. mas mgnda tlgang mgaral s university..

  246. Hello po sa inyong lahat… naaliw po ako sa pagbabasa ng forum nyo about AMA and STI, naging AMA student po ako at brother ko and 2 of my cousins Graduate rin sa AMA… Natatawa po ako dahil may katotohanan po ang bawat panig, pero wag po natin depend sa school yung pag abot sa Dreams natin, saatin parin po nakasalalay yung future natin, Part lang po ng journey natin ang School, Parents, Teachers and friends, tayo parin po ang pipili ng landas natin, graduate man tayo o hindi, kahit saang school pa kung ang pipiliin po natin ay maling daan, failures po ang makakamit natin hindi success.. yun lang po…

  247. agree ako kay maymay……

  248. As for me, i think it’s not the school kung san ka nanggaling, the most important is yung sariling abilidad o kakayahan to do a certain job. Now if you don’t like the way of teaching in AMA or STI, it’s up to you, you are free to choose kung saan nyo gustong mag-aral, and nasa inyo na rin kung paano nyo, pagbubutihin ang sarili nyo, wala yan sa skwelahan, hindi naman pwede na iaasa na lang natin lahat sa school, we should do our part as being a student. Kasi kung hindi na nga maganda ang pagtuturo sa mga school na sinasabi nyo, tapos hindi nyo rin naman ginagawa ang part nyo as a student…e talagang walang mangyayare di ba…Walang pangit na school nasa mga sarili nyo yan…believe me…

  249. With all due respect my friend, mashadong bias ung article na to. I am from Saudi and working in Saudi Aramco, and all of the filipino IT ther are mostly AMA Makati graduate, i am from CSB by the way, ok nman cla mga CCIE, CCNA saka Comptia A+. ako ay isang Senior IT rin doon, wala ako masabi sa mga trabaho nila napak broad nila saka katunayan sa tingin ko malayo rin mararating nila,. saka isa pa hnde nman talaga dapat sisihin ang schools eh, cla lang naman nagbbgay saten ng tools, tayo ang gagamit nun para sa ating mga knabukasan, yung mga hinde pinalad na makarating sa gsto nilang patunguhang trabaho choice nila yun kc hnde nila inayos ung pag aaral nila mapa AMA pa yan o STI or kahit anung school pa yan. Bottom line is I-asa mo ung pag aaral mo sa sarili mo hnde sa school.


  250. Ang tindi ng galit mo sa mga schools na yan ah…
    Matanong lang kita, ikaw ba ano ang na attain mo so far as being a critic of these schools?
    Do you consider yourself successful enough dahil hindi ka naging estudyante ng mga eskwelahang ito?
    Some of us may have graduated only in unknown schools from our provinces but mind you, it is in the person and not in the school where he or she came from…
    Kung magaling ka you will do your best to uplift yourself without stepping on others, hindi lahat ng natututunan sa school na-aaply sa real world, at hindi lahat ng magaling sa school nagiging successful, iba ang real life, all of us are still and will always be students of this big learning process called life. If you go on branding yourself as better than others then why the hell do you bother to criticize those schools? Frustrated ka ano? Wala ka mapagbalingan ng frustrations mo… Did somebody from those schools caused of a big failure in your life?

  251. here is a very interesting fact kung bakit maraming harsh comments about sa dalawang school na STI and AMA

    Professor caught sleeping while nagpapaexam ng MIDTERM.

    will this be enough para sabihing may masamang pamamalakad sa kanilang college?

    Check the scandalous post now and see it for yourself kung ano ba ang totoong sitwasyon sa loob ng STI.

  252. di naman porke maliliit ang facilities ng school pangit na ang skills nito.academic ba kamo? walang future? ano ka ba?! nag aral ka ba sa sti/ama? stier ako ,1st year sa 2year course pero may feasibility study na kami at 2 computer language na ang alam ko.teka 2nd term palang ng 1st sem much more if 4years na ang kinuha ko?

  253. sana nag aral na lang kayo sa youtube.. kesa pumasok kayo sa school para manuod lang sa projector.. maling systema pa rin yan… umalis na kayo sa mga ganyang schools..

  254. mga kupal kayong lahat nagtatalo kayu kung anong school mas maganda e lahat naman ng pinag-aaralan nyo sa college and university puro basic , try nyo magtrabaho sa kahit anong IT company tignan natin maiaapply nyo mga pinag-aralan nyo dun, kung gusto nyo talaga mag excel sa field kumuha kayo ng international certification ,ccna,comptia a+,network +,microsoft training , tapos saka kayu magapply ng trabaho. ang diploma nyo pangfront nalang yan , i doesn’t matter of what school you came from what’s important is that you have a specific skills 🙂 hehe XD

    i was also a graduate of BSIT, 1st school na pinasukan ko ama, 2nd UP,3rd STI, 4th perps, lahat basic tsk. kaya nagtraining pa ako sa training center after i finished my training exam agad then apply pasok naman agad :),grabe mga college and university ngayon, they all sucks!

  255. dudong itlog,
    para mo na din sinabing , BOBO mga kaklase ko, kasi BOBO ako eh….
    siguro anak ka ng OFW na may pampaaral pero TAMAD.? 25K lng ? sure ka may pera ka? needles to say Im an IT manager now and im from STI and TUO

    manila as well. dudong 50% lang ata matututunan mo sa school, the rest eh sa job/ work mo na. sa Career mahalaga ang diploma at abilidad. mwala ang isa dito may kulang ka….

    ikaw wala ka pareho ampft….

  256. e pipit sa informatics ba?? ok b turo dun 😀
    may mga tropa ako galing sa ama at sti.. binayaran nlng nila yung thesis nila.. hahahaha!!!!! pero ayos nsa BDO n ung isa at SEAMAN nmn hehe.. pero d dhil sa school dhil sa ate nya hahaha!!!

  257. sa mga taga – alabang area northgate ..
    try nyong sa informatics .. im pretty sure mas mganda pa ang turo (BS-IT) kesa AMA,STI,FEU,UP,LASALLE ewan ko lng sa ateneo ..
    kung ayaw nyo tlgang msayang mga pera nyo .. try nyo dun
    trisem po pla dun .. promise ‘ sulit ang pagaaral mo dun lalu na kng gusto mo tlgang mtuto ..

    un lng .. :))

    • uhm, hello everyone. I’m an incoming 2nd yr and from FEU-East Asia College. For some financial matter, i have to transfer to other computer school which has the SAME quality of education in FEU. Since dun ako nagsimula mag start ng college, it is as if my expectations to other school must be like in FEU. Guise, don’t blame me for this but i’m just trying to be honest here. Anyway, my parents told me to surf the net and search about other computer schools like AMA/STI/ABE and so i happened to find this blog. I really don’t know if you guise helped me choosing a better school because i was expecting that AMA or STI might be able to surpass my standards since they were somewhat popular but then…

      Well, having a better school has also incentives to students. A library na andun na yung kelangan mo na kahit na hindi mag turo yung prof at kung book-based man sya ayos lang. Laboratories/facilities na kahit di lahat eh gumagana basta andun yung mga programs na usually ginagamit every meetings. Professors na kahit di masyadong “professional” basta open-minded sa lahat ng students at ginagawa yung duties nila as a professor. It’s up to them if they’ll use their knowledge to the students. If not then that duties are passed to students. That’s when the students should advance themselves. I have my passion to what i’m doing, i may not be skilled or talented to such fields but I’m doing what I want, what I like. Actually, kaya ko namang mag self-study eh, kahit sa bahay though what I’m up to is the knowledge the professionals have since they already experience the reality, the real life.

      so… What if a school can’t provide such things? It is not always the students do all the work. What about the situation I’m in? Just when I thought these schools are good enough for me..

      To pipitblog,
      I find your blog interesting but not as a positive nor a negative way and I don’t really know what’s your goal for this so I’ll leave it just that. Also, you should know that your blog comes up when Ama/Sti is searched in the web and so it was a completely coincidence that I read this blog just to get information. I can’t say if I’m grateful to read this or not but thanks for sharing.

  258. Basic lang naman talaga ituturo.. and the rest.. self study and determination kung gusto mo talaga matuto.. don’t just blame those schools, kaya nga mas mura tuition sa kanila eh, bakit ka pa magdedemand? pasalamat ka nalang at makakakuha ka pa ng diploma. Im an STI student, I am not that very good at programming but I know some of our best programmers in school. Hindi nga lahat magagaling, siguro yung hindi lang talaga interesado nakikilala nilang walang alam sa programming coz some of my classmates, tamad mag-aral kaya walang alam.

  259. nagkataon lang din siguro mga walang alam yun nag-apply sa compny mo.. hehe.. gusto kasi ng mga magagaling na programmers, worth it ang pagod nila pag sahuran na.. =D

  260. I’m a freshman at STI, first sem pa lang. So far, masasabi ko namang okay naman sa STI eh. Nung highschool pa ako, isa rin naman ako sa may mga ayaw sa STI eh, kasi from what I’ve heard, hindi nga ganun kaganda ang quality ng education DAW.

    Pero ngayong nandito na ako sa STI, okay naman, hindi naman talaga totoo yung sinasabi nung iba. Kaya lang naman puro negative yung nasasabi nung iba kasi eto ha, I’ll admit, mga estudyante ng STI, laging tambay sa Market! Market! (btw, STI Global ako), nagyoyosi, yung mga girls, grabeng ikli ng palda, kala mo mga pokpok. PERO HINDI LAHAT AY GANUN. Actually may rules naman sa school eh, kaso pasaway yung mga ibang estudyante.

    In addition, nasa estudyante naman talaga yan. Isang factor na rin syempre ay yung professor. Ako ay isang determined student talaga, I am very eager to learn. Katulad na lang sa Mathematics, nung highschool napakabobo ko sa Math, pero ngayon, medyo nagiimprove na talaga ako, ang galing nung professor ko sa Math, at gusto ko kasi talaga matuto. Pero may mga ibang bagay din naman… Katulad na lang sa subject kong Computer Programming, talagang gusto kong matuto, kaso lang yung professor ko mayabang, tamad magturo, at talagang nakakabwisit. Ang masaklap pa, last sem na din pala ng professor ko, sa section pa namin napadpad JUSKO. Basta yun, siguro paglipas ng panahon mas malalaman ko pa kung quality education ba talaga ibinibigay ng STI. Pero kasi sa ngayon pa lang, masasabi kong okay naman eh. STI is not that bad.

    Lastly, kung may vision ka talaga and may goal ka and very determined ka to do something about your future, everything is possible. Siguro sa ibang branch kasi yun ng STI o di kaya masyado niyo lang nigeneralize. Kunwari isang estudyante na graduate ng STI hindi nagkatrabaho eh maraming factors ang nakakaapekto dun, malay niyo tamad pala estudyante, and so on…

    Ang pangit lang talaga ng GENERALIZATION.

  261. I think it really depends on the students. I knew some people who studied in STI and now they are making websites and market it in the web. They have lots of foreign clients. Your furure depends on you NOT in school itself. It may help you but only YOU can tell if you will succeed or not.

  262. Hi, Graduate ako ng STI, at masasabi kong oo maraming panget na nangyari sa STI, may mga instructor na hindi nag tuturo puro attendance lang, pero maniwala kayo o hindi, meron sa mga instructor ko ang nagpagawa ng thesis nila, taga AMA at FEU pa po yun. Wala po sa instructor or sa school ang labanan dito, nasa STUDYANTE pa din po. kaya nga po may sinasabi na Self Study db?

    ako po BSIT ako, yung web prog na subject ko super basic ang ginawa namin, puro borders and tables lang. So nung nagOJT ako pumasok ako sa company na more on web. ayun sa awa ng diyos natuto naman ako

    iOS Developer po ako/ Web Developer at android po!

    Hindi ko po natutunan lahat sa school yan. sa labas na po ng school. Lagi nyo pong tandaan, hindi porket tapos na kayo magaral eh hindi na kayo magaaral. Kapag nagwowork na kayo mag aaral at magaaral pa din kayo!

    Hindi ko po ako nagsasalita para siraan ang AMA , FEU at lasalle or any other school. Gusto ko lang po sabihin na WALA SA SCHOOL YAN, NASA STUDYANTE YAN! 🙂

    PEACE ^_^v

  263. TANG INA MO!

  264. Ang BOBO netong nag POST neto kelangan ba sobrang ganda ng SCHOOL mong PUTANG INA KA?! ge Mag ARAL KA SA BIG 5 tignan natin kung san ka mapupunta.. NASA STUDYANTE YAN HINDI SA SCHOOL TANGA! TO TEACH HINDI TO SCREWED UP!!!

  265. Emperor of Makati

    AMA Student and I totally agree
    even without reading the comments
    just the thread itself…
    Though my situation is different
    from what is stated from your thread,
    from my Point of View the whole System Sucks
    it’s really disappointing.
    That’s all I cans say for now…

  266. Daisuke Tadaharu

    uhm hello pede po ba pkibawe ung msasamng sinasabi nyo sa STI .. pngarap ko pumasok dun kaso nung nbsa ni papa tong blog ayaw ako dun pg aralin .. pipit wak po sana kyo manira ng pngarap ng iba plss lng.. buhay mo po yan at wla kmi pki sa experience mo.. kaw rin nman ang dahila kung bkit la ka nrating ehh .. wla kkac pangarap sa pag aaral .. gus2 mo lng ng mgandang trabaho right ..

    at sa mga nkbasa ne2 wak po kyo maniwala sa paninira ng ibang tao sundin nyu lng ang gus2 nyo .. DI ang gus2 ng mgulng nyu .. wak nyu unahing ang pngarap ng mgulng nyo .. unahin nyo ang pngarap nyo!

    • Daisuke Tadaharu

      dalawa lng pngarap ng mga studyante magkroon ng mgandang buhay at maging proud ang mgulang nila sknila ,,, ang pngarap mman ng mga mgulang ay mkpagtpos kaayo at gumanda ang buhay … wak nyo isipin ang pngarap ng mgulang nyo kac png ntupad nyo ang pngarap nyo ganun din ang kkalbasan nun… OK BA!!!

  267. maganda nga school mo. bobo ka naman. ano mapapala mo? nasa estudyante yan bugoy wala sa school. graduate ka nga ng lasalle, ust, new era, feu. tapos nakagrad ka kasi nagbayad ka lang para makapasa. edi wala din? mangmang padin labas mo. nasa diploma mo nga magandang school pero ang utak mo nakatambay sa kanto

    in short. NGANGA!

  268. Heck, it’s not the school, it’s mostly the students themselves. I graduated from a 2-year course from STI, DCET, Diploma in Computer Electronics Technology which is mainly a hardware-based course. I only needed it for the minimum requirements of certain companies nowadays. Many teachers are idiots and some even teach us their own personal theories as if they were facts. I would’ve at least repected them if they admitted they aren’t sure about it. Now I’m taking up BSIT from DataMex of St. Adeline, they have better teachers there and only have a tuition fee of 25% of STIs, I’m someday gonna be a teacher and I’ll be proud of it `coz I won’t be like the other idiots who teach without passion and enthusiasm. BTW, I am currently tutoring many of my classmates in programming, trigo, and etc… ^_^ I don’t even have a bachelor’s degree yet! I’m 1st year IT and in my 2nd semester,

    I tried to teach in STI 2 weeks ago and just found out that 2-year-course graduates aren’t qualified to teach anymore. They now have a minimum of a bachelor ‘s degree holder to teach any subject in STI. So, I hope feedbacks for STI gone up soon… but then not all BS graduates are good, even I know I am better than many of them even without a BS degree.

  269. Its not about the school where you’ve been graduated, its from w/n yourself came out the real talent. Im STI College Balagtas graduate and I’m thankful to my mentors and to the school itself for nurturing my talent and skills. And if you are weak and lazy nothing will happen to you, you will end up always FAILED.

    Again, this is not about where the student graduated, its about how you strive your life after graduation. GOOD job earns from the ability you have.ITS ABOUT YOURSELF, YOUR TALENT, YOUR SKILLS and YOUR ATTITUDE. 🙂

  270. ImproudtobeanSTI'ers

    hello everyone , i am student of sti , im 1st yr . idont see anything na pangit ang pagpapatakbo sa sti . for me its all good , alam nyu kasi nasa tao n yan ee . tapos sasabihin nyu puro pasarap lng ang ginagawa ng prof. sa STI, AMA etc . no your wrong , baka ang mga iresponsablieng estudyante ang puro pasarap . am i right ? this conversation is end 🙂
    and to the man who post this nonsense site , haha , wala ka kasing diskarte sa buhay kya ka nagkakagnyan :)) gets mo ibigsabihin ?
    goodnigth im gonna sleep na , may pasok pa bukas sa STI ee 🙂 ang saya kaya :> inggit ka? edi mag enrol ka sa sti . o yung mga haters dyan , ayusin nyu at maging madiskarte kasi kayu . wag puro sisi sa school 🙂 ok ok ok .

  271. ahahah dame kong tawa READ THIS:

  272. MGA BOBO..AMBOBOBO NYONG LAHAT..nsabi nyo png my pinagaralan kayong lahat.. eh ngtatalo-talo kayo dhil lng sa mga eskwelahan…ALAM NYO..ang tao..kung tlgang matalino, at madiskarte,, khit hindi n sya pumasok ng AMA, STI, UP, UST, LASALLE, ADMU, o kung anu2 pang kaletsehan na eskwelahan, eh aangat yan sa buhay!…MGA ARTISTA NGA EH,,,..hindi nmn lhat tpos ng pg-aaral pero tgnan mo angat sa buhay..sikat pa…

    kung tungkol lng sa kompyuter ang pg-uusapan…khit saang skul kpa gling..khit gaano kapa kgaling..kung di mo nmn to gngmit sa mas nkakatulong na bagay wala rin…PROGRAM K NG PROGRAM eh ung gngwa mo MTGAL NG GINAWA NG IBA…kla mo mgling ka pero my nauna na pla sayo….

    prang FRIENDSTER at FACEBOOK lng yan…nung una sikat na sikat ung FS…dhil pde kng mkpgsocialize online…NGAYON ms sikat na facebook..kasi bukod sa mkpgsocialize, mrmi kpng pdeng gwin…

    SA PAG-AARAL ng TEKNOLOHIYA…hndi IMPORTANTENG nkagraduate kna sa isang npkagandang ESKWELAHAN o UNIBERSIDAD…ang ms importante eh kung paano mo pa PALALAWAKIN ung natutunan mo SA ESKWELAHAN MO o khit SA SARILING SIKAP mo lng…DAHIL ANG TEKNOLOHIYA ay NAGBABAGO SA PAG-USAD ng PANAHON…

    NGAYON!…kung inyong nyo ang STI at AMA..halos wla kng ntutunan…bkit SA MGA KILALANG UNIBERSIDAD ba SPOON FEED ang LESSON?!..PARA SA KAALAMAN NG LAHAT!..wla pong KOLEHIYO na spoon feed ang lhat ng tinuturo kung un ang inaaakala nyo!….LAHAT NG ESKWELAHAN na yan..OBLIGADO KNG HASAIN ANG SARILI MO PARA UMNGAT KA…khit saang anggulo mo tgnan..KUNG PASOK K LNG NG PASOK AT DI KA NG-AARAL..WALA KNG MAPAPALA khit saan kpa mgpnta..

  273. Kahit san ka pang school pumasok pangmayaman o pangsapatan lang
    wag mo isisi sa kanila bakit nagaaral kaba maigi? wag kang magsasalita ng tapos…

  274. ei.. just want to say something for those who were against AMA and STI.. are all an idiots!.. don’t blame that particular school because you’re lacked of skills and knowledge.. Mga Unggoy magAral kasi kaung maigi.. wala sa school yan.. I am an AMAeR oo mejo my kulang nga sa school lalo’t sa facility and mga tools na dapat gamitin.. But one thing na matutunan niyo sa AMA yung matuto kayo mag isa self study.. kung wala kayo nun kahit saang school pa kayo.. wala din kayong mararating.. Yung iba nga jan sa mga well known universities pa nag aral.. Pero wala ding alam magagaling lang mag english kasi anak mayaman.. pero yung Utak Mapupurol!..

  275. Wala kayong dapat pag awayan pag dating nyo sa tunay na mundo ng IT tignan na lang naten hehehe… nasa tao yan, wala yan sa school kahit pa sa kasuluksulukan ng pilipinas ka galing na school.

  276. Sir wag po natin sisihin ang school sa incompetence natin. Nasa kanila ang curriculum pero kayo po ang nagaaral. Alam po ninyo kung anong ginagawa ninyo sa klase kaya bakit naghintay pa po kayo ng matagal bago mag-drop? Lumipat na po kayo ng ibang school ganoon parin nangyari? Baka po may pagkukulang din kayo bilang isang magaaral kaya napahiya kayo sa OJT.
    Wala sa school yan, nasa student ‘yan sir. Pananaw ko lang naman. Salamat sir.

  277. I’m going to be a College student next school year and I planned to take BSIT in CIT-U, Cebu. Other school options ko sana ang ACLC Mandaue which is AMA Accredited School and STI sa Lahug, thanks for this blog that I now know what could be the possible outcome if I studied in AMA/ACLC and STI.
    I strongly agree that the skill of a person doesn’t really depends on the school but instead on the desire and hard work that we should apply. Ako nga graphic and visual designer ako at never ako nag-aral para sa field na yun. Sa internet lang din ako natuto but despite of it dalawang beses na akong nanalo sa graphic design contests.
    Sa totoo lang nalilito na rin ako kung dapat bang mag-aral ako ng 4 years para sa BSIT kasi nga minsan ko ng na subukan ang galing ko sa pagiging self-oriented individual at naniniwala akong kaya ko ring maging skilled IT professional kahit hindi ako nakapag-aral ng four years.
    Gusto ko sanang humingi ng advice kung ano pa ang ibang options na dapat kung kunin sa college gusto ko kasing makapagtrabaho sa ibang bansa e. Saan pa ba ang ibang mga paaralan na dapat kong pasukan sa kolehiyo dito sa Cebu na offardable.

    Thanks a lot sa blog na ito.

  278. Para sa akin di tlga sa school yan ehh.
    Nasa diskarte mo nalang yan.
    Kung gaano man kaganda ang school mo pagdating ng future mababase pdn nmn sa tunay mo tlga nakakayahan.
    at kung quality of education manlang pd kanaman mag self study.
    kahit saang school tayo,mapa university man yan o hindi mapipilitan pdn nmn tayo mag self study..=.=..think well nmn po..wag basta basta manlait ng isang school.BTW highschool palang po ako,pero hindi makitid utak ko sa pag iintindi ng mga bagay bagay.Think 1st before you speak.

  279. yeah try Informatics. nag seat in ako dun kasi kakilala ko isang prof. and guess what marunong na ako ng vb6 c# mysql, nakuha din akong com tech dun pero di nagtagal kasi natransfer sila sa ibang location.maganda dun kasi tututukan ka ng prof. at pag graduate mo bigyan ka nila ng refferal sa company na pwede mo pasukan. hands on pa mga prof. pag di mo nagets ulit ulitin sayo kahit ilang beses hehehe meron pa dun studyante pinag special class ng gabi. da best talaga informatics medyo mabigat lang tuition pero sulit naman. gusto ko nga sana mag aral dun kaso alaws arep hehehe.

  280. basta ako proud STIer parin… nasa atin yan kng gusto natin magtagumpay,,magsipag tayo…
    hindi yung..d natin ginagawa rsponsiblidad natin bilang student, tapos pg wala tayong natutunan,,School ung sisisihin natin..tsk..tsk..I think STI did their job ..pinangingibabaw mo nga lang yang hatred mo kaya d mo nakikita ang mga natulong ng school sau… tsk!

  281. Hi friends, please help me naman may idea ba kau kung magkano ang full tuition fee sa STI ng course 2yrs HRS??? response ASAP.

  282. ako AMA graduate ako… now im a DIT, im a Microsoft certified professional product specialist. Microsoft employee since 2004

  283. uhm i think,school doesn’t matter.
    Hindi naman itatalaga ‘yang mga prof.n yan kung wala silang alam eh.Wag po nating sukatin ang kakayahan ng mga prof.s pagtatanung lamang,remember may mga alam din tau n nd alam ng mga prof and vice versa.
    Uhm mas maigi cguro kung iwasan nating mag enroll sa mga neverheard n mga school.
    Tiga Universidad De Manila aq taking up BSCPE,2nd.yr n qu at alam q na hindi mga tanga ang mga prof.n tumatayo sa harapan namin.Even licensed or not,alam namin na nakalinya sila sa kanilang propesyon,so nd cla mga tanga!

  284. seriously? kahit naman anong school okay naman basta mag-aral lang ng mabuti….. pero, sa totoo lang, kung gusto mo mabigyan ng priority sa job application mo, sa mga dekalidad ng university ka na mag-aral…. kung di tlaga kaya ng budget….. there are schools that could rival those big-shot universities in terms of quality of education but they are more affordable than others….. tignan nyo ung PUP…. ung 7,000 na isang sem sa AMA o STI eh pwede na for four sems sa PUP… kahit pangit yung facility dun kaya nilang gumawa ng program na ginagamit sa mga bigating kumpanya…..

    hay…. balak ko pa namang mag-enroll sa STI o AMA…. wag na lang pala…

  285. Ako ay product ng STI batch 2001 at pinagmamalake ko po ito. Hindi tayo naging estudyante kung wala tayong naging karanasan “maganda man o masama” sa kolehiyo na ating pinasukan. We shouldn’t blame the learning institution that we came from..if you ended up being a janitor etc. it is perhaps your choice. Wala din pong perpektong skwelahan na ituturo sayo lahat it is your drive and willingness to learn more or do an advanced study para matuto lalo na kpag hindi competent ang prof mo, like what i did. 9 yrs na po ako dito sa KSA at isa po akong mapalad na empleyado ng gobyerno ng KSA Ministry of Communications & I.T. noong nakaraang taon ay pinadala ako sa America ng Kaharian para makapag training, dun ko lang naisip na successful na talaga ako kahit STI grad lang ako. STI lang pero 23 katao ang hawak ko na ibang lahi at 2 pilipino na grad ng Mapua at UST at ako na grad ng STI lang.:P

    J. de Guzman
    Comptia A+, CCNA, CCDA, CCENT

  286. Wala sa school yan.. FULL PACKAGE DAPAT! kahit galing ka pa sa magandang school kung pangit ka naman wala ka pa din. Malupit ang mundo ngayon. Tanggapin ang katotohanan.. Hindi lang dapat sa patalinuhan at diskarte ka magaling. Dapat you are pleasing to the eyes as well.

    Accept it! Maybe there is something in your physique,personality and attitude that are not pleasing to others. So stop bashing and blaming your schools on how you turned out to be and go on focus on your shortcomings. Nakakahiya kayo!

  287. Renato R. Maaliw III

    I am a graduate in AMA in 2005 as a BS Computer Engineering then i took Master in Information Technology now i am currently taking up Doctor in IT with the same school. So far so good. You see, wala po sa school yan..asa estudyante..di naman lahat talaga naituturo sa school..asa atin po manggagaling ang success or failure natin..wala po sa school..wala sa teacher..yes a great teacher is a plus but yet again..Teachers only points the way..But we are responsible on the path that we take..

  288. My professor is from AMA-ER. He’s our professor in Principles of Communication. I’m an ECE student. Will not tell you where I study. I think it’s not about the school, it’s about the students. First, if your professor doesn’t teach you the “BEST” quality of education then why not “SELF-STUDY”. It’s not about the schools or whatsoever. It’s about you and your determination to be competitive to the other students from big schools. And you said that you’re an IT student. Then why not take the “CERTIFICATIONS” to boost your degree. The “MICROSOFT”, “CCNA” Certitications, ETC.

  289. may prof ako n graduate ng AMA pero magaling sya at sobrang talino sobrang dedicated sa field ng Engineering. wala sa school yan nsa tao yan

  290. uy Tobi.. maganda IT sa Ateneo.. kasi I have an IT friend from Ateneo and he really is a good hacker haha. That’s true
    and btw, peeps kung pangit ang mga school at depende sa estudyante ang lahat eh bakit pa tayo nag aaral?.. magbasa na lang pala tayo ng libro kung hindi natin kailangan ng mga legit teachers and professors diba? TARA!

  291. bulok na AMA at STI….puking ina mga skul yan

  292. AMA sucks! mahal ng tuition tapos ung quality ng turo di mo masatisfy. Minsan tinatamad ung prof magturo at minsan daig pa student kung umabsent. Mas ok pa ung mga video tutorials sa youtube kesa sa turo ng AMA. I ended up and working as web developer somewhere in makati because of youtube video tutorials not AMA.

  293. ehh kaya ka nga nag ppaenroll sa school dba.. para mdagdagan ung kaalaman mo.. eh kung ssbihin nio lang na it defends on the student kung madiskarte sya… para san pa kung bakit ka nag enroll sa skul? di sana bmili k nlng ng books about sa course n gusto mo at nagresearch k nlng pra mdagdagan ung alam mo… para sakin.. kailangan rin nmn tlaga na madskarte at pursegido ang student pra maging sucessful pero dba mas mganda kung mtyaga k n mag aral tapos maayos p magturo sa skul mo.. mabboost tlga ang kkyahan mo…..

  294. madami akong kilala sa STUDENTS na galing sa magagandang school like UST,PUP,LA SALLE,UP ung iba nga international pa nag aaral well ano sila ngayon sa pabrika,gasoline boy,yung iba nga nga nag aantay ng gracia. lam niyo natutunan ko sa kanila wala sa school o sa yaman yan nasa DISKARTE lang yan mabuti pa yung pinsan ko na highschool grad nakapagtrabaho sa abroad 40k a mount yung sweldo see the difference kasi yung echosira mayaman studyante puro pasarap,tamad,walang experience kaya galingan niyo DISKARTE niyo taasan ang self confidence at never give up OK.

    “life is battlefield you need to fight for own survival”!

  295. Guys, naniniwala ako sa inyo… Lahat nung natutunan ko sa school puro basics lang kung icocompare sa mga natututunan ko ngayong nagwowork na ko…. Umaasa na ako sa sarili ko, self study, self exploration sa mga sofware na ginagamit ko…. tama nga sila, experience is the best teacher…. Pero para sakin karamihan talaga ng school ngayon PURO PANGALAN LANG… at buti pa kayo puro degree courses nakuha nyo at nakatapos. Sakin TechVoc(2yrs) lang ako na kaylangan pang magtrabaho para makapag aral ulit… Sad to say na kaya lang ako magpapatuloy sa pag aaral kasi para lang MAY MAIPAKITA AKONG DIPLOMA at wala yung concern ko sa mga turo nila….Sa ngayon nagtatrabaho ako sa isang company, nasa IT Department ako, natanggap ako dahil sa mga portfolio ko kaya sinuwerte lang ako.Pero kung susundin yung rules sa isang company.Hindi nageentertain ng 2 yrs graduate para sa IT industry.KUNG MALI AKO, pls let me know… (^^)

  296. wala naman sa school ang pagiging successful eh, nasa student yan kung mag ttyaga xa na kahit saang school pa xa galing, makakaya nia… I am still an undergrad and planning to study in STI or AMA just to have a diploma pero I am already working kahit na nakapag 2nd year college lng ako.

  297. grabe pala .. hndi naman lahat ng graduate sa magandang univ, e magaganda trabaho !

  298. may mga friend ako na graduate ng 2year courses sa AMA-ACLC college, ComputerSystems and Network Technology tsaka Computer programming, magaganda lahat trabaho nila, ako 1st year ako ngaun sa AMA-ACLC PERO magagaling lahat ng professors, mga haters lang kau kasi school nyo bulok

  299. in computer environment i recommended that you had average skill in logic .. kc po technology is always upgrade , I.t personnel always isip -isip kay kayo mag upgrade na din para sa mga mahal nyo magulng nag nag papaaral sa ko at sa future …

  300. Siguro tanga at bobo ang HR kung mag base sa School. Nag re-recruit ako ng mga applicants, and I am not after with their schools. All about their Technical Skills and Communication Skills I also based in their Critical Thinking Skills if those applicants na nag graduate sa prestigious schools na wala sa mga hinahanap ko diretso declined ko na ang application nila. So wag mo i-based ang level ng pangalan ng school.

  301. Prove me wrong .. no offense to those haters of the school where I graduted. STIrs

    – School brought great influence on our future ahead . I’m currently working as a senior SoftWare engineer at a welknown Computer Brand. I guess we should stop saying negative feedback the way professor teach , it’s not about there teachings skills but our listening and understanding abilities.

    Iots of companies reject my applications before I got dis position. one thing I realized, my school is just an add on but my skill is what they needed.

    If you are just relying on the theory of your education, then, you will not get a job. Less talking, show your skills. That’s what the industry needs now.

    I been to ateneo, yeah. compare to STI its more expensive and what a relaxed invironment. But, my proof in STI is tougher than I expected, we should consider the human nature of our professor they sometimes made mistakes. But what is the most important is dealing with the knowledge they have given you. Would you be remain stock??

  302. i am studying in AMA QC main campus.. AND i swear nd quality education ang binigbgay nila samin rito. ang mahal ng tuition fee! and ang professors namin sa major subjects namin are fresh graduate din from our school na nging clasmate ko pa sa minors ko :(( ang basehan ng grade namin minsan? tickets! nakakalungkot isipin tlga… at dahil trisem pa 3 months lang ang kada sem so tig 1 month per prelim,midterms and finals! at kadalasan before examination ng midterms pa magkakaroon ng mga prof! 😦 i know we need to study by ourselves but.. mahirap po tlga kung walang nagtuturo ng maaus sau 😦 now im planning to drop out of school and find a better school.

  303. I beg to disagree with you. First things first, im a graduate of STI College Balayan, Batangas. Bachelor of Science in Business Management. My first job after i graduate was an assistant manager i was there for 2 years. And i resigned, i went abroad, Singapore to be exact and work with Versace Singapore as an Executive, went back here in the philippines, and currently working as a boutique manager at Stores Specialists, most of my batchmates has their own stable plantilla and jobs, its not about the school where you came from, its the knowledge you gained while studying, it is your experience that makes you stand out among the rest, it is how you converse with people to land a perfect job., maybe, im just guessing, during your school days, your not listening, understanding each lesson, and taking everything as a plain joke., you cannot judge a person, a thing, a school, as a whole.. Your being inconsiderate and your mentality is very low and ill. I guess whatever school you attend to, you can never land a job.. Im just being judgemental.:))) thanks!:)

  304. wag niyong isisi sa school niyo kung bobo kayo at walang alam sa pagpoprogram.. mga inutil! imbeciles!

  305. anung kaputang inahan ito ?!

  306. I am an STI graduate and I am already a web developer earning 50K a month. Its true na malaking bagay ang makapag aral ka sa mamahaling schools like Ateneo, La Salle etc pero kung ang budget mo lang ay pang STI wag ka na mag inarte. Mas okay na yun kaysa sa public school na mas pahirapan mag aral kasi bukod sa mainit na ang classroom ang teacher nyo ay wala pang gana mag turo. Sa STI atleast naka aircon ka. Nasa sipag at tiyaga lang yan. Hindi ako matalinong student pero nag pursige lang ako pag aralan ang programming, yun lang siguro ma sshare ko sa mga bata. Masaya mag program =)

  307. Well, for me kuya. since ngayon ko lang nabasa to. I would like you know that it is not about the school or how they teach their student. But it is also your responsibility to study and push through it. Nasasayo ang pag asenso mo. Ndi lahat kailangan sa school lang natututunan. Kailangan ikaw sa sarili mo ang nag sisikap. ang School ginawa at tinatag yan, para bigyan ka ng karagdagang kaalaman pero ikaw na ang bahalang magdevelop at magpalawak ng mga yun. kung baga sa bata. tinuturuan yan magsalita. pero minsan sinasabi lang nila pero ndi nila alam ang kahulugan ng salitang iyon. Pero later on. Sa sarili din nilang pag iintindi ea, nalalaman nila kung para saan gagamitin ang mga salitang natututunan nila. Don’t BLAME your School. But instead BLAME YOURSELF!!!. Tandaan mo. ikaw ang gumagawa at may hawak ng desisyon mo. kung ano ka ngayon dahil sayo yun.

    Unlang, wag sanang sasama loob mo. BLAME YOURSELF.

  308. Kyla caindoy

    If i were you,di ko sasayangin ang talino ko.sana nga maipasa ko ang college ko,even mahirap kami at laging pinoproblema ang financial na pangangailangan.tsaka bobo din ako wish ko lang di masayang ang scholar ko.

  309. Puta kang bobo ka

    tang ina mo gago..bobo ka lang kamo…tanga tanga ka kc tpos maninisi ka ng skul na pinasukan,,,tang ina ka bobo

  310. grabe naman mka husga sa school khit papaano mgnda sa STI…lht ng faculty teachers at mga admin nla mababaet at mtatalin bka yng mga estudyante lng ang my problem ..khit sbhin mo gling k sa mgling ng skul kng bobo k namn at wla tyga edi wla din ..bad po manira ng school lalo n kng gling ka sa skul n kakarma kyo nyan..lht nmn ng skul mgnda …sa estudyante lng yn mga pare…ok!!!

  311. By scrutinizing the people from STI or AMA who commented in this post, well there is but one thing to say: “Your grammar sucks!” – it is a reflection of your poor education and lack thereof. Magtagalog nalang kayo kesa pinipilit niong gumamit ng wikang banyagang di nio naman alam gamitin. But let me just make things straight, it not about the school: 25% is your school, another 25% from your professor/s, 50% is your own perseverance.

  312. Galing akong UP, dahil hindi kinaya ng magulang ko pag-aralin ako sa UP Los Baños, WALANG WALA KAMING PERA ng mga panahong yon, napka-katiting, napakahirap pumasok. Magse-second semester, HUMINTO AKO. After ng isang taon, nagbakasakali ako mag-enroll sa STI, kumuha ako ng scholarship sa kakilala ng tito ko na councilor, nakapasok ako ng STI. Nakakamangha lang. Akalain mo yun, sabihin na nating grabe ang mga utak ng guro sa UP, pero sa STI, nalalapitan mo, natuturuan ka, lalo na in personal life. Hindi tulad ng UP, madalas hindi pumasok ang guro. Napakagaling ng school ng UP dahil doon ako galing, ang tatalino pati estudyante, yung karamihan. Pero sa STI, mararamdaman mo yung fulfillment. Second year pa lang ako, ngayon mas nagsusunog pa ako ng kilay kaysa sa mga dati kong kaklase na nag-aaral ngayon sa UP. Puro sila gimik, sila na easy easy, mauutak dn e. 🙂 Pinapsa sila, dahil nagtutulungan tuwing quiz, yung iba kasi Matalino sa grupo. Pero dito sa STI pag kasama mo e, parang gangster o gangster tlga, mapapa-aral ka talaga, lalo pa at may adhikain ka. Tutulungan mo tlga sarili mo. Maniwala kayo sa akin . Wala sa school yan. Kung matalino ka, magdala ka ng karangalan sa bansa. Magtapos ka ng may honor. Abutin mo pangarap mo. Yan ka e, Tapos ipagmalaki mo sa mundo. Hindi yung kung ano-anong school pinapasukan, may maiyabang lang. I am now studying at STI, and I am proud to be STI-er. Saludo ako sa lahat ng schools. May kanya kanya namang kahinaan at kalakasan yan. 🙂 Pero bilang indibidwal, dapat alam mo ang diskarte mo, saan ka man galing na paaralan. 🙂

  313. 2010 pa tong post na to at 2015 na pero yung AMA hindi parin nag iimprove bulok sistema po dito totoo .. mga kinukuha puro freshmen grad. tapos major ituturo ano ba naman yun? ang mahal mahal pa ng tuition, yung endorser ni hindi man lang nag aaral sa AMA .. thats why im planning to transfer in other BETTER school.

  314. Hello,

    I’m currently working as a Java Developer with 50+k salary package (3 years exp) in an international company here in PH.

    Why am I telling you this? Because I graduated from STI with a degree of BSIT last 2012. I will agree that the teaching is not that great considering the tuition fee that students pay. But I think it is stupid to blame your lack of incompetence to your school. If you know you’re not receiving enough knowledge and acquiring the necessary skills at your school, you should have done better either to compensate with your ignorance or transfer to other school.

    Mind you, I have a lot of batchmates who are now working as Java Developers, Quality Analyst, etc. Why? Because we didn’t only relied to what the school taught us, we have brains, two hands, and two feets, and we use them (not only our mouths) to get where we are right now.

  315. May tama ung sinabi nya lalo na ung mga teacher nyu mga bagito! Mga kakagraduate lang sa ama ngaun pagtuturuin mo na? Ano.klase un praktisan lang kayo ng mga nyan niloloko lang kau nyan. Nalala ko dati teacher ama binan Mga wala pang industry expeience para magturo at ang ituturo sa inyo panay recycled lang. Naalala ko ung teacher namin dati sa computer subject kaya daw sya nagturo sa AMA kasi daw mahirap daw magkatrabaho. Anak ng putek aliby lang nya un ang totoo walang skill na develop sa kanya kaya hndi sya makapag apply ng work. Ang dami mga teqcher ko nun mga mewbie tlga mga kakagraduate lang. Masama pa nito sila pa mayabang lalo na si fletchero ung teacher ko na kupal na ugali kupal pa itsura.

  316. gusto ko mag aral na kasi ive been a braindead and useless consumer for 2 years because of waiting on the response of nvc and immigration in America so that I could finally live there with my mom. what I did is play games all day and do what ever I want. but since I decided today that I should go study and tell my mom she was glad even though were too late. I wanted to study in sti because of what I saw in advertisement. I was glad but despite what I saw in television, I saw this blog about the schools mentioned in tv, I was devastated because I have nowhere to go. why you ask? ive been braindead you see, I dont work I sit my ass all day playing games. then I decided to study about computer since its my addictive hobby. now I dont have any choice because schools that have reqt will not accept me because I will just fail their tests. I dont have any contradictions in everybody’s opinions but ill still try and be a good student. I’m glad I’m not as worse as those who have family at an early age because I’m a very irresponsible person. this blog helped me to know the problems in the schools I’m about to go but ill try and still enroll there and remember what this blog told me. fail or not this blog helped me know regarding the problems in each schools. to everyone who reads this blog, don’t take it too much. he wrote this blog about the worst experiences in these schools. take these as an advise instead and keep on doing what you are doing. I hope you all learn a lesson of what happened to me.

  317. FYI!! my cousin was graduated at STI fairview and now he is the Manager of Teletech. IT graduate sya.. AT Yung isa ko dn pinsan NA BABAE graduate sya ng STI maganda work nya computer science assistant sya sa isang kilalang travel agency. and me i took 2 yrs course HRS at STI FAIRVIEW
    GRADUATE SINCE 2013 i’ve been event coordinator on a big catering company which is Josiah’s Catering at pag tapos nun i’ve been a chief leader Supervisor sa Restaurant.. try mo mag aral sa STI .. o baka nag aral ka nga pero di ka nag aral mabuti

    atsaka naka depende namn sayo kung mag success ka o hindi

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