My BF was having sex with a little boy

My BF was having sex with a little boy

In my dream — that is. Still…eeeewwww!!!!


I remember entering our bedroom and there he was — jamming his penis inside the ass of a little boy, no less! When I looked down at the boy, I saw blood on his tiny butthole…on his underwear which was halfway down his thighs…then he gave me a wicked grin…Weird huh? So how do I make sense of it? Or should it even have to make any sense at all?

Over the years, experts have been trying to rationalize the meaning of dreams. Some say it is a way for omnipotent beings to relay divined messages. I don’t see how a man butt-fukcing a little boy would make me see some divined message from God. Or was it from Satan? bwahahahaha

Some dismiss dreams as nothing more than a biochemical reaction and hormonal interaction occurring as the brain rests, recovers, and resets itself from day to day. So this might have something to do with the fact that I am Pi-eM-eSing right now and my hormones are outta control?

Others say dreams are windows to our unconscious minds. I know I’m not into the whole pedophilia thing, and so is he. In fact, when I told him about my dream — he said, “Eeeww…Kadiri ka talaga!” —- So why did I even dream about it? It’s entirely possible, though, that in my unconscious state, I dig little boys [shrug]. Again….eeewww!

According to Sigmund Freud, “there is a psychological technique which makes it possible to interpret dreams, and that every dream reveals itself as a psychical structure which has meaning.” Truth is — there is no manual available that can identify what objects in dreams symbolize. The objects undergo changes that only the individual can gain an understanding of — which psychoanalysts can only learn through dialogues with the patient. However, here are some of the common objects seen in dreams and their respective meanings:


The meaning of sexuality in dreams depends on the emotional element. If you wake up sexually aroused [I wasn’t], that is common [I said I wasn’t sexually aroused!]. Sexuality is a fundamental part of living and sexual dreams express part of your being. Only if the content is disturbing [it was quite disturbing actually] or if your arousal is more intense from dreams than from waking experience, do you need to explore your dream’s meaning. If you dream of sexual experience but are not sexually aroused, the traditional meaning is one of general happiness. Your love relationship is deepening or about to be renewed. [Thanks, that is very comforting!]

The most common sexual dreams are: adultery, love with an acquaintance, masked or faceless lover, passionate encounter with an ex, rape, sex in a public place, sex change.


Mountains, rocks, sticks, umbrellas, poles, trees… Then objects for which the penetration in the body and harming is characteristic – knives, daggers, lances, sabres, swords, guns, rifles, revolvers, cannons…these all represent the penis.

The phallus is also substituted with objects from which water runs: pipes, watering-pots, fountains… and with objects that can be lengthened: hanging lights, extensible pens, aerials. Balloons, airplanes, helicopters, rockets, etc. are symbols of erection. Less evident male sexual symbols are reptiles and fish, especially a symbol of snake. A hat and a coat as well as various machines and appliances have the same meaning.


Shafts, pits and caves, vessels and bottles, boxes, suitcases, tins, pockets, closets, stoves, ships…these represent the vagina. The same holds for house with entrances, passages and doors, churches, chapels, castles, mansions, fortresses and even landscape itself. The material such as wood and paper as well as objects made of them: a table, a book… symbolize the same. Typical female symbols among animals are snails and mussels and their shells. Apples, peaches and fruits in general symbolize breasts.


Most often, this is not a sexual dream. Usually this common dream is a dream of inadequacy: you don’t feel prepared for some event, or for life itself. This dream may have an element of comedy — lighten up! Don’t worry. Traditionally, this has been a dream of money luck. Buy a lottery ticket.


Blood is life force. Some say it is the vehicle of the soul. It carries nutrients through our bodies and removes toxic wastes. If you are bleeding in a dream, ask yourself where in your physical life your life force is being taken from you or is simply draining away. In the Christian sacraments, human beings are called to drink the blood of the Jesus, so drinking blood in a dream can be referring to sacred ritual and imbibing Divine force. Blood is associated with both being born and with dying. So, depending upon the context of the dream, you need to ask yourself either what is being born in your psyche or in what way is the soul being murdered?

Any weird dreams that you might want to share??? Feel free to disgust us all.

9 responses to “My BF was having sex with a little boy

  1. kunin mo manika ko

    Hello, Sis!

    Sorry ang haba, dun pa lang nilabasan na ako…hi..hi..hi..joke lang!

    Tinamad na akong basahin, paki summary na lang kung pwede? Anyway, maliwanag na Pedophilia ang kanyang gusto. Mahirap yan kung meron pang silya elektrika tyak eto ang magiging parusa dyan sa mga gagawa ng ganyan.

    Kung matinong tao ba yun gumagawa nyan saan yun utak nya kaya? Mantaking mo ba naman kantutin nya yun bata, ang masakit nun at talagang duduguin ang puwit or kepay ng bata sa laki ng arin ng adult.

    Di ko malaman bakit pagdating sa sex, ang tao me kanyang-kanyang trip sa sex, meron sa bisiklet…sa aso, kabayo or hayop, manika like me…etc. yak, kadiri! Pati puno ng saging binabanatan na din….hay..

  2. that’s disgusting! i don’t know if i’ll ever be able to wipe off the image from my head! yuck!

  3. i had an almost similar dream before, only the little girl was on top of me. banging away like some harlot,,,i woke up with wet sheets LOL

    • “WHAT IDIOT”

      nakikini-kinita ko na kung paano mo bibigkasin yan, ang lalabas “wat id-yot” nyahahahahahahaa

      you mean, what an idiot…ahihihihihi

  4. I had a dream that i fucked a lil girl that was lyk 6 with a wire coat hanger. She started bleeding badly but i just shoved it in harder. Her tiny vagina started swelling until a penis sprouted from it. I then began fucking myself with it. Next i sucked it so hard that it shriveled up. She started crying so i slapped her and found a homeless guy that would rape her. He made her suck his stinky hairy crusty dirty old cock. Wow.

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