Travel Guide Philippines, What Foreigners Need To Know (PART III)

Travel Guide Philippines, What Foreigners Need To Know (PART III)

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7. Manny Pacquiao is the Philippines’ New National Hero


……….Jose Rizal                    Gat. Manny Pacquiao

Previously, it was Jose Rizal. But he’s been long dead now so…[shrug] I think Manny Pacquiao identifies with the world’s notion of what a Filipino is by way of his physical appearance — short, brown, and can easily be viewed as anybody’s pushover. But wait, he can fight back, and so do the rest of us. We might not have nuclear bombs like North Korea nor do we have masses of soldiers and weaponry like the U.S., but we have fists and brilliant strategies to defend ourselves. So brace yourselves, especially you Mayweather Jr.!

8. Filipinos don’t know how to sing their National Anthem.

It’s quite stupid really, and at times embarrassing how we can’t even unite and agree on how to properly sing the “Bayang Magiliw”…I mean the “Lupang Hinirang”. Republic Act 8491 of the Philippine Constitution specifies that the “Lupang Hinirang” shall be in accordance with the musical arrangement and composition of Julian Felipe. It also specifies fine or imprisonment penalties for any person or juridical entity who violates its provisions.

Don’t think that only Manny Pacquiao is on the spotlight during his fights. No! Even the singer who was chosen to sing the Philippines’ National Anthem is under so much pressure that each time a supposed note wasn’t hit accurately as prescribed by the law, he or she will surely hear a mouthful from the National Historical Institute (NHI). Given that there are laws governing the said anthem, why do these singers still insist on doing their own rendition? You don’t need to show us your singing prowess. We all know you can hit the highest of notes. But the National Anthem is not a friggin’ ballad for God’s sake! Just follow the God-damned law!

Watch the blunders committed (or crimes — in the eyes of the NHI, that is) by Filipino singers:

The so-called Filipina Divas and their over-the-top performances…[gag]

Martin Nievera, who sang before the Paquiao-Hatton fight, has the NHI’s scrutiny aimed directly at his distasteful rendition. Anybody else who thinks Martin totally sucked, say “Aye” “Aye”!

………………………………..Kyla’s version……………………………….

I think Kyla’s version is the best, if not the proper, version of our National Anthem. Who cares, anyway? It’s not as if Julian Felipe would rise from the dead and demand royalties for the revival versions of his song.

9. Only in the Philippines would you find people who are totally oblivious to the Global Recession Crisis.


Check out the nearest SM mall every second and fourth week of every month — almost always landing on a payday — and you will see what I mean. Hordes of people flock those bimonthly 3-day sales and one would assume that despite the recession, most Filipinos still have a lot of money to burn. Window-shopping or not, Filipinos do love bargain-hunting and digging under piles of clothes just to get the best deals. And inside the executive office, Henry Sy is laughing his ass off  because he knows that by the time everyone leaves his malls, they would soon realize that most of their salaries are  already depleted. Hence, Mr. Sy is satisfied with his clever little self.

10. Believe it or not, Filipinos have other abilities besides cleaning up after your abandoned and discarded geriatric folks.

Although it might seem that Filipinos are the popular choice for caregiving stints overseas, we are well-acquainted with other fields and industries, as well. We can cook, do your laundry, do your husbands, iron your clothes, take care of your kids, tend to your bushes, tend to your wives — spank them if the need be. We can also shine your shoes, wash your car, wash your stick, fix your car, fix your itch. We can even dance and sing, moan and swing. We can be whatever you want us to be. So stop portraying us as the celebrated idiots you have made us to be. We are a gifted lot and we have many talents that need yet to be explored.

See the List of Notable Filipinos Abroad and the Careers That We can Pursue…the possibilities are endless!!!

Arts and letters



  • Jose B. Cruz, Jr. – Distinguished Professor of Engineering at the Ohio State University.
  • Sharon DelmendoSt. John Fisher College Professor of English; author of “The Star Entangled Banner”; researches the unique anthropological, cultural and political entanglements that have arisen as a result of the colonial relationship between the U.S. and the Philippines; youngest person in the history of her institution to attain the rank of full professor.


  • Dorothy Cordova – Activist, professor, Co-founder of the Filipino American National Historical Society.
  • Fred Cordova – Author of “Filipinos: Forgotten Asian Americans”; co-founder of the Filipino American National Historical Society.
  • Alex S. Fabros, Jr. – Historian, professor; Documentaries: “Filipino Americans: Discovering their Past for the Future”, “Unsung Heroes”; historian, “Filipinas Magazine” and winner of New American Media’s “Ethnic Pulitzer Prize”.


  • Philip Vera Cruz – co-founder of the Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee, which later merged with the National Farm Workers Association to become the United Farm Workers; vice-president of the United Farm Workers




  • Jose Llana – broadway actor, Drama Desk Award Winner.


Culinary Arts

Health Science

  • Maria P. P. Root – Psychologist.
  • Mariano Yogore (1921–2006) – Professor and head of Institute of Public Health.
  • Rear Admiral Eleanor Mariano, MD, Ret. – Two Star Rear Admiral, White House Medical Unit Director and physician of Pres. Reagan, Bush Sr., and Clinton
  • Fe del Mundo MD -First Asian and female student at Harvard Medical School



  • Oscar A. Solis‎ – First Filipino American Roman Catholic bishop in the United States.

Television and Film

Reality Show


Disc Jockeys







Figure Skating


Contact Sports/Martial Arts




  • Natasha Kai – American soccer player and member of the United States women’s national soccer team.
  • Tiffany Roberts – American soccer player and former member of the United States Women’s National Soccer Team (Filipino mother).


Water Sports



And of course, there’s always that path less travelled…

  • Andrew Cunanan – Filipino-American gay spree killer during the mid-1990s; murdered several of his lovers including the Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace. (Yeah, being a spree killer is right at the top of my list of possible career paths. Bravo Andrew!!!)


CLICK HERE for Travel Guide Philippines, What Foreigners Need To Know PART I

CLICK HERE FOR Travel Guide Philippines, What Foreigners Need To Know PART II

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