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Blog Review Witness Lane

Blog Review

Witness Lane

Browsing through a long list of  ever so “typical” Pinoy Blogs, looking for what I deemed deserving of my unsolicited advice, I came across Witness Lane.


“Read –at your own risk- the prose of an overeducated, underachieving dabbling bedlamite who scours the city’s bookstores by day and walks seven blocks of Manila ghetto by midnight, both upshots of being the eternal suburbanite commuter (a “cicerone”, he’d rather call it) and of the self-diagnosed neurosis of “thinking too much”. If you find yourself unable to forgive the absurdities, tolerate the man at the very least. He is, after all, only passing by.” – Witness Lane


In case you have no idea what he meant, here’s…

Witness Lane for DUMMIES


Now let’s compare him with Joey Tribbiani, shall we?!

Seriously, I have never met anyone so obssessed with words…well, except for Joey🙂 Witness Lane‘s excessive use of “big words” underscores his obvious dependence on the dictionary. However, I must congratulate the man for his very entertaining attempt…I give him an “A” for effort.

Blog Review Badits.net

Blog Review


BADITS.NET serves as the new portal and home of all the poems written with such emotions that only one author could express, Kevin Paquet from Davao City. Enjoy all the free poetry which we offer to all of you, tell your friends, share our link and have fun^-^”

Kevin Pacquet is a 17-year-old poet from Davao. Samples of his previous works are featured at Badits.net and they are graciously being offered by Kevin for FREE.

Wow…geez…Kevin, that’s so kind of you!

Kevin’s creations are nothing short of a pile of puke. He can translate his emotions into something cute and relatable. Let’s give him that. But those poems are anything…but poetic. His infantile optimism borders on his narcissistic tendencies  to glorify his work. Noteworthy, indeed, is that exact, same optimism which allows him to create all kinds of imaginary followers.

Eventhough, his talent may seem shallow, and most likely pitiful, to the rest of the world…he doesn’t seem to mind. At least he has found consolation in poetry and that’s good. Otherwise, he’ll just be another angry teenager who plays lead guitar in a rock band. Well, here’s an excerpt from “My Bestfriend,” one of Kevin’s poems:


My Bestfriend

I’ve never known too many people
But you are one of the very few
For whom i am proud to say
That i found a bestfriend inside of you…

Maybe we’re distant
But you seem so deep important
Maybe you won’t believe me
But it’s clear and wide to see…

Though i’ve met many friends
You’ll be one until my end
And forever i’ll remember
All between us, what we’ve shared together…


True, he is no Shakespeare…yet! But perhaps, he should end his poetic “career” as early as possible. Hint…Hint…Only then will he be deemed a genius and added to the roster of poets who died gruesome deaths (think Sylvia Platt and Ernest Hemingway; although Hemingway was more of a novelist…he did shoot himself…so anyway you get the picture!)


If there will be…some more

of your boring lines…like before

Come by here…at my door

and I’ll kill thee…that’s for sure

pipitblog, Jan. 18, 2008 –