Edward Norton, raped in prison

Edward Norton, raped in prison

I have always been disgusted with “gay sex“…alright, anal sex to be exact. After watching the film, American History X, the disgust seemed to have increased exponentially.

This scene is not for the faint-hearted. If you are an Edward Norton fan, I suggest you go some place else. It is not right for you to witness the man we so love, being reduced to a  helpless and powerless “rape victim. There is really something quite disturbing about the whole thing!

Derek Vinyard (Edward Norton), the leader of a pack of skinheads, returns from prison to find his younger brother, Danny (Edward Furlong), caught in the same web of white power and hatred that landed him in prison. The task before Derek now is to save his beloved brother from being involved in the gang he himself created.

2 responses to “Edward Norton, raped in prison

  1. I liked a lot this movie. I shot it for pupils in my highschool in order to reflect about violence. Excellent!

  2. Shiiiiiiiiit. I think I will go to Jail next week, just entertainment.

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