MMFF: tapos na sa wakas!

At the risk of having potential aneurysm…

I would have to abandon any further attempts to review the movies included in the recently held Metro Manila Film Festival. It was such a terrible mistake in the first place. Not to mention, an awfully tragic way to waste time.

But this is what I suggest you do…if you are really…really…absolutely…decided on watching any of these MMFF entries

Just buy pirated DVDs…still the same effect…still the same symptoms…

…vomitting, migraine, jaw-locking, butt numbing and high blood pressure to name a few…

…but only for a meager sum of Php 30. Fair enough.

But if circumstances were different, say, I was strapped under the guillotine…well, I’d “probably” recommend that you watch these films on the big screen:

“Resiklo” and….

“Katas Ng Saudi”…yeah…yeah…ok so I’m a bigot.

Sue me.

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