Gaano Ba Kalibog Ang Kabataang Pinoy?

Gaano Ba Kalibog Ang Kabataang Pinoy?

WARNING: This post contains graphic images that are not be suitable for kids. Parental guidance is advised…

…lest your kids would end up like these nincompoops:

Ang bagong libangan ng mga kabataan ngayon — photography and videography.

A drunk girl being used and/or abused by (more or less) four boys. When I say “boy” and “girl,” I don’t mean just any male or female person. I’m talking about 15-year-old kids (or perhaps even younger). Mas matindi kaysa sa Hayden Kho sex video scandal, don’t you agree?

Sa murang edad, nakikipag-orgy na, paano pa kung sila’y tumanda na? I have nothing against orgies or whatever sexual practices people might prefer, but this — this is just  totally wrong in so many levels. Sila na ata ang maituturing na “perverts of the highest kind” and I didn’t say that to be facetious.

What these pictures represent is the degradation of the present generation of Filipino kids who are misguided or don’t receive any kind of guidance at all; as a result, their friends get to educate them about alcohol, drugs, and sex. Worse, kids have access to websites that allow them to upload these kinds of videos for the whole world to see. And if you have noticed, they were having fun! That’s something we should all think about — kids having fun while gang-raping a girl…tsk…tsk…tsk…It makes me wonder what else they’re capable of doing.

Now, I’m not an advocate of the Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009 because it was proposed at the height of the Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili Sex Video Scandal (I’m sure you all recall that…ahihihi). There was so much hype around the bill because it involved high-profile people. But they didn’t know that kids these days have voyeuristic aspirations as well. The welfare of kids should take precedence over now has-beens Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili.

My point is let’s not pass laws just because an upper class citizen was victimized. It then becomes the law of a favored few…those who can afford to sue and buy instant justice. We are so enthralled by a  sex scandal involving celebrities, but maybe you wouldn’t be so enthralled if you discover it’s been going on in your own household — right under your noses. I don’t mean to scare the parents…well, maybe just a little bit. So go now and check out every inch of your kid’s room and make sure he or she’s not hiding something. You might find some red flags along the way, but hey — an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

On the other hand, if your kid or brother or sister or friend is one of the kids above, do us a favor and don’t release them into society until they’re fully rehabilitated because they’ll only do more damage in the world. Believe me — they are going to escalate. Some will become rapists; some will become prostitutes; the others will become your neighborhood child molesters. That’s a caveat we should all take into consideration.

15 responses to “Gaano Ba Kalibog Ang Kabataang Pinoy?

  1. maybe the goverment could elaborate laws regarding minor..if you say they are 15..the girl is 15 and is rape…wala kasi pinas protection for the vulnerable group and even if there would be a law..the problem would be implementation..i salute you for your awesome blogs..maybe someday..just maybe..change will happen.

    • The sad thing about these videos is that the rapists are also juveniles. Adult rapists — we totally abhor and condemn. Teenage rapists, on the other hand, we tolerate to some degree because, well, they are just kids after all. We see these videos and we think “Gang rape na ba ang trip ng kabataan ngayon? Pinaglalaruan ang katropa nilang babae kapag lasing at ipopost pa sa internet?” Putangina, matakot na kayong mga kababaihan! I also realized that there is a whole other problem presented which is the absence of respect — respect for the dignity of those girls as well as respect for one’s self.

      Ang sakin lang — if you want to have sex at a very young age, by all means, do it, but don’t use your girl friend as a guinea pig. Hindi tama na maglalasingan kayo at pagpasa-pasahan nyo yung babae na parang laruan dahil lang sa kagustuhan nyong magkaroon ng experience. Marami pa kayong panahon para dyan. Wag kayong magbaboy sa harap ng buong mundo! Nakakadiri!

      And one more thing, kayong mga batang lalaki, kapag nahuli kayong nangrape, pwede kayong ipatapon sa Boy’s Town! There — you’ll become some older kid’s bitch for a very, very, very long time! Masakit sa pwet un…hahahaha Now, that is poetic justice, if you ask me. So sa mga biktima ng gang rape, wag kayong matakot na magsumbong! Pero kung willing naman kayo noong ginagang rape kayo, eh magpabayad nalang kayo — kikita pa kayo…makakatulong pa kayo sa mga magulang nyo! nyahahahha

  2. ipabaril na lng cla.

  3. Perversion is an act that ruins a life of an individual. This is not a humanitarian act. It seems that sex is considered as a game to be played simply. It actually needs a commitment to both partners about everything that can happen. Have pity for the women of our generation. STOP PERVERSION!

  4. well, kc it became something na “parang normal” ln gawin…hindi maganda kc iyan at iyan n ang mga nakikita sa various forms of media ngaun…nakakasanayan n kumbaga…na “acceptable” na… it’s sad coz mahirap na mahanap an moral values sa mga bgong kabataan ngaun…scary tlg…

  5. mga kabataan kc now di n mkpgpigil eh bstah nkrmdam ng init banat agad khit ktropa pa nila
    ung mga taong gumagawa ng ganun dapat binbril nlng di nyo n sna cla gnawanag tropa if pagsasamantalanhan nyo lng cla

  6. ohh my god. bkit gnun di nmn ako ganyan nung kabataan ko. ampangit ng pagka-liberated ng mga kabataan ngayon.

  7. gosh!!!!yan na ang resulta sa mkabagong panahon ngayon!!!!

  8. So, sa tingin nyo ba ay ok ang SEX EDUCATION? i think it would only contribute to the rising population of pervert people. teenagers would probably engage in sex to the higher level, knowing that they wouldn’t get preggy or HIV by using condoms. tsk. baka mamaya, habang nagtuturo sa ma’am ay may nagmamasturbate na sa klase nya.

    natatakot ako for my sister.

  9. sarap nyan ahh..

  10. grav..wala akong masabi…tama nga sabi nila,..kahit paldahan mo lang ang poste pwede ng marape!..iba na talaga ang kabataan ngayon,naover liberated na sa lahat ng mga trend ng mundo…masyado na talagang makasalanan ang mundo!..di na nagpapahuli mga underage lalo na mga teenagers…hayzzzzzzt!!!!….

  11. Parents guide ur children as long as u can…

  12. Etomi Lezz Date

    Its because of influence such as spongebob=Lust.. You cant see the whole thing at first but its like losing a nail horseshoe that will lead to the lost of war..

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