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Ondoy Typhoon Videos

Ondoy Typhoon Videos

Video of a Policeman Cut In Half — Very Graphic! No kidding!

Video of a Policeman Cut In Half — Very Graphic! No kidding!

This is a video of a police officer named Peng Shulin from Vietnam who was ran over by a large transport truck.

ROADKILL!!! Er…almost…but not quite…

Caveat: Do not watch this video if you are (a) eating (b) about to eat  or (c) about to sleep. Just DON’T, okay?! You’ve been warned!

But if you are (a) one of the “kotong cops” assigned at the police station located in front of the Bamboo Organ Church and (b) one of the corrupt MMDA officers along EDSA — then I suggest that you watch this now because this is what will happen to you if you mess with an angry truck driver or any driver for that matter! Bwahahahahaha…

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Years later…