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Vicky Belo: Entries For Vagina Machine-naming Contest

Vicky Belo: Entries For Vagina Machine-naming Contest

“Just got a new machine at belo medical group. It tightens Vajayjay and prevents trickling. It uses only magnets. Need a name for it help!” Belo posted on her Twitter.

People suggested:


Like A Virgin


Happy Tight




V-Shut Bacani (sacrilegious, but melikes!)




TightenKho (aylavet! hahaha)

VAGINA HALILI (to add more injury to insult)

Vagina Magdayao (dahil nag-lock ang vagina ni Shaina noong nagsesex sila ni John Lloyd…haha)



Triple V Express

Hymen Kho

Keps for Keeps

Sikip Silip

The Revirginizer

Belopian Tube

Close Open Close Open

Makahiya Treatment



flower arrangement


The doctor posted, “1st winner of 5 THOU Belo GCs is @airaaavi with her entry: V-Tight ! @belobeauty will get in touch with you. CONGRATULATIONS!”

Gaano Ba Kalibog Ang Kabataang Pinoy?

Gaano Ba Kalibog Ang Kabataang Pinoy?

WARNING: This post contains graphic images that are not be suitable for kids. Parental guidance is advised…

…lest your kids would end up like these nincompoops:

Ang bagong libangan ng mga kabataan ngayon — photography and videography.

A drunk girl being used and/or abused by (more or less) four boys. When I say “boy” and “girl,” I don’t mean just any male or female person. I’m talking about 15-year-old kids (or perhaps even younger). Mas matindi kaysa sa Hayden Kho sex video scandal, don’t you agree?

Sa murang edad, nakikipag-orgy na, paano pa kung sila’y tumanda na? I have nothing against orgies or whatever sexual practices people might prefer, but this — this is just  totally wrong in so many levels. Sila na ata ang maituturing na “perverts of the highest kind” and I didn’t say that to be facetious.

What these pictures represent is the degradation of the present generation of Filipino kids who are misguided or don’t receive any kind of guidance at all; as a result, their friends get to educate them about alcohol, drugs, and sex. Worse, kids have access to websites that allow them to upload these kinds of videos for the whole world to see. And if you have noticed, they were having fun! That’s something we should all think about — kids having fun while gang-raping a girl…tsk…tsk…tsk…It makes me wonder what else they’re capable of doing.

Now, I’m not an advocate of the Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009 because it was proposed at the height of the Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili Sex Video Scandal (I’m sure you all recall that…ahihihi). There was so much hype around the bill because it involved high-profile people. But they didn’t know that kids these days have voyeuristic aspirations as well. The welfare of kids should take precedence over now has-beens Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili.

My point is let’s not pass laws just because an upper class citizen was victimized. It then becomes the law of a favored few…those who can afford to sue and buy instant justice. We are so enthralled by a  sex scandal involving celebrities, but maybe you wouldn’t be so enthralled if you discover it’s been going on in your own household — right under your noses. I don’t mean to scare the parents…well, maybe just a little bit. So go now and check out every inch of your kid’s room and make sure he or she’s not hiding something. You might find some red flags along the way, but hey — an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

On the other hand, if your kid or brother or sister or friend is one of the kids above, do us a favor and don’t release them into society until they’re fully rehabilitated because they’ll only do more damage in the world. Believe me — they are going to escalate. Some will become rapists; some will become prostitutes; the others will become your neighborhood child molesters. That’s a caveat we should all take into consideration.

Hayden Kho Binuhusan Ng Tubig Sa Senate Hearing

Hayden Kho Binuhusan Ng Tubig Sa Senate Hearing

Some people have been forgetting the crucial fact that Katrina Halili did allow herself to engage in a sexual act with Hayden Kho. It was consensual. Forbidden actually, since Doc Hayden was in a relationship with Vicki Belo. Funny how Katrina somehow  managed to throw away all her morals out the door, isn’t it?

Bottomline: she wanted to fukc with doctor. Bottomline: Kahit ilang beses nyo pa buhusan ng tubig si Hayden Kho, it won’t matter. Nabasa lang ang hair nya, nyahahhah…Tanggalan nyo man sya ng lisensya, it won’t matter. Rarampa lang sya ulit dahil gwapo sya. Pagbawalan nyo man sya bumisita sa probinsya nyo, it won’t matter. Pupunta lang sya sa ibang lugar, most likely sa ibang bansa. Kasuhan nyo man sya, it won’t matter. Bitay ba ang katapat na parusa ng paggawa ng sex video? Hinde,,,nyahahahhaha


Let me ask you this — how long does it take for a woman to realize that she’s being defiled or violated? Three seconds…20 seconds…would 10 minutes be enough for one to figure out that she is actually being mistreated? The video ran for 24 minutes, for God’s sake, and not one scenario did we see Katrina Halili rejecting the advances of Hayden Kho. And all of a sudden, she’s a weeping victim now clamoring for justice. Katrina Halili, the perfect image of innocence and modesty…Katrina Halili, suddenly off the hook.

Sa palagay ba ng kampo niya na dahil lamang sa isang basong tubig  na iyon ay mahuhugasan ang “lahat ng kababuyan ni Hayden Kho” ?- Oo, alam na namin binaboy ka, sabi mo. Ilang beses mo na kasi inulit-ulit na para bang gusto mo kaming maniwala na binaboy ka talaga at wala kang alam sa nangyari. Siiigeh na ngaaah….binaboy ka na nya…nakita nga namin kung paano ka binaboy habang hinihimud nya ang coño mo…at sa sobrang pambababoy ay itinaas mo pa nga ang iyong baywang para mailapit pa nang husto ang iyong ari sa kanyang masiglang dila. Sa sobrang pambaboy ni Hayden Kho, sinabunutan mo tuloy sya at nginudngod pa ang mukha nya sa pagitan ng iyong mga binti. Oo, kumbinsidong-kumbinsido mo na kaming lahat. Gusto mo ng simpatiya? Ito o…PWEH!!!

If there is anything that could qualify as a crime, it is only on the setting up of the hidden camera which consequently dishonored Katrina’s right to privacy — even if what she was doing on that “private time”, as we have all witnessed, was  undeniably whore-rific. Ganyang klaseng kaimpokritahan ang nangyayari sa skandalong ito! Furthermore, Hayden Kho did not release the sex videos for public viewing nor did he taint Katrina Halili’s already questionable reputation. She did that all by her lonesome!

Mga Samu’t Saring Reaksyon Tungkol Sa Hayden Gate Scandal

Mga Samu’t Saring Reaksyon Tungkol Sa Hayden Gate Scandal

Jan Ang said,

I don’t live in the Philippines so I cannot go to Quiapo, can you pls. send the video of Hayden with the 3 now famous girls? Just curious like all the others.

manok said,

Hayden = Tunay na Lalaki

Boy_Utog said,

Nasa ibang bansa din ako, pakibigay naman sex videos ni Hayden at Lolit Solis.

bilanggong unggoy said,

hay naku galit na galit si mommy dionisia. minsan lang sya magpapaka-STAR tapos masasapawan lang ng scandals na yan ni hayden. Hi din nga pala sa mga mahihilig.

john cruz said,

Tigang nko sa SAUDI. Pki send nman PLS…

dhebu said,

tol,, sobrang 3 days na ako naghahanap ng video ni dr. hayden koh.

boys next dor said,

supot pa ata si haiden kaya gus2 sya ng mga yaki gurlsi//,/,/,/,/,/,//,,…wahahahahahahaha

etchuserang_palaka said,

Ang masasabi ko lang…”HAYDEN MALIIT KA NA MABILIS KA PA!”..hahaha. Napatunayan ko na totoong may kapansanan ang mga gwapo. Maricar Reyes thumbs up ako sayo..performance level!

Ronaldo Bastos said,

Gago yun kakaingit!

jonathan said,


flip said,

wahahaaha..panood ko na!

pero di ko ma confirm kung c marian del rio ba o c Priscilla Meirelles ung nsa vid eh..

kwawa nmn ung di pa na ka kanood^^ lol

hayven hurst said,

Yow dude! Another pervert among thousands… willing to be perverted with the pervert hayden kho video through your noble act hehe bunch o’

blacksaiwala said,

get that license off,hes lesser than the primitive man in medicine.

Mal said,

pinaka clear yung kay maricar, malabo at madilim yung kay katrina…

ksalanan_q said,

ibang klase nga tlg c maricar hehehe. tingin ko c maricar ang nagdala hindi c hayden bwahahaha….sa uulitin ng part 2 ng MR/HK. Makakatulog na ako yahooooo.

bilanggong unggoy said,

FYI, 40 videos po lahat lahat ang narecord nya. so ilan na bang nairelease? 1. Katrina-Hayden Erotic Dance 1
2. Katrina and Hayden’s Balls
3. Maricar 1
4. Katrina’s Real Thing
5. Brazilian Model
6. Maricar 2
7. Vicky Belo pero wala pa naman
8. Rufa Mae pero wala pa din
9. Mommy D. para sumikat lang
10. Lolit bitin kaya galit
11. Madame Auring (baka si Archie lang yun kasi kulot din)
12. Joy Viado – na pinabulaanan na

so anu-ano pa ba?

john said,

pls send me the video of hayden kho ung 3 girls just want to compare cno sa kanilang 3 ang magaling cno nagsasabi ng totoo na di nila alam ang kanilang ginagawa mahirap ung puro c hayden ang dinidiin kc nag eenjoy naman ata cla in the first place my gf c hayden c bello bakit nya sinawsawan dun sa iba bat di cla nagrereact kaagad di kaya alam din nila so to extract the truth pls send me the uncut video for clear understanding the situation.

Paolo said,

Kelan kaya lalabas yung sa beauty queen and kay Ruffa Mae Quinto?? meron daw e..

erosenin said,

t@ngina nyo… mga manyakis!

tania said,

arte ni katrina, nsarapan nmn cia…panay ang ungol…lam nia kc na my karelasyon un 1, pinatos nia..anyway victim nga rin cia

ocyr said,

wow! nakita ko na kay maricar at kay katrina. can u send me naman yung sa brazilian model thanks!

susantayo said,

naku style yan ni K Halili gustong makilala at magka projects …Eh ginusto niya ito kunwaring nde alam na wala…. I dare style nila ito!!! Tuwing makikipag sex kita sila ni Kho malamag naka series pa yan heheheh



Ver tres said,

lahat….nang full version o kung ano paman

Franko Angeles said,

Hi this is my third time to ask. actually, i received a “SPAM” pero naforget ko na di pala dapat i delete. e nadelete ko. sorry sa kakulitan ko. pero di bale makulit ako e kasi ang sarap siguro panoorin si hayden at katrina. Sana panoorin ko habang nagjajakol ako. kesa naman kisame ang titingnan ko ano!

miafe lopez said,

Pa send naman ng video nila katrina halili,maricar reyes at brazillian model kasama c hayden kho…gusto ko makita at mapanood ang said video ng bastos sa ming mga kababaihan at maka usad ang shame campaign against Dr. Hayden Kho at masabi ko na wala talaga syang respeto sa mga tulad namin mga babae at wala syang kwentang lalaki at dapat parusahan sya..
Sana ma send nyo po ang request ko sa inyo salamat po..

EJ said,

Hi! Pasend naman ng links, tol…sorry maiksi lang ang message…sira spacebar dito sa computer ng net cafe…:D

pauline said,

baka sakali mag-comeout ako pag nakita ko video nila in full length tagal na kasi di me mag comeout matagal kasi me kelangan marami foreplays e madali labasan asawa ko kaya nabubutata ako…sige na baka sakali matagal na akong di lalabasin (babae po ako…at matagal talaga labasan baka kelangan ko makita 69 version maricar send me the links….mwahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Meanyak said,

nyeta kahit ano ano mga lumalabas na mga scandal eh kung sa akin na lng sana sila pumatol nsarapan na sila wala pang scandal. Ayos ka rin Hayden, pagkatapos ng sarap sa kulungan ang bagsak! niyahahaha! Sira ulong doktor!

Watch Video Sexy Dance of Katrina Halili said,

Hi there, alam mo mas malibog ako kesa sayo.. Narealize ko napaka hot pla c Katrina matapos kong napanood yung Sexy dance nya. Ang sexy wow walang bilbil hanep talaga kaya lng mas gus2 ko makita yung sex video nya at tsaka yung ky maricar at brazilianmodel n yun.. gus2 ko talaga pagnasahan…nalilibog kasi ako sa scandal lalo n yung pinay LOL …Pakisend naman yung full and all of them videos na sayo..maawa ka nmn sa mas malibog pa sayo pakisend please hehehe.. Ayos ba ang comment ko???hehehe pakisend skin ha… promiz babalik ako dito pagkatapos ko manood hehehe salamat!

doctora said,

sabi nila matatanggalan daw ng medical license c hayden…well gusto kong makita by my own eyes kung dapat nga ba or hindi..ganun ba kalala ang video nila para matanggal ang ilang taon nyang pinag aralan sa medisina..maraming salamat sa pagpapaunlak mo na mapanood ko ang full version nila…

doctora said,

hi blogger…yeah,,tama nga na ipatanggal ang license ni hayden,,dapat nga nyan matagal na yan nakakulong. sayang pogi pa naman sya.wawa naman sya huhuhu!!! buti nga sayo!! di magandang habit. para sa mga mahilig mkipag sex sa motel sa hindi ninyo asawa maging lesson sana ito sa inyo,,hindi lang ito para sa sexy actresses and models para na rin to sa lahat ng kababaihan. salamat blogger.

krish said,

i cannot sleep without seeing it tonight, gosh, this is how addicted and nosy I am to see it, if I can’t see it tomorrow night i might be the next trina etong, lol

don said,

send mo naman yung full version pleeeeeaaaseee!….naglalaway na ako!!!!

Al said,

hi! i am one of the crew of Queen Mary 2 (the largest passenger vessel as of now). half of the crew of 3000 are Filipinos… with much appreciation the whole Filipino Community floating right now at English Channel will be very happy if we can watch this… hehhehe! thanks! you know our life at sea… hehhe!

pia said,

hello, paki send naman sa akin yung katrina, maricar, brazilian model with hayden, gusto ko mapanood namin ni husband para malibugan naman kami hehehe, tagal ko na kasing tigang. thanks in advance.

friscokid said,

hayden’s a stud ! nothing’s wrong doing it but for others to see…what a shame. i’ve seen all 3 acts last night and had mixed feelings about. yes, they’re all very good, full of action except the one w/ katrina. napakadilim and it gave me head ache. didn’t bother to shut it off.

people have to forget this. let’s be fair to the victims, the women. for those responsible for the distribution…shame on you all.

ninz nocturnalz said,

anak ng tinapay naman pipitblog… ano ba tong ikinakalat mong video… puro kabastusan DAW… kahalayan DAW… nakakadiri DAW… pero di ako naniniwala sa mga sabi sabi… i have to see it with my own 2 eyes… siguro naman di na kita kelangan pilitin, pero kung kelangan… PARANG AWA MO NA NA!!! LULUWA NA MATA KO KAKAHANAP!!!

damien said,

Hi! Would you mind sending me the full version of all Hayden’s sex video? I’ve known Hayden Kho since college, the immoral act shocked me. What was he thinking? Is his sanity still intact? Is he really psychologically incapacitated? Way back in college, he was already popular then and most of the women had a crush on him. All guys envy him, the women he dated and flirted and the awards he garnered especially when he won Mr. Thomasian Personality. Maricar Reyes was his girlfriend at this time. Every guy in the campus envied him because besides the fact that Maricar was simple but very beautiful, she was also a Medical student at that time. At this point in time, Maricar was visible in TV infomercials. Every guy melted and where in awe every time she passes by. I am just so curious. If possible, send me the full videos which I can watch through Windows Media Player (not link since it is blocked by my server). I’m always on duty in the hospital. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

ted said,

para sa ikakaayos ng lahat pwede i pag pray nalang natin na maayos na ang problema ng magkaka bilang panig about sa isyung 2 kasi no one’s perfect naman diba? anong sense kung paguusapan pa ang private life nila kung sa atin kaya i2 mangyari ano sa tingin nyo? matutuwa kb? ciempre hindi diba? kaya sa ikatatahimik ng lahat wag nalang natin pakialaman at palakihin pa ang problemang 2. bagkus isipin nalang natin na hindi lang sila ang nahihirapan sa problemang hinaharap nila ngayun kundi ang bawat pamilya ng bawat isa sa kanila…Yun lang salamat po!

OohLaLa said,

Title: Kung Bakit Ko Gustong Malaman Kung Saan Mapapanood ang Full version ng Hayden Kho scandalous videos kasama sina Maricar Reyes, Katrina Halili, Priscilla Meirelles, atbp.

Body: Bukod sa nasa tamang edad na po ako, ang videos po na nabanggit ay gusto ko ring panoorin upang mapalawig ang pang-unawa ko sa pinaka-masalimuot at pinakamainit na talakayan sa 4-media ngayon. Di pa po ako nakapamboso at di pa po ako nakapanood ng porn flicks bukod sa mga maiikling eksena sa mga commercial movies (so medyo di naman masyadong censored). Gusto ko lang magpaka-pervert ngayon dahil di ako makakasali sa talk of the town kung wala naman akong basehan dahil di ko nakita mga video. Parang nakaka-shock din kasi mga babaeng ka-sex nitong Hayden Kho. Eto ngang Maricar Reyes napaka-sweet ng mukha, nagpa-tira pala sa macho dancer slash doctor na ito. Baka sakaling mapulutan ko rin ng aral. You know, yung moral lesson. Pati na rin immoral lesson. Hehe. Ahemm. Di rin kasi magaling partner ko. Baka pag na-discover niya sa laptop ko mga video ni Kho eh magka-idea po siya.

pucha said,

pucha nmn.. tagal ko nang naghahanap…wag nang bitinin

anikesh said,


please send me the link of the 3 controversial sex video of hayden with his other 3 partners. i just want to see how scandalous this is that is stirred our politicians. this is being sensationalized! is it because the victims are famous? what about those who are not? these are just my sentiments.

thank you.

jen said,

ohhh ask katrina next time e hwag pabola ok send naman full video hehehhe nsarapan naman sya tapos iiyak iyak binaboy daw sya heheh e enjoy nga sya ehhh

apay said,

Hayden, should be punished, that’s his prize of having all pleasures. the final laugh is still for VICKY. please send the video, complete, the three women with Hayden thanks.

alps said,

adik! pgdmo cnend kukulamin kita!!!hahah

prions said,

would u mind if you send me the controversial sex video of because im so curious and i want a supporting data regarding the write up’s of the news paper.

redz said,

this will be great addition to my collection of porn.hahahaha so send it pls!tnx..

Tagis said,

bossing, may vids kb ni hayden at rufa mae? meron na ako nung tatlong vids eh, pero ang sabi, madami pa daw un… selling like hotcakes nga daw sa quiapo eh, kaso katay sa presyo… 200php. eh tska, knowing the reputation of those quiapo vendors, baka mamya eh disk two ng isang pelikula lang ang ibigay sken… dyahe nmn iapatesting db? ahehe… pasend nmn po kung meron pa kau nung besides sa tatlo… matsala!

donlen said,

please send me a link/ copy of the full versions of katrina & hayden, maricar & hayden… for scientific & forensics analysis only… a.a.a.!!! thanks… sana dumami pang source like you..

jok wangbu said,

Hi Boss,

Bating-bati na ako paki send mo nmn sa akin ang file..di maccess dito saudi mga file eh…salamas

blu said,

can i have a copy too of all that sex vids of hayden.. lalo na yung kay maricar? im just curious.. she’s my crush pa naman kasi.. sayang sya..

Secret Organization in Case Investagation and Assasination League (SOCIAL) said,

Good day,

We are an international consultant, a secret organization of assasins.

We would like to have a copy of this video for our investagation.

– Sniper –

uturnmeOn said,

i already have the full version of katrina halili scandal & maricar reyes..psend din ng kay ruffae mae and kay prescilla… Hayden is like a dog who likes to F**K on those bithes..hahaha

kwatog said,

kailangan ko lng pagjakolan cla katrina kya pki send nman un video nila saken plssss!!!!

Dbagg said,

I believe i have most of the filpino scandals. And i need to have these videos. Please send them to me. Thank you in advance.

marie cruz said,

hello! paki send naman sken ung kay maricar,malibog kse ako..at gusto ko na magka baby …papakita ko sa asawa ko para naman ganahan! please parang awa?

john said,

Dear Pervert,

I want to surprice my Lolo s Birthday
by Watching this scandal
kindly send it to me

Thank you,


franchesca said,

my bf is been busy browsing the net to look for the dr, hayden kho’s scandal. im already jealous that’s why im begging you to please send a copy to my email… thanks a lot!!

ariel cometa said,

dear pervert,

Sir,paki send u naman ang sex video nitong mga ito hayden kho,katrina halili,maricar perez at brazilian model,kc ba naman ang tagal ng isyu di ko pa napapanood para akong di Pilipino nyan,kamote talaga!!!

lheenred said,

ikaw ang nakakahiya hayden kho as a doctor maraming tao na hindi na sayo magpapagamot dahil sa ginagawa mong iskandalo dito sating bansa. dapat lang sayo na matanggalan ng lisensya bilang doctor.. ang karma di man lang sayo darating sa pamilya mo ang mag sasuffer ang lahat ng kahayupan na ginawa sa mga babaeng linoloko mo at minomolesya… B.A.B.O.Y..!!!

ella said,

hey . penge naman ng full versions ng mga vid nila katrina, maricar, and brazillian model with hayden ? kahapon pa po ako nagsusurf sa net ee . sakit na mata ko huhu , yong mga kasama ko dito sa office kinukulit na ako , ung video daw , like din nilang makita ? please po . mamats

lheenred said,

bagay nga kayo magsama ng matandang mong jowa na si vicky bello pareho kayong mahihilig…eeww!!

Jeffrey said,

Hi there, pasend naman po ng link sa email add ko(jeffrey_061924@yahoo.com). I am really a big fan of katrina, pero nung lumabas ung scandal kaladkarin din pala sya. jeje. nagenjoy sya nuon ngaun namn eh iyak iyak sya.. hehe..

adelfa cama said,

hehehe..send me para mawala na ang gigil ko…hahaha nkakainis na ha..ako nlng yata ang hindi nkkakita nyan…pasa mo na dali…mabaaliw na ako

Jai said,

my mom wants to see the video. she is intrigued on how the video goes at bakit feeling daw ni katrina na-exploit sya. hope you’d send it. thanks!

audreygarcia said,

this is for my boyfriend. di masyadong marunong tulad ko baka may mapulot na tips sa videos…….

Knowell said,

hi, i belong to a group we call “LET’S LIBERATE” and one of our topics we recently discussed was violation of rights mostly on women… To give more basis on our discussions, we would like to request for the links of these so called “scandals” for us to have a full view and to come up with realistic pronouncements against these violations… thank you so much..

jankris16 said,

hi guys, pasend nman ng sex video nila hayden kho. gusto ko kasi gift un sa tropa ko dhl mag BDAY sya tmrw. pls send me a copy of that video. thanks a lot.

james said,

pls send me the 3 video (katrina, maricar and the brasilian model). d pa dumarating d2 sa qatar ung video sa blita lang namin napapanuod sa tfc..

Peter said,

Natabunan na ang scandal ni Villar, naheadline sa Inquirer kahit na may H1N1 virus na sa Pinas, ibig sabihin… IMPORTANTENG-IMPORTANTE ITO!

Pag-aaralan ko ito nang mabuti at gagawan ng mahabang study. Of national importance pa naman ito so kailangan talagang may mag-aral. Hindi maaaring malubog na lang ito sa makakalimutin at makakating isip ng mga lalake. Kailangang may gumawa ng paraan para manatili itong makabuluhan sa ating kasaysayan.

Para sa katwiran, katarungan, at pansariling kaligayahan ng mga lalake sa mundo (lalong-lalo na ako), pakiusap, pakipadala sa email ko.

patchouli said,

Hi there,

Im tired finding where can I look out the video, can pls help me not to prolong my agony, I am just sooooooo curious,, a friend of mine is ann ex gf of hayden during college days,, and she said that he was a shy guy and came from a very good and wealthy family.

king said,

well,,, aside from being curious about this thing… i’m also in a way of putting a side story of this case,,, well,,, just send me the videos and i’ll pay you via paypal or gcash… plz also send me your account number with the videos OKEI… thanx,,

john cruz said,

Tigang nko sa SAUDI. Pki send nman pls

anne14329 said,

pls. stop spreading the scandal…maawa nman kau sa mga girl n involve d2.they are human n nagkkmli nagktaon lng n may kgy ni hayden ko n ndi ko maintindhn kung bat kaylangn p nya ivdeo ang gnong mga eksena….nkkloka sya srap nya sampal-sampalin….

bogli said,

hi po,isa po ako sa mga milyong pervert dito sa gitnang silangan na gustong masilayan ang katakam takam na sex video ni idol hayden,katrina ,maricar at brazillian model,,maaring ito ang maging lunas sa tigang naming libog sa katawan dahil sa mala impyernong init dito sa Saudi,,,umaasa po kami na di nyo kami bibiguin sa kalibog libog naming kahilingan he he he he,,,,salamat po abdul bogli

pervert din said,

gusto ko sana kung iyong mamarapatin na ipadala mo sa email ko ang tatlong videong tinutukoy sa usapang ito. walang napakagandang rason kundi ito ay isa lamang kahilingan ng isang napakalibog na tao tulad rin ng maraming sumusulat sa yo. naway iyong mapagbigyan ang munting hiling na ito. aking lubos na ikalulugod ang iyong pagpapaunlak sa hiling na ito. lubos na umaasa.

cedric said,

im a doctor too and id like to see the videos of my collegue doing that crappy thing without thinking..

don said,

hey pitpit,send me those copies pls,links whatever! so me and my family can watch it this weekend! granies are yearning for it! bagay sabay ng reunion !

popoy basha said,

dna ko mgpaligoy ligoy pa, if you can send the video pra nman masaya lahat ng kbbyan mo dto sa singapore, 4 kming mgkabordmate dto. ako lng my laptop kya mlaking bagay sa tropa na masiyahan nman pg na send mo sa amin ang video. maraming salamat.

Boy tebats said,

Di talaga mauubos yan paps…wish mo lang maubos sila pero niloloko mo lang sarili mo..kung ganun hahaha likas na manyakis ang mga filipino..mula pa sa mga ninuno natin..dati nga wala silang damit bahag lang..di angat lang bahag sex na agad ehh..send mo na link skn paps para masaya..haha

father of all perverts said,

pasend naman nung mga movies, yung k katrina, k maricar at yung brazilian, tigang na ako dito sa singapore… puro hipon tao dito, bawal pa porn… para mo nang awa… heheh

dawn said,

hi geez i cant believe Maricar did it i mean way back she’s the kind of person who do not agreed on pre-marital sex,seeing the videos was a real shock to me i know her way back during our college days…

dawn said,

poor Maricar i wonder what will happen to her after this scandal it’s pity it happen to her because on the video seems like she don’t have any idea that Hayden was filming their love making she was very passionate and in love with that guy during that time..

james said,

send me the links
so i could know the real stories behind those scandals…likewise,i could enlighten the youth about the real score on this issue…im a teacher and i cant share my preconceived opinion to my students unless i saw the full videos…send me the links for the enlightening of our youth today!
take care! mabuhay and pipitblog and more power!

Tanya Anselmo said,


Sana makita ko rin yung sinasabi mong full versions ng mga nasasabing videos. wala kasing libangan dito sa Sabah, kundi nagbabasa sa net pag wala ng trabaho. Isa rin kasing akong usisira, kung mas malaswa ang balita mas intresado akong basahin eto’t makita. Parang feel kong iimagine si Hyden sa tabi ko… hehehe… haay

sam said,

mag 1yr old ung son q,,kailangn nmn un para pang refresh sa mga parents ng mga kids kc we have b-day party.plz paki send

Mommy said,

Hi there. I am a mother of 4 kids including a daughter. My husband and I would like to request a link to the video scandal. You said you don’t want to hear the usual reasons like “curiosity”, etc. But to be honest, that’s really the biggest reason why we would like to see the video. And perhaps, to educate ourselves and our older children that doing this thing (taking video of a private intimate affair, esp. w/o the consent of the other party) has major damaging effects not only on their personal lives but of their families as well. Thank you.

maciel said,

Im from all the way here in Australia and damn its all over the filo news. Send me the link to all the videos of hayden kho Im curious on how the man really does his stuff.

kissy ramos said,

bagong kasal lang ako, pwede bang humirit? yung mga videos ni hayden ito na lang sana pinaka gift mo sa kasal ko. (khit di nman tayo close) gusto kasi naming mag asawa gayahin yung mga ginagawa nila…bwahahahahhaha tsaka simula nung celebrity duets crush ko na si hayden. si katrina naman favorite ng husband ko. di naman siguro masama mag feeling hayden at katrina kami sa kama diba? bwahahahahha
cge na…. sana pagbigyan mo kaming mag asawa. thannks in advance

alexis said,

i need it for a reaction paper..may summer class kasi ako na tungkol sa gender and sexuality.. and un ung isang topic nmin – ang pornographic instruments

iceman said,

chief pass me the link/s, me and my friends are curious here in southbeach miami.. We are pinoys and nakakasawa na rin mga eurotrash at latinas. So to be unique naman at malayo kami sa pinas if you may send us the videos so we can watch while having popcorns and heineken hehehehe

felix medrano said,

ako ay nagagalak sa inyung hangarin na maipamahagi ang isang kaalamano kakayahan at dahil sa matiyaga ninyong pagsusumikap na paghuhukay sa katotohanan ay nagbunga ng nagbunga ng ibayong kaligayahan. well, bilangisang tunay na lalaki ay sadyang mahilig sa mga babae tulad sa mainitang pinag-uusapan sa ngayon ang umano ay sex video scandal ng mga ilang celebrity tulad ni Hayden kho at ang barsilian model. isang malaking pasasalamat kung iyang video na yun ay maibahagi mo sa akin.

straub14 said,

pahabol pala tuwang tuwa ang mga auntie kong spinster natigil sila sa pag gagantsilyo at balak umuwi ng pilipinas para mag check up kay dr. hayden kho..salamt sa video na send mo at nabuhay muli ang kanilang dugo…bwihiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

ucandoit said,

we should leave them in their private world…if they want to do it in anyway, sa kanila na lang yun…nevertheless, send me a copy, baka may makita akong other positions na pwedeng gayahin at ma-enhance pa lalo relationshjip namin ng lover ko..thanx and more power!

wapak! said,

kabilang ang “libog” sa maslow’s hierarchy of needs… tagged as physiological needs… at makakapagfulfill ka ng needs ng iba kung ikaw ay magmamagandang-loob.. tama di ba? send naman! mabuhay ka! tnx!

Jina said,

pki send naman po sken ung lahat ng sex video ni hayden blita ko almost 50 ang collection ng tarantadong un! sana nagka STD nalang xa o kaya AIDS! pinaglalaruan mo sa mga kamay mo ang mga babae how dare you! DRA BELO MAGISING KNA SA KATOTOHANAN!!! PERA LANG ANG HABOL SYO NG UNGGOY NA YAN!!! Mamamatay ka ding hudas ka!!! bastos!!! katrina dapat pinutol mo na ang ari ng gagong yan..

romel said,

pls send me this video and i really want to see para naman makita ko kasi nasa ibang bansa kami kung paano ginagawang lintik na tao na to ang karapatang ng babae plss

Brando said,

gusto ko magpayari din kay hayden….
kaya panunuorin ko ang galing nya….
send mo sakin agad plsssss…..

lhet05 said,

Dr. Haden looks like an angel, so handsome and posess that charming and innocent aura. and no doubt why these poor girls go in bed with him. Sadly, behind that innocent look is the devil character pala. Please send me naman a linkof that video, para ma-justify ko naman how true iyong kumakalat na mga issue. Thanks for the favor.

seniorsy said,

hey i’m curious if they we’re really treated like pigs as katrina halili said when she filed the case to hayden kho. tnx for te link.

flair said,

I can not believe this ang haba ng pila. Gusto ko rin matoto kong pano ba mag blowjob para di ako pag palit ng papa ko. you can be of big help to me if you could send me the full video with maricar. tengQ in advance!

Loreto Quizon said,

Apo ako ni Dolphy sa labas. Send mo sa akin ang link at kukunin kitang sidekick ng lolo ko…he..he..

ayen said,

HI napanud ko na yun kay KATIna este katrina pala at kay maricar galing pala ni maricar mag bj parang bading lang na chumuchupa wahahaha.. ang selfish naman naman kasi ni KATIna di nia kasi sinubo si hayden ayan tuloy nagalet pinakalat scandal nila hehe.. wala pa po bang ruffa mae en dra. belo nyahahaha pag meron na pa send ulet sa email ko… salamat po..

hart lovie said,

hay, why do people needs to talk about this things. If ever kaya kapatid or nanay or relative ninu nasa video nuh?Anu kaya mara2mdaman ninu?No need to watch that videos kc kawawa lng ung mga babae na nagamit jan sa videos na yan and you’re not helping though..wla kaung magawa..mga pervert..hay naku..

Jane Smith said,

Hayden Kho and Maricar Reyes graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas. Not so pontifical and royal now, eh? As this is probably the worst controversy that has struck the catholic and very conservative university in decades. I wonder the buzz that is going around in Espana (Manila) now.

News get it wrong all the time! Hayden Kho is just a general practitioner and not a cosmetic surgeon. He did not take up residency in surgery, more so, plastic surgery (the legal training in order for one to be called a cosmetic surgeon). I refuse to call Kho a “doctor” because he does not suit to be called that as a doctor is a noble profession and Kho is a psychotic maniac.

Kho has definitely shamed UST. To be honest, he only wants to become a celebrity and not a doctor (he took up medicine because of the wishes of his parents). Thus, it wouldn’t matter if PRC takes his medical license away because he can still be licensed if he takes board exams from other countries. UST has the power to strip him off his medical degree, and I hope UST does this–taking away 4 years of hard work is just fit for this idiot!

Oh, by the way, I would agree on the “gay” part. As most of his brods from his so-called Fraternity from Med School are also gay. Haha!

As for Dr Maricar Reyes, do come out and seek justice for what Kho did to you. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Best wishes!

maximum1 said,

ill never watch that video…its gross!

Vhong Revilla said,

Tapos na ang maliligayang titi ni Kho… he he he…

Kawawa naman nabiktima ng mamang ito…

Nagbubunyi na mga kabadingan sa Munti nito… ha ha ha…

karen said,

dapat lumabas ng media si maricar reyes wag lang si katrina halili UNFAIR NAMAN YUN PARANG TINATAKPAN NG MEDIA…SO WHAT E PAREHO LANG NAMAN SILANG BIKTIMA DUN

SHARmaine said,

well.,, nainis ako ke hayden kc…kinawawa nia lht nung babae…hnd nmn nia kelangan i video eh…palibhasa baliw eh…

Totoy said,

ang ganda ng scandal na to! unlike yung sa brazilian model na wala sa sentro yung camera. anyway, ikaw na ang bago kong idol DR HAYDEN KHO! nyahahaha!

allen said,

putanginis, send me the fucking hayden maricar video, alam nyo ba na dati ko pa pinagjajakolan yang si maricar, kase parang ang tino..yun pala sumusubo at nakikipag 69 pa!! dammit!!!yung katrina halili walang kwenta di pala magling si katrina segiuon reyna pweh!! tanong lang pinuputok ba ni hayden sa loob? kung oo e ang lupit mo hayden! idol, tiinira mo lahat ng malulupit!! cguro mula high school dami mo na binanatan ano>? wahahaha

Malibog said,

Ang ganda ng video nina Maricar at Hayden ang husay magpump at sumisigaw pa sa sarap…at sanay mangain ng talong ,,,,hahaha

Malibog said,

Hwag na dapat nagrereklamo si Katrina ginusto naman nya ang nangyari sadya nya ipinakain kay Dr Hayden ko ang hiyas nya.. shit! talagang malupit parang halfmoon bridge ang katawan sa sarap.kaya wag dapat syang magreklamo…..kung di sya nagpagamit wala sanang sex video na lalabas……hahahaha

chix said,

oo nga..d dapat magreklamo c katrina kasi aware naman sya sa ginagawa nila,di ba?sobrang pambababoy?bakit di sya nagreklamo nung gawin nila ‘yon?bilang isang babae,nakakahiya talaga.

sa nagkalat ng video:
sana inisip nyo kung sa kapatid nyo nangyari ‘to.dapat private lang to.

at sa lahat:

this serves as a lesson!ingat na lang and God bless! sana matigil na to

sa’yo pipitblog:
alam ko ginawa mo to para ma exercise natin and freedom of speech. para malaman din natin ang kanya kanyang opinions.

God bless us!

belle said,


Katrina is one of my old friend. I’m terribly shock that she’s been into that scandal for I used to know her as not that kind of person. Well, people really do change. I’m in UK right now, and I just want to see these videos that my friends in the philippines are talking about. thanks!

Jakulito Bayagbag said,

asahan ko po ung mga videos ni dr. hayden kho ah,,

ang akin lang, pareho nila kasalanan un.
naku naman, uso kaya ang sex noh. hahahaha

Missy Aralar said,

Hi Good day! Please send me a video or maricar and hayden koh. I am a political science student and my professor asking our opinion about this and we have to apply the law. Please send ASAP. thank you very much.

Krauser said,

Mabuhay ang MALILIBOG! hahahaha

girlie said,

ako .. sobrang excited to watch that maricar-hayden vid na ‘yan. balita ko super galing daw ni maricar. eh ngayong mga panahon nato super cold si hubby saken. malamang pag ginamitan ko sya ng maricar style eh tumirik na naman ang mata nya. kaya sige na sis hulog ka ng langit pag in email mo saken. now na !

romyo said,


sam said,

im surprised by the fact that she really dominates in bed, though i havent seen it myself. kwento lang ng lahat ng officemates ko (mind you, babae sila majority) and im the only one left out! so PLEASE, be generous enough and send me the video. =) crush ko sya sobra eh. thanks!

dawn said,

for those who watch the videos have you notice that on all the girls that Hayden have been with,only Maricar was the one he obviously love,why i said that??? because if you observe the video of katrina with hayden was merely out of lust,after they make love Hayden just check her cellphone,while with Maricar they were just spooning still even after they make love.

Search the Web on Snap.com said,

ang landi ni maricar, dra p nman xa hahaha

dawn said,

I feel sorry for Maricar because that time when she did that with Hayden obviously she’s very much in love with him and she don’t have any idea that Hayden filmed their love making,

Alexis said,

Serves you right you B#%@#H!!! And that doctor is a maniac! I wonder what he’s doing to all his female patients… anyway, here is the link of the full version video.

whores of philippine cinema!

disgusted said,

you guys are disgusting, especially those that say “i was friends with katrina/maricar/brazilian model before and i would like to see their videos”, because if you really were a friend you wouldn’t want to see the videos. everyone downloading, viewing, and sending these videos are as much a party to the crime as hayden.

and shame on you all, acting all shocked, bemoaning the fact that “oh, she seemed like such a nice girl, ang libog pala”. whatever. and there *you* are, secretly titillated and avidly waiting to download the video. the irony is astounding.

you want to do something to help, instead of spreading it and making it worse? why don’t you all go try and prosecute hayden and all the other people involved in distributing these videos (and that includes the owner of this site!) and just leave those girls alone.

Boobsirella said,

Napanood ko ang full version ng video ni hayden at maricar at iba pang mga models ..Napakahusay na mga performance ng mga babaeing ito, napakahusay magsi KUPLANG.. TALAGA naman titirik mata ng omber pag sa kanya ginawa ito. pero ang nakaka worry ay ang iskandalong dinulot nito sa buhay nga mga babaeing ito at sa kanilang mga pamilya. Masyadong unfair sa mga babaeng nakalaguyo ng abnormal at silahis na hayden Kho ang ginawa nilang yun ni Viky Bello na pagpapakalat ng mga videos na ang layunin ng matanda at MATRONANG VEKY BELO ay sirain ang reputasyon at karangalan ng mga babaeing ito. Ingit na ingit sya sa performance ng mga babaeng ito sa kama, hindi na kasi nya pwedng gawin ang mangabayo dahil puro na siya RAYUMA AT SAKIT NG KATAWAN , kaya hindi enjoy sa kanya si hayden, kaya nakukuha siyang likohin ng manyakis na silahis. At ito ang isang paraan kung paano niya gagantihan ang mga babaeng nakalaguyo ni hayden. nakuha nya ang mga copy ng videong ito ng tangkain ni hayden na makipagbalikan sa matandang Viky Belo, ito ang naging kapalit ng pagpapatawad sa kanya ng Huklubang Viky Belo , ang kuhanin ang mga kopya . At ng mapasakamay na ng matronang Viky Belo ang mga kopya ay tinggap naman agad agad ang hayden at syempre nagpkalunoy sa ligaya ang HITAD NA MATANDA. Nag abroad at nanood ng fight ni Pacquiao sa U.S.A., Pagdating sa Pilipinas ay namahinga lang ng ilang araw habang pinalalakas ang resistensya ni hayden Silahis at pagkaraan ay nagtungo naman ng japan para duon simsimin si hayden ng Hitad na Huklubang Bello. At bago umalis ay pinaubaya sa kanyang mga alalay ang pag UPLOAD ng scandal videos sa Internet, at upang ma justify din at walang pagdudahan sa kanyang maiitm na balak . Syempre nga naman, wala sila dito sa Pilipinas kung i trace man ang date ng pag upload ng mga scandal videios. Sobra talag ang insecurities sa buhay ng matandang Vily Bello na yan. lahat ng pagganti sa kapwa ang iniisip. dapat ay manahimik na siya for good at humanap ng isang lalake na ka edad nyang 70 anyos para talagang hindi siya iiwan at lolokohin.

San mAKARMA ANG VIKY BELLO na yan sa pinag gagawa niyang kawalanghiyaan sa mga babaeng naging biktima ni hayden Silahis. Dapat sa Hayden na yan ay IPASUSO SA KABAYO ANG KANYANG TARUGO at na madala , at IPAGAHASA naman sa ASONG ASKAL NA GALISIN YANG MATANDANG HUKLUBANG VIKY BELLO. Go go katrina, maricar, et al , kaya ninyo yang scam na yan sa buhay na pinagdadanan ninyo. nakikisimpatya ang mg tao sa inyo , at syempre tuwang tuwa naman ang mga maniakis. yun lang

dre said,

i’m an ofw and i can’t believe na almost evry tea break namin un na lng ang topic..hehhehe…perverts all over the world tlga.i remember the scandal sa cebu regarding video taken inside OR?may nangyari ba sa mga docs and nurses?maybe same story na naman for doc hayden huh?filipinos by nature ningas kugon…well wait and see na lng…pls send me d vids para mas madami ako ma share sa tea break namin..hehehehehe

cunning baboy said,

Gusto ko pong makibaboy:)

Sabi nga ng Katrina: “I have been Swined!!!”

Please send me the video or links of the Maricar/Katrina-Hayden Sex Scandal saka na rin yung sa Brazilaian Model kung mayroon ka.

Gusto ko lang makita ano pinaguusapan nila.

Libog lang po, walang personalan.


zenaida doctolero said,

Stop sending these videos. Maawa ka sa mga babaeng sangkot. Im sure may kapatid kang babae, ina, asawa o gf, tama na. Nakakatulong ka lang lalo sa pagpapahirap sa buhay ng mga babaing sangkot. Desisyun nila yun kung mag sex sila. Pero hindi na dapat kinunan pa. At mas lalong hindi na dapat ipamigay pa sa iba ang video. Tama na. Makunsensya ka.

tates said,

hi, my dog is horny and he really likes katrina, maybe you can help me turn him on? looking forward to it. thanks!

odila said,

alam nyang may karilasyon si hayden bakit pa xa pumayag makipag relasyon, hanapin kung sino nagkalat ng vedio kac both of them are victim.hayden ay dapat humarap sa case in administrative dahil sa kanyang profession,its Immorality!…. Please send me the video para makita ang expresion ni katrina kung xa rin ba ay karapatdapat tanongin based sa gravity ng video

abzzz said,

i don’t think maricar is pertaining to hayden. they’ve been an item way back in med school so please don’t think that the videos you’re seeing are recent. super tagal na nun. and maricar probably chose to be single because of clerkship and internship. and that guy she’s dating? not hayden. definitely. i shud know.

luminerli said,

pipi, marami ka ngang readers, bastos ka naman. tama bang tawaging pervert ang iba? patulan ang pikon? manglait ng kapwa pinoy? ikaw nga itong pervert. kinareer mo ang lahat nang kababuyan..

pipitblog said,

hmmm…iba naman ang trip ng isang ‘to…okay,,,one by one, then….

THE READERS — alam mo ba kung bakit sila dumami na parang gremlins??? kasi may nagsprinkle ng semen ni hayden kho from heaven above…nyahahah….hence, the readers you see here,,,but i wouldn’t consider them as readers actually…they’re more like…mga tsismoso at tsismosa,,,”curious lang”, sabi nga ng iba…

THE PERVERTS —- last time i checked, it’s not a crime to call someone a pervert. but here’s my two cents worth…in the correlative sense of the word pervert, some of these people are acting out a type of paraphilia called “voyeurism”…mga peeping toms kumbaga…kasi they wanna watch the sex videos from their HOLES which metaphorically are their monitors…hoping to gain [what?] some sort of sexual gratification or merely to quench their curiosities…and to me that constitutes voyeurism…hence the term of endearment “perverts”…

MGA PIKON — i have always believed that i cannot please everybody,,,hell! why should i? but if you are gonna start pushing my buttons,,,then i guess it is only fair that i also push yours,,,a taste of your own medicine kumbaga…now it’s not my fault if other people are foaming at the mouth if i reply callously…in fact, i’m letting them say whatever it is they wanna say to me,,,their nasty comments, they’re all fine by me,,,it’s a joust they started, then it’s a joust that they’re gonna get…

MANGLAIT NG KAPWA — now, now,,,,don’t start this holier-than-thou act on me! at some point in your life, you must’ve have criticized somebody…no??? never??? ooohh!!! HAIL THE NEWLY BEATIFIED SAINT!!!

ANG AKING PAGIGING PERVERT — sino bang may sabing dinedeny ko na pervert ako? i make no bones about it! in fact, may blogroll pa nga ako sa sidebar o! tignan mo ako ang nasa una,,,nyahahha…i also fuck cadavers and animals, mind you, and throw in all the geriatric people as well,,,actually hindi ko pa nga nakakareer lahat ng kababuyan kasi hindi pa ako nakakatikim ng retards like you,,,

Putang_Pinay_Haters said,

Hello! Please send me a true/genuine copy of Katrina and Hayden Sex Video Scandals FULL VERSION.

Thank you so much! Hahaha GREAT lesson to SLUT/WHORE Katrina Halili Belat Buti nga sa iyo INA MO Katrina Halili makati! HAHAHA

angel said,

i dont want to sound mean…but wasn’t ms. katrina’s reaction a bit over? according to her reactions from the video it looks like she’s enjoying it now she her reactions are quite awful…was it because she’s ashamed of what she did or was her dignity got stomped by some man?
the thing is… she did enjoy it… might as well stick with the consequences…

Girl said,

Ang masasabi ko lang tanga si Katrina na inamin niya na siya yung nsa sex video kasi in the first place medyo madilim yung vid at pwede niyang ideny yun. Or pwede niyang aminin na siya yung at huwag muna lumabas labas sa media and soon the issue will die out. Wala naman siya magagawa kung kumalat na yung videos eh. Bakit yung kay Ethel Booba at kay Criselda Volks nawala nalng saglit lng nwala na ung issue. Ngayon, nagpapaawa siya sa tv na huwag panuorin na kesyo may kaptid may nanay kayo o may anak kayo… hindi ba niya yan naisip bago siya nagsexy star? Bago siya gumwa ng sexy films at mgpapicture at mgposing posing na konti lang ang takip sa katawan? Lahat ng yan results ng actions niya. Eh kung manahimik nalang siya at mgpnta sa isang malayong lugar at piliing maging discrete ung pg sue nia kay Hayden edi hndi na lalo magkakainterest yung tao sa videos niya. Hindi kasi nagiisip eh.

Kay Senator Bong Revilla naman at sa mga taong umaaksyon sa scandal na ito. Wala na ba tayong ibang issue o problema sa Pilipinas para ito ang pagtuunan ninyo ng pansin? Nagbabayad po kami ng tax hindi para ayan ang atupagin ninyo! Hello? Ang dami na kayang lumabas na ganyang issues before pero bakit dati hindi kayo gumawa ng batas tungkol doon? Ngayon lang ninyo hinihuli or confiscate yung mga bold dvds sa quiapo? Si Katrina Halili lang ba ang need ng justice? Bakit noon hindi ninyo ginawa ngayon lang?


trishaimeer said,

well said girl! totoo lahat ang mga sinasabi mo. pwede nga sana e deny nya (kat) yung sex vid nila kasi d man talaga sya makita sobrang dilim!


gretchen said,

totoo ba yan.?..sayang idol ko pa naman xa…shes such a lovely person but behind her beauty there is a mysterious things happen that all people will shock.

nikola said,

wowowoowowoowowowowowowowowowowowowoowowowowowowowowowoowowowowowowowowow…………. ang baetbaet ni hayden on cam pero sa likod pala…………………………………………………….. wat…………!!!!! so wild……………………..!!!!!!!!!! rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Taratitat said,

dang! hanep naman! pano ko kaya sasabihin sa napaka”unique” way para isend mo sa email ko ung complete actual video ni hayden at Katrina?! hehehehe balita ko nakakalibog daw eh,,yeah i know babae ako pero may manyak din ako noh! hahahaha! magpakatotoo tayo hahaha!

jingle said,

hello po sa inyo, pwede po ba ako maka hingi ng copy ng vedio scandal ni katriina halili?? idol ko kasi, hindi ko kasi maintindihan kung bakit ganun na lang reaction ng mga tao sa kanya, na siguro masyadong nagmamalinis!!!
please??!!! sana pagbigyan nyo ako!!!!

Cabo said,

HI pepe’tlog este pipitblog,

Pa-view naman ng videos mo lalo na yung kay Katrina Halili at Hayden Kho, puro nagtatabaang mga puti at mexicana na lang ang nakikita ko dito sa Santa Barbara, California gusto ko namang makakita ng sariling atin at gusto kong makita kung gaano ka-hot ang tities ni Katrina! Mabuhay ang mga perverts! hehehe..

Linus yorick said,

hahaha ang dami nyang inarte ehhh ginusto naman niya ang lahat ng mga nangyari, infact enjoy na enjoy sya ehh!!!
hay nasa huli ang pagsisisi,lahat ibibigay mo para sa “mahal” mo

pero baliwala pa rin lahat ng lalaki ganyan napaka sinungaling, lahat gagawin para lang makuha ang kanilang gusto, hayyyyyy lalaki kc ako kaya alam ko ang ginawa ni hayden ehehe.. kaya lahat kayong mga babae, mag ingat sa mga ka relasyon nyo. wag masyadong magtiwala, baka di mo mamalayan bukas wala na lahat sayo!!!!! pero kahit ganun Ms.Katrina naaawa din ako sayo pero ginawa mo na ehh, wala ka nang ibang pwedeng gawin kundi ang magpakatatag!!

cancer said,

grabe aus ha..natabunan agad ung pinost q..aus na aus..andaming hayok mxado sa video na un..wahahaha..
anyways I watched the news awhile ago about the public apology of that doctor..and he’s so plastic ;p kala mu inosente eh talaga namang xa gumawa nun kung hindi b naman xa dumb, bakit nia pa kelangan i.video ang private moments nila eh db sex is sacred done in the 4 corners of room between two persons? eh hindi naman mag.aatempt na nakawin ung vid n un kung d nia nirecord ikaw ba naman makita mo c katrina na nakikipag.sex hindi ka ba mgging desperate to get that vid ) oh dba tama? sira din ung friend kc kinalat but kho is a cheate saka super libog pogi nia pa naman mag.aapply sna aqng nurse nia sayang wahahaha..anyways, salamat fafa ha..atleats mpapanood ko na xa at makakagimik n aq bukas kc good mood c mama,mkkta nia ndaw un..aus ka fafa!

philip said,

kindly give me the link to this very controversial issue these days? im a psychologist who wanted to learn more for this case and its impact to the community…i would appreciate it very much if you send me the link! thank you…

alex said,

can you please send me all the sex videos of Dr Hayden Kho?

I will send money to your bank account tmrow morning.. pro dont expect big amount ha 1,000 pesos lang… Thanks send to my email your bank account or i load nlang kita worth 1000k kung ayaw mo malaman ko ur identity..just want to see he video lang tlga…

justin arellano said,

kindly send me the full version of katrina halili’s scandal..im dying to watch it n kc mhal n raw s quaipo eh…please ill send my naked pic in exchange hehehehehe…God bless

jun said,

grabe si katrina… walamg patawad..haahah kasalanan din nya… ngaun p sya nag react… pati.. ung mga senador at congresista.. pampapogi lng sa media…

_niCz_ said,

oii ! laswah nyO . . kung ggwah kau n katrina . . dpat cnmah nyo c dra belo . . prah msyah . . d b ? d mOr d marier . . ahaha ! smah nyO n ren c kris lawrence at maricar . . :) nahhyah p b kau ? ngaun iiyk iyk kau sa tv . . duuuh !

LetsSeeIt said,

I wanna see if that drama act katrina halili is putting on tv can actually defend and justify what she did with hayden kho regardless of being ‘unknowingly’ video taken… Yes of course i’d like to see them going at it but still… i also wanna shame that girl katrina for the BS she’s putting out. =p

shomvakekay said,

Hay Naku,

Ngatngatin mo yang link mo. anyways, mas sexy ako kesa ke Katrina Halili. Ang mga sexy na gaya namin, pinag nanasaan kaya “Mamatay kayo sa pagnanasa”, hahahahahahahaha!

Go go Katrina, Gilingin ang PRC ni Hayden at ipa lafyok mo sa kanila ni Belo…… tayo ang mga born with natural beauty and sexiness kaya inde natin needsing ang Belo fara magpa mega alter ng katauhan natin….. getzing mo girl?

shomvakekay said,

Well Lastly, “What goes around……….comes around”…….You only get what U ask for……..Seriously speaking, If there is no katrina Halil to dance with the tunei, there would be no Hayden Kho to fool around with you…… Getzing nyo?

Jan Ang said,

I don’t live in the Philippines, so I cannot go to Quiapo. Can you pls. send the videos of H. Kho with the 3 now famous girls? Just curious like the others. Thanks!

Dr. Kholangot… said,

hoy gagong pervent.. send mo nman sa akin un video ko nmin ni katrina halili… nadelete ko kc un copy ko.. for your info.. ndi lng ako macho dancer.. singer pa xD

pipitblog said,

pre pervert hindi pervent.LOL

Daffamedia said,

Hi! You know, in Indonesia you can find many scandal, too. Good articles

one said,

send me 3 videos please… kung meron… di ako manyak ha.. gusto ko lang tingnan…

send me katrina n hayden sex scandal said,

kawawa naman si katrina kaya lang kasalanan niya rin iyon bakit siya nakikipag forplay sa hinde nya asawa or boiyfriend,napaka bad naman ni hayden parang hinde siya lalaki sana inilihim nya na alng yung video

ayumike09 said,

idol ko c hidden kho..dapat lang yan sa mga babae na malandi lam na nila na may syota na papa kantot parin…more hayden more…labas mo lahat..pati kay ruffa mae..kay vicky..charlene aguilar..fuck all u sluuuuuuuts out there…hidden rulleszzzzzzzzzzzzz

jesuitfriar said,

what the heck is Halili saying here? after she had an illicit affair and put a atain in the face of her mother – a Filipina woman, she is crying for “help” as if in behalf of the Filipina women against humiliation?! Damn, you’re too good at acting Katrina!!!! now you wanna wash your hand by putting all the blame on Kho, who undeniably had your consent in doing such scandalous thing? have a discretion, girl!

about, Bong revilla, why put so much commotion on such “personal libido” of those adulterers! there’re more pressing things to do in the Senate, Mr Senator! and definitely, Halili is not that good example to take as paragon of woman under social/man indignation.

bhabyjm12 said,

grabeh naman kase….pareho silang sikat ngayun,tapos gumawa sila ng ikakabuwal ng kanilang career…..wala na…eh san na kau ngayun pupulutin??? baka maban na silang dalawa.

sarah alejo said,

hayy naku s 22o Lng n2ral lng nmn mkpg sex e..its part of a relationship..but this things is kinda hell sa side ng bbe..npka bastos n hayden..!wlang respeto s bbe..dr.p nmn xa..!dpt s kanye mwlan ng lisensya as a dr..!coz i think hayden kho is a nimfo maniac..!

Olen de Con said,

Hu hu hu .

.evryone just wasting their time about this scandal..what make it a scandal anyway..how do we categorize if it’s a scandal or not.. For all we know Katrina is an actress ..How do we know if she’s acting or it;s just its just part of the script she’s playing.

Their is a lot of people showing like this before but why right now they are reacting like hell.it didnt even reach the senate floor before ( ahh Bong .. he is just trying to Play he’s role also) ..why now only Bong Revilla is fighting this ..How about the previous –so they called scandal- ahhh don’t mind about them their just ordinary people..their not celibrities…???

The problem with this country we always look and try to be too religios .(Phillipines is one of the country with many religios belief)
We cannot accept thing like this to happen..
Let them suffer the things that they did.
Why involve the country for their peprsonnal activities.
why involve senate – Just wastin time and money..
Our countries are Full of Pretentious people who they like to show that they are modest ,DIGNIFIED, morally adept ,
Scandal or not this issue is small compared what our country is facing since 1962 that no president until now solve this issue “economic crises”
Senators like Bong is cheap -he will be always actor for the rest of his life..


Bye for now..dont like to be a MEMBER of Katrina Crusader’s…They better call Themselves “TIME WASTER” …

My hearts bleeding



Ayun, dapat di umiiyak si KAT kasi ginawa nya yun eh XD

BINABOY daw siya, eh ginusto nya yun eh.. kaya pa send ng link ah ^^ hehe

arash said,

i do not understand what talkin’ about

ganda said,

oh… gosh sorry ka nalang karina im sure loahatt ng tao na nakapanood ng video mo urn off na syo kasi karenkeng ka pala tama lang yan sayo kasi hindi pumasok ka sa isang relasyon na hindi na pwede…. in short lukaret ka! kakahiya ka ka sa video mo yaaakssss….

simplywhoiam said,

helo sa lahat ng bumabasa nito plz lang wag nyo na hingiin ang video na to kababae nyong tao gusto nyo panoorin ang scandal na scandal na nga ang tao lalo nyo pa scandalin. respituhin nyo nman pag lalaki maintindihan ko kc napaka manyak naman yong iba pero pag babae hindi ko ma isip na ganun din kau ka manyak.

george said,

ang bastos po ng scandal ni hayden kho,,, dapat po syang makulong dahil sa mga malaswang video ny..
at bakit pa niya ito ipakita sa mga tao??

bartender said,

it is just a typical story that just sensationalise by both politicians and celebrity personalities,the bottom line in here is they wanted more popularity and as well as it is also a real kind of busines that will benefit for all the people involve in this ordinary sory

clicque said,

i think it wud be better if the movie will not be published to the public coz it will surely polute the innocent minds of many. . . . . . .thank you

cecile said,

hey people these are 2 consenting adults… bakit ba galit c katrina eh gustong gusto naman niya . saka bedroon talk ito maski pa mi video o wala sa kanilang dalawa lang to, lalabas man o hindi they like it both with gusro, bakit kung bingyan nang drugs c katrina ..bata ba cya na hindi nya alam na drugs o hindi gaga lang sya…and since lumabas nga biglang bumaliktad c katrina dahil na motivate nacya nang mga gustong sumikat…. back to video ,it was nice dahil private na private na sana..

hOrniEdAw said,

wow.., SALAMAT HAYDEN AT KATRINA.., nagbalik muli ang “TAMIS AT INIT” naming mag-ASAWA!!1.., yeah!!!, idoL.., SALUDO ako sa inyo!!!

babe said,

hi gurls!

Alam nyo, walang kasalanan nino man dyan, nagmahal lang sila kahit di tama, ang dapat managot dyan ay kung cno ang nag upload! sya dapat mabitay! kawawa naman si maricar, mag bf naman sila prior vicky! at yon ang passion nilang dalawa, kaso na published….tsk…tsk… at isa pa, sana hwag na nilang idamay si maricar sa publicity ng mga politiko, nanahimk na yong tao at kawawa naman… kung sino ang pumutak e di sya lang ang mangitlog… hwag na sya mandamay kung sino sinong babae pa ang tinatawag!

jahaoti said,

botoako sau kuya hayden!!!!!galing mu nga eh!!!!!kng ako sau wag mung problemahin yun…..may kasalan dn xa eh!!!!!for the first time she already knew that there was a camera!!!!right!!!!!im with you doc!!!!

Jessie said,

wow ha..grabe ang lupit naman..hehehe pero 4 me kasalanan din naman ni Katrina Halili kung bakit sya napasok sa ganyang isyo…kung di ba naman sya malandi bakit sya papatol makipagtalik sa taong di naman nya asawa..at lesson narin yan kay katrina kasi alam naman nyang boyfriend ni Dra. Vicki Belo c Dok Haydin taz aagawin pa nya..sana magtanda kana katrina…and be responsible sa mga consequece ng gulong pinasok mo…

wail said,

……..Kahit ano pang gawin NI kATRINA wla na syang maga2wa kasi nangyari na…………SHAME on her.!!!…. wag nalang syang magdemanda kasi mas lalo pang tatagal ang issue…..what u saw is what u get….gets nyu???..pabayaan mo katrina maka karma din yan ang nagpakalat ng video…… i Knw u can survive this situation….! tionkzzzzzzzzzzzjust pray it to God…..okkkkkkk….bcareful nxtym….ma e enjoy talaga kami nito pagpasukan na…….heheeeeeeek byebyebye…..!!!!!

ivy said,

haha!! thank you!! i found it!!! hay grabe katrina! exhibitionista! lol! si maricar nice..!!

pretty said,

omg talaga!ang baboy ni hayden,parang walang pinag aralan,mat karma ka din HAYDEN KHO pag mag asawa ka,tas may anak ka na babae tignan mo di ba bababoyin din yan….Grabe kah,wala kag pinag kaiba sa hayop animal ka talaga,ginaganyan mo yung mga babae.
Doctor na walang silbi manyakis yan ang tawag sa yo,pahingi-hingi ka ng sorry bale wala yan pag sisisihan mo to buong buhay mo kung meron kang konsencya….
Sasususnod na gumawa ka ng video gamitin mo UTAK mo okey sabihin mo sa iyong mga babae na mag video kayo…sa mga babaeng mahilig sa OTEN ni hayden na napa ka liit walang binatbat ang itim-itim pa yukkkkkkkkk,bago nyo ibigay ang puday mag check muna kayo sa buong kuarto ok….gamitin nyo rin utak nyo….
sa nanay ni HAYDEN tinoroan mo ba yung anak mo ng mabuting asal?bago nya ginawa ang KABABOYAN?
ewan ko na lang sa inyo…kaya nawalan kayo ng mga kaibigan ng dahil sa baboy nyong anak,BASURA na ang tingin namin sa inyo…..

Resty robert said,

Gunggung c hayden kho,bastos ang hinayupak nyan doctor p man dn xa.Para s lahat n kumakampi s kanya mga gunggung.

wildorchid said,

bilib ako sa ka demonyohan ni hayden kho kasi dapat hindi nya ito ginawa. nakikita ko na walang consent from maricar reyes eh doctor pa naman siya ngayon. kawawa si babae dahil makikita ito ng pamilya nya o di kaya syota niya.

Selboy said,

mukhang mula pa noong panahong nasa med school pa siya ay ginagawa na niya ang pagrerecord ng kanyang mga sexcapades…. grabeh..

loren balanon said,

wawa naman po si maricar doctor pa naman….ogag talaga and dr. hayden na yan!!!!

mrs.bench 109 said,

comment ko lang… inggit kau kay hayden pano ang pantasya ng bayan nakuha nya (katrina halili) hindi sincere ang paghingi nya ng sori sa nkikita ko.. proud pa sya.. at kay katrina kasalanan din nya kng bakit ngka ganyan… ginusto nya rin un wag nya sabihin na binaboy sya ni hayden dahil rinig na rinig ko na humahalinghing pa sya sa sarap habang ginagawa nila un…hindi mgkakaroon ng sex video nya kng di nya pinatulan c hayden

sansan said,

yah right, ayos yung 2nd video nila maricar, kung di lang sana na isapubliko, masasabi kong mahal talaga nila ang isat isa, pero yung unang video nilang nailabas, di ko gusto, parang di sweet eh…

anyway, sawa na din ang isyu ng scandal na ‘to, tigilan na…kawawa naman yung mga babae…tama na yung napanood ng buong Pilipinas ang controversial na video na to, parusahan na lang ang dapat parusahan.

lets back to work…mas maraming nagugutom, mas kelangan nila ng tulong…pustahan, bibilang lang tayo ng 3buwan(eto na siguro yung pinaka maximum), limot na ang isyu na to…

sa mga humihingi ng link, just be resourceful, wag lang hingi ng hingi…hehehehe… gamitan natin ng konting common sense…ang dali naman hanapin, sa dami ng mga pervert, kadami daming link….hay kahihilig talaga ng pinoy sa ganito…they love to see other people misery…tsk…tsk…

bebe said,

the best ang part2,,, cno nga nman magaakala na gnun ka hot c maricar sa kama db?

kz the best din ang doktor nya pano i drive ang libog nya grabe the best toh

meow said,

weee!!! infairness ha, sarap k*mantot nitong si hayden, grabeng dumila…haayy…pakisabi sa kanya mag sex instructor nalang sya wag na sya mag doctor asan ka ba hijo? pengeng tips, share ko sa kk ko. haha! seriously, it was a nice form of lovemaking, kung di lang iisiping alam ni hayden na may hayden khomera. slurp slurp!

Edison Chen said,

Love making your ass. Kalibugan lang kay Hayden yun. Pero gusto ko si Maricar, sarap gumiling. Sana lahat katulad nya. Dapat turuan ng video taping techniques itong si Hayden para mas maganda ang dating.

maria said,

Thnx for the links.Kawawa ang mga babae na may video kay Hayden.Sana nga maparusahan ang mga nagkasala.At magkaroon na ng batas sa ganitong video scandal.Kawawa ang mga kababaihan.

krinknov said,

wag nyong sisihin kung bastusin na naman ang mga pinay natin na kababayan sa ibang bansa…

trix said,

ang ganda talaga ni maricar,sarap tirahin..idol na sana kita hayden kaso anliit ng etits mo,kalahati lang ng sakin!

pototoy said,

sa opinion ko dapat magsama si maricar at yung ibang mga babae sa videos ni kho na sampahan ng kaso ang manyak na si Hayden Kho para matututo. Tsaka bumababa ang pagtinging ng ibang tao sa kanila dahil sa maling interpretation. For me Maricar Reyes is a sweet icon sa television, at kung cguro magsurvey tayo isa sa sa tipo ng babae na dapat inihaharap sa altar, tapos bababuyin lng ng manyak na si Hayden. Maricar kelangan mong ipaglaban ang karapatan mo tulad ni Katrina.

alanis said,

Kupalhole yang si Doc Hayden, perv talaga! kung tutuusin e isang damak-mak na babae naman talaga ang pwede nyang makatalik eh! (san ka pa?? macho gwapito eh! Sino ba naman chikas ang tatangi diba) kaso bat kelangan pa niya kunan ng video?? ma-swerte sya kasi hindi sya makukulong, dahil malamang GAHASA sya sa mga convict sa loob.. ha ha!! sabog sana ang wetpaks nya sabog pati ebak!! sana lang hindi maisip ng mga kaanak ni IDOL Maricar na ipa-patay sya,dahil kung ako e isa sa mga kaanak ni Ms.Maricar… lang hya, e ipapa patay ko na yan para BUROL na lang niya ang pag usapan at hindi na yung SEX video… hehehe.. at para naman kay Dra. Vicky….

kizukesahara said,

all I can say is, artistic…

manny dinanakapagpigil said,

matagal ko na kinokontrol na wag manood ng mga scandal but I cant resist na mapanood si Maricar. begging you po to please send me a copy of Maricar. I will be alone here at the house for 3 days. please pls pls

Boy utog said,

magpasalamat kayo sa nag upload ng videos! mahusay! napakaintelihente! Dahil dyan nalalaman natin ang mga bulok na ugali ng mga taong to! Ang kakapal pa ng mukha mag pakita sa T.V or should I say ang mga Pilipino nga naman ang kakapal ng mukha kahit sa anong larangan mapa-pulitika man o sex scandal ang kapal tlaga ng mukha ng Pinoy. Eh, former president nga ng south korea nagpakamatay dahil sa kahihiyan sa corruption eh sa atin harap harapan ang katiwalian1 sana magpakamatay na kayo ng sa ganon mabawasn na ang mga hibang sa bansang to! salamat adios! haha!

mz.question_mark said,

ungoy mas malaswa nman makipagsex si maricar kesa kay katrina.. si katrina sya tinatrabaho.. pero si maricar parang bakla grabeh!! hindi gawain ng matitinong babae un noh!! kahit san tayo magdating.. kea nga ayaw lumitaw ni maricar sa media kasi nakakahiya sya ehh.. puta parang gutom na gutom sa burat eh…. pero infairness an lupit nia haa.. kasing lupit nia ung mga babae sa bold movie

gf4life said,

san ba yang guess book na yan?

pipitblog said,

eh kaya pala hindi mo makita kasi “GUESS” book ang hinahanap mo, pervert! nyahahahha… Nasa kanan mo ang “GUEST” book…

dondee22 said,

Mga pare ko, hwag na sana nating pag fiestahan ang scandal na ito at kung kayo ay may babaeng kapatid o syota, igagalang ninyo ang pagkababae nila gaya ni Maricar na naging biktima ng isang notorious na manyakis. Mas makakatulong kay Maricar kung di natin idownload or panoorin ang scandal na yan. Nakakatuwang isipin pero pag siguro ikaw ang magulang o kaibigan ni Maricar ni hindi mo na papanoorin. Ibang scandal nalng panoorin nyo .. hahaha…

kaye said,

i agree, the thing with maricar and hayden is very sensual…it’s nice to look at! d’ one with katrina is truly nakakabastos. if i were d girl talagang maeembyerna ako. She was treated like whore.It was obvious that there’s no love unlike with Maricar, we can’t blame her ginusto nya naman.

Kaiser said,

I agree.. Hndi dala ng libog ung sex nila hayden at maricar.. I believe that video was taken from way, way back.. Sa kilos pa lang ni hayden mki2ta ung care at affection nya ka maricar..

mimi said,

based nga sa aking napanaood sa lovemaking nila Maricar and Hayden full of love talaga sa part ni Maricar. He gave it all to her man pero anong ginawa ng gagong Hayden tinaraydor nya si Maricar. Grabe ang haba nga part 1 20mins and part 2 40 mins. talbog ang kay Kat.

nipflicker said,

gusto kong makita yung kay ruffa mae, na ikinapuputok ng butse ni Bong Revilla…where mapanood?

Sana leksyon ito sa mga babaeng kumakarengkeng sa syota ng iba (na may kakaibang hobby) Naiintindihan ko si Hayden kasi mukhang walang tumatagal na babae sa kanya, kaya niya siguro kinukunan ng ‘remembrance’…bakit kaya? Di nasiyahan? In fairness, mukha pa lang ni Hayden, makalaglag panty na…. ulam na kumbaga! Kaya lang, di marunong gumawa ng crimen…may kasamang ebidensiya. OMG

gemma said,

Malaswa man o hindi, hindi dapat kuhaan ng isang parang pelikula ang pribadong pagtatalik! Lalo na kung hindi ito alam o pinahihintulutan ng isang partido. Kaya sayo hayden, cute ka sana.. pero impakto ka! Sana nga matanggalan ka ng lisensya!!!! At sayo Vicky, konsintidorang matanda ka! Kung feel mong me sex video ka, wag mong idamay ang mga bata pa!!!

Sa mga nabiktima ni Hayden, nxtime bago makipag-sex, surveilance muna. Ok. Go girls… suportahan taka!!! Ipaglaban ang mga kababaihan sa mga demonyong lalake!!!!

rina reyes said,

napakamanyak talaga ni hayden pareho sila ng nanay nya adik!!!

Sai said,

I truly believe that there was something between them. It’s not just lust. But it breaks my heart more when I think of it this way, that Maricar could have been in love. Hayden should have never taken this video. And please, to the others, stop watching the videos, or just Maricar at that. I really feel for her.

mary joy said,

gago ka, ur such stupoid u know! mahiya ka sa itlog mong maitim, itago mo ung lagim…Nakakahiya…ewww damn it

Inner Soul said,

Greetings of peace everyone! human as we are, we commit mistakes, sin, wrong act, whatever etc…it is bound to happen to grow and mature. There are two ways to be good: one is difficult, to be good, to really do good! the other is so easy just prove the other wrong and you have a certain feeling you do good. May we all learn and mature from what happened with Doctor Hayden and forgive and move on.OM SHANTI Doctor Kho, i respect you and wish you all the positive vibes in the universe

bash2s said,

wierd ka din ano?….sa sarili kong opinion mas malaswa ang scandal nina maricar at hayden compare to Katrina’s scandal kasi pra sa akin and mga reaction ni katrina sa video ay normal lang… yung kay maricar that wasn’t norma that was lust!… basta they all have the right na gumawa na ganun same sa atin lahat…. anag nka masama lang ay may video…. kadiri si hayden…walang respeto sa babae… sana maisip nya na may ina rin siya… sariling opinion lang po…paxanxa kng hindi ako masyado marunong magtagalogl…

swetty said,

hello… sa totoo lng lahat ng video ni hayden ay malaswa.sa tatlong babae bat si katrina lng ang over acting?kasalanan din nya kasi to eh,kng hindi sya humabol ky hayden hindi mangyayari sa kanya to… wala akung pinapanigan sa kanila dahil pareho naman silang may kasalanan

scarty said,

hahahaha si maricar binigyan ng BJ si hayden yun ba ang sensual? samantalang si katrina talgang sinamantala ni hayden pervert LOL.

Revengeofthegirls said,

I think you should give Maricar a break. For videotaping her and releasing the videotape, Hayden Kho and his friends owe her millions of pesos and maybe even dollars. She technically worked hard to be a doctor. She also earns income as a model and actress all based on a good reputation which he ruined. All she can be faulted for is being foolish enough to fall for and trust a guy like him in her personal life. All these career paths are ruined now. And all these career paths technically can earn her millions. So technically, he owes her this. Also he deserves to go to jail. He can try doing his sex videos there. Good luck since jailmates “like” prettyboy perverts like him and what goes around comes around.

Callcenterguy said,

I agree, yung kay Maricar ay hindi malaswa. Bilib nga ako e. Galing kumabayo. hehehe

OGAS said,

Hoy, magsitigil na kayo pare pareho lang kayong sabik sa laman.

eloj said,

si Maricar sa Fabella Hospital koh sya nakita OB Gyne.. my 1 anak na sya at asawa.. tsk2! wild pala..

DailyManila said,

Umalis na yata ng bansa si Maricar kasama ang pamilya niya ilang linggo bago pa pumutok ang scandal. Kawawa naman… tsk tsk tsk.

DailyManila said,

Nakita ko sa TV sa SNN kanina na persona non grata daw si Dr. Hayden Kho sa Bohol — hindi na daw siya welcome doon. Pabor ba kayo sa ginawa ng local government doon? May karapatan ba sila na pagbawalan ang isang tao sa kung saang lugar gusto niyang gumala?

Pinoy Webmaster Forum said,

I see. DI ko na talaga alam kung sino sa kanila ang kakampihan ko. Si hayden ba o si kat?

bonjing said,

hi pipitblog!hndi aq mkatiis n hndii magcomment.jeje…alm mo mgkaiba tau ng pgtingin s mga videos.ewan q ha,pro feeling q wla nga love ung kila maricar,prang their just doing it for fun at prang alm din nmn ni maricar n my video dun sa part2 kc 2mingin xa ng mtgal dun s cam.ska pra skin mas nka2hiya c maricar kc she looks so decent and modest kumpara k katrina.c katrina kc my image n tlga n easy girl dhil s mga role nya at ngpose nrin xa s men’s mag ng halos wlang itago.pro ang tingin q after q mpnood ung video eh hndi p xa expert.it seems dat kho is teaching her wat to do pa.kc dba nag-uusap sila kzo d mxado mantindhan.hndi nmn xa nging wild dun,sumunod lang xa sa flow unlike maricar,she even dominated kho.kya cguro gnun c katrina magreact kc she gave herself seriously at wla sa icp nya na ga2win un s knya.i pitty her.haba ba?jeje..

hyden tukho said,

io hyden ang kapal ng mukha mo para kang hayop walagn hiya kung cnucnu nalang babae binibiktima mo ng walang kamalaymalay!

mikeriveraprod said,

Think about it. Why does Sen. Revilla keeps on butting in or sabi nga nila (kampo ni Hayden) “GrandStarRole” (or something like that) sa Issue na to.

Of course he’s a senator and he does stuff like that. Or is it because he was allegedly linked to Rufa Mae?

Or or or… Dahil malapit na ang eleksyon?

Parang Aliens VS Predators daw ung election. Kung sino man ang manalo…were doomed!

reine said,

oh yes, you’re very right.. election is near approaching that’s why Sen. Revilla keeps on butting in on that “katrina and hayden” scandal issue.. xempre, nag papabango na pangalan sa madla.. they can do naman an investigation na hindi na kailangan pang ipangalandakan sa madla ang scandal or something related to that.. darn!

Asen Villar said,

Well, well mga ATeng!

Malabong magkaroon ng Sex Video yan si Manay Ruffa Mae, di sya ganun katanga ng tulad ng nangyari sa mga bebot ni Dr. Hayden Cam. Maski mukhang tanga-tanga yan sa outfit screen nya yan, at kung mag-english tinalo nya pa si Manny Pacqiao, marunong yan mag-ingat.

Di po ako fans ni Ruffa Mae I just observes her personality.

Baka siguro pa si Manay Lolit Solit pa matagal na kasing tag-gutong ang hitat na matada na yan…he..he…joke!

Ruby Pier said,

Wohoo!! guys, good news! I have a copy from a good friend. mattrace kaya nila kung sino nagkalat?

pipitblog said,

punta ka sa computer shop,,,magdisguise ka para wala makakilala sau ok,,,tapos tingin ka sa kaliwa,,,tingin ka sa kanan,,,tingin ka sa likod,,,if the coast is clear upload mo na nang bonggang-bongga,,,nyahahahah

phoebz said,


kumpul101 said,

kung pati si Ruffa na “Ano” nya…
tsk! w0w! hanep…

oo nga.. sabi nga sa news…
40!!! videos and nasa kay Hayden kho
hindi imposible na wala silang video…
at todo tanggi pa si Hayden sa 40 vids..

pipitblog said,

na “ANO”, pervert??? sige wag ka mahiya…sabihin mo…

nakantot??? yun ba???

now pervert, isn’t that liberating? nyahahahah

Asen Villar said,

Haru, ATeng!

Wala ka bang i-o-open the new topic of your blog for the updates? Ang maderaka ni Dr. Hayden Cam, nagsalita na cya regarding for her son. Wala akong maitindihan sa sinabi nya sa ABS-CBN last time on her interviews in TV Patrol.

According to her; ayaw nya daw magsalita natapos na yun TV Patrol panay pa daldal at take note ayaw magpa-interrupt kina Karen Davila at Julius Babao basta salita ng salita…well maderaka nga cya ng bitihan nyan anak na si Dr. Hayden Cam.

Syempre, natural ipagtatanggol nya ang kanyan anak maski anu pang kasama ng ginawa nito. Eh, papaano naman yun mga maderaka nun mga bebot na chinurba nya, nakipang uringang at tongtingan?

Papaano na sila diba mas-hurty sila sa mga anakis nila lalo na mga babae silang nawala sa kanilang sarili…?

Ciao, Ineng!

ampfufu_05 said,

grabe na yang issue na yan..hanggat nde ntatapos ipakita sa tao lahat ng 40 HAYDEN VIDS na yan inde nila titigilan yan..ampfufu tlga! pero inferview..interesting naman dba!? ahehe..ang inaabangan ko e ung SEX VID nila ni BELO..hahaha! (anu kea ichura!?)

Oink Oink said,

Walang karapatan si Bong Revilla to judge Hayden Kho dahil pareho lang silang manyakis! Mas matindi pa sya kasi may asawa na sya…bwehehehe….inggit lang sya kay hayden kasi mas bata at mabango tingnan kesa sa kanya…Kaya pwede ba Bong Revillang baliw, umayos ka! Ayusin mo muna pamilya mo bago ang buhay ng ibang tao! Ungas! at katrina, wag ka magpagamit dyan sa ungas na senador senadoran na yan at pinupulitika ka na para mapabango ang pangalan nyang wala din namang kwenta! Go to hell Bong!

chillax said,

napupulitika na yung video scandal na yan..at madami gu,agawa ng ganyang pagvivideo kasi para makapagyabang hindi lang si hayden kaya katangahan ni katrina at yan ang napapala ng ginawa nya..karma ba..pero yung exploitation iba na yun,,,pero di naman si hayden ang nag-pakalat so bakit si hayden ang dinidiin


hindi dapat binobuhay ang mga toung ganyan wala silang kwentang tao mga salot sa mundo


walng hiya ka hayden,,laking tuwa sna nmin kung asido ang binuhus sau,,baliw k manyak!!! para saan ang hawak niyo ng nanay mo ng rosary…….ulol!!! mamatay k n sna hayup!!! magpkamatay k n lng kc ung mgging anak mo cgurdong ktulad mo rin na babuy!!!! kung pwede pag ininterview k wag mo ng ipakta ung mga daliri mong mkasalanan…………..labas mo n ung video ng nanay mo………..hahaha!!!!!


kea nga..dapat ang tinutugis nils yung nagnakaw at nagkalat nun video..inamin nman ni hayden na ginagawa nya nga un pero nde nya purpose na ibulgar yun..it supposed to e in private kea lang my mga pakelamero na naglabas nun in public..so, SINO KAYA YUN!? yun dapat ang nsa senate hearing as well as hayden and katrina! and yung ibang girls na involve sna nde n lng nila isama..they chose to be in silence habang mainit ang laban sa pagitan nila kho and halili..


it takes 2 to dance tango. those things did not happen if Hayden only….and the things that they are doing are for married couple only.


like give me a break…media is just bloating this hayden kho-katrina halili thing…i mean almost all artistas have nasty sex videos… why make a big fuss over something as non sense as this scandal…so what…paris hilton doest give a shit even if she’s heiress..ok so we are filipino and this is our culture but give me a break….the whole thing is lousy…pa ulit-ulit ang balita…there are more important matter that the senate should look in to..media should focus on what is really going on with gov’t, the people and country. its a waste of time….hypocrites making stupid comments when in fact they want to watch the video…


Maricar Reyes and Hayden Kho Scandal Part 2 (Full Version)

Maricar Reyes and Hayden Kho Scandal Part 2 (Full Version)



Nakita ko na ang sinasabi nilang Maricar Reyes and Hayden Kho Scandal Part 2.

Kwarenta minutos ang haba. Mabagal ang takbo ng pagtatalik. Hindi minamadali. Hindi mekanikal. Para sa ibang tao, maaring sabihing nakakabagot panoorin ang videong ito dahil hindi “wild”, hindi “malaswa” tulad sa porno. Kung gusto nyo ng porno, mga perverts, yung kay Katrina Halili ang panoorin nyo…pero madidismaya pa rin kayo, hindi dahil sa kalibugang ipinakita ni Katrina Halili, kundi dahil sa pagiging impokrita nito sa mga interviews nya sa TV ngayong mga nakalipas na araw at sa mga susunod pang araw.

Para sa akin, ang Maricar Reyes at Hayden Kho Video Part 2 na ang pinaka-sensuwal sa lahat ng naunang videos na inilabas sa publiko. Pinaka-sensuwal dahil makikitang comportable na sila sa isa’t isa at ang kanilang ginagawa ay hindi lang dulot ng libog kundi isang malalim na pagkakaintindihan, pagtitinginan at pagmamahalanan.

Pero wag mag-alala mga perverts dahil sa bandang dulo ng video ay makikita nyo ang “wild side” ni Maricar Reyes…hindi “malaswang wild” kundi pagtugon lamang sa kanyang seksuwal na pangangailangan na magdadala sa kanila ni Hayden Kho sa rurok ng kaligayahan.

Habang inilalahad ko sa inyo ang aking opinyon ay nagiging bastos na ang dating ng aking sinasabi. Bakit ganun? Yun ba’y dahil ang mga kausap ko ay mga perverts lang na  ang tanging nais sa kanilang mga buhay ay makahingi ng links, kahit ipagkalulunan na ang kanilang mga asawa, mga syota, mga magulang, at kung minsan  pa ay  ang kanilang mga lolo? nyahahahah…

Hindi ko talaga kaya i-describe ang nangyari sa loob ng kuwartong iyon, sa loob ng kwarenta minutos na iyon. Pero isa lang ang masasabi ko mga perverts — ASTIG ‘TO! Kung ako ay mapagbibigyan, ganun ang aking pinapangarap na senaryo, love-making in its purest form. Or baka ine-exaggerate ko lang ang aking nasilayan kasi ako ay isang hopeless romantic. Ewan ko.

Dr. Hayden Kho Katrina Halili Maricar Reyes and Brazilian Model Sex Scandals (Full Versions)

Dr. Hayden Kho Katrina Halili Maricar Reyes and Brazilian Model Sex Scandals (Full Versions)



The Katrina Halili (Sexy actress and FHM model) and Hayden Kho, Maricar Reyes (a Doctor and Ponds commercial model) and Hayden Kho, Brazilian model and Hayden Kho sex video scandals are now all over the internet.

I’ve seen all of them and I have to admit, the man got skills!And the women were equally skillful except for Katrina Halili who was quite selfish in bed. Ni hindi man lang chinupa si Hayden. After sya i-finger ni Hayden at magdown sa coño nya for 20 minutes or so, wala man lang ginawa to return the favor. At least si Maricar nakapag-69 and the Brazilian nakapag-chupa!

Is Priscilla Meirelles the alleged Brazilian Model from the Video?

Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho Scandal (Full Version)

Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho Scandal (Full Version)


[I already found the full version that people are talking about…Oooh-la-la…;)]

“Oh oh Oh oh…

I feel so unsure
as I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor
as the music dies, something in your eyes
calls to mind the silver screen
and all its sad good-byes

I’m never gonna dance again
guilty feet have got no rhythm
though it’s easy to pretend
I know you’re not a fool

Should’ve known better than to cheat a friend
and waste the chance that I’ve been given
so I’m never gonna dance again
the way I danced with you…Oh…oh..”

“Kantahin natin yung version ni Hayden , kasi yun yung kakantahin nya eh…Ok lang ba sa inyo?”

Anyways, if you are wondering what that was about…apparently, they were practicing for THEIR PERFORMANCE ON CELEBRITY DUETS…TAKE NOTE: DR. VICKY BELO WAS WATCHING FROM THE AUDIENCE…TSK…TSK…THE NERVE OF THESE TWO SLUTS!!!


Hayden: “Say Hi muna.”

Katrina: “Hi!”

Hayden: “Nanggigigil ka sa akin?” (This can be translated into different ways…”Do you find me irresistible? “Do you want to ravish me?”)

Katrina: “Nanggigil ako sayo.” (“I find you irresistable…I want to ravish you!”)

Hayden: “Lab mo ko?” (“Do you love me?”)

Katrina: “Love.”

Hayden: “Galingan mo, baby. I’m cheering for you.” (“Make it good, baby. I’m cheering for you!”)

Sizzling HOT!!! Ooh-La-La!!!




Katrina Halili is an alumna of the StarStruck talent search and the cover girl of leading magazines such as FHM Philippines and Maxim Philippines. She was voted as FHM Philippines’ sexiest woman for the year 2006 and bagged the title yet again in 2007. She is the first StarStruck In 2008, she was chosen as the calendar girl for FHM Philippines for the second time. In addition, she also launched her own line of lingeries and swimsuits she called Playmates, and became an image model for the Belo Medical Group. contestant to top the FHM Philippines’ 100 Sexiest list and the only Filipina celebrity to have won the title twice in a row. She is a three-time FHM Philippines covergirl.


He was born in Manila on May 20, 1980, to a pure-Chinese doctor-father, Hayden Kho, and a Spanish-Filipina businesswoman-mother, Irene dela Santa; one of five children. He describes his family as “above average.” He speaks fluent Chinese (he studied at the Grace Christian School in Binondo, Manila, for 14 years.

Hayden Kho graduated from the UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, mind you. He passed his licensure examination last February 2007.   He used to practice his profession at the Belo Medical Group but was promoted to a Marketing Directory position later on.So technically, he’s a doctor-slash-macho-dancer-slash-actor-slash-cheater.


He was currently involved with Dr. Vicki Belo, the beauty surgeon of the movie stars, when this scandal broke out. And as a result, they  momentarily broke up. But now they are back in each other’s arms. Ooh-la-la!

Here’s PART 3



Katrina Halili: Hayden Kho will pay

By Tetch Torres
First Posted 16:30:00 05/20/2009

Actress Katrina Halili said she would make beauty doctor Hayden Kho pay over the release of a video of their intimate moments on the Internet so that other women will not suffer the same fate.

“Dapat magbayad siya. Para hindi na gawin ng ibang lalaki sa amin, sa mga babae para wala nang mabiktima [He should pay so that men will not do the same to other women, so that there will be no more victims],” Halili told reporters as she was leaving the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).

“Hindi ako uurong. Napakawalnghiya niya. Hindi ko sila uurungan [I will not back down. He has no shame. There’s no turning back],” she said.

Halili sought the help of the NBI to determine what case could be filed against Kho.

“Gusto ko nang lumaban kasi ayoko nang maulit ang mga pangyayari, sobrang pambababoy [I want to fight back. I don’t want this humiliation to happen again],” she said.

“Hinaharap ko itong kahihiyang ito para lang matapos na… Ayaw ko nang maulit sa akin ito, kasi kahit anong ingat, kung may lalaking intensiyon nilang gawin yun [I am facing this scandal to get this over with… I don’t want this to happen to me again. Now matter how careful you are, some men are determined to do it],” she said.

In a privilege speech on Thursday, Senator Ramon Revilla Jr., sought the revocation of Kho’s license as he decried the release of the doctor’s sex video with Halili.

[He cited Section 24 of the Republic Act No. 2382 or the Medical Act of 1959 whereby immoral or dishonorable conduct are among the grounds for reprimand, suspension or revocation of a doctor’s certificate of registration.

Revilla also pointed out that under Article 26 of the Civil Code, every person shall respect the dignity, personality, privacy and peace of mind of his neighbors and other persons, and disturbing the private life of another person constitutes to a cause of action for damages.]



Mga perverts, bisita kayo sa guestbook ko…