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Vicky Belo: Entries For Vagina Machine-naming Contest

Vicky Belo: Entries For Vagina Machine-naming Contest

“Just got a new machine at belo medical group. It tightens Vajayjay and prevents trickling. It uses only magnets. Need a name for it help!” Belo posted on her Twitter.

People suggested:


Like A Virgin


Happy Tight




V-Shut Bacani (sacrilegious, but melikes!)




TightenKho (aylavet! hahaha)

VAGINA HALILI (to add more injury to insult)

Vagina Magdayao (dahil nag-lock ang vagina ni Shaina noong nagsesex sila ni John Lloyd…haha)



Triple V Express

Hymen Kho

Keps for Keeps

Sikip Silip

The Revirginizer

Belopian Tube

Close Open Close Open

Makahiya Treatment



flower arrangement


The doctor posted, “1st winner of 5 THOU Belo GCs is @airaaavi with her entry: V-Tight ! @belobeauty will get in touch with you. CONGRATULATIONS!”

PipitBlog is now on Facebook

PipitBlog is now on Facebook

Let’s see how many nincompoops would DARE LIKE my page. ahahaha @_@ Just search for Pipit Blog

What’s on my mind?

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Venus Raj: Suspect in Ms. Universe Backstage Sabotage?

Venus Raj: Suspect in Ms. Universe Backstage Sabotage?

Miss Australia Jesinta Campbell claims the Philippines’ Venus Raj “sabotaged” her costume! “There was a bit of sabotage backstage,” she told Australia’s Nova 91.9 radio station of her experience with the “national dress” she donned for the event. “When I went to put it on I found about six pins all pinned in the back of it, so when I put it on I scratched all the back of my back. I was like ‘Ooh! What’s that?'”

Campbell singles out those from Mexico, the Philippines, and Central and South America. “Winning is so important for those girls because they become queens in their country and are worshipped if they win — and it changes everything forever for them,” she told the Herald Sun. “But there were 82 other girls there and I can’t narrow it down, so it’s a mystery to me.”

Read the full article here!

Karylle Nipple Slip

Karylle Nipple Slip

Puro nalang nipple slip para mapagusapan ang ASAP…hay naku!

Sige, pagusapan natin ang nipple ni Karylle. Sabi ni Karylle, kung kaya ni Marian, kaya ko rin! nyahahaha…

Parang masyadong malaki ang areola…pero pinkish — in fairness!

Compare natin sa nipple ni Marian Rivera…medyo blurry ang kuha…pero I’m sure malawak ang imahinasyon ninyong mga perverts…ahihihi

Ano kaya ang masasabi ni Dingdong? hahahaha


Baby James Says “Villar”

Baby James Says “Villar”

The Aquino clan has scored yet another major boo-boo. It looks like Baby James is following in the footsteps of his tactless, headline-making mom, Kris Aquino. This could make or break Noynoy‘s campaign…tsk…tsk…tsk

aban or…





Anne Curtis Nipple Slip in Boracay

Anne Curtis Nipple Slip in Boracay

Ang litrato sa kaliwa ay ang kumakalat sa internet na di umano’y ipinapakita ang nipple ni Anne Curtis. Kapansin-pansin sa original picture (top picture) na kahit malayo pa ang kuha, hindi naman talaga lumabas ang kanyang nipple.  Bumaba lang nang kaunti ang bikini. The photo on the right is the blow-up of the original photo. It clearly shows that the nipple slip didn’t really happen. It was just a fabrication — photoshopped, ika nga. At least, that’s what I can see. If you disagree with my observation, paki send nalang sa akin ang mas malinaw na picture para maliwanagan tayong lahat.

There are rumors that the Anne Curtis wardrobe malfunction may be just a publicity stunt to promote her new film. Anong masasabi nyo mga perverts?

March 29, 2010 – Erratum:

Nakita ko na ang video…ahihihi

Pagkatumbling nya…

Bulaga! hahahaha

Ito naman ang “Operation Takip Nipple” courtesy of one of her fans…ahihihi


Bong Revilla 2010 Election Scandal

Bong Revilla 2010 Election Scandal


Masyadong kumpiyansa itong si Senator Bong Revilla Jr. ah! Ikaw ay isang “politician of the worst kind!” Tsk…tsk…tsk…dapat sayo binubuhusan din ng mineral water —pero dapat yung kumukulo!