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PipitBlog is now on Facebook

PipitBlog is now on Facebook

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Jinkee Pacquiao On Maxim Magazine

Jinkee Pacquiao On Maxim Magazine

Eager to hold onto her celebrity status, Jinkee Pacquiao continues to show off her goods in various magazines such as Good Housekeeping, Preview Magazine and Yes Magazine.

In 2009, she landed  her major endorsement deal, Belomed Smart Lipo and Belo Diet Injections, and she is convinced that it’s the perfect time to appear next on a men’s magazine. She relates, “Sakto lang siguro yung opportunity kasi diba model ako ng Belomed and of course maganda ang results nung Smart Lipo sa akin, maganda naman ako, so okay lang na mag-pose ako sa isang men’s magazine, diba?”

Jinkee is eyeing Maxim Magazine to do a feature on her, but the popular men’s magazine declined to comment. In fact, the ambush interview resulted in a lot of ahihihis, ahohohos, and deliberate avoidance of eye contact. It’s a good thing I have inside information and my spy was very willing to validate the rumor. And I quote, “I will let you see the photos, PipitBlog, but don’t mention my name ha…ahihihihi.” I said, “Okay, Sonia, I won’t mention your name.”

So here they are…

Jinkee didn’t want to appear too promiscuous (“daring, but not so much,” she said). Confused as to what she meant, the Maxim execs  just decided to show her some concepts so that she can choose which is closest to what she envisions for her first sexy cover.

Jinkee Pacquiao posing à la Jackie Rice

Jinkee Pacquiao posing à la Nina Jose

Jinkee Pacquiao posing à la Rufa Mae Quinto

Jinkee Pacquiao posing à la Krista Ranillo

Jinkee Pacquiao posing à la Geneva Cruz

Jinkee Pacquiao posing à la Andrea del Rosario

Jinkee Pacquiao posing à la Paloma

Jinkee Pacquiao posing à la Angelica Panganiban

Jinkee curled her lips into a smile. Manny Pacquiao, always the alert man, asked why his wife is so pleased to pose like the girlfriend of Derek Ramsey, the actor who was recently linked to her. So the Maxim people, not wanting to disappoint the Boxing Hero of the Philippines, hurriedly changed the concept into this:

Jinkee left Maxim Magazine’s office with a black eye and an unsigned contract (that she drew up herself, or so I was told). So, there you have it, folks! Apparently, Jinkee did us all a HUGE favor and opted to not pursue her delusions of being allowed to grace the cover of a men’s magazine. We can keep our sanity after all — yey!!! Good luck with the nightmares, perverts!

Is Caster Semenya Male or Female or BOTH???

Is Caster Semenya Male or Female or BOTH???

Caster Semenya is an 18-year-old South African athlete who won the women’s 800 meter race at the 2009 IAAF Athletics World Championships last August 16, 2009 in Berlin. Not only did she win the said race, she also clocked the fastest winning time — 1:55.46 — at the world championships since 1993.


But apparently, the IAAF officials think that only a man could run that fast…so they told Semenya to undergo a gender test. Typically, this involves evaluations done by gynecologists, endocrinologists, psychologists and internal medicine specialists. Seeing that she does indeed have a vagina is one thing — but confirming that she was not previously a man who had his penis surgically removed and replaced with a vagina is another. Sexual organs can be easily modified these days,  you know. So the IAAF has to be extra careful not to jump into any conclusions, hence, the meticulous procedures.


Her deep voice, muscular build, manly face and underarm hair (tsk…tsk…tsk…) don’t help her either. Because if one is going to take her at face-value, nothing screams “MASCULINE” more than Semenya’s looks do. C’mon, admit it! Some men have softer features than this girl. Heck, Omarion looks more woman-ish than her!


Molatelo Malehopo, general manager of Athletics South Africa, told UK’s Daily Mail:

“She is a female. We are completely sure about that and we wouldn’t have entered her into the female competition if we had any doubts.

We have not been absent-minded, we are very sure of her gender. We are aware of the claims that have been made but our aim at the moment is to prepare Caster for the race this evening.”



This race is bullshit! Look at these quote-WOMEN-unquote…most of them have questionable genders to begin with!

Germany Athletics Worlds


I wonder if Semenya would end up like our very own Nancy Navalta. Remember her?



Nancy kind of looks like a cross between a Neanderthal man and Aling Dionisia, don’t you think?

Whatever happened to her? Last I heard, she was marked as and/or. Male and/or Female. hahahahah

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NBA Finals 2009: L.A. Lakers vs. Orlando Magic 2 – 0

NBA Finals 2009: L.A. Lakers vs. Orlando Magic 2 – 0

Puke ng ina ni Kobe!!! Talo na naman ang Orlando!!! Grrrrrr…

Pero ok lang kasi taga-BARANGAY naman ako eh…nyahahahahahah

Manny Pacquiao Scandal (Donna Revealed)

Manny Pacquiao Scandal

Click here to read the Jinky Pacquiao Scandal

On my previous post about the Manny Pacquiao Scandal, the pictures of Manny and Donna seemed to be a bit ambiguous, still open for doubt…

Thanks to Sender X, I received another email containing uncensored pictures of Donna and Manny at the Embassy Superclub. This time they’re both posing for the camera.

: scroll down

: down

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manny pacquiao scandal

This is “Donna.” Pretty girl, ain’t she? On the right, is Manny Pacquiao. Lucky bastard!

manny pacquiao scandal

Kiss…kiss…can you stomach this? Ugly man, rich naman! ahahaha:)

jinky pacquiao

And this is Jinky, Manny Pacquiao’s wife, who also can’t seem to let go of her husband after all the scandals he was involved with. Very lucky bastard – indeed!



Legless Sprinter Disqualified from the Beijing Olympics – video

Legless sprinter, Oscar Pistorius, was ruled by the IAAF ineligible to compete in the coming Beijing Olympics because it appeared that “his prosthetic racing blades give him a clear competitive advantage”.

legless sprinter

(A disabled man, you mean? A double amputee has an advantage over a normal athlete???? You’re kidding, right?:) Just because the guy won the Golden Gala 2007 against able-bodied athletes, doesn’t mean he will have “unfair” advantage over his competitors all the time. Let him compete! Who knows…he might just stumble right in front of everybody…that’s something you would love to see, I bet:)

The International Association of Athletics Federations said the South African runner’s curved, prosthetic “Cheetah” blades were considered a technical aid which is in direct violation of the rules. (Perhaps they’d allow him to compete if he runs without his blades…suppose he crawls…how’s that for a “fair game”?)

Pistorius, known as the “blade runner,” announced last week that he would appeal any adverse decision, including taking the case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Pistorius worked with German Professor Gert-Peter Brueggemann (Nazi!) in Cologne for two days of testing in November to learn to what extent the j-shaped carbon-fiber extensions to his amputated legs differed from the legs of fully abled runners. Brueggemann found that Pistorius was able to run at the same speed as able-bodied runners on about a quarter less energy. The professor explained that the returned energy “from the prosthetic blade is close to three times higher than with the human ankle joint in maximum sprinting.” (He must be quite inferior for your taste, huh Professor? You must have been itching to throw him to the gas chamber.)

Based on these findings, the Council ruled against Pistorius. (He can join the Paralympic Games…where he belongs, right? With his fellow handicapped.)

Ossur, the Icelandic company which is a leader in the production of prosthetics, braces and supports and also made Pistorius’ blades, has said “the blades do not provide an edge over able-bodied athletes”.

oscar pistorius