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Jinky Pacquiao Scandal

Jinky Pacquiao Scandal

I say “scandal” because if this is not scandalous, then I don’t know what is!

Belomed is a popular Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery clinic here in the Philippines. It has been endorsed by the likes of ZsaZsa Padilla, Regine Velasquez, Lucy Torres-Gomez, Claudine Barretto, Katrina Halili, Piolo Pascual, Dingdong Dantes — all prominent and prestigious names in our local entertainment industry and all possess a certain thing called “beauty”. Now, since BeloMed stands for beauty, there is no doubt as to why these celebrities were chosen to endorse BeloMed products.

However, there are rumors that Jinky, wife of Manny Pacquiao, is to become the next model for Belo Medical Group.

Now this news goes under the bright, bold heading of “What-The-Hell?”

Enter Jinky Pacquiao…

When Jinky was asked about the rumors regarding the BeloMed endorsement, she said…


Jinky Pacquiao: Hahahaha…No, I can’t still reveal that…we still need to talk…Me, I’m just happy…I’m proud of myself when they ask me to become an endorser. I think I have the “potential” [???] that’s why they asked asked me, right? [Is she trying to convince herself or the interviewer? Hmmm…either way, there’s a hint of doubt somewhere. OFF-TOPIC: Were you able to see Jinky’s twin sister @ 00:28 seconds? Well, not that she matters…]


Manny Pacquiao: That’s good. Uhh, there’s no problem about that. My wife is truly model-material. [then he laughs]. That’s fine just as long she is the solo model [he laughs again] ….But she can’t pursue acting… [Does Manny feel threatened by his wife’s new celebrity status? Is he envious that he wasn’t able to get the endorsement himself? And if ever Jinky pursues an acting stint, would she overshadow her husband’s  showbiz career (if there is any at all)?

Hmmm….these questions are meant to be left unanswered….so please don’t bother…

Jinky was chosen to endorse a new weight reduction product — a diet injection, to be exact. We’ll see how that goes. hahahah..Anyway, here’s a preview of Jinky’s upcoming BeloMed ads which you will eventually see displayed across numerous billboards along EDSA.


(front-left) Regine Velasquez, (front-right) Lucy Torres, (second row) ZsaZsa Padilla and (top) Jinky Pacquiao.


The beautiful faces of BeloMed: (front- from left to right) Regine Velasquez, Lucy Torres, Sarah Geronimo, Bea Alonzo; (second row – left to right) ZsaZsa Padilla, Jinky Pacquiao and Claudine Barretto.


Jinky Pacquiao à la ZsaZsa Padilla

“Timeless”??? Uhh…Forgivable. “Beauty”??? Uhh…Debatable.


Jinky Pacquiao à la Tin Tin Bersola-Babao

Last time I checked, the dictionary defined “sexy” (sěk’sē) as arousing or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest; Highly appealing or interesting…That’s easy enough to understand. But, this! This is a direct affront to my intelligence!


Jinky Pacquiao à la Anne Curtis

With a little help from Photoshop, well, it’s quite feasible, I suppose [???]


Jinky Pacquiao à la Katrina Halili

One word…scandalous!

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PipitBlog is Officially Back

PipitBlog is Officially Back

I never realized that I’ve been gone for one whole year already. It wasn’t as if I’ve chosen to go on a sabbatical. Of course not! I just had to settle some stuff. Now, I’m back with a new 17″ HP – Pavilion Bronze/Chrome laptop boasting a 6 GB RAM and a Nikon digital camera. So watch out — after the long silence comes the storm!

I immensely enjoyed reading your comments from Pipitblog.info. That website is no longer working, by the way. So I guess, we’ll just have to settle right here at good ol’ ever-so-dependable WordPress.

Anyways, I never knew Filipinos could be so touchy especially about Marian Rivera.  Come on people! True, she is really pretty. Enroll her in a finishing school for Speech, Communication and Etiquette, then we can talk. I heard John Robert  Powers in Makati can teach her a thing or two about how to act like a lady. Perhaps, they can extinguish all the traces of  the “kanto girl” that she is. Good luck with that!

And then there’s the never-ending feud between the TV networks. It’s really pathetic, if you think about it. Die-hard fans of celebrities at each other’s throats just to protect their beloved idols, celebrities concocting controversies for their own publicity, network bosses declaring that their TV station is “the Number 1” in current ratings. 10 years ago, I might have argued that ABS-CBN Channel 2 is better than GMA Channel 7. But with the shallow, if not already dried-up pool of talents in Channel 2, the slow and painful deaths of the careers of Kristine Hermosa and Claudine Barretto, both former queens of primetime TV, and the shows that they keep on producing which seem to have been written by a bunch of 14-year-olds or retards even….I would have to settle with GMA 7 now. Sorry…but shows written by retards — could only be appreciated by their fellow retards!

Now what’s the latest? Right. Manny Pacquiao won again. This time Ricky Hatton was his designated punching bag. When will the rest of the world figure out that Manny has nothing to lose but everything to gain? He is just a nobody trying to make a name for himself, throwing himself amidst the world’s greatest boxers…look at him now…Manny Pacquiao, the world-renowned Filipino boxer! When he fights, all of the Philippines leave everything behind just to watch him…even the criminals take a time off from whatever it is  that they are doing. And we are all proud to say that everytime Manny is on the ring, we have zero number of crimes committed. Then immediately after the fight, I guess everything goes back to the normal crime-infested streets.

Anyway, Ricky Hatton should have just brought a pillow with him if he was only going to sleep on the ring. Sad that, after he woke up, he heard a mouthful from his coach, Mayweather Sr. Watch him kick his dog while it’s still down (1:47)

Talk about being subtle! Show some class, man!

Well, on a final note, it has been said that Manny Pacquiao is running for president this coming 2010 elections.