Marian Rivera Scandals

Marian Rivera SCANDALouS

1. Marian Rivera’s Boob Slip @ SOP

Two-in-1 scandal ito actually. First, ang obvious boob slip. Magsuot ba naman siya ng tube sa paggiling-giling, something’s bound to pop out, right? Second, ang paggawa nya ng album when obviously wala naman syang talent sa pagkanta (at  sa pagsayaw na rin)…nyahahahaha


Sabay-sabay tayo manood ng video ng nasabing two-in-1 scandal na ito — no pun intended — hehehe)

2. Two-in-1 collection naman ito ng SCANDALous behavior ni Ms. Marian Rivera

Hindi daw sya papayag na basta na lang apihin ng kahit sino lang. Vinideo lang naman sya nung fan nya sa set ng Dyesebel. Sure, bawal yun pero does that constitute “pang-aapi”? These actresses, they like using words like “inapi sila” or “binaboy sila” — hay naku, turuan nyo nga ang mga ito sa paggamit ng mga salita sa tamang konteksto!!! Mash-yah-do na silang OA!!!

3. Marian Rivera ikinakahiya ng mga La Sallistas???

Dapat “love your own” davah??? ahihihihi

4. Marian Rivera: Ayaw pagsalitaan ng matagal sa kanyang commercials???

“Beautiful” lang parang hirap na hirap na…tsk…tsk…tsk — eh paano nga naman kung mahaba pa? Eh di, i-DUB nalang….nyahahahahaha

65 responses to “Marian Rivera Scandals

  1. Oi. Nakita talaga ang mahiwagang boobs ni marian. aba, marami pa namang mga bata sa palabas na yun. Anu kaya ang desisyon ng MTRCB nito kay Marian laylay ang suso. 🙂 Jioke. 🙂

  2. hahah pwi malamn kong kaylan nangyari yong nalaglag na susu ni marian sa sop? anu kaya feeling nong nasa harap nya..hahaha

  3. kunin mo manika ko

    Hala, Sister! Anu nangyari ke Marian? Sinu gumawa nun dress nya? Kung ako si Marian mumurahin ko yun outfit designer nya.

    Nakakahiya at napahiya ang aking Sister na si Marimar!

    • malamang namura na nya yun sa backstage,,,nyahahahahahha

      • wow pipitblog….! it’s not obvious that ur so insecure in ms.marian rivera! actually i think ur ugly inside and outside hahaha! no offense but i know this is your blog
        but all kapamilyucks suck! and the only persons i like there are kim chui and gerald anderson…..ok well maybe i like them but i don’t like abs-cbn!

        • sorelle said, “i think ur ugly inside and outside hahaha! no offense…”

          When somebody tells you that you are ugly inside and out, I think it is pretty clear that the intent was basically to offend you, right?. And it just cracks me up that people like Chelsea have to follow up their nasty comments with quote – NO OFFENSE – unquote. You insult my intelligence, Chelsea. I’d rather have nasty comments thrown at me and take them as they are — well, nasty — instead of seeing people cloak their vileness with something as artificial and insincere as “NO OFFENSE”. This actually defeats the whole purpose of your statement…the effect that you want to achieve gets diminished, or worse, loses its power to ruffle your target. You don’t have to excuse yourself, Chelsea. It’s okay. I don’t mind. nyahahahahahaha

          • i’m sorry pipitblog i thought that u were someone who doesn’t know how to speak english! but i guess i thought wrong but so what, if u do know how to speak in english, if the words that comes out from ur mouth are all words that can offend others people like marian rivera? pipitblog i don’t want to judge u because i don’t even know u but please can u stop messing up someone’s life?and i thought u don’t watch gma7 or abs-cbn? so how come u know that marian have scandals? u watch youtube don’t u?

          • Actually, I don’t only know how to speak and write in English. I also know my grammar. Let’s have a short lesson about BASIC English Grammar, shall we?

            The basic rule states that a singular subject takes a singular verb, while a plural subject takes a plural verb. However, verbs do not form their plurals by adding an -s as nouns do. It might be a tad bit confusing for you…but bear with me please…

            “if the words that comes out from ur mouth” — PLURAL SUBJECT (in this case WORDS — with an -s) requires a PLURAL VERB (come).

            “others people like marian rivera” — OTHER is an adjective while OTHERS is a pronoun. In this case, you might want to use OTHER (without an -s) since you are describing the noun PEOPLE.

            You might consider my meddling with your grammar as offensive…but this is good, constructive advice for someone who claims that she READS BOOKS AND HAS A “HIGH ESTEEMED” INTELLIGENCE. Though, I’m a little bit worried that some might not be impressed, much less convinced by your supposedly HIGH ESTEEMED INTELLIGENCE…and I can assure you that they have already figured out that you are obviously lying. LOL

            By the way, it should be HIGHLY ESTEEMED, not “high esteemed”. But I guess you have seen that phrase from one of the books that you have read. I suppose you are also using a DICTIONARY that only YOUR kind of people consult — rich people, is it? Well, I’d sue the publishers if I were you…[wink…wink]

  4. at walang salong dyoga??????? whooooooo….. tsalapzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. mikeriveraprod

    @the scandal at SOP.

    Haha, kahit pakita nya pa yan di naman tataas ratings ng sop 😀

  6. hi pipit..ang dami mo na talagang scandolo naiipost ah…Pipit paki correct naman ng url ko sa blogroll mo ang “webee Network” wala na dapat nakalagay na “www” sa url nyan. ito yong tama “” thank you pipit.

  7. hoy, gago! binalik mo naman yang boob slip n ayan dahil may new soap naman sya palalbas. byaran ka ba ng ch. 2. eh halata namn dinoktor nyo yung boobs na kunwari nag slip talaga. sa katunayan eh may bra syang skin tone. kaya hindi kita. mga ungas, bitter talaga kayo sa pagsikat ni marian. get lost!

    • malay ko ba sa new soap nya…ano akala mo sakin, jologs na sumusubaybay? kaw ata yun ahahahhahaha

      bayaran ng channel 2? meron palang ganon? makapag-apply nga,,,

      dinoktor??? ang video ng performance nya sa sop? masyado naman ata akong magaling nun kung nakaya kong doktorin ang video na yan…hindi mo nakita ang suso nya? ang galing naman ng gumawa ng bra na yun kasi may design na nipple NYAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA…..

      get lost? in case you didn’t notice, this is my blog… ikaw ata dapat ang sabihan ko nyan….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

      • oh! one more thing pipitblog i think that even though this is ur blog people can still say their own opinions….. and bkt ndi kb sumusubaybay sa channel 2? if not, why do u hate marian so much?

        • “even though this is ur blog people can still say their own opinions”…

          of course, i’m all for freedom of speech, dear. i don’t watch ABS-CBN, because I don’t want to waste my time. I don’t watch GMA 7 too, because, well — I don’t want to waste my time. I read books. Try it sometimes. You might learn a few things besides chismis.

          • well i do read alot of books i’m not going to name any of those books because u might not know them coz these books are all for rich people with such high esteemed intelligence and for people who are not judging person or tv personalities just because of what they see in public…:)hahhaha


            We do not want to encourage “other people” [wink…wink] to embrace pseudo-intellectualism — now, do we?

            And besides…naming the books that you have read might reveal WHY you have a high U.Q.Unintelligence Quotient…nyahahahhaha

            • yeah right hahaha… what has gotten into me? i can’t believe that i did a stupid thing and wasted my time on this blog…well i guess pipitblog it’s time to say goodbye cause i’m leaving for france on monday…sorry about my english coz i really don’t know how to speak it well coz i was born in russia so i have been only taught about some basics in english..bye philippines hello france!

          • okay then if you read many books.. could you please tell me ur favorite book? and also the author please…

          • If you told me earlier that you will be going to France, I would’ve taught you some basic vocabulaire Français instead…tsk…tsk…tsk…

            If you want, I can give you a link of the torrent so that you can download and listen to the audio books…consider it as a parting gift. But I guess you are already an “EXPERT” on that as well, right? You don’t really need my help…ahihihihi

            I forgot that you are FILTHY RICH and that you have read such a wide range of books! Pardonnez mon insolence. Anyway, if you need a practice partner, you know where to find me…

            bonne chance et au revoir!!!

          • my favorite books? hmmm…

            I have several that I love and some of them I collect…

            1. Ayn Rand (Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged, We the Living)
            2. The Brontës (Charlotte Brontë, Emily Brontë, and Anne Brontë — well, I like to read almost anything Victorian — from Victorian authors to Victorian settings)
            3. John Grisham, Lawrence Sanders
            4. Anything about architecture, interior design and art.
            5. Self-help books (Dale Carnegie is one of my faves in this genre), meditation audio books, foreign language audio books
            6. Anything about Philosophy, Psychology and Human Nature (Machiavelli, Freud, etc)
            7. Other Classic authors like Dostoyevsky (Crime and Punishment), Jane Austen, Thomas Hardy, Charles Dickens, etc)
            8. Twilight series
            9. The Dictionary and the Thesaurus [wink…wink]
            10. Jude Devereaux, Paulo Coehlo, Margaret Atwood, and many more…

            but they’re not necessarily in that order…well, I guess these books are not exactly the type of stuff “rich people” like to read, right?

  8. feeling kasi ng palengkerang marian na yan sikat sya.
    buti nga sa kanya!

  9. teka, bakit parang may news blackout un pagka kita ng boobs ni Marian. Wala akong nbasa nun sa mga news online eh. Imposible di ko mabasa un araw araw ata ako ngbabasa ng ibat ibang news online. Samantalang un sa ABS na nkita rin susu sa wowowee nabalita un.

  10. marian rivera is as HOTT as hell 🙂 what you is what you get 🙂 .. simple mistakes by people you hate make your heart jump for joy, what a wasted life 🙂 … cmon. GET A LIFE HATERS!

  11. shairra balintag

    ..ok lng yon marian idol pa rin kita…add m ako ate marian………love you po

  12. sexy si Marian kaya kinuhang Darna… e hindi naman bagay sa kanya ung role na un…

    pero tingnan natin kung kaya nya… ^^<

  13. hi marian sana makilala m ako. taga pampanga lang ako. punta ka sa amin.

  14. and i also speak filipino (if u might ask) because my father is half filipino and i just don’t even know what is the meaning of bwiset…i just read some comments here and thought that it was an annoying word so whatever…

    • “BWISIT” means you….hahahahahaha

      Well, seriously speaking, “BWISIT” is a nuisance or an unwanted visitor…

      For example:

      “BWISIT na bagyo ito!” (The typhoon annoys you because you can’t go out —- so you say “BWISIT!”)
      “BWISIT ka pipitblog!” (Our exchanges irk you…you find me a wearisome person — so you say “BWISIT ka!”)

      Est-ce que vous me comprenez???

  15. oh! now i know pipitblog thank you very much! now i know that you are also rich… because i belive that some of the books that you have mentioned are all on my moter’s library… no worries i’ll just have to use our computer in the library(It’s a special computer where in you can type any book thtat you want and it will tell you in which part or section of the library it is…). well regarding the part where in you want to help me with french language( no thanks coz i might not learn very well from you hahaha) my mother hired someone who could help me…but thanks for the thought…
    au revoir, merci beaucoup…jusqu’a’ nous quatre re….

    • “oh! now i know pipitblog thank you very much! now i know that you are also rich… because i belive that some of the books that you have mentioned are all on my moter’s library”


      You are able to conclude that I am “also” rich based on your premise that the books I mentioned are all on your mother’s library? Again, HAHAHAHAHAHA…Your conclusion is so wrong in so many levels — I cannot even begin to fathom how your parents have produced such a mentally-challenged offspring.

      I mean, with all the “wealth” that they are supposed to possess (according to you), one would think they’d have the sense to use it in hiring a doctor who can select only their good genes…tsk…tsk…tsk…This is what happens when rich people don’t use their resources wisely! They would have done this world a huge favor if only they used their money to “design their progeny” instead of allowing them to just rely on daddy’s fat bank account to make up for their mental incapacity — as if that would help! hahahahahaha

      and last piece of valuable advice…fire your tutor![wink…wink]

  16. hey pipitblog are u male or female? and do you love fashion, do you know these persons: laura poretzky,Christian Lacroix ?

    • “are u male or female?” – I’d have to say “and/or” because it all depends on my mood…ahihihihi

      “do you love fashion” – I do

      “do you know these persons: laura poretzky,Christian Lacroix ?” – I’ve heard of Lacroix but not familiar with his work…I don’t know who Laura is…sorry…why do you ask?

  17. i can’t fire my tutor because my mother is a close friend of hers so i just couldn’t fire her… another question how did you know that marian rivera have had scandals? i thought you are not the kind of person who is into gossips?

    • Of course, I like to hear and read about all kinds of gossip but not to the degree that I would allow it to affect my life in general. For example, I used to watch Angel Locsin before when she was still in GMA…I like her — talent, looks and all. However, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I will get myself into a fistfight or curse somebody if he or she has something bad to say about Angel…you know what I mean?

  18. how old are u anyway?

  19. First of all, i put my “hands down” to pipitblog for the pleasure you gave to the perverts who passed by. . (including me, haha!) Secondly, sorelle , STOP PRETENDING THAT YOU’RE FUCKING RICH! you don’t speak tagalog huh? wTf, you lying *****, WHAT DO YOU CALL THAT LANGUAGE AT THE 27TH COMMENT?! ISN’T THAT OUR LOCAL DIALECT, i would like to connect a sentence to pipitblog’s comment “U.Q”, sorelle, you must be a retard, a child raised like a “basureRA”. .

  20. @pipitblog: hayz. gusto ko ung mga nalalaman mo. hanga ako sau kxe andami mo alam. for sure dami mo na narating and i salute you for that! galing mo kxe antalino mo! ang pinagtataka ko lang e bakit galit na galit ka kei Marian? inaano kba nya? hayz. sana wag mo na ituloy yan. grabe ka naman po, grabeng paninira gingwa mo kay Marian. dka naman inaano ng tao. hayz. sayang lang ung pinagaralan mo ginagamit mo sa masama. nkakalungkot=(

  21. waaaaa.,.,nice booobs marian.,.,

  22. Nag enjoy ako s sagutan ni Sorelle at Pipitbilog.
    I want more.

  23. buti nga kay marian, akala nya maganda na sya pero pangit pala! akala nya talented sya pero hindi pala, trying hard sya sa eksena pero oa pa rin!!!!!!

  24. Hey, Pipitblog! May bago nanamang ka bobohan tong si Marian ah. “Psychology” daw sya?! Ahihihi..

  25. pipitblog pasensya kana ni sorelle ha….. doon kasi yan lumaki sa mental hospital kasama ni marian yahahahahhahahha!!!!

  26. simplybutelegant

    hi pipitblog!

    wow! you impressed me a lot.. you know as i read your comments i realised that i still need to learn more and practice more about english proficiency..

    ang galing mo nmn sobra! npahanga mo talga ako sa galing mo mag english..

    pano kapo naging ganyan kagaling?? alam mo ba sobrang inggit ko sa mga katulad mo, pinoy na magaling pa mag english sa mga kano..

    pwedi mo po ba i share sa akin kung pano ka naging ganyan kagaling mag english.. paturo nmn po ako.. plssssssssssssss…

  27. Hmf,,ang laki tlga ng b0obs ni marian sarap cgur0ng hawakan un swerte aman ung nka vide0..hay naku sh0biz nga aman hu hu hu..sarap mu marian swerte c d0ng sau..whahaha

  28. very one sided blog from a very narrow minded blogger “kuno”. If i were you I would just close this blog.Obviously, ikaw lang dina gumagawa ng comment dito..shame on you,.

    • so, kung sya lang ng sya ang nagko-comment dito… doesnt that mean na sya din ang nagpost ng pinost mo? besides, if you REALLY REALLY think about it, kaya one-sided etong blog na to eh dahil opinion nya to. blog to, of course magkakaroon ng somewhat bias. dapat broadsheet or online news websites ang pinupuntahan mo kung gusto mo ng unbiased “reporting”

      @sorelle – ur funny as well! if you have the need to say that your rich just to prove a point… well, then you really arent the rich person that you claim to be. or maybe youre rich but very very uneducated, coz real rich people dont hang out and fight over the internet… theyre to busy with either their businesses or partying really hard with real people or maybe even golf or whatever hobby rich people have these days

      @pipitblog – helluva job skoolin that pretentious bastard! saludo ako sayo, idol! ang dami kong tawa, mga 753.48! hahaha! i got your point, and im not even rich or highly educated. degree holder naman ako kahit paano, di nga lang latin awardee… keep it up and keep on burnin them fools!^_^

  29. what ever basta nakakahiya siya

  30. @Piping’bakla:

  31. Kantutan tau

  32. Sex tau

  33. H teh marian hayaan muh nga clh sa mga pnagsasabi nlh sau idol kta tlga ….

  34. Hahaha. Talo na si sorelle iyakin galing gumawa ng storya ah lahat ng sabihin ni pipitblog meron ka? Galing mo naman nasayo na ang lahat, sayang nga lang wala kang utak hahaha. BTW hands down kay pipitblog sa sobrang galing makipagsagutan. Idol na kita hehehe :))

  35. ay naku nkakahiya nman ang may ari ng blog na 2 hahah d ka tsismosa/tsismoso pro ng upload kung ng boob slip ni marian haha dpat ung mga gnitong blog pinapasardo na alam ntin na totoo nga ung nangyari kay marian pro dpat d na pinapalaki hayyss mga tao nga tlga

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