Maricar Reyes on ASAP ’09

Maricar Reyes on ASAP ’09

Witness the first TV appearance of Maricar Reyes — with her clothes on, that is — after so many weeks of hiding from the media….Sa wakas!!!


Here’s the much awaited comeback of Ms. Maricar Reyes:

45 responses to “Maricar Reyes on ASAP ’09

  1. bakit naman yun ang song na ginamit pang rampa? di ata swak ang dave mattews band song na yan.

  2. she was not a household name goddamit!! she just became known because of the videos that came out. look at her face. she was very unsure of what expression to give to the crowd. everybody is obviously talking about her! what is her problem? her image to the people won’t anymore change. I pity her. if i were her, i will just pursue where I am best at – being a PORN STAR. Everybody would adore her. Unlike now that she’s still trying to portray a sweet image, and she’s fooling nobody.

    nikki gil – YOU LOOK STUPID!
    kim – anorexic!!
    bea – baboy! i hate you 100X

    where’s my anne? oh! she started at gma.

    • look who’s insecure… don’t be too judgemental…you don’t know who they are…they don’t even know you… so don’t talk as if you’re the most perfect bee-aachh out there. for all you know, everybody is thinking the same way about you.

      • so now i am not entitled for an opinion? bakit sawsaw ka?

        • OA naman kasi talaga ang rampa ni Nikki no! Haller!

          Si Kim masyado nang overrated.

          Si Bea naman,,,wait tignan ko ulit…

          • well from the start ayaw ko na talaga kay bea. lahat naman tayo may hate na tao e so go jap, hate me. i don’t care, because bea and the people i mentioned don’t care. so why should you? are you too perfect?

            • may i qoute, “what is her problem? her image to the people won’t anymore change. I pity her. if i were her, i will just pursue where I am best at – being a PORN STAR.”

              enough said. and unlike you, i don’t exhaust too much negativity. especially with people i don’t really know. it’s not worth it…

        • natapilok pa si melissa,,,hahahahhaah

          wait di ko pa rin nakikita ulit si bea,,,bagal ng internet! peste!

    • A porn star? Really? You know for a fact that she got paid for those vids? And what would you rather have her do – just crawl under a rock die? She made a mistake, she’s getting back on her feet and moving on. All of us have a thing or two to learn from her experience, and how she bravely handled herself. So to all those preachy, self-righteous, holier-than-thou, jesus-freaks, uptight bitches, suck my balls!

      • i was not implying that she’s a porn star. i am suggesting that she could be a porn star! i’d rather have her continue her real profession – as a doctor, and not anymore try her luck to the world of showbusiness. because the exposure is too much already, and i do respect her, but let’s be realistic here. if people would see her, they would associate her with just one thing – the videos. she is moving on, but in the wrong way.

        • i was just curious, your statement above said,
          “if i were her, i will just pursue where I am best at – being a PORN STAR”
          now you’re saying, “i was not implying that she’s a porn star. i am suggesting that she could be a porn star”.

          make up your mind…

  3. Hindi si Rayver ang partner ni maricar sa pag-ramp. Si Jayson Abalos iyon.

  4. binubuhay na ang career nya. nasa May Bukas Pa xa. primetime show sa abs. and another serye every sunday starting jul.5. just saw it on tv. hehe. it’s time to move on na nga.

    i admire her guts.

  5. I think she is handling the situation the best she can. I am not condoning what she did, but she made a mistake and she’s moving on. Good for you Maricar!

    • @rampi
      same sentiments here.

      maricar made LOVE on those videos, not like a porn star, there’s a very BIG difference on making LOVE and having SEX. apparently they made the mistake of filming it and here’s where they ended up… but this 1st step of maricar to (hopefully) redeem herself takes TONS OF COURAGE – i salute her for that and hope all goes well for her.

      @lady gago
      i don’t think you can size up to what maricar did after what happened to her.
      you pity maricar? that’s cool. but at the end of the day, you’ll realize what a miserable and pathetic loser you are compared to her. you really live up to your call sign – lady GAGO, and MORE!!!

  6. May DVD ang Brother ko sa scandal. Hahaha…divided into many pieces na ngayon. Minartilyo ko nga bago pa niya makita ang scandal. Ngayon, war na kami ng kuya ko.

    • Lol!
      Thank you.
      That’s one step from preventing those women involved in the scandal from getting more degraded than they already have been!
      Sana’y pamarisan ka!

  7. I admire maricar for being str0ng.. At least, she made love with that man because he is her boyfriend that time..past is past… Gud luck to ur career girl…God bless!

    • But there was a time when she had sex with Doc Hayden while engaged to another man, right? That was why her fiancé dumped her — or so they say…

      • that issue still isn’t clear to me…if the breakup came just now when the videos came out. and she was supposed to get married this dec.

  8. as you can see, MARICAR is moving on fast and fab .. she’s not making any scene thats why less people commented against her. and fyi. EVERYBODY IS DOING IT! being captured was okay cus as i’ve watch it obviously he had her consent (on the sala version). but being seen it nationwide is such a BIGBIG HORRIBLE mistake done by people who are somewhat “soon” will be just like you guys 🙂 i guess this is why your blog is being visited by many. okay.. again. get a life haters:)

  9. go Maricar! don’t mind the hypocrites, just go and move on. tama lang yan pinagpatuloy mo ang showbiz career. you’re a doctor not just one heck of an actress. at least you’ve got a double degree. uve finished school. u may be irresponsible about making love to the wrong guy, ok lang yun. at nakapagtapos ka naman maging doctor. galing! you inspired us girls all over.. go go go…

  10. really dis dec.? SHIT,,, tanginang hayden cam,,,dami ng nacra buhay,,taz may bago pa,,,ngaun sasabihin niya wala cia kasalanan dahil d daw cia nag kalat,, qng wala cia ginawa video wala kakalaht,,,ay tanga,,,,, may sabi sabi pa na hinahunting na cia ng mga vigilante,, puputulin ung ari nia taz isusubo sa kanya,,itatapon sa bangketa na may nakasulat na,”wag ako tularan ng hahayden cam ako”,,aruy aruy aruy,,tsk,tsk,tsk,,,, qng mangyari nga yun,,,,mababahala na publiko na gumawa ng ganun,,,,,,

  11. She just had sex, big deal. She’s old enough to do that and everyone does it too.

  12. don’t judge her because she just do what she think is right. wag kayong magmalinis nagmahal lang sya sa maling tao she just did what she can to make her partner happy on those video she made it for love not to expose her self on some kind of videos. Ang mali lang doon yung naka video at kumalat pa but it’s just the reality so think about it. . . .

    “judge your self first, before you judge others”

    GOD BLESS. . .

  13. to those who critisized maricar negatively… i know that you also are not clean….
    think about it guyz…

  14. what the heck is ladygago saying….. she is not a porn star…

  15. So u mean.. if maricar could be a porn star… so as those women that had a sexual affair to hayden?…

  16. hayden totnak katrina

    ang kapal ng bulbol mo maricar isa kang gubat sa siyudad!!! subo tite!!!

  17. whatever be the consequences of what she did she must face and accept it ginusto nya eh

  18. taas parin respeto ko pra kay maricar. tapang nya! d tulad ni katrina react agad kaya hate ko xa. hahaha lumala tuloy yung isyu. matapang daw si maricar kasi lumalaban xa. kung d xa nagscandalo ehh ok lng cguro sana.. ngeun pra saken f*cker tlaga xa. i mean laos na. gamit na gamit na. buti pa si maricar tahimik lng. eh wala masyadong intriga sa kanya. yun lng. haha

  19. I admire Maricar’s resilience in such stressful moment in her life.
    As for Katrina, I’m so fed up seeing her weep & wail during interviews.
    I don’t understand why I have biases with her…must be because of the difference in how Katrina & Maricar handled the issues.
    Or maybe because each time Katrina faces the mirror -nakikita nyang maganda sya thanks to Dra. Belo na by the way, hinahabla nya rin for preposterous grounds.
    I hope Maricar remains strong.
    Dra. Belo too.
    As hor Hayden – he needs intervention.
    he’s a sick B@s+arD.
    May his license be revoked para magtanda.
    get help.

  20. morag luwang pa sa imburnal ang bisong ni maricar. gisi na pod ang baba kay kosog mu atchop. hehehe. sa makasabot lang mga kinahak.

  21. I dont know what to say; all I know is that kawawa nga ng konti si maricar dahil nakalkal ang nakaraan niyo pero, GRABE AS IN I AGREE WITH SOMEONE WHO SAID THAT SHE’S A PORN STAR — WOW PORN STAR ACTION TALAGA ung nasa sala set siya eh.

    walang sinabi si katrina…

    maricar looks like a decent virgin pero WOW sa bed.

    hehe, id still date her!!!

    even if im a girl.

    wow grabe talaga siyang makipagsex i cud learn a thing or two from her…

    go maricar,

    wow, swerte mo, hayden…

    yo katrina, magpaturo ka kay maricar sa sex moves!!!.

    un lang masasabi ko.

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