UP Centennial Celebration: UP Pep Squad Blunder

UP Centennial Celebration, UP Pep Squad Blunder

The expectations were high. Why wouldn’t it? It’s our Alma Mater’s Centennial Celebration! And up next was the UAAP Cheering Competition “Hall of Famer”…tan…tah…ra…daaaaan…

We, the UP Pep Squad, disappointed our beloved supporters and fellow Upians with our messed up routine. Why, oh, why – of all the occasions that we could commit a blooper, we chose that historical day?!

January 8, 2008 will be forever etched in my mind. Students and well-known Alumni of the University of the Philippines were there bearing witness to the routine that we have successfully destroyed. Let’s not forget that the whole UP community was there to commemorate the school’s One Hundred Years of “Excellence”, “Service” and “Leadership”. So much for excellence huh!

That one fatal mistake cost us our reputation. We will be forever stored in Youtube‘s database and there is nothing we can do to delete the videos. Hopefully, nobody noticed. It’s a good thing we are veterans in these kinds of situations. After she slipped down from the top of the pyramid and landed on the arms of two male cheerleaders, (thankfully unscathed)  all three decided not to move. Hence, the mistake was somewhat unnoticeable.

I admit the performance was not up to par. The UP Pep Squad has been known to be the formidable rival…a fierce competitor…a winner. “Wala lang siguro trophy na kailangan mapanalunan, kaya hindi kami nagpractice ng husto”:)

Please DON’T watch more of this historical blooper here and DON’T search Youtube for more of UP Pep Squad’s monumental blunder.

5 responses to “UP Centennial Celebration: UP Pep Squad Blunder

  1. you’re such a stupid person to do this blog!
    I’m pretty sure you’re not from UP…I smell bitterness in here…

  2. walang magawang kapaki-pakinabang sa buhay??
    mga taong ganitong tipo eh pinapatapon sa Antartica….wala namang silbi! salot sa lipunan!

  3. Wala ka bang maiblog na makakabuti sa lipunan?

    • hmmm….i think writing about what’s obvious would be greatly beneficial for mankind, don’t you agree? Otherwise, we’d all be like horses with blinders if our point of view is collectively linear…

      Besides, the UP Pep Squad is what — a two-time grand slam winner and they failed to execute a simple routine during the Centennial celebration?

      But i guess, you’re not the type of person who puts a high value on excellence…or perhaps, you’re the type of person who excels on being mediocre…tsk…tsk…tsk…

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