Manny Pacquiao and Nicole Scherzinger Scandal a.k.a. Wapakman Movie

Manny Pacquiao and Nicole Scherzinger Scandal a.k.a. Wapakman Movie


Woooohooo! Lagot ka na naman kay Jinkee!!!


Tumalab kaya ang “charms” ni Pacman kay Nicole?

To see the rest of this scandal…watch “WAPAKMAN” this coming October in theatres near you…or kung ayaw nyo magaksaya ng Php 150…which is understandable — you may just go to your local dibidi stores…kung ayaw nyo pa rin gumastos ng Php40…panoorin nyo nalang nang paulit-ulit ang Katrina Halili-Hayden Kho sex video — libre na, kakatuwa pa! Besides, pareho lang naman ang theme eh — BABUYAN! hahahahhahahahahah


Kissing scene? Naku, kung ako kay Nicole, magdedemand ako ng mega millions para sa kababuyang movie na ito!


Magsasabunutan kaya sila sa movie?


7 responses to “Manny Pacquiao and Nicole Scherzinger Scandal a.k.a. Wapakman Movie

  1. mikeriveraprod

    What is your email again? I want to email you something

  2. ewan ko ba nmn kay nicole…sa lhat b nmn ng tatanggaping offers eto pa napili nya.
    OR super yaman n tlg ni pacman at keri n nya ng bonggang bongga c nicole…
    OR ambisyoso ln tlg c pacman…hahaha

  3. halata kayang edited lng ang pics..anyway kakatuwa he he

  4. Those pictures are hilarious!..xD But lets give some repect to them especially from nicole she’s still a filipina and we must respect women. As for the movie nicole is no longer the leading lady of manny because of her busy schedule(I think) and Ruffamae Quinto will replace her with the role. Hopefully the movie will be a success without nicole. 🙂

  5. i guess we should leave pacman and nicole. There are only few filipinos who can make us all proud. Your word, why ntin babuyin ang mga taong tulad nila?you should be ashamed of urself for this. But then, bka di ka filipino?

    • pacman makes me proud when he’s on the ring…but on screen…well, that’s debatable…in fact, to me, it’s somewhat despicable…and i wouldn’t be caught dead watching his trashy films, would you??? it’s a good thing, nicole backed out from this film…i guess, she finally realized the stupidity of it all…

  6. …..weh… yahh i agree with “mylene and markelli” nicole is still a filipina so we give her a respect…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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