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PipitBlog is now on Facebook

PipitBlog is now on Facebook

Let’s see how many nincompoops would DARE LIKE my page. ahahaha @_@ Just search for Pipit Blog

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Video of a Policeman Cut In Half — Very Graphic! No kidding!

Video of a Policeman Cut In Half — Very Graphic! No kidding!

This is a video of a police officer named Peng Shulin from Vietnam who was ran over by a large transport truck.

ROADKILL!!! Er…almost…but not quite…

Caveat: Do not watch this video if you are (a) eating (b) about to eat  or (c) about to sleep. Just DON’T, okay?! You’ve been warned!

But if you are (a) one of the “kotong cops” assigned at the police station located in front of the Bamboo Organ Church and (b) one of the corrupt MMDA officers along EDSA — then I suggest that you watch this now because this is what will happen to you if you mess with an angry truck driver or any driver for that matter! Bwahahahahaha…

Here’s the link.






Years later…



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If possible, do send pictures or photos of the people you want me to write about. And if it’s not too much, give me their email addresses so that I can send them the link to their article. hahaha

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What Happens If You Only Use 10 Percent of Your Brain?

What Happens If You Only Use 10 Percent of Your Brain?


There has been so much debate about whether humans use 100% of their brains or not. Some say we only use 10% while others would argue that “No. We use 100% of our brains.”

Although, neuroscientists have already declared that there is no scientific evidence to suggest that we only use 10% of our brains and consequently shoved the said claim down the basement along with the other stuff which are labeled as “MYTHS, HOAXES, and the like”, still, some people are not convinced. They “choose to believe” that they are NOT yet using 100% of their brains — and that they are still capable of achieving MORE, should they WILL themselves to use up that 100% potential…

[Right. Keep telling yourselves that!]

It has been said that one of the reasons why the popularity of the 10% myth has endured for the longest time is because paranormal zealots prefer to adopt it to explain psychic powers. People are made to believe that they are only using 10% of their brains’ capacity and that their psychic powers cannot be discovered with just that little amount of exertion. Meaning, they need to exert more effort…”CONCENTRATE”…”You too can become a psychic if you just use 100% of your brain’s power”, they say. Hence, the sustained fascination with the transcendental and the long lines of repeat customers.

This is quite a convenient excuse, if you ask me, because if “normal” people would realize that they do indeed use 100% of their brains all the time, then the world would have no use for books like “Psychic Powers for Dummies” and classes like “Release the Psychic In You“, right? Because apparently, all of us use 100% of our brains and that clearly betrays the only ace up in the sleeves of those paranormal maniacs. Inevitably, their trade would meet its own undoing and they would be overwhelmed with refund requests and chargebacks.

Fret not, my fellow con men! For new evidence has come up to support the 10% claim. And it is in this light that I urge the public to reconsider the error behind the so-called 10% myth. The truth is…there really are some who only use 10% brain action and others just don’t use their brains at all!

Like this dude over here:
























And you would say to yourselves: “Shocks, I should have used my brain to its fullest potential. Now, my cerebral cortex is scattered all over the place!” But by the time you do realize that, the rest of your brain matter is already being hoisted up by a spatula and “bagged as evidence” of your folly. So people, please…use your brains! The clean up crew doesn’t like it when you make such a terrible mess and that’s an understatement.

FINAL NOTE: Your cerebral cortex is about as thick as a tongue depressor. It grows thicker as you learn and as use it. But it gets squashed if you don’t!