Prison Break Series Finale

Prison Break Series Finale

I still can’t get over it!!! Damnation!!!


1974 – 2005

Husband , Father , Brother , Uncle , Friend

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

There you go! Michael died and Lincoln lived…whatever happened to poetic justice, huh?!

And I’m not talking about General Krantz getting the electric chair or Christina being shot dead…or T-bag finally going  back to Fox River…nor Self being paralyzed from head to toe…

I’m talking about heroes and happy endings, Mr. Paul Scheuring.

Kudos to you for all the heart attacks, the frustration, the adrenaline rush, the seemingly endless chase…and most of all…for the disillusionment!

18 responses to “Prison Break Series Finale

  1. pipitblog, can you send me a copy of the prison break series 4 to finale? thanks much!

  2. di ko ma open ang dalawang link kay katrina na video pero ung dalawa ok nmn… thanx

  3. Hello. Kindly please send the “Maricar Reyes and Hayden Kho Scandal Part 2“.
    Salamat po. *Ü*

  4. huhuhu, very sad ending ang prison break…sana meron png season 6..hehehe

  5. huhuhu…very sad ending ang prison break……….sna meron png season 6…

  6. pipitblog, napanood mo n b ung prison break final break???

    • yup napanood ko na…pati ung episode after the series finale where they showed what happened before michael……….

      well, di ko na ikukuwento,,panoorin mo nalang…nyahahahah

  7. napanood ko n din…kainis nga lng tlaga….

  8. oo npanood ko n din….tlagang badtrip!!!!wla k p bng update 2ngkol ke ruffamae?hehehe…psimple ko no?

  9. nagtry ako open ung pinoy spy d2, kso d ko mabuksan site blocked….hirap d2 kc ko UAE, kya d basta2 makapagbukas ng site….

  10. hey meron ka bang site or link na alam kc gs2 ko mpanuod un season 4-6 ng prison break. please!

  11. giggle, hanggang season 4 lng pde mo mapanood kc wla naman season 5 & 6..

  12. giggle, try mo kung pde mo p mapanood s ang prison break…

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