Jinky Pacquiao Scandal

Jinky Pacquiao Scandal

I say “scandal” because if this is not scandalous, then I don’t know what is!

Belomed is a popular Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery clinic here in the Philippines. It has been endorsed by the likes of ZsaZsa Padilla, Regine Velasquez, Lucy Torres-Gomez, Claudine Barretto, Katrina Halili, Piolo Pascual, Dingdong Dantes — all prominent and prestigious names in our local entertainment industry and all possess a certain thing called “beauty”. Now, since BeloMed stands for beauty, there is no doubt as to why these celebrities were chosen to endorse BeloMed products.

However, there are rumors that Jinky, wife of Manny Pacquiao, is to become the next model for Belo Medical Group.

Now this news goes under the bright, bold heading of “What-The-Hell?”

Enter Jinky Pacquiao…

When Jinky was asked about the rumors regarding the BeloMed endorsement, she said…


Jinky Pacquiao: Hahahaha…No, I can’t still reveal that…we still need to talk…Me, I’m just happy…I’m proud of myself when they ask me to become an endorser. I think I have the “potential” [???] that’s why they asked asked me, right? [Is she trying to convince herself or the interviewer? Hmmm…either way, there’s a hint of doubt somewhere. OFF-TOPIC: Were you able to see Jinky’s twin sister @ 00:28 seconds? Well, not that she matters…]


Manny Pacquiao: That’s good. Uhh, there’s no problem about that. My wife is truly model-material. [then he laughs]. That’s fine just as long she is the solo model [he laughs again] ….But she can’t pursue acting… [Does Manny feel threatened by his wife’s new celebrity status? Is he envious that he wasn’t able to get the endorsement himself? And if ever Jinky pursues an acting stint, would she overshadow her husband’s  showbiz career (if there is any at all)?

Hmmm….these questions are meant to be left unanswered….so please don’t bother…

Jinky was chosen to endorse a new weight reduction product — a diet injection, to be exact. We’ll see how that goes. hahahah..Anyway, here’s a preview of Jinky’s upcoming BeloMed ads which you will eventually see displayed across numerous billboards along EDSA.


(front-left) Regine Velasquez, (front-right) Lucy Torres, (second row) ZsaZsa Padilla and (top) Jinky Pacquiao.


The beautiful faces of BeloMed: (front- from left to right) Regine Velasquez, Lucy Torres, Sarah Geronimo, Bea Alonzo; (second row – left to right) ZsaZsa Padilla, Jinky Pacquiao and Claudine Barretto.


Jinky Pacquiao à la ZsaZsa Padilla

“Timeless”??? Uhh…Forgivable. “Beauty”??? Uhh…Debatable.


Jinky Pacquiao à la Tin Tin Bersola-Babao

Last time I checked, the dictionary defined “sexy” (sěk’sē) as arousing or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest; Highly appealing or interesting…That’s easy enough to understand. But, this! This is a direct affront to my intelligence!


Jinky Pacquiao à la Anne Curtis

With a little help from Photoshop, well, it’s quite feasible, I suppose [???]


Jinky Pacquiao à la Katrina Halili

One word…scandalous!

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77 responses to “Jinky Pacquiao Scandal

  1. Naku tigilan nga ang pagiilusyon! Kahit gaano pa sya Kayaman or Kaputi or Kakinis, wala pa rin syang K para maging model!!! Kung si pacquiao nga natatawa sa kalokohang ito, what more ang sambayanang Pilipino?!

  2. sa susunod si aling dionisia naman daw ang magkaroon ng commercial for BeloMed “Timeless Beauty” nyahahahahha

  3. iKnowMoreAboutIt !

    know wat wag kayong pakialamera mas mai say aman c jinky kesa sa mga bummabatikos s knya ! MGA INGGITERA KAYO ! ahaha balibasa mga wal kayong breeding ! mga asal dukha kau ! ahaha:P ciaoxz! IDOIT!

  4. nagtetext ka ba or nagmamadali or sadyang hindi ka lang talaga nakaabot sa grade 1? Tagalog na nga gamit mo, mali-mali pa rin…ano ba naman yan dong!!!


    Isa pa, sinasabihan mo ba kami ng IDIOT? Kung oo, mali rin kasi spelling mo dun….nyahahahhaha

    umayos ka…nahahalata ka

    • totoo namn po talaga..kaso lang ngayun lang nila nilabas sa tv kasi nga wala ng pwede ibato kay manny kung di yung ganung isyu nalang.sbrang yaman nya na kasi kaya kainggitan tlaga sya ng tao..pero totoo namn talga yung isyu

  5. pa-“know what” know what ka pa…pwede ka naman kasi mag-bisaya nalang…para di ka nahihirapan sa Tagalog at English nyahahahhaha

  6. Manny Pacquiao, is that you?

  7. “PipitBlog is a venue for voicing out opinions, for criticizing social norms and for exercising one’s right to free speech. The ultimate purpose being to acquire a sense of relief… This blog is written solely for the amusement of the author.”
    — Whatever happens to minding our own business? Oh well, I didn`t. I guess this is amusing and relieving for you.That`s good.

  8. Hmmm…if everybody wanted to mind his or her own business from the very beginning of time, then I guess

    – the Church would have been non-existent
    – Norms wouldn’t have been created
    – we wouldn’t have governments and laws
    – we wouldn’t have the Press, editiorials, gossip columns, and the paparazzis
    – we wouldn’t have arranged marriages
    – the terms “homosexuals, lesbians, adult babies, pedophiles, mistresses, ex-cons, prostitutes, nudists, drug addicts, rapists” wouldn’t make most people sneer
    – the US wouldn’t have invaded Iraq
    – we wouldn’t have any charitable institutions, relief operations, search and rescue operations, 911, police department, firemen, doctors, nurses
    – Marcos wouldn’t have been overthrown by Cory Aquino and the People Power
    – Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Love Hewitt’s weight problems wouldn’t be such big issues, nor would it be a joke if obese people wear bikinis and trunks.

    And yes, your hypocrisy amazes and amuses me,,

    • iusuallydontcarebutthisisoffensive

      Minding your own business means keep your head in your own game and not giving a damn about shit. Eh ikaw wala ka namang ‘game’ dahil you live off rumors/celebrities and all this shit you see on tv. You live off other people’s fame. And the nerve of you writing about polilitics napaka irrelevant nun sa pinaguusapan. You’re the lowest kind of writer. Para kang sira ulo. Masyado kang babad sa tv at kababawan. Get a freaking life man. Nakakahiya kang pinoy

      • I think, I wasn’t the one who needed to know what “minding one’s own business” means…I can define it by myself — thank you very much. It’s just that I don’t practice it…ahihihihi

        “And the nerve of you writing about polilitics napaka irrelevant nun sa pinaguusapan.” — baka naman hindi mo lang maintindihan, kaya sinasabi mong “irrelevant.” Tignan mo muna kasi ang konteksto ng aking komento.I believe it’s called analogy…ahihihihi wag maging linyar ang pagiisip, kasi napaghahalata…nyahahahaha

  9. pls send me the full video of katrina halili and hayden kho sex video just too see it if its real.. saldino_armando67@yahoo.com
    thanks you very much

  10. hahaha….i can’t help myself but to laugh when i saw the pictures above… well, who knows baka nga makaakit ng mga clients si jinky…

  11. Ito na naman kayo. Kung may taga ibang bansa na nanlalait sa mga pinoy kayo ang unang bumabatikos dahil racial discrimination daw or ano kahit ang babaw lang naman ang sinabi nila… ngayon isang kapwa pinoy na mag endorse ng isang product na di nyo gusto parang sobra nyo na mag react… that’s more than racial discrimination! that’s prohibiting their rights as human, spiting them on their face or slapping them with your hands full of shit.

    Eh ano naman ang ikinagagalit mo kung mag endorse siya? dahil ba hindi ikaw ang nakuha bilang endorser sa product na yan? Common! huwag naman ganyanan. Di ako taga hanga or ka anu-ano ni Jinky and I am not also from GenSan but I think this post is just so degrading to Jinky and her family.

    Beauty is pnly skin deep, napaka superficial mo naman to bring out those comments for her. Di naman kagandahan ang importante dito sa mundo…

  12. liselle santos

    pwede ba tama na pastar???aling dionisia at jinky 2mulong n lng k u s mhihirap,tma na mag_inarte di bagay hahhaha

    • korek arteng arte nila magenjoy nalnag sila instead na mag inarte..kung wla din namn pera si pacman wla din papatul jan..kaya isipin nalng nila na kasama yan sa pagyaman ni pacman.ang aarte nila..kainis…………..

  13. liselle santos

    alam nyo sobra cla pa showbiz,di bgay,di po lgi mabenta ang shake rattle&roll hahaha

  14. liselle santos

    pdwe po ba send nyo s akin ang video ni hayden&katrina ty&more power!!!!

  15. jinky—– your family been blessed much,believe better stick to being a good mom to your children,a nice simple wife to your husband.
    forget about those buayas out to take advantages of the famiily frames and wealth, for their own selfish motives.

  16. yung mga talent scouts lang naman ang may idea tungkol sa pagkuha kay jinkee. kumukuha sila ng popular na tao para gawing endorser kahit hindi angkop sa produkto. “there are lies in advertising”. kasinungalingan ang sinasaksak nila sa utak ng mga pinoy na akala nila ay siyento porsiyento mga tanga at bobo. tama lang na mag-react sa panloloko ang mga matatalinong pinoy. amen.

  17. may tama tlga c hayden kay katrina …..pati c jinky ginawang kawawa…hahahahahaha

    • iu mga lapa cnda.mag umawun… dapat tmang pasimple lang yan c jinkee… dawa makwarta na dapat simple lang… dai bagay ali man cnda sa pag kapobre…hays..

  18. Kayo naman give her a chance, basta ako maganda si jinky tapos, wala nang papalag dyan. Asawa yan ng ating pambansang kamao give her a due respect, remember kahit anong ipintas nyo, she’s been a big influence on Manny’s success. Ganito mayroon tao not so photogenic sa picture pero maganda sa personal.

  19. Agreed some o fyou guys, mind your business!!!!! lets get on with our lives.

  20. Sorry for the above, I am just in hurry….”MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS”

  21. ang unngoy kahit suotan mo pa ng magagarang damit, ay unggoy pa rin… hehehe!

    • wag kayong pintas nang pintas wala namang ginagawa sa inyo ang tao,maawa naman kayo,kong naiinggit kayo gusto nyo maging kabet ni pacman ?di kau nalang para matigil na kau.

  22. anna ramientos

    ang papanget nyo.. haha! amuyin nyo na lang kili kili ko para makatulog kayong lahat.. cno ang papalag? punta kayo dito sa bahay ko. square tayo!! lalo ka na abobang! muka kang puke sa personal, pukeng tinubuan ng bulbol! hahaha!! bulbol ka ng tatay mo..

  23. anna,dont be like that…dont discriminate her…she’s too a human..wak ka ganyan…know how to respect a person also…di ka nakakatuwa…tnx

    • leishia, ano problema mo? cge, ikaw na lang ang mukang puke.. pukeng may nakapasak na burat. masaya kana? haha! ako, masaya!! hahaha

  24. sa tingin nyo ba talagang maputi at makinis na si jinky kahit noon pa.sbhi kase ng kasama ko sa bahay d nman daw maputi s jinky dati.sana may pix sya na before and after na pix.pero infairness nakakaingit ang puti nya ngayon iba talaga pag mapera noh.

  25. haha..natatawa tlaga aQ bakit pah kc pumasOk sa gaNyang bagay..d ba nya alam na katawa-tawa yung ginagawa nya..ddi 2loy pinag tatawanan na xahg ng sambayanan..mabuti pah mag alaga ka nlng ng mga anak moh..at mag 2long ka nalng sa inyong lugar..sabi pah nla isnabira kah daw at kuripiot!!!!dun sa GENSAN

  26. tsk! one word, PATHETIC! hahaha you tried so hard para magmukang pangit si jinky but yung gumawa nito sya ang mas nakakatawa! hahaha.Ü jinky is not that beautiful as other celebrities are but she is still chosen. meaning, may K. wag ng MAINNGIT hindi nmn kayo yayaman jan.Ü

    • actually pinaganda ko pa si jinky sa lagay na yan no…

      • Alam mo sinungaling ka….halata naman na pinapanget mo si jinnkee para mag mukhang katawatawa sya…iba nalang gawin mo para may silbi ka sa mundo hindi yung maging dalahira ka masama yan…hay naku sigurado ako yung nakalagay jan na picture mo actual photo mo yan…kailangan mo na si belo…dapat ikaw ang napiling model ni belo eh…ikaw yung before…hahaha…belo chose jinkee because she has the potential to endorse the product…hindi tanga si belo katulad mo para pumili ng tulad nyong mga impakta…(dun lang sa mga may bad comments)…u sound like you are well educated pero sa ganyang ginagawa mo para ka lang tambay sa kanto na walang magaawa sa buhay nya dahil sawa ka na…hahaha…wala kang kuwenta…panget mo kasi eh…

  27. TRIVIA: Do you know that Janet is currently Chavit Singsons lady lover?! Just ask any Team Pacquiao member. Guess why he and his previous common law wife had a falling out.

  28. Janet Jamora is the identical twin of Jinkee Pacquaio.

  29. ////////////////////////////

  30. Jinky bigyan mo nga ng balato mga nanlilibak sa u para matahimik na sila .Talagang bganyan ang puno ng mangga kapag mabunga.mamatay sila sa inggit sa u

  31. mga walang puso

    you know what, naging selfish ang mga bad commentator dito eh… bakit? eh anu ba ang paki niyo if anu ang gustong gawin ni jinky sa buhay… wala na kayo dun. matanung ko lang…. if kayo ang nasa side ni jinky masasaktan ba rin kayo? it’s obvious di ba? wag naman kayong ganyan…. kung san siya masaya wag niyo ng paki alaman…. tao lang tayo at hindi perfect sa lahat ng bagay, KAYA BACK OFF! kung kayo kaya ang e comment sa mga bagay-bagay na ginawa niyo na hindi nagustohan ng iba…. maging masaya ba kayo sa nga nababasa niyong comment…. okay sana mag comment kayo, if wala kayong nagawang bagay na hindi nagustuhan ng iba…. sana naman maging maginoo tayo sa ating kapwa. wag natin bantayan ang mga mali o hindi magandang pangyayari ng iba. dahil nakasakit tayo ng puso hindi lang ang puso ni jinky pacquiao pati na rin ang puso ng ating Panginoong Diyos. at sana ma anticipate niyo naman ang lahat ng sinulat ko. thanks!!!

  32. gusto ko mag blowjob si jinky saking pennis…. hahahaha sa tingin ko maganda siyang tignan dun.

  33. gusto ko mag sex kami ni jinky… kahit papano masarap nah… hahahahahahah

  34. nakakahiya kayo! kapwa niyo pinoy nilalait niyo, tumingin muna kayo sa salamin, tsaka kayo manlait! inggit tawag diyan! mapera sila, kaya gagawin nila para gumand asila, kawawa naman mga inggitero at inggitera tulad niyo!

  35. masahol pa kayo sa mga tambay at asal squatter, o cguro ganun kayo, mabuti pa mga squater, kesa sa inyo!

  36. napaka walang kwenta ng site na to.Mga di makatao ang mga commentator, lalo na ang nagpasimula nito, Puro inggit ang nasa katauhan ninyo. tsk, tsk, tsk, ..

  37. yung nilalait niyo, yung mga kinukumpara niyong model, dati rin sila hindi mga kagandahan, mga salamat dok din ang ilan sa kanila. at sa lahat, wala kayo pakialam kung ano man gawin ni jinky sa pera, hindi siya nanglilimos sa inyo. inggit lang yan! 😛

  38. dami pa dapat gawin kesa mag gawa ng gn2ng blog.. sayang ang time

    • bakit naman sayang ang time? eh naglaan ka nga ng ilang minuto ng iyong busy life to comment here? Which I appreciate by the way…pero wag mo isisi sakin kung sinayang mo ang sarili mong oras. kaw talaga — may pagka-enggot….ahihihihi

  39. wow naman!kahiya ang blog site na ito..parang perpekto ah…mga inggitera at inggitero tlg…

  40. inngit lang kau-mga hopeless-

  41. hay naku mgkamukha na cila tuloy ni dionesia

  42. iusuallydontcarebutthisisoffensive

    SOBRANG KUPAL MO. Sino nagsabi sayo na pwede ka mag set ng standard for beauty. Ulul. Arroganteng manunulat. Kapal ng mukha mali naman

  43. wow naman, nice interview, salamat sa mga sumuporta! MARAMING SALAMAT SA INYONG LAHAT

  44. nakakhiya ang taong ito…yinatawanan ka lang ni jin kee at manny kasi nagbubuhos ka ng oras para lang inisin nila.hahaha…kahit naman kasi anung sabihin mo dun parin sila sa tuk-tok ikaw hanggang dito ka lang pa blog blog…wawa naman.huhuhu…wala atang napansin sayo kaya nakaisip ka na mangaway nalang para atleast diba,may napansin…hindi nga marami ang nagkokoment eh..hindi pa dire diretso…wawa naman hahahaha…buti nga.makakarama ka din!sama ng ugali mo.mukha ka ng nang tae,tae pa ugali mo!

    • Do you have a connecting tube between your anus and your mouth? I am concerned because everything you have said so far appears to be just shit. More likely, the tube directly links your brain to your anus…and above is your anus talking…hahaha

      Sino ba ang may sabing gusto kong dire-diretso at madami ang taong magcocomment dito? No, I don’t get satisfaction from that. The only interesting thing for me is watching someone like you return again and again even if I flush you down so many times. As I said, you’re like shit…hahaha

  45. Wow,defensive…hmmm…naiinis ka na ata…hehe ako kasi hindi pa eh…kasi ako wala akong pakialam kung magpabalik balik man ako sa mga walang kwentang site na kagaya nito….did you say “i am like shit’? hmmm…well i have to tell you this, by the way you mind other people`s lives and the way you write things about them and the way you react…”YOU ARE SHIT” PEOPLE FLUSH YOU DOWN i know hehe..and oh one advice,
    if you can`t think of anyhting to do try this,stand up,spread you leg apart,stick your head up your ass then kiss your sorry ass goodbye…hehe..hehe…never tried it but people i know says it is proven…atleast you just disgust yourself…not somebody…hihi…tata(*.*)

    • me…naiinis? HAHAHAHA…don’t flatter yourself…I’ve gone against the worst of the worst, but you, my dear, can only be described as insipid and unstimulating. Please do come back as I’m always happy to see you try even harder…ahihihihi

      • Do not be redundant “my dear”
        (Insipid and Unstimulating) i new it ! i wasted my time here…damn it!… oh by the way,nincompoop? it best describe you,kasi only people like you would make this kind of site eh…

        • as a matter of fact, you did waste your time coming back here…again and again and again and again and again and again…THAT makes you a six-time nincompoop…ahihihihi

          please do come back again so that you can beat your own record of nincompoop visits! nyahahahaha

  46. a lot of comments are true since this site was made to see other people’s comment about the topic. It would be boring to see all positive or all negative comments so the site’s aim really hit the bull’s eye!!!
    Aling Dionisia or Jinky’s social or political view were not known before so we really can’t judge their character because of their decisions (we didn’t know them before) so whatever they’re doing or plan to do in the future is because of their core personality or being… we can’t demand them to be socially conscious since they did not become rich on conventional means… by G..! they became milliionaires, BILLIONAIRES in less than 2 years!!!
    so… i guess nuff said… 🙂 peace all

  47. …im looking for the picture of jinky pacquia when she was not yet undergone surgery…. but i didnt see 1….!

  48. is any1 there who can show 1….?

  49. hay filipino kahit saan magaling……….

  50. Hi!what is life talaga a lot of shesmosa,mgtrabo nga kau bka sasunod kau naman ang kainggitan it bcoz my pera n kau hehehehe

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