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Marimar Audition: Another Self-inflicted Public Embarrassment By Katrina Halili

Marimar Audition: Another Self-inflicted Public Embarrassment By Katrina Halili

Kung sino man ang nagkalat ng video nitong Marimar audition clip, dapat ikaw ay dalin din sa senado! Isa ka ring voyeur tulad ni Hayden Kho! Binaboy mo din ang dignidad ni Katrina Halili! Ayan tuloy, nakita ng madla kung paano nya pinagmukhang tanga ang sarili nya! Mag-audition ba naman para sa role ni Marimar?! Ambish-yOh-sa!!!



Kaya pala masyadong bitter!

Jennylyn Mercado

Parang tanga lang.

Rhiann Ramos

Pwede. Kaso ang tigas ng katawan.

Bianca King

Pwede…sa porno…nyahahahah

Valerie Concepcion

Di pa sumisikat, LAOS na!

Camille Prats

Chubby. Di pwede. No. No. No.

LJ Reyes

Di pwede kasi may nakausli.

Pauleen Luna


Ryza Cenon

Double Nope!

Nancy Castiglione

Pwede kaso di straight mag-Tagalog.

Nadine Samonte

Walang talent sa pag-arte.

Cheska Garcia

Double walang talent sa pag-arte.

Jewel Mische

Triple walang talent sa pag-arte!!! nyahahahaha

Louis Vuitton Resort Collection endorsed by Marian Rivera???

Louis Vuitton Resort Collection 2008

Louis Vuitton Resort Collection 2008 is on the cover of the latest issue of Preview magazine. On the cover, as well, is Marian Rivera. She joins the roster of supermodels such as Angela Lindvall, Claudia Schiffer, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, and top Hollywood celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Uma Thurman and JLO as image models of the luxury brand.

marian louis vuitton

Image (left): Louis Vuitton model; (right) Marian Rivera

Last year, Marc Jacobs personally picked Scarlett Johansson for an LV campaign on Vogue magazine. Although, I doubt very much that Mr. Jacobs himself chose Marian to be the “Filipina” face of Louis Vuitton, I know sales will be down this year. At least here in Manila, that is.

Lous Vuitton has always been a pricey tag that only the rich can afford. How does one expect a nobody such as Ms. Rivera to lobby for elegance, hedonism and compulsion for ego goods? Sure, Marian is the most sought-after Pinay celebrity these days. Sure, she is pretty. Sure, she has an appeal. An appeal to whom? Maids, janitresses, garbage collectors, streetsweepers, vendors, office clerks? Can Louis Vuitton sales reps rely upon these people to buy a thousand dollar dress? NO! These people will just go to the flea markets in Greenhills where replica LVs are abound.

Allow me to take the liberty to volunteer other options for this ad. To start off, there’s KC Concepcion (not much of a stunner but hey! she has money stamped all over her forehead and with a little bit of make-up and designer clothes, she can transform into a gorgeous belle).

kc concepcion

And then there’s Kris Aquino, currently the top endorser of multinational enterprises such as Pantene, Pampers, etc and daughter of former President Cory Aquino. Look! She even owns an LV denim bag🙂 Authentic, I’m sure!

kris aquino

What about Ruffa Gutierrez? She is a “real-life princess” after all…I mean “was”, before she separated from the prince of Turkey.

ruffa gutierrez

Uhmm…Imelda Marcos? (No? Yeah, I thought so)

imelda marcos

Honestly, I am out of options. Louis Vuitton must have ran out of options too since they decided to dress the bedraggled Marimar with designer clothes and voila!!! A supermodel(?) in less than 5 minutes!!!

Nevertheless, this has got to be the worst marketing ploy ever conceived in the long history of Louis Vuitton. And this is the perfect time to say…

“What were you thinking?!!!!”