Movie Review: Anak Ng Kumander Pacquiao

Anak Ng Kumander” starring Manny Pacquiao

anak ng kumander

The movie started with an exquisite fight scene. Guns blazing…bombs exploding…famous kontrabidas…the makings of a great action film!

Two minutes and 15 seconds later, I threw the laptop across the room.

I guess, I’ll have to send Manny Pacquiao the bill.



Running Time: 110 mins (if you are a masochist!)
Lead Cast: Manny Pacquiao, Ara Mina, Valerie Concepcion, Lara Morena, Dante Rivero, Perla Bautista, Roi Vinzon, Efren Reyes,Jr
Director: Jose Balagtas
Jinkee Pacquiao
Screenwriter: Rod Santiago
Music: Geraldo Tristan Saguitan
Genre: Action
Cinematography: Leodigario B. Dalawis Jr.
Distributor: MP Promotions
Location: Philippines

One response to “Movie Review: Anak Ng Kumander Pacquiao

  1. i threw up my lunch after watching the 1/16 part of the movie. why don’t just we leave acting to actors….

    Tagalog Jokes

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