Brad Renfro dies at 25 – video

Brad Renfro dies at 25

I used to cut his pictures  from magazines when I was in highschool. Yes, I used to be a sucker for cute little boys back then.

Among the Renfro movies I recall watching was the Apt Pupil.


                   (a scene from "Apt Pupil")

The “Apt Pupil“, released in 1998, was about a boy Todd Bowden (Renfro), who discovered that an old man living on his block named Arthur Denker (Mackellan) is a Nazi war criminal. Bowden confronted Denker and offered him a deal he couldn’t refuse: Bowden will not go to the authorities if Denker tells him stories of the concentration camps in WWII. Denker agrees and Bowden starts visiting him regularly.

And of course, Sleepers! With two Brads in 1 film…you can never go wrong!

Four boys growing up in Hell’s Kitchen played a prank that led to an old man getting hurt. Sentenced to no less than one year in the Wilkenson Center in upstate New York, the four friends are changed by the beating, humiliation and sexual abuse by the guards sworn to protect them. Thirteen years later and a chance meeting that led to a chance for revenge against the Wilkenson Center and the guards.

Now he’s dead.

Good riddance.

One response to “Brad Renfro dies at 25 – video

  1. He’s..he’s dead!!!!OMG!!! *sobs*

    Loved him at apt pupil buT i liked joseph perrino at sleeperss… he so HOT!!!! ASTHENIC BODY!!! *drool*

    Renfro: fuck you.
    mckellan: my boy, we are fucking each other

    oh yeah heath ledger also died recently… Why DEATH? WHY?!? WHO’S NEXT SHIA LABEOUF?!?!

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