Legless Sprinter Disqualified from the Beijing Olympics – video

Legless sprinter, Oscar Pistorius, was ruled by the IAAF ineligible to compete in the coming Beijing Olympics because it appeared that “his prosthetic racing blades give him a clear competitive advantage”.

legless sprinter

(A disabled man, you mean? A double amputee has an advantage over a normal athlete???? You’re kidding, right?:) Just because the guy won the Golden Gala 2007 against able-bodied athletes, doesn’t mean he will have “unfair” advantage over his competitors all the time. Let him compete! Who knows…he might just stumble right in front of everybody…that’s something you would love to see, I bet:)

The International Association of Athletics Federations said the South African runner’s curved, prosthetic “Cheetah” blades were considered a technical aid which is in direct violation of the rules. (Perhaps they’d allow him to compete if he runs without his blades…suppose he crawls…how’s that for a “fair game”?)

Pistorius, known as the “blade runner,” announced last week that he would appeal any adverse decision, including taking the case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Pistorius worked with German Professor Gert-Peter Brueggemann (Nazi!) in Cologne for two days of testing in November to learn to what extent the j-shaped carbon-fiber extensions to his amputated legs differed from the legs of fully abled runners. Brueggemann found that Pistorius was able to run at the same speed as able-bodied runners on about a quarter less energy. The professor explained that the returned energy “from the prosthetic blade is close to three times higher than with the human ankle joint in maximum sprinting.” (He must be quite inferior for your taste, huh Professor? You must have been itching to throw him to the gas chamber.)

Based on these findings, the Council ruled against Pistorius. (He can join the Paralympic Games…where he belongs, right? With his fellow handicapped.)

Ossur, the Icelandic company which is a leader in the production of prosthetics, braces and supports and also made Pistorius’ blades, has said “the blades do not provide an edge over able-bodied athletes”.

oscar pistorius

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  3. I think is an amazing story.

  4. Wow! That’s f’d up !!!!!

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