URDUJA: A Tagalog Full-length Animated Movie

URDUJA, the Tagalog Animated Movie, may be the first “phenomenal” Filipino Animation that we have ever seen…but it is far from being an “all-original Filipino” formula.

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The movie is highly anticipated by a lot of Filipinos. We haven’t produced yet a single animated movie that we can be proud of and so we expect Urduja to elevate the Philippine’s movie industry, to at least a few inches higher than where it is right now…that is – galaxies away from the kind of animations that American and Japanese students can make.

I have only seen the trailer on T.V. and I should say the film can pass off as a…well…a “good enough” Tagalog animated movie.

First off, the figures look as if they’re rip-offs and aggregates of various, notable characters from Pocahontas, Mulan, Jungle Book and Stitch to name a few.

pocahontas Pocahontas

urduja Urduja

Second, the movie has a more “Chinese-slash-Japanese” feel to it and not enough Filipino vibe.

urduja Lim Hang

And third, the animations are still a little bit restricted and stiff. What are these by the way? Are these metal sheets or what? I know they’re supposed to be some sort of fabric…but…

Well – just watch the trailer so you would know what I’m talking about!


Although the movie was created by Filipino animators, I am not so sure if they can create stuff that is, in a sense, purely Pinoy. It appears that the makers of Urduja were not ready yet to relinquish their fixation with Walt Disney characters.  Philippine literature is very rich in history, legends, folklores, fables, epics, tales, myths, and characters which can be found “only in the Philippines“. Surprisingly enough, you only managed to produce the lowest kind of art: “imitation”. Tsk…tsk..

I do hope that the storyline could compensate for the lousy animation….and somehow…allow the animators to redeem themselves.


4 responses to “URDUJA: A Tagalog Full-length Animated Movie

  1. yes i do hope that the story line could make up for the animation. However, i do think that the animation is not that bad.. I just hope that they could draw something more filipino…

  2. you might want to check out
    these guys have been around since 2005.

  3. what a fucking crab you are

  4. Filmed in the tradition of Pocahontas and Mulan comes in a different historic epic of the Philippines a heroine from Pangasinan daughter of the sultan of Tawalisi became the amazon princess and freedom fighter of the Philippines was named Princess Urduja released in 2008 becomes the full length animated movie inspired from a iconic heroine from pre-Spanish Philippines in the 12-13th centuries in the history of the Philippines.Thanks for the information.From:Wayne

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