Manny Pacquiao Talks Like A Valley Girl, You Know!

Manny Pacquiao Talks Like A Valley Girl, You Know!

If you don’t know what a Valley Girl means, well then, you’re “like” a “totally” stupid person because Valley Girls are “like” all over the place “you know” and you have met one but you’re not “like” “shur” because you’re like “majorly” clueless as to what a Valley Girl is!

“Oh my god”, that’s “like” “sooo lame!”

Ok, so Valley Girl Talk has been around  sincelike” “for-ever”! More “like” since the ’80s or “somethin'”. I’m not quite “shur” but yeah, it is fairly common back then and until “like” now. If you see a group of “betches” who talk “like“, like they’re in the set of the classic [???] movie “Clueless” or they sound like “Britt’ny and Tiff’ny Wilson from White Chicks”, then that’s Valley Girl Talk! “

“Like, Oh My God”, can’t they “like” construct a proper sentence or “somethin'”! “Yeah”, it’s “totally” crazy! “Like”, they don’t know that they sound stupid! “Seriously”, they’re bimbos, that’s “fer shur”!!! “What-ever”! “Totally Major Losers!”

Valley Girls, “like”, like to use the word “like”. I mean, “duh”, don’t they ever get tired of the word? “Seriously”! “Hellooo”, there are other synonyms for “like”, “you know”! For instance, if you wish to denote something that possesses the same or almost the same characteristics, you might want to substitute the words “analogous” or “similar” for “like”. But then again, the sentence “You want me to “like” go and ask him out?” wouldn’t sound right if you say “You want me to “analogous” go and ask him out?” Or if you say “That dress is similar sooo last year!” instead of “That dress is “like” sooo last year!” — then you wouldn’t sound like a coherent person, right? But that’s just it, by using “like” in almost every imaginable part of a sentence, you appear grammatically ignorant or worse, mentally challenged. Thereby, relegating yourself to the level of a toddler or thereabouts.

Valley Girl Vocabulary

airhead – an intellectual lightweight. A term invented to describe a Valley Girl.

“Hi, I’m Barbie and I’m an airhead.”

as if – lit. “yeah, right” or “as if” except it does not use a subject; expresses disbelief.

“I’m soooo not going to the prom with you…Hellooo…As If!!!!

awesome – equal to or slightly better than “cool”
“That movie was just totally awesome!”

bad – something that is very good or very cool

[I’m sorry but I can’t seem to reconcile the fact that some people use the word “bad” in a sentence which is supposed to mean “good”. I’m like what-ever!]

barf bag – “Jerk”

“Mr. Foxx is such a barf bag for pickin’ on Miley! Miley rulez!!!”

barf out! – it means something disgusting that makes you want to vomit

He makes me want to suck it all the time, and it like makes me want to barf out!

betch – “Bitch”

“You stole my boyfriend and you’re gonna pay for it, betch!”

bitchin’ – adj. slang for excellent; first-rate. Though a derivative of “bitch”, bitchin’ is not considered profane.

“That car is bitchin’!” [Yeah, like that makes sense??!]

bomb -used to describe something in a very favorable light

“Girl, you are the bomb!”

bottom line – yuppie-speak for getting to the crux of a matter

“I don’t know what your problem is…bottomline…I don’t give a shit!”

cheesy – something that is way too sentimental
“Britney Spears’ song, “I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman”, was way too cheesy for me!”

chill/chill out – relax, calm down

“Chill out will yah! Everything’s fine!”

couch potato – term coined to describe those who spend way too much time in front of the television

“My brother is such a couch potato, his eyes are bulging out!”

dipstick – a dumb person. Popularized by Boss Hogg on The Dukes of Hazzard (1979-1984)
“Get your hands off me you dipstick!”

do lunch – a yuppie term expressing a desire to get together in the future, but without a firm commitment as to when

“Let’s do lunch, yeah? Tah-tah!”

downer – anything — an event, a movie, a person — that is depressing

“Oh, geez, my parents are back. Hide!!!” “You’re such a downer, you know!”

dude – a pronoun made popular in the 1980s

“Dude, where did you hide my pants?”

dweeb – a synonym for “nerd”.

“Hey, dweeb, you better make sure you finish my term paper or less…!”

fer shur“For sure”

“After tonight, he’s totally gonna want me back…fer shur!”

gag me with a spoonan expression connoting extreme disgust
“Gag me with a spoon, will yah?”

get horizontalto do the wild thing. The phrase originated with Olivia Newton-John’s song “Physical”.

“I’m telling you there is something wrong with our son. I saw him getting horizontal with that Carter boy, Walter!” Walter replies, “Oh yeah? What do you suppose they were doing, rubbing dick to dick? Come on Fiona, chill! He’s not likely to get the boy pregnant, you know!

gnarly – Valley speak for something that is very good

“That’s gnarly!”

grody – something that is extremely gross

“That’s grody…ewww!”

gross out – synonymous with disgusting

“I’m like totally grossed out right now!”

[I apologize but my head is like soooo totally drained right now. I can no longer make any more examples for you. OMG, I’m late for a meeting! I’ll just have to continue this some other time.

Thanks misstfied, by the way, for the inspiration! I’m sorry I can’t add you to my BlogCatalog friends at this point in time. BlogCatalog, is a bit grouchy today — apparently, I have already exceeded the maximum number of friends that I can add for the day. So, I need to wait until the previous 24 hours expire before I can make friends with anyone…It’s crazy, I know!

I’m outtie!]

homeboy – term used to identify someone as a friend, or a member of your clique, originating from urban street gang jargon.

hottie – term used to describe someone, of either gender, who is sexy

hunk – a majorly handsome male

I’m outtie – “I’m out of here”.

I’m suuure! or I’m so sure – “I’m absolutely positive,” but usually used sarcastically.

jock – usually a term of derision directed at self-obsessed athletes.

lame – anything — an event, a person, a movie — that is dumb, uninspiring or just not with it

like – originating with Valgals, it can be used as many times as necessary in a sentence, usually to herald the upcoming use of an adjective

loadie – A stoned person.

major (majorly) – as in “He is a major hunk!” or “That was a major gross out!”

oh my God – can be used many ways; expresses shock (OMG for short).

PC – short for political correctness, as in not saying or doing anything that might hurt anyone’s feelings

psyche! – after you tell somebody something that upsets or excites them, you say this to demonstrate that you were just fooling.

queer – a pejorative unrelated to homosexuality, used to describe something or someone that is peculiar or lame.

rock my world – as in “amaze me!”

rush – a big thrill

scumbag – a derisive term denoting an extremely undesirable person

seriously – Frequent interjection of approval.

skank – like scumbag, with an added connotation of lack of morals or hygiene

so – Very; used too often and said with too much emphasis. “He’s so not cute!”

studmuffin – as in hunk

totally – “I agree” or “completely.”

UV’s – Sunshine (e.g. “I’m heading down to the beach to catch some UV’s”)

Valley Girl – term originally applied to spoiled girls who lived in the San Fernando Valley and who developed their own lingo, known as Valspeak, but which in time was used to describe any slightly goofy mall chick.

wannabe – derived from a 1985 magazine story about obsessed young female fans of Madonna, who wanted to be just like her, and did everything in their power to look and act like her.

waycool – beyond cool, or at least very very cool.

what-ever! – short for “whatever you say”; sarcastic comeback.

wicked – really good. Related to bad and radical.

word! – a very utilitarian slang word; used as an expression of enthusiastic agreement, an exclamation, or when you just didn’t know what else to say.

you know – an expression or a question to solicit another person’s agreement or familiarity with the subject at hand

5 responses to “Manny Pacquiao Talks Like A Valley Girl, You Know!

  1. Yikes, I think I “like”, created a monster. “Like”, “gnarly” post, though. So, I “like”, enjoyed it “like”, all the same. Now, off I go to “like”, find me some earplugs, “like”, you know. Oh yeah, they are “like,” so “the bomb.”

    Agh, now here I go; “Gag me with a spoon!”

    Excellent post, by the way. As a matter of fact…really bitchin’. LOL

  2. ang tawag sa mga ganyan ay mga COÑO!!! o kaya mga taga-call center na nagii-slang slang di naman bagay!

  3. Like him as an athlete but not as a person. trying hard mag-English. I bet if sasali sya sa Ipod contest,he’ll hard a bit hard time kasi he has to blog about it.

  4. You can say that again!!!

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