Filipino Doctors and Nurses Scandals

Filipino Doctors and Nurses Scandals



Nurses have become one of the Philippines’ top exports, earning a global reputation as caregivers. But credentials for thousands of would-be nurses are under a cloud, because of alleged cheating in recent certification exams.

After disclosures that test questions for Philippine nursing board examinations in June were leaked to hundreds of applicants, officials and industry experts are warning that the country’s status as one of the world’s top producers of nurses could be threatened.

The country’s Professional Regulation Commission has confirmed that questions in the board exams taken by more than 42,000 nursing graduates in June had been provided in advance to hundreds of examinees. The initial accusations were made by students, who contended that the president of the Philippine Nurses Association had provided the exams to students who took his coaching classes.

Examinees from the country’s top nursing schools yesterday called on the government to order a retake of the controversial June 2006 nursing licensure examination, reiterating that only a retake will “completely redeem” their batch and the entire nursing profession.


THE Department of Health (DOH) finally named yesterday three doctors, a nurse, and a nursing attendant involved in the surgery of a florist at the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC).

The procedure to remove a body spray canister from the 39-year-old patient’s rectum was captured on camera and uploaded to YouTube.

The video shows more than 10 people in an operating room shouting, giggling, and jeering, especially after the canister was removed. One of the medical staff even opened the canister and sprayed it around.  The video also captured several individuals taking footage of the operation using cellular phones. The patient, who wanted to be identified only as Jan-Jan, was unconscious all that time.

DOH Secretary Francisco Duque identified the doctors and nurses as Dr. Philips Leo Arias, head surgeon; Dr. Angelo Alinawagan, assistant surgeon; Dr. Max Joseph Montecillo, who is assigned to an adjacent operating room; nursing attendant Rosemarie Villareal; and circulating nurse Carmina Sapio.


Hayden Kho graduated from the UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. He passed his licensure examination last February 2007.   He used to practice his profession at the Belo Medical Group but was promoted to a Marketing Directory position later on. Today, his license as a medical doctor is at risk of getting revoked. Click here to see Dr. Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili’s video.



When not acting or doing commercials, Maricar Reyes actually works as a doctor. But Maricar would rather keep her life as a general practitioner separate from the showbiz world. In an interview at the ABS-CBN Trade Launch last April 30, Maricar shared with the fulfillment she gets from being a doctor. “There’s something different about when a sick person comes to you and then you give him something that makes him feel better. There’s no price for that.”

Maricar said that being an actress and being a doctor are both her dreams. When she was a child she would often stand in front of the mirror and imitate some scenes she would see on TV. When she learned that her brother earned big bucks after doing a commercial, she was enticed by the idea of appearing in front of the camera and getting paid. Click here to see Dra. Maricar Reyes and Dr. Hayden Kho’s video.



I’m wondering if this is indeed a different woman…From the looks of it, the room is pretty much the same, don’t you think?

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  1. hello i’m so curious about the video please send me a copy of maricar reyes and hayden kho scandal tnx a lot.

  2. im here in middle east,saudi arabia,blocked yung mga URL,can you send on my email,katrina and hayden’s full video..thanks

  3. hello i’m so curious about the video please send me a copy of maricar reyes and hayden kho scandal tnx a lot.

  4. hey!! i want a full version of this video. tnx

  5. where can i find the brazilian model and hayden kho scandal coz i cannot find it anywhere…plz kindly send it to my emai…… tnx alot…

  6. i am in the middle east and the url’s are blocked, i can’t get into the url’s you’ve posted. Please send me the katrina-hayden video. Thank you.

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  10. plsss send to me the video of the brazillian

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  12. When I was recently hospitalized a Filipino nurse turned the drip too fast. As a result my lungs were full of water and I was unable to breathe. This nurse came late in the evening, turned the I.V. to a very fast drip. I didn’t question her however somehow I knew something was. The next morning I was taken to ICU as a result of this incident from lack of knowledge on part of this nurse who didn’t know and understand the procedure!!! Thank God I am now OK.

    • Well, as much as I would like to jump to the defense of my countrymen, in this case I can’t because I for one I had experienced firsthand the sloppy work some Filipinos nurses display. One would wonder how the hell they passed the board exam…hahahaha

  13. helo. .gs2 q0 p0h mkita ang video ni brazilian and hayden. .

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  16. According to my observation to scandal of katrina and hayden is privacy to all people,sana walang manggaya sa kanila nakasasama yan sa kabataan at bata,please sent the brazillian scandal i watch it,plsssssss.

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    ellow morning me i see all scandal of dr haydeen kho.pls reply me na curios lang me.

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