Motorcycle Accident Survivor: Pinatay Na Kahit Buhay Pa

Motorcycle Accident Survivor: Pinatay Na Kahit Buhay Pa

This story shows two areas where Filipinos are infuriatingly infamous about especially during cases of emergency or crime — well, at least according to my own observations. The areas are as follows:

1. Poor handling of the scene of an accident by responding authorities; and

2. Sidewalk superintendents (mga tsismo’t tsismosa)

Think Ampatuan massacre victims. If you’ve seen the uncensored video, you will not be disgusted at the sight of bloated bodies in different stages of decomposition. No. You will be disgusted at the civilians who were lurking in the background as if there’s a movie being shot. Worse, you will puke at the sloppy process the SOCO team used to excavate those poor people. It seems to me that we have acquired a complete disrespect and absolute disregard for dead bodies, much less live ones. Haven’t we learned yet from CSI? I mean, come on! We don’t need high-tech gadgets to process a scene; handling it with care is enough even with just the basic tools that we have.

Case in point:

This guy is still breathing. He is alive — goddamit!

But look at how he was carried to the vehicle [tsk…tsk…tsk] Parang nagbuhat lang sila ng baboy…hahaha…

Wala ba tayong ambulance, gurney or stretcher man lang? Hay, pathetic!

Here’s  the video:

Isipin mo nalang kung sa iyo nangyari yan. God forbid, but it could happen to any one of us, right? And then, you will see the video posted at Youtube and you’ll think, “Putangina! Wa poise!” Hahahahahaha


5 responses to “Motorcycle Accident Survivor: Pinatay Na Kahit Buhay Pa

  1. wala kasi tayo 911..and life in the Philippines is not that valued…they are not trained to provide simple first aid or life saving measures…marami talagang dapat i- rehab sa filipino style of doing things..

  2. This is horrible. It only shows how poor we are in terms of emergency handling. Ano bang ginagawa ng local government about this type of emergency? wala bang protocol or SOP sa mga ganitong situation? how sad that you get to see people’s apathy, hindi na nga nakakatulong nakakaperwisyo pa! sana magkaroon ng matibay na batas na ipagbawal at IKULONG ang sinuman na makiusyoso ng malapitan at makialam sa mga ganitong pangyayari. (Salamat sa kumuha ng video dahil hindi lang accident ang nakuha pati na rin ang kawalan ng RESPETO at KAMANGMANGAN ng mga tao at pati na rin ng AUTORIDAD sa mga ganitong pangyayari.

    • Well, let’s consider the fact na hindi naman talaga medical rescue team ang nagrespond…mga pulis lang sila…pero dapat ang SOP dyan ay call for medical help since may buhay pa. Kahit ba sabihing patay na ung tao, only a doctor or a coroner can pronounce him medically dead. Until they arrive, the police should preserve the scene and make sure to keep the onlookers at bay. Ni wala ngang nagbigay ng first aid eh…hayz…so, so sad:(

      “What can I do to protect victims from sustaining additional injuries?” — this is a question the responding authorities in the video forgot to ask themselves. hahahaha

  3. anak ng putcha>>>>>>>>>> talaga. hehehheh
    concern bayan mga tao jan o gusto lang mag pa picture hehhehe
    parang bumuhat ng baboy e

  4. Nakawitness ako ng ganyan dito sa SG it was handled very professionally! Our police force are not trained for such things. In fairness to them, they are just trying to help.

    What would you say if the police did not do anything and just waited for an ambulance which will take forever to arrive given than traffic condition in most of our city roads?

    The only thing is BAKIT HINDI TRAINED ANG MGA PULIS NATIN SA GANYANG EMERGENCY? Something wrong with the system not with the people.

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