Louis Vuitton Resort Collection endorsed by Marian Rivera???

Louis Vuitton Resort Collection 2008

Louis Vuitton Resort Collection 2008 is on the cover of the latest issue of Preview magazine. On the cover, as well, is Marian Rivera. She joins the roster of supermodels such as Angela Lindvall, Claudia Schiffer, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, and top Hollywood celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Uma Thurman and JLO as image models of the luxury brand.

marian louis vuitton

Image (left): Louis Vuitton model; (right) Marian Rivera

Last year, Marc Jacobs personally picked Scarlett Johansson for an LV campaign on Vogue magazine. Although, I doubt very much that Mr. Jacobs himself chose Marian to be the “Filipina” face of Louis Vuitton, I know sales will be down this year. At least here in Manila, that is.

Lous Vuitton has always been a pricey tag that only the rich can afford. How does one expect a nobody such as Ms. Rivera to lobby for elegance, hedonism and compulsion for ego goods? Sure, Marian is the most sought-after Pinay celebrity these days. Sure, she is pretty. Sure, she has an appeal. An appeal to whom? Maids, janitresses, garbage collectors, streetsweepers, vendors, office clerks? Can Louis Vuitton sales reps rely upon these people to buy a thousand dollar dress? NO! These people will just go to the flea markets in Greenhills where replica LVs are abound.

Allow me to take the liberty to volunteer other options for this ad. To start off, there’s KC Concepcion (not much of a stunner but hey! she has money stamped all over her forehead and with a little bit of make-up and designer clothes, she can transform into a gorgeous belle).

kc concepcion

And then there’s Kris Aquino, currently the top endorser of multinational enterprises such as Pantene, Pampers, etc and daughter of former President Cory Aquino. Look! She even owns an LV denim bag🙂 Authentic, I’m sure!

kris aquino

What about Ruffa Gutierrez? She is a “real-life princess” after all…I mean “was”, before she separated from the prince of Turkey.

ruffa gutierrez

Uhmm…Imelda Marcos? (No? Yeah, I thought so)

imelda marcos

Honestly, I am out of options. Louis Vuitton must have ran out of options too since they decided to dress the bedraggled Marimar with designer clothes and voila!!! A supermodel(?) in less than 5 minutes!!!

Nevertheless, this has got to be the worst marketing ploy ever conceived in the long history of Louis Vuitton. And this is the perfect time to say…

“What were you thinking?!!!!”


52 responses to “Louis Vuitton Resort Collection endorsed by Marian Rivera???

  1. if u hate marian then ur a SHIT…………..

  2. thanks for your very profound insight…lol

  3. if you can get a copy of the statistics on their sales, then i’ll believe you ^__^ V,,

  4. I didn’t know who she was before I stumbled upon this blog. So she’s an LV endorser, huh?! Sucks! Can’t carry the clothes well! The dress looks cheap on her hahahaha

  5. oo nga parang losyang! nakakahiya kapag nakita ng mga Amerikano at Europeans yang endorser natin! Pagtatawanan ka lang ni Naomi Campbell! Saka u don’t need any sales reports to know the underlying truth — and that is hindi bagay na si Marian ang magdadala ng Louis Vuitton! Sa Marimar nga ang baduy-baduy nya..parang cheap tignan ng mga suot! Ang pangit pa magsalita, walang kaclass-class! Buti pa si Angelica kahit papaano may class at sexy!

  6. well…one can’t really argue with a fan…lol

  7. wait till you hear her speak…parang squatter magsalita! Taga-La Salle pa man din…ay Dasma lang! Kaya pala!!! hehe! Pwede sya model…model ng Louie Baton…hehehehe

  8. It’s sad to know that Filipinos still have that ” crab mentality”. How I wish that I could see how you guys look like and where you studied because just by reading what you guys wrote, I think ALL OF YOU GREW UP IN THE GHETTO! If you know what I mean. Look at yourselves in the mirrror and maybe you’ll realize who’s cheap, ugly (inside and out), uneducated , ” asal kanto”, again GHETTO since this word perfectly fits all you unhappy uneducated people! Don’t worry some of you will probably be the next cover of an animal’s magazine!

  9. MARIAN, is that you??? lol Masyado ka naman affected! It’s just an opinion. Para naman gusto mo na ipagdukdukan si Marian sa amin! Sayo na lang ang IDOL mo!!! Bwahahahaha

  10. breathe people! breathe!

  11. Huh? Baka naman pag itinabi ka kay Marian ay magmukha ka lang katulong?

    And Kris Aquino ????

    Oh please!!!!

    The LV people would definitely be out of their minds if they take the once-STD-infected Kris Aquino to be their image model. Yuck ha, napapaghalata ang class mo!

  12. marian is pretty, albeit the abused gyrating. but she is not a LOUIS VUITTON endorser. she was merely chosen to showcase the luxury brand’s latest cruise collection – instead of the usual model. remember, LV philippines has it’s own PR and marketing team. don’t you guys know that gretchen baretto did a similar spread when LV first came out with the mirroir collection? nobody made a big fuss out of it.

    i’m not saying that marian is a nobody, nor that she does not deserve any credit, but Louis Vuitton has a reason for putting their shops in high-end shopping districts.

    our local fashion magazines like preview make it a habit to put unlikely people in fashion spreads, so i’m not surprised to see this. but honestly, Imelda has a greater chance of being an actual LV endorser. american mag W recently had a feature on her, and of course, her shoes. LV banks on it’s longevity, and has featured people who have been in the spotlight for quite some time already.

    actually, all i wanted was to clear up the fact that marian has modeled for a shoot that features the latest LV collection, and is in no way an actual LV endorser. the latest ad campaign marc jacobs has come up with, if you still haven’t heard, features super supermodels such as naomi campbell, stephaie seymour, and other catwalk veterans.

  13. but how come there are forums and TV programs broadcasting that she is an LV endorser. Here’s a list of her “Endorsements” according to one website:

    Sky Flakes
    Skin White
    Talk n’ Text
    Del Monte Fit N Right
    San San Cosmetics
    Louis Vuitton
    Belo Medical Group

    I actually I think it all a play of words…is there anybody else in the Philippines who is “modelling” the resort collection? I think none. So that must mean she was chosen to “endorse” the line, right?

  14. noted:) but julia_stings has a point though:)

  15. That is so freakin pathethic!!! How can you bring your own kind down??? Louis Vuitton would not pick any one who they think would not be suitable further more deserving to represent their line… We are talking about one of the notorious vougue top designer. Use your brainless head sometimes… Besides class is only defined within you and if you can live up to it! Maybe you dont know what the hell to do and just because you hate the person you dont care how ridiculous you sound. Nevertheless Marian was chosen for a reason and that reason is morethan good enough. I am not a fan of her but i am within fashion. So get a clue and mind your own business.. You are a disgrace to all the Filipinos…

  16. mas ok pa kung si angel locsin nalang…marian baduy!!!

  17. that’s what sucked about Filipinos. why cant you just simply be proud on what another Filipino is achieving? seguro jealous ung iba. bka gusto nila cla ung gawing endorser ng LV. or bka nag audition cla n ndi napili. lmfao well anyway, am so proud for marian.

  18. …credit is given where credit is due…not when it is imposed…[yawn]

  19. what a very amiable review.. NOT!!! wtf?! Marian Rivera is not that poor as you were pointing out. In addition to that, she is also not a nobody as you were saying.. Pointing out those frivolous flaws is just nonsense to me and almost to everyone who are reading your opinion or whatever.. just live with it!!!!

  20. Saan sinabi na Marian is poor? La naman eh! Exxag ka naman ata masyado or BOBO lang! Maybe you should read the post again perhaps on your second reading you can understand half the shit of what was said. Kung hindi mo pa rin maintindihan, magpaturo ka sa ngongo mong IDOL!

    Napanood nyo ba ang Marimar kagabi? Hindi talaga marunong magdala ng damit si Marian. Pwede siya siguro model ng “Aling Nena’s Tailoring Shop!” hahahahahha

  21. siguro kau yung mga Maids, janitresses, garbage collectors, streetsweepers, vendors, office clerks na binanggit lol!

    Napaghahalata kau!!! Pakialam nyo ba kung may magsabi na hindi magaling na endorser si Marian? Sa kanya na ang titulo at kahit ano sabihin ng iba…hindi mababago yun!

  22. Eh paano maiintindihan ng fans ni Marian (namely the maids, janitresses, garbage collectors, streetsweepers, vendors) ang article sa Preview…di ba Ingles yun? Malamang ang gagawin lang nila ay titigan ang pictures hahahha

  23. eh mukha naman meron ding mga iba dyan na marunong magIngles…baka mga taga call center na pasosyal!

  24. hay naku! mention ba naman dito si angel. well, well, well, kung maganda sya or mas ma -appeal kesa kay marian eh di sana sya ang napili maging endorser ng LV. sorry na lang. pero panahon ngayon ni marian. better luck next time.

  25. excuse me procopia. most of filipinos can understand ( write and speak) english. just respect them.

  26. sino namang nagsabi ng mukhang cheap si marian sa clothes nya? it’s very unique. inggit na naman ang pinapaiiral nyo. who can tell that she’s filipino. hindi halata di ba? kasi mestisa sya and class ang beauty nya. hindi ordinary filipino.

  27. i am not bringing marian rivera down, in fact i am glad that she is enjoying waves of success after angel locsin’s tragic career move. my only point is that we’d better be sure of the trumpets we blow.

    marian’s website and wikipedia are user-edited sites. anyone can put anything until someone complains. why don’t we try vuitton.com? under ‘the world of louis vuitton’, then under ‘ad campaigns’ or under ‘fashion’? any internet search will not bring up marian up on an actual LV site.

    here’s a quote form an igma.tv interview with marian: “Pero ang mas bonggang-bongga, [‘yung] Preview magazine. Imagine-in mo, lahat ng Louis Vuitton! Damit, bag, accessories, minodel ko sa kanila! Bonggang-bongga!” she herself states that she modeled LV FOR Preview Magazine.

    i first heard about this from my sister, and told myself it wasn’t likely, but i was prepared and glad if it were. i mean, who wouldn’t want to be immersed in LV goodies? despite jessica simpson flaunting all the latest LV, she doesn’t seem to be catching the brand’s attention, unlike pharell, who is coming up with a jewelry line in collaboration with LV.


    I am happy for marian being able to model LV for preview’s latest cover.

    a little note on what julia_stings remarked. sure, no one else would be able to model the cruise collection, but then again, endorsing something would mean having your face with the product plastered all over every inconceivable place to advertise your product. marian’s LV pics are preview’s and the photog’s property. when preview came up with the PMAP anniv issue, where the models were surrounded by LV, nobody started saying they are now LV endorsers.

  28. so haka-haka lang ng ibang tao pati ni marian ang pagiging modelo nya ng LV? Pinasuot lang sa kanya ang mga goods pero that doesn’t mean she’s a certified “model” or “endorser” per se? So ilusyonada sya at ang mga fans nya, ganun ba yun?

  29. eh ano pa nga ba!!!

  30. I don’t know about her fans, but Marian herself has NEVER said anything false. she said she modeled LV for Preview magazine, she never said she’s modeled LV for LV. It’s the media who’s been proclaiming that Marian is an LV endorser…

    Let’s all be glad that Marian has been tagged as fashionable enough to land a cover story for Preview, and that she’s so damn lucky to have modeled in LV!

    Whether you like Marian herself, Preview Magazine, or LV, show your support and get the mag!

    no more mudslinging guys, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything – cos it only makes you look bad in other’s eyes at the end of the day…

  31. Well yes on the sales and marketing side Marian may not be the best choice but hey, she’s pretty and a lot of rich people that i know likes Marian. Who said that the AB class doesn’t like Marian anyway? Your list of choice are (sad to say) “Very Predictable”. I don’t think we should underestimate their (LV’s )choice since most probably brands as big as this have their own research to back up their every move. I think Marian is not a bad choice because if that’s ruffa or gretchen…pag uusapan pa ba? Talk about great and tricky sales tactics.

  32. Hi,

    Filipino nga naman umiral ang pagka mga INGGITERO at INGGITERA!!! hey guys… Cant u just be HAPPY for her (marian)??? I was wondring how you guys looks like….but nevetheless sa mga comment nyo pa lang alam ko na mga itsura nyo!!! Me,personally im happy for her kc bago pa lang sya pero naging very successful sya sa job nya!Mamatay kau sa inggit!AW!! MORE POWER MARIAN or MARIMAR! God bless.

  33. err…yeah… you know people start off like that, idolized by maids, janitresses, garbage collectors, street sweepers, vendors, office clerks… but look at Dita Von Teese, she was once the gaudy, gothic girlfriend of Marilyn Manson but now…TAADAH!!! She’s the new face of Christian Lacroix!!! and Scarlett Johansson also got her mug shot from the fashion police… then she hired a stylist and blahblahblah!!! Don’t fret, marian is not a LV endorser… The company is loco to pick a Filipina model when there are so many pretty Asian girls out there… For example, Chiaki Kuriyama/ Gogo yubari from kill Bill…but hey!hey!hey! they might be loco!! I have spoken…

  34. are you kidding me? kc concepcion?? way overrated!!

  35. i guess this is a very late response, but i guess it’s never too late to point out how typical FILIPINO you are.

    CRAB MENTALITY at it’s best! no questions ask.

    yes, MARIAN Rivera is not a MODEL of LV. she was just tapped by a major magazine to present the collection.

    and who says SHE doesn’t have the BUCKs to afford it? and who says SHE doesn’t have the FACE to present it? tsktksktktsk.. you have to be more RESOURCEFUL. i guess, and i bet on it, you just don’t like marian having to topple down the PILLARS of the industry that you have been ogling.

    a lot of RICH and FAMOUS people LOVES MARIAN.

    and that you can’t deny!

  36. Grabe naman your article…. Napakamatapobre…. Yung ibang stars naman ngayon locally and internationally, some of them started from scratch… Rags to riches ba… It’s not right to put a person down… At least nga siya may pangarap… Yung iba diyan, sosyalera nga pero may tililing naman! So let’s be fair it giving criticisms… Tingnan muna kaya natin ang ating mga mantsa sa mukha!!!

  37. marian for louis vuitton? its really a crazy world, where a high brand mixes with cheap star. eew boo for LV.

  38. Stupid people arguing over a stupid topic. How very typical.

    • and how very wise of you to point that out…

      but just so we’re clear…this is you — NOT being argumentative and combative, correct?

      Because I don’t want you calling yourself stupid…inadvertently or otherwise.

      ….oh well…

  39. UNA hindi sya endorser ng LV
    like LUCY TORRES on a mag cover
    MARIAN also showcases new LV collection by that PREVIEW mag

    hindi sya endorser

    at saka
    sana isipin mo muna ang sinasabi mo
    tignan mo ang mga BACK ISSUE tignan mo kung sino ang mga cover nun at makikita mo kung sino ang hindi nabibili kapag sila ang cover.

    YES this blog is you opinion or something

    pero paka isipin mo ngayon kung bakit hangang ngayon kinukuha pa rin sya as magazine cover. umulit pa sya sa PREVIEW for BARBIE edition.

    mag isip ka muna.

    halata namang na sobra ang pagpintas mo sa TAO lalo sa mga nanunuod sa kanya

    isipin mo rin maraming blogs and DOMAIN names containing FAN related article about her. how come those poor people can afford to maintain those sites? mag isip ka muna friend. IF you are talking about fashion bakit ang mga model ba ng LV sa ibang bansa yung mga rumarampa eh mayayaman?!!!!

    maybe celebrity endorsers… but this is just a magazine cover…

    that is the point when it comes to her fans na dene-degrade mo it is up to you na yun… kung yan ang tingin mo sa mga taong nanunuod sa kanya.

    at by the way ikaw nga naka wordpress, I’ll wait for your own domain.

  40. The heck!! I thought that you are just joking around when I saw this headline in google search, I constantly vist your site to see what’s new in shoooobiz world, and to tell you frankly, Marian is beau” BUT I agree, she’s just one of the craps that Showbiz Philippines has to offer. And I’d rather vote for KC, or Ruffa or Gretchen for having these items in their closet– not Kris, nor Marian for that matter, cuz you know what? LV’s are for really Rich and Famous, not Rich and Horribly Nagger ladies, pardon me but I am such an LV fan, I love LV Designer mag photos, pricey, but price isn’t much of a price to wealthy girls, ummm, anyways they are not to blame, they want to belong, and maybe they deserve it. KC although a child who was raised by her mom has bloomed to be a very fine young lady, and Ruffa, by the effort of her mom, reached her richdom! Don’t they deserve to now to be recognized? They too have their own set of troubles in life.. Goodluck girls. Bd luck Marian.

  41. LV FAN
    This maybe very late… but this is for you…ano nagpapa-class ka? Hey woman! One of the craps… hey woman (obviously, with no substance) don’t be too arrogant. You may the money to spend for an lv but you’ve got no right to put down a very very very very famous actress like marian. Puro yabang ka lang, idiot! Baka ikaw ang bad luck o ma-bad luck. Mayabang. Filipino ka ba.. a oo…marami nga palang Filipinos ang may crab mentality. You’re on top, Devil!

  42. Marian is the a top endoerser and she has multi million earnings than any artist nowadays.. if you go out in the streets you would always see marian’s faces in the billboards and in the newspapers, magazines and etc.. Nobody can stop her. you jealous frogs!

  43. What’s with the triple question mark?

  44. hmmm siguro naman di tanga ang maxi peel no kaya wala ka sa lugar para manira saka ilan beses na nabuyangyang ang kilikili ni marian di sana noon pa man nailabas na yan bakit ngayon pa e kung saan saan na nga sya nakaabot eh sus ano ba yan kabobohan na yan magisipka nga….

  45. not all models who wear designers clothes are wealthy enough for a single one of the designers. they are models because the collections fits perfectly with their body figures and showcases the beauty of the dress.. mcqueen usually picks local models for his collections. why compare a star like marian to the models of LV? in the first place, the photo seems good for me..

    i feel that the blogger is bitter and the blog is one sided..

    but everyone is entitled for their opinion.

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