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PipitBlog is now on Facebook

PipitBlog is now on Facebook

Let’s see how many nincompoops would DARE LIKE my page. ahahaha @_@ Just search for Pipit Blog

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Contribute Articles and Pictures


Help me continue to provide “quality” posts [hahahaha]. Contribute whatever you want. Of course, your contributions might depend on how you would define “quality”. But hey, no worries!

It may be about a celebrity, a politician or any famous figure, who you happened to see somewhere doing something interesting, questionable or perhaps, deplorable — especially if it’s deplorable! It could also be about a certain ordinary person who, for some reason, you totally HATE and wish to expose and humiliate in front of the whole blogosphere (e.g. your boss, your office mate, your enemy, your friend, your ex, your spouse, or anyone in your circle for that matter).


If possible, do send pictures or photos of the people you want me to write about. And if it’s not too much, give me their email addresses so that I can send them the link to their article. hahaha

P.S. Kung may MAHALAGANG impormasyon kayo tungkol sa mga kasalukuyang balita sa TV o dyaryo o baka naman tungkol sa mga nakalipas na na tsismis sa showbiz, pulitika, atbp., ipagbigay alam agad sa akin para maliwanagan ang iba o pwede ring maliwanagan kayo kasi siguradong sa isang sulok ng maliit na mundong ginagalawan natin ay may isang taong nakakaalam ng katotohanan. But of course, it would depend on how you would define “truth”.

But hey, no worries! I’ll make you ANONYMOUS. bwahahahahah

So, send your contributions today to I promise I will make it worth your time. [wink]

I WILL POST YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS UNDER THE “DEAR PIPITBLOG” CATEGORY. So visit PipitBlog regularly to read the latest contributions. Ciao!

Blog Review Witness Lane

Blog Review

Witness Lane

Browsing through a long list of  ever so “typical” Pinoy Blogs, looking for what I deemed deserving of my unsolicited advice, I came across Witness Lane.


“Read –at your own risk- the prose of an overeducated, underachieving dabbling bedlamite who scours the city’s bookstores by day and walks seven blocks of Manila ghetto by midnight, both upshots of being the eternal suburbanite commuter (a “cicerone”, he’d rather call it) and of the self-diagnosed neurosis of “thinking too much”. If you find yourself unable to forgive the absurdities, tolerate the man at the very least. He is, after all, only passing by.” – Witness Lane


In case you have no idea what he meant, here’s…

Witness Lane for DUMMIES


Now let’s compare him with Joey Tribbiani, shall we?!

Seriously, I have never met anyone so obssessed with words…well, except for Joey🙂 Witness Lane‘s excessive use of “big words” underscores his obvious dependence on the dictionary. However, I must congratulate the man for his very entertaining attempt…I give him an “A” for effort.