Living with Michael Jackson (Complete Documentary)

Living with Michael Jackson (Complete Documentary)

Living with Michael Jackson is a documentary made by the renowned British journalist, Martin Bashir, wherein he  aimed to show the world the truth about the King of Pop. Jackson rarely opens his doors to his personal life but Bashir was able to convince him to “make nothing off limits”. It was said that Jackson’s decision to make the documentary was made on a suggestion by his close friend Uri Geller. Later, it emerged that Geller had turned down another “bid” by journalist Louis Theroux.

Anyways, over the span of 8 months — from May 2002 to January 2003 — Bashir was able to extract answers from Jackson regarding his traumatic childhood experiences, his 3 kids, his obsession with his appearance, his relationship with children. This was shown first in the UK on ITV (as a Tonight special) on February 3, 2003 and three days later, it was aired on ABC in the US, introduced by Barbara Walters.

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