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U.P. Oblation Run: The Tale of the Micropenis

The Oblation Run is an annual tradition of the members of the Alpha Phi Omega, a.k.a APO.

Members of this fraternity run around the U.P. campus naked (a concept known as streaking) to protest their sentiments about a current political or economic situation. The run started in 1977 to protest the banning of the movie, “Hubad na Bayani,” which depicted human rights abuses in the martial law era.

Contrary to popular belief, neophytes are forbidden to run. Yan ay according to Ojie Santillan, the frat’s Auxiliary Chancellor. He explained, All those who run are full-fledged members who have volunteered”. There is a misconception that the Oblation Run is something that our neophytes have to undergo as part of their initiation. That’s not true. We never allow our applicants to join“.

But, what goes on before those students go out naked in the public? Well, they either get stoned  or get doped up first. (You didn’t think they were sober, or did yah?) There’s also a moment for motivational speeches from various Alumni brods and then there’s the groping and the poking just to make sure they won’t get a hard-on once outside. Senior brods say that’s bad.

Here is the recently held Oblation Run…zonked APO frat members running around the Diliman campus whilst they are au naturel. ahhihihi:)


“Hey mister, you’re blocking the freakin’ view!!!”

Roll Call!

Richie? Pandak ka pa rin!

Ralph pumayat ka na! Congrats!

Uy si Patrick hindi nagtritrim ng ano…

Nizar, anak! Ano ginagawa mo sa buhay mo?

Ruben lam ko kaw yan!

Yung negro si Dan yun for sure!

Allan, di ka pa rin graduate!!!

Carmelo, cute ka pa rin kahit ganyan lang yung…alam mo na…ahihihihi

Hoy Joan! Malandi kang bata ka!!!

Di ka naman masyado nagprepare, noh Paul?!

Did you see the penises? No? Well, of course you wouldn’t! They are called “micro” for a reason, you know! It goes without saying that they can’t be seen by the naked eye. So better luck next year, perverts!!!”

“No Coke”, “No Smoking”, “No Dogs” Allowed says U.P. Pres.

No Coke, No Smoking, No Dogs allowed inside the U.P. campus…Roman doesn’t seem to run out of ordinances to implement. What’s next?

No sex in dark places?! Haha…Try stopping that, you prude!

First, I discovered my dogs are no longer allowed to walk around the Sunken Garden. I had made numerous attempts to disregard the notice and on every single occasion, I get halted by men wearing stupid orange vests. They are scattered on almost every corner in U. P. And I get the feeling they’re some sort of “wardens” hired by U.P. to watch over the activities of its students.

I have studied in U.P. before, and it’s such a shame what is happening to it now…higher tuition…the new restrictions…the alarming increase in the number of Ford Expeditions and Bimmers parked in front of the A.S. steps…and not to mention the erection of new waiting sheds and street signs, which – if I may add – are utterly useless and downright wasteful! I thought you lacked funds???

Next, I heard vendors are no longer allowed to sell Coke. I don’t know if U.P. signed a contract with Pepsi, but what I do know is that Coke is now officially a contraband.

And then, there’s the “U.P. goes Smoke-free” mania!

What terrible sins did the students make to deserve such severe punishments? At least provide some SPACE where we can smoke, goddamit!


University of the Philippines System (UP System) goes Smoke Free!

That’s protection from Second Hand Smoke to over 51,500 students, 4,000 faculty and 7900 administrative personnel (and countless guests and visitors) in at least 7 constituent universities located in 12 campuses across the country. This protection also extends to the Philippine General Hospital, the largest public hospital in the Philippines, which has adopted its own smoke-free policies a few years ago. According to Professor Marvic Leonen, Vice President for Legal Affairs of the UP System, the Administrative Order (AO) for Smoke Free UP was passed 2 days ago following unanimous vote. Students caught in violation of this order will be subjected to disciplinary action. Chancellors are given very stern instructions to implement the said AO. As you may know, our laws require smoking ban in schools, however, because of the usual enforcement issues, this is not implemented in many universities. This policy is particularly difficult to implement in UP because of the sheer size of its land area and the fact that private residences and local communities are housed inside the big campuses. But with this AO, we have renewed hope that a smoke free UP is possible. Congratulations to UP and thank you, Professor Marvic Leonen, for giving us a Smoke Free UP! Let’s support UP’s smoke free initiatives in any way we can. The successes in UP provides the groundwork for a nationwide smoke free campaign!

Professor Marvic Leonen was reported to have received 55,970 hate texts and emails, hours after the implementation of the said policy. Today, rumor has it that he spends most of his time inside his office deleting the messages from his inboxes while smoking cigarettes nonstop.