Death by Ingrown Toenail Infection

Death by Ingrown Toenail Infection


Funny that I should fret about a tiny ingrown toenail. It’s not as if this will cause my own demise. Nah! I just have a little swelling around the nail grooves of my right foot’s thumb toe, that’s all. I must’ve been cleaning it so hard yesterday. A girl does need to have neatly pedicured feet so… It’s just probably a slight sore, no worries there.

I am not freaking out. Nah! The pain is still bearable, if you must know. I just feel a little bit queasy because the last time I checked, there seems to be a puslike liquid that has dried up around the skin.

So endeavoring to remove the cause of my discomfort, I took out my pedicure tools again this morning and vowed to pull out the nasty ingrown toenail. I know it’s an ingrown nail because it is quite hard. I was digging it out relentlessly but to no avail so I know it’s not just dead skin. You see, dead skin is relatively easier to pull out than an ingrown nail which grows, curves downward and cuts into the skin . However, I am not one to back out from a minor obstacle. I had an important mission — this ingrown nail must go!!!

Then all of a sudden, it snapped…

It snapped just right where I can no longer poke my pusher deeper inside the grooves and short enough for my nipper to nip it at its stubborn root. Feeling defeated by a stupid ingrown toenail, I decided I’ll just let nature take care of itself. Allow it to grow bigger if it must.

Should I die of ingrown toenail infection ere long, let this be my final testament. “I did not let you win, my friend. I’m simply taking you with me…because if I die, you’ll die as well, together with all the bacteria, the fungi and the gangrene that you wanted to inflict upon me. See you all in hell!”

One response to “Death by Ingrown Toenail Infection

  1. damn,thats a nasty pic.nice inf though

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