Poker Home Tournaments

Poker Home Tournaments

I am well aware of the fact that some Filipinos do love to gamble. Some even gamble under the tents posted outside the house of a newly deceased person. Yes, some of us have a weird way of honoring the dead, don’t we? And whilst a seemingly harmless game of cards can be a good way to keep one’s self awake, it can also be downright risky. For one, gambling is strictly regulated by PAGCOR and two, any gambling tournaments or activities that are to be organized must obtain a license before pursuing operation. Hence, any illegally organized gambling channel is…well,… illegal.

PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation), the regulator of all games of chance in the Philippines is a governement-owned corporation which prides itself in its second largest contribution to the government’s revenues. And you know what happens when you rip the governement off its income? You’ll receive death threats. You’ll go to jail. And worse, you’ll be expunged from the face of the earth and in local terms “masa-salvage ka”. But I’m digressing, I know. Going back to PAGCOR, among the games under its compass are baccarat, blackjack, super 6, pontoon, craps, roulette, pai gow, slots and yes, poker as well.

Have you watched “Boiler Room”? No, I don’t have ADHD!!! Trust me, my question is completely relevant. So have you watched the movie or not? Well, the organizer of this home poker tournaments somehow reminds me of Giovanni Ribisi.

I saw this ad posted on a bulletin board in Grill Queen Maginhawa St. Teachers Village, Diliman, Quezon City.


This is the URL They also require Php 100 peso buy ins and Php 50 for rebuys. You may also bring a friend to these poker tournaments.


Jonas is the ringleader of these poker tournaments. He is also an independent Insurance Consultant. If his clients find out about his illegal activities, I wonder if they’ll ask for a refund. How this insurance consultant can manage lecturing people about FUTURES and RISKS, completely baffles me. He gives them a poker face, I bet [pun intended].

Playing a friendly game of poker at the comfort of one’s home is one thing. But “advertising” and “operating” weekly poker tournaments and “doing business as” V. Luna Poker Team without a license is another. The latter constitutes a crime.

Feel free to visit (or raid) VLPT’s venue at 92 V. Luna rd., Sikatuna Village, Quezon City.

One response to “Poker Home Tournaments

  1. wow. great move in writing this blog. some of us have a hard time finding a place to play other than the card clubs. great job minding your own business.

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