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Interview With The Author of PipitBlog

Interview With The Author of PipitBlog

Me: Thank you for agreeing to do this interview. But first of all, Happy New Year to you!

PipitBlog: Happy New Year to you too! And no, thank you! I’ve always wanted to do something like this to sort of clear the air regarding the issues people have raised on my blog.

Me: I understand you have taken a lot of heat with your articles. Why do you think that is?

PipitBlog: Well, I think that some people find me infuriating because of how I express my opinions. They think that just because I write unabashedly, they feel that they already know half the shit about me (who I am and what I am).

Me: But do you think they are wrong about their perception of who you are and what you are?

PipitBlog: To say that they are wrong will be equivalent to a lie, don’t you agree?

Me: So, you mean they are right about their perception of you?

PipitBlog: Well, what exactly do people think about me?

Me: I don’t think I’m in the right position to tell you what other people think about you.

PipitBlog: I’m sure you’ve read some of the comments. Go on. Tell me what you’ve read.

Me: Okay, if you insist. For one, they’re saying that you are an uneducated lout.

PipitBlog: Well, do you think I’m uneducated?

Me: On the contrary, I think you are as smart as any educated person out there.

PipitBlog: Exactly! So why do people think I’m uneducated?

Me: Maybe because you use words that are inappropriate?

PipitBlog: Words like what?

Me: You know what I mean.

PipitBlog: Those “dirty” Tagalog words?

Me: Exactly!

PipitBlog: [laughs] Well, they are part of the Tagalog vocabulary, aren’t they? So I don’t understand why people get irked when I use those terms. Try it. Kantot

Me: Uh…kantot.

PipitBlog: I can’t hear you.

Me: Kantot!

PipitBlog: There you go! Puke.

Me: Puke!

PipitBlog: Now, you’re on a roll! Betlog.

Me: Betlog!

PipitBlog: Suso.

Me: Suso!

PipitBlog: Titi.

Me: Titi!

PipitBlog: Bulbol.

Me: Bulbol!

PipitBlog: See? Isn’t it quite liberating when you actually say them out loud?!

Me: I guess so. Okay, people say that your blog is a complete waste of time and space on the servers of WP; that you are the worst blogger in the whole blogosphere; that you only write about nonsense. Thoughts?

PipitBlog: They said that, didn’t they? [laughs] Well, my question to them is if I write about serious topics, would they be able to give serious and intelligent comments? No, I don’t think so. I think they have the I.Q. of a five-year-old. So why do I need to vindicate the statements by writing something that is way above their level of comprehension?

Me: But why write about seemingly shallow topics and antagonize some people along the way? Is that your aim — to antagonize people?

PipitBlog: No, of course not! I don’t mean to antagonize people. It’s just that they want to antagonize me for expressing my opinion about their beloved idols. I mean, what do they want me to do? Kiss their asses and say “Marian is the best!” Or “Wapakman rocks!” We all know what happened to that movie. It was the biggest flop on the recently held Manila Film Festival! [laughs]

Me: So you mean, you write to make fun of them?

PipitBlog: That and I also want to “desensationalize” popular public opinion.

Me: A lot of folks are also curious about your gender. What are you exactly?

PipitBlog: What am I? [laughs] Isn’t it obvious? You’re looking at me, aren’t you? So feel free to tell them.

Me: I can see that you are a female.

PipitBlog: Okay, then — female it is!

Me: But why do you let people think that you are a man?

PipitBlog: Because I am.

Me: I’m confused. You’re a she-male?

PipitBlog: No, you silly goose! I am a lesbian.

Me: You are? Femme or Butch?

PipitBlog: Both, I guess. I don’t want to categorize my sexual orientation because then I’d be limiting my prospects. [laughs]. Well, come to think of it — I am gender-blind; a pansexual, if you will. Allow me to explain. I am attracted mostly to women, but I can go for men too. The gender doesn’t really matter.

Me: I’m confused.

PipitBlog: Well, so am I! [laughs] Welcome to the deviant world! [snorts]

Me: What do you do for a living?

PipitBlog: I am a freelancer of sorts. I’d rather not go into details. I will in the future though; once I close this deal that I’m currently working on.

Me: Do you have a name?

PipitBlog: Of course, I do! Who doesn’t? You are a little stupid, aren’t you?

Me: Ah, I guess. So what is your name?

PipitBlog: I only give it to people who I know would call it out with affection.

Me: So I guess, you want to keep it secret?

PipitBlog: Obviously! Do you know how many death threats and lawsuits I’ve received so far?

Me: How many?

PipitBlog: As many as the hair you have in your pubic region. [laughs]

Me: I see. That many huh?

PipitBlog: Yep!

Me: Okay, so how old are you?

PipitBlog: I’m 27.

Me: Some people say you are a graduate of U.P.?

PipitBlog: Yes, I am. Not too many people would like that especially the UP students; but hey, what can I do? I am.

Me: Some UP students have expressed their dissatisfaction with how you conducted yourself in this blog. How do you feel about that?

PipitBlog: Nothing, to tell you the truth. I respect their individuality, so I think it’s only fair that they at least recognize mine. Walang basagan ng trip! [laughs]

Me: What do you have against Marian Rivera, Manny Pacquiao, and the other people you have written about?

PipitBlog: I have nothing against them. I just don’t share the same opinion about them as their fans. It’s kind of like you like peanut butter; I like coco jam. You like Pepsi; I like Coke. You like Marian Rivera; I like Angel Locsin (but not necessarily — it’s just an analogy that I like to use once in a while). You can’t force someone to agree with you just because you happen to like this or that.

Me: What do you think about the Manny Pacquiao – Krista Ranillo scandal?

PipitBlog: All I can say is that the DNA matched.

Me: Have you seen the Maguindanao massacre video?

PipitBlog: Yes, it was not that gross. In fact, it was boring. And people are getting ripped off in Quiapo! Php 75 a pop! That’s a rip-off, if I have ever seen one!

Me: Do you have the torrent?

PipitBlog: Yes, I do. [laughs]

Me: You are enjoying a bit of popularity these days. How many visitors do you get a day?

PipitBlog: More or less 1,000 visitors a day.

Me: What’s the highest number of visitors you got in just one day?

PipitBlog: Last May 23, 2009, I got 101,568 visitors.

Me: Wow! Quite a feat, huh?

PipitBlog: Well, you can say that I guess.

Me: Speaking of visitors, are there still people asking you for links to the Hayden Kho Scandal?

PipitBlog: As a matter of fact, there are still people asking me for links.

Me: What do you think of Katrina Halili‘s comeback to the screen?

PipitBlog: Well, Katrina’s all-covered up these days. Good for her! But I have to admit, everytime she comes out dressed in a sexy outfit, the images of her in bed with Hayden comes back to my mind. There was one time on SOP where the antagonists of the Darna teleserye were introduced, the cameraman zoomed in on Katrina and the focus was brought from her head down to her toes. What’s up with that, you perverted cameraman?! How dense ca — [cross-talk]

Me: What was Katrina’s reaction? Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt.

PipitBlog: No, that’s all right. Katrina’s face was like “Get that stupid camera off of me already!” She looked really uncomfortable.

Me: Who would you vote for President on May 2010?

PipitBlog: I’d likely vote for Manny Villar.

Me: Not Noynoy Aquino?

PipitBlog: Definitely not Noynoy. I mean, if his mom died a month from the actual election day, I’d wager he’ll win by landslide. I mean, it’s just me. I don’t know about any of you, but I’ll vote for Villar  — if I was able to register as a voter, that is. [laughs]

Me: So you’re not going to be able to vote?

PipitBlog: What’s the point, right?! I’m not a targeted voter anyway. The only thing these Presidentiables has managed to do so far in their expensive TV campaigns is alienate the rest of the voting population — only focusing on courting the poor (the masa, so to speak).

Nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura?
Nag-Pasko ka na ba sa gitna ng kalsada?
Yan ang tanong namin,
Tunay ka bang isa sa amin?
Tutulungan tayo para magka-trabaho?
At kanyang plano’y magka-bahay tayo?
Si Villar ang tunay na mahirap.
si Villar ang tunay na may malasakit.
Si Villar ang may kakayahan
At gumawa ng sariling pangalan.
Si Manny Villar ang magtatapos ng ating kahirapan.

I’m not poor. So again, what’s the point of voting?!

Me: So what can we expect from you this New Year?

PipitBlog: Don’t expect anything so that you won’t get disappointed. [wink…wink]

Me: Do you have any parting words to your visitors and fans?

PipitBlog: Don’t subscribe to my blog! [laughs]

Sexual Orientations, Gender Identities, Sexual Deviancies And All That Shit

Sexual Orientations, Gender Identities, Sexual Deviancies And All That Shit

“Normal” relationships are, more often than not, heterosexual in nature — and for the most part, penile-centric. By “normal”, I mean traditional, boy-and-girl, man-and-woman; By “heterosexual”, I mean being sexually oriented to a person of the opposite sex. By “penile-centric”, I mean that they revolve around the man’s penis and its need to penetrate the vagina and to ejaculate.

Women have been brought up thinking that they should obey the penis. On their marriage beds, they were instructed to lie and spread their legs. Women are subordinate to men, they say. Centuries of being submissive have made women defiant — ergo, Freud declared that they have this problem called “penis envy”. This statement have made women angrier and as a result, we now have terms like “feminism”, “gender equality”, “sexual harassment”, “rape”, and “lesbians”.

However, some women still prefer being their “normal”, subservient selves. Not that there is anything wrong with that. It’s just that a “normal ” relationship has, well, less complications than, say, a polyamorous one. Well, it might not be as exciting, but being “normal” has some of its benefits — one of which is exclusivity. Meaning, “normal couples” don’t need to worry about their partner looking for “an extra pair of hands”. Some “normal couples” like to have sex daily. For others, once or twice a month is enough.  Whichever the case maybe, “normal relationships” remain sexually exclusive. [I consider myself the bi-monthly type. Regardless, my relationship with my man could still be categorized as a “normal relationship” because of the obvious fact that it’s a man-fucking-woman setup.] You get my drift?

However, the term “normal” is relative. And I can almost see you fidgeting in your seat…itching to give me a lashing for practically calling you “abnormal”.  Let me just say that — first, I’m not into S&M and second of all, I didn’t say that you’re abnormal. I only meant to say that traditionally, it has always been a man-woman equation and no gray areas in between. If you happened to be offended, why thank you for the compliment! But you have to admit — you are abnormal — in the most fundamental and truest sense of the word!  Hey, if that’s your thing, by all means do it. Whatever floats your boat, right?

I have always believed in the importance of pleasure and satisfaction. I just never thought that there could be other countless, possible options “— aside from what’s “normal” — to achieve a happy sex life — no boundaries even!

Lo and behold! I give you the “Your-Parents-Know-You’re-Messed-Up-But-They-Wouldn’t-Want-To-Read-This-Because-You’re-In-It-And-They’re-Afraid-That-If-They-Look-Everything-Would-Suddenly-Become-Real-And-You’ll-Disappoint-Them-All-Over-Again list.

Oh, wait, perhaps I should name it “Your-Parents-Wouldn’t-Want-You-To-Read-This-Because-They’re-In-It-And-They’re-Afraid-That-They’ll-Get-Discovered-And-You’ll-Be-Disgusted-With-Them list.

I know…I know… it’s a mouthful, but read along anyway, you nincompoops!



refers to our biological sex, as determined by chromosomes and sexual organs; Consensual, intimate physical contact between individuals.

Sexual orientation

refers to our attraction to others of the same or opposite gender.


A social construct; in Western culture, it is typically divided between men and women/masculine and feminine. Behavior, appearance, and societal roles are differently defined for each gender. For most people, gender is their sex made visible.

Gender identity

refers to an individual’s identification with male or female gender roles and behaviors. Gender identity is independent from sexual orientation – there are feminine heterosexual men and gay women, and masculine gay men and heterosexual women.

Sexual Deviancy

refers to disorders of deviant sexuality called paraphillias (more commonly known as sexual perversions) which involve recurrent sexual fantasies, urges or behaviors that center around children, non-humans (animals, objects, materials), or harming others or one’s self.


refers to men or women who identify as feminine and they assume the female gender role.


refers to men or women who identify as masculine and they assume the male gender role.


A man or a woman who is emotionally, socially, and perhaps sexually attracted to the same sex. Watch the SAM MILBYPIOLO PASCUAL scandal!


An umbrella term used for anything not heterosexual.


The preferred self-identifier of many contemporary gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender Native Americans.


A woman who is emotionally and sexually attracted to other women. Other Variations for Lesbian: Dyke, Butch, Fem, Womin, Womyn (women who do not want the word “men” incorporated in to the word “women”).

Drag Queen

A man who dresses in female clothes (“drag”) to impersonate a woman.

Drag King

Women who dress like men and wish to be perceived as men — or perform in a nightclub.

Transvestite or Cross Dresser

A person who enjoys wearing clothes usually associated with the opposite of her/ his assigned sex or gender. Some cross dressers may identify as transgender.


A person who concludes their physical gender of birth does not align with the inner self that is both native and natural. While the medical/insurance community currently uses the term transsexuals for those that have completed genital surgery, those who choose to actually live in the gender opposite their birth consider themselves transsexuals regardless of surgery. See the “The Most Gorgeous Transexuals Fashion Show” below!


Often an umbrella term including transsexuals, cross-dressers, as well as people who identify as neither male nor female. Watch 7yr. old Jazz’s thoughts on being a Transgender Child!


is a neologism of the 2000s generally applied to heterosexual men with a strong concern for their appearance, and/or whose lifestyles display attributes stereotypically attributed to gay men.

Types of Sexual Orientations

1. Heterosexual

People who are heterosexual are romantically and physically attracted to members of the opposite sex: Heterosexual males are attracted to females, and heterosexual females are attracted to males. Heterosexuals are sometimes called “straight.” [This is the “normal” way to go.]

2. Homosexual

People who are homosexual are romantically and physically attracted to people of the same sex: Females who are attracted to other females are lesbians; males who are attracted to other males are often known as gay. The term “gay” is sometimes also used to describe homosexual individuals of either gender. [However, some men who have sex with men do not necessarily mean that they are gay, nor would they want to be called gay. I do not know what they call themselves, but if a guy had sex with his fellow man, he is pretty much gay to me. Well, for the time being, let’s just leave it at “Unsure” or “Undetermined” or “?” if that’s alright with you. Because I don’t have the patience to wait until you figure out what you are or how you want to be called.] Let’s hear what this man over here has to say to all homosexual Christians out there!]

3. Bisexual

People who are bisexual are physically, emotionally and sexually attracted to either sex. [Bisexuals do not settle with just one sex because, as they say, why settle when you can have the best of both worlds, right? Well, if bisexuals think they have outwitted the heterosexual population…wait till you read about polyamorous individuals!]

4. Polyamorous

Polyamory is the desire, practice, or acceptance of having more than one loving, intimate relationship at a time with the full knowledge and consent of everyone involved. It is an umbrella term that covers many orientations and modes of relationship. The word is sometimes used more broadly to refer to any sexual or romantic relationships that are not sexually exclusive, though there is disagreement on how broadly it applies. Polyamorous relationships are themselves varied, reflecting the choices and philosophies of the individuals concerned. [Literally, polyamory means “many loves”. It just means that polyamorous individuals have multiple love relationships with men and women. They have primary male partner/s, a primary female partner/s, and various non-primary male partners and various non-primary female partners. Are you catching on? I’ll let Birgitta explain.]

5. Pansexual or Omnisexual

is a sexual orientation characterized by the potential for aesthetic attraction, romantic love, or sexual desire for people, regardless of their gender identity or biological sex. Some pansexuals suggest that they are gender-blind; that gender and sex are insignificant or irrelevant in determining whether they will be sexually attracted to others. The word pansexual is derived from the Greek prefix pan-, meaning “all”. In its simplest form, pansexuality denotes the potential of sexual attraction to all genders and beings. It is intended to negate the idea of two genders (as expressed by bi-). [This only means that they fuck  “all” and anything that moves. No, I’m kidding. Honestly…I’m as lost as you are. Perhaps, dykesupreme can explain it better…but then again, maybe not!]

6. Polysexual

refers to people who are attracted to more than one gender or sex but do not wish to identify as bisexual because it implies that there are only two binary genders or sexes. Polysexuals are those people sexually attracted to many different sorts of ideas, species, and characteristics. Polysexuality should not be confused with pansexuality; pan meaning all, and poly meaning many though not necessarily all. [This means polysexual individuals are not as greedy as pansexuals who wanna do ’em all.]

7. Asexual

is a sexual orientation describing individuals who do not experience sexual attraction or do not have interest in or desire for sex. Sometimes, it is considered a lack of a sexual orientation. [Just a note: asexuality is distinct from celibacy, which is the abstention from sexual activity. Believe it or not, some asexuals do have sex!]

Types of Sexual Relationships

1. Monogamy

having a single long-term sexual partner. Here are the different kinds of monogamy:

a. Social monogamy

refers to two persons/creatures who live together, have sex with one another, and cooperate in acquiring basic resources such as food, clothes, and money.

b. Sexual monogamy

refers to two persons/creatures who remain sexually exclusive with one another and have no outside sex partners.

c. Genetic monogamy

refers to two partners that only have offspring with one another.

d. Marital monogamy

refers to marriages of only two people.

e. Serial Monogamy

having a series of monogamous relationships, one after the other

2. Nonmonogamy

a type of interpersonal relationships in which some or all participants have multiple marital, sexual, and/or romantic partners. Here are the different kinds of nonmonogamous relationships:

a. Casual relationship a physical and emotional relationship between two unmarried people who may have a sexual relationship

b. Group marriage (also termed polygynandry), in which several people form a single family unit, with all considered to be married to one another

c. Group sex and orgies involving more than two participants at the same time

d. Infidelity, such as an affair, in which one participant fails to comply with expectations of a relationship.

e. Line families, a form of group marriage intended to outlive its original members by ongoing addition of new spouses

f. Ménage à trois, a sexual (or sometimes domestic) arrangement involving three people

g. Polyamory, in which participants have multiple romantic partners

h. Polyfamilies, similar to group marriage, but some members may not consider themselves married to all other members

i. Polyfidelity, in which participants have multiple partners but restrict sexual activity to within a certain group

j. Polygamy, in which one person in a relationship has multiple partners

k. Polyandry, in which women have multiple husbands

l. Polygyny, in which men have multiple wives

m. Plural marriage, a form of polygyny associated with the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the 19th-century and with present-day splinter groups from that faith. It is also associated with an evangelical splinter group which advocates Christian Plural Marriage

n. Open marriage and Open relationships, in which one or both members of a committed couple may become sexually active with other partners

o. Swinging, similar to open relationships, but commonly conducted as an organised social activity

Types of Sexual Deviancies


comprises people with a broad range of sexual fetishes

a. Exhibitionism – the recurrent urge or behavior to expose one’s genitals to an unsuspecting person. (Can also be the recurrent urge or behavior to perform sexual acts in a public place, or in view of unsuspecting persons.)

b. Fetishism – the use of inanimate objects to gain sexual excitement. Partialism refers to fetishes specifically involving nonsexual parts of the body. Ex: telephone scatalogia (obscene phone calls), necrophilia (corpses), coprophilia (feces), klismaphilia (enemas), urophilia (urine), emetophilia (vomit).

c. Frotteurism – the recurrent urges of behavior of touching or rubbing against a nonconsenting person.

d. Pedophilia – a psychological disorder in which an adult experiences a sexual preference for prepubescent children, or has engaged in child sexual abuse. Pederasty is an erotic relationship between an adolescent boy and an adult man outside his immediate family.

e. Sexual Masochism – the recurrent urge or behavior of wanting to be humiliated, beaten, bound, or otherwise made to suffer for sexual pleasure.

d. Sexual Sadism – the recurrent urge or behavior involving acts in which the pain or humiliation of a person is sexually exciting.

e. Transvestic fetishism – arousal from “clothing associated with members of the opposite sex.”[3][35]

f. Voyeurism – the recurrent urge or behavior to observe an unsuspecting person who is naked, disrobing or engaging in sexual activities, or activities which may not be sexual in nature at all.

Other Shit

Alphamegamia is the term used when you are sexually aroused by people of a different age group.

Chronophilia is a general term, applied to any age-related preference that is outside their own age group.

Ephebophilia is the attraction of older individuals to adolescents.

Hebophilia is the attraction of older individuals to pubescent youths.

Gerontophilia is the attraction of non-elderly individuals to the elderly.

Infantophilia is the attraction of older individuals to small children (ages ranging from 0 to 5).

Paraphilic infantilism is a paraphilia characterized by the desire to wear diapers and be treated as an infant or toddler (a.k.a. adult baby)

She works at a daycare. Jesus! An adult baby who works at a daycare???? What’s wrong with you woman??! I think I have seen enough for the day!