Donald Trump vs. Filipino Property Developer

Donald Trump was reportedly suing Megaworld Corp., a local property developer, for using “The Trumps” in their latest condominium project.

The Trump Organization said Megaworld, which is developing a condominium project at the corner of de la Costa St. and Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. in Makati City called “The Trumps“, had put out a billboard using the same typeface used by The Trump Organization for all of his real estate developments and other corporate affiliates.

trump signature this is the Trump signature in question

megaworld copies trump signatureAnd this is Megaworld‘s version of it.

(At least change the font, you morons! “But Mr. Trump, they did add the “S” at the end, so perhaps people won’t mistake this Trump clone-slash-wannabe as one of yours, right?”:)

By the way, Megaworld Corp. is the developer behind “uniquely named” projects like California Garden Square, Bellagio, Cambridge Village, McKinley Hill Village, The Manhattan Square, etc…etc…

Going back to Trump…well, his threats to pursue the lawsuit must have scared the shit out of Megaworld because now, the project is called “One Central“:) Still adamant in their claims, Megaworld said the change of name was NOT in any way giving up its claim to use the word “trumps” in future developments in the Philippines. Hmm…Let’s see if they will dare:)

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